10 Best Restaurants in Springdale, AR (Photos, Reviews, Maps)

Some of the best food in Springdale, AR is right outside your door. If you’re looking for American fair, Mediterranean, Vietnamese food, an impeccable slice of pizza, or the best dry-aged steak you can imagine, Springdale foodies are in luck!

Find ten of the best restaurants in Springdale, Arkansas for meat lovers, vegetarians, BBQ aficionados, brunch-lovers, dessert-testers, and more.

Prices range from low to high, so you can eat according to a budget, or choose to splurge for a special dinner, a birthday, or an anniversary. No matter which of the spots on this list you visit, you’re in for a treat.

1. Marketplace Grill – American Grill for Vegetarians with a Huge Gluten Free Menu

$$ – $$$ | 479-750-5200 | WEBSITE


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If you seek gluten-free food, you’re in luck. Marketplace Grill just off South 48th Street has dozens of gluten-free items ranging from gluten-free appetizers, fish dishes, steak dishes, and vegetarian dishes.

Try their Cilantro Lime Pacific Shrimp Tacos with Corn Tortillas, or the Apple Walnut Salad with fresh greens (optional chicken if you’re vegetarian), red grapes, caramelized walnuts, cheddar and Monterey cheeses and a zesty blueberry poppy seed dressing.

All American food is at your fingertips at this local grill. You don’t have to choose from the gluten-free menu, but you may as well, since Marketplace Grill offers so many options.



2. MJ Pizzeria – A Big Slice of Fun with Wood-Fired Pizza and Craft Beer

$$ – $$$ | 479-717-6836 | WEBSITE

Springdale, AR Good Restaurant

You don’t have to be Italian to fall in love with this spot in Springdale, AR. And while you likely won’t be able to resist the oven-fired pizzas, there’s also a Pan-Seared Crispy Skin Scottish Salmon with Asparagus Risotto, Asparagus-Apple-Carrot-Citrus Salad, and desserts like House Churned Ice Cream Trio with Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate with Fresh Fruit, and Housemade Cookies for those with a sweet tooth.

Top it off with a craft beer. You can choose from dozens. Of course, their mainstay is pizza, so choose from some of the in-house options on the menu, or create your own.



3. Big Sexy Food – The Name Says it All: This Spot Serves Up Food You’ll Lust For

$$ – $$$ | 479-334-5451 | WEBSITE


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Even if you don’t live right in the middle of downtown Springdale, you’ll want to check this eatery out. Warning: This is not for the calorie-counting citizen.

Their mozzarella egg rolls, “resting biscuit face” breakfast sandwich, and “highway to hell” burgers are to die for, but aren’t for super models or Twiggy. Bring a big appetite, and a friend or two. You won’t want to indulge in this haven alone. They offer happy hours Monday through Friday, too.



4. Patrick’s Burgers – A Burger Joint for Cheap Eats

$ | 479-751-9245 | WEBSITE

Springdale, AR Good Restaurants

You don’t need to spend big money to have delicious burgers in Springdale, Arkansas. You can choose a single burger or go for the double burger with cheddar cheese and all the fixings. They sell out their delicious, hand-sized, hand-made sugar pies regularly, too.

This humble diner offers burgers, fries, shakes, and hand-made pies when you’ve got a big appetite, but not a lot of money in your pocket. Bring the kids, the family, or a whole basketball or soccer team. A burger and fries will cost you less than $10 before you generously tip your wait staff.



5. Punjabi Kitchen – Authentic Casual Indian Food

$ – $$ | 479-717-6500 | WEBSITE


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Punjabi is an area in India near Pakistan, Punjab, that’s known worldwide for its delicious food and colorful culture. Punjab was one of the world’s first “cultivated” urban populations, and with that cultivation came some advances in cooking that you can now enjoy without traveling across the world. 

Punjabi Kitchen offers casual Indian “fast” food made with herbs and spices that give Indian food its special flair. Enjoy dishes like vegetable samosas, papadums, naan bread, poori, bhatura, and more. You can also adjust the level of spice in many dishes to your taste, from mild to extra spiced.



6. The Odd Soul – Bar Food to Feed the Soul

$ – $$ | 479-927-6399 | WEBSITE


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Calzones, tortellini, bone-in chicken wings, pizza, beer, and bar food du jour are available for you at the Odd Soul. You can even download an app called digital pour to see what beers are available on tap before you head in. The Odd Soul also participates in local events like the duck race, for an extra bit of fun.

The personal pizza skillet is marinara, mozzarella, and toppings of your choice for $1 apiece. Sometimes the odd soul just needs to keep it simple, but a race involving rubber duckies down a river with a cool beer in summer can’t be beat.



7. The Venesian Inn – A Touch of Italy Since 1947, and a Springdale Staple

$ – $$ | 479-361-2562 | WEBSITE

Good Restaurant in Springdale, AR

People from Italy who settled in Tontitown in Arkansas brought some great food with them, and you can dig into it when you visit the Venetian Inn.This spot has also been inducted into the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame.

A quote from a customer sums up the food here perfectly. The region’s most famous dish is spaghetti with fried chicken, and the Vensian’s version is “classic” according to a fan. Try the eggplant parmigiana if you can actually resist ordering the spaghetti and chicken.

The pasta and rolls are both made in-house, too. For a piece of Sprindale history, and soon to be an antique, visit the Venetian. It is the perfect afternoon joint for locals as well as out-of-towners.



8. Wagon Wheel Country Cafe – A Country Breakfast for Champions with Big Appetites

$ – $$ | 479-927-1510 | WEBSITE

Good Restaurants in Springdale, AR

If you don’t love biscuits and gravy, then stay away from Wagon Wheel Country Cafe, but if you have a hankering for country-style food, check out the steak and potatoes, chicken fried steak, fried chicken, salads of many types (if you want more than the biscuits and gravy), homemade pies, and country fixin’s you’ll adore.

Prices are very reasonable too, so you can go for brunch, and order some take-home for dinner.



9. The All American Steak House – A Hidden Gem for Meat Lovers

$$ – $$$ | 479-334-7220 | WEBSITE

Springdale, AR Trendy Restaurant

This hidden gem offers dry-aged steak. Yum. A controlled, open-air method of drying meat allows it to go through several stages of flavor enhancement, naturally. The result is one tasty hunk of steak.

The All American still adds their own flavor to certain dishes though, like the Bourbon Street Steak that’s marinated in olive oil and cajun spices. You can also find a New York strip and a well-marbled rib-eye for a reasonable price.

The proceeds when you round up your check from a night out at this dining establishment go to Club 164 to support those who are abstaining from drugs and alcohol as a community service. Eating well and supporting your community go hand in hand. Who knew?!



10. Hail Fellow Well Met! – You’ve Died and Gone to Brunch Heaven

$$ – $$$ | 479-332-4283 | WEBSITE


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For coffee, baked breads, pastries, and brunch, is there really any other place to go that can beat Hail Fellow Well Met!? If you want some Michelen-level menu selections for a non-Michelen price, you’ll be well suited to visit this creatively named establishment.

A well-cultivated menu offers yogurts, fruits, delectable salads, muffalettas, French toast, and the most indulgent breads you could ever sink your teeth into. Check out the Fruits de Terre oatmeal bread with roasted mushrooms, black garlic cashew cheese, and fermented cherries. If heaven has food, this place caters.

Another customer favorite is the “thrash browns” with butter confit kennebec, apple butter, egg yolk, fennel, and onyx bacon sausage. Just reading the menu will make your mouth water.




No matter what kind of food you’re craving, restaurants in Springdale, AR don’t disappoint.

Whether you have just finished hiking or mountain biking Bayyari Park, and you need a huge plate of BBQ to replenish your calories, you’re hankering for something sweet like homemade ice cream, or you want to keep it light and healthy, you’ll find plenty of gastronically pleasing offerings in this great city.

From brunch, to lunch, to dinner, there’s something for everyone, and if you’re too lazy or tired to go out, many of these spots cater or deliver right to your front door. Order now or make a reservation.

Best Restaurants in Springdale

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