14 Best Restaurants in Smyrna, TN (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

Smyrna is one of the most memorable and famous suburbs of the Nashville Hub. All the tourist destinations and accessibility make it a popular pass-through point, but the food is what keeps people coming back for more.

In honor of Smyrna’s commitment to excellent cuisine, strong community, and traditional recipes, here is a list of the 15 Best Restaurants in Smyrna.

1. Hickory Falls Restaurant

$$-$$$ | 615-459-3900 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Smyrna, TN

This local gem delivers American Favorites that will “speak to your senses” and welcome you to the community fabric.

All their food is made fresh on-premises and is known throughout the community for big portions, delicious flavors, and plentiful options. Customer reviews rave about their fun and inviting atmosphere, along with the friendly and attentive staff.

During the day it’s a great family stop, but they also have a vibrant late-night vibe where local professionals can network and let their hair down.



2. La Tavola Ristorante Italiano

$$-$$$ | 615-984-4771 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Smyrna, TN

This Restaurant always has pleasant aromas, a relaxed atmosphere, and professional staff who welcome you to enjoy this unique Italian Dining experience. They are well known for their flawless presentation of food and restaurant ambiance, as well as their excellent staff.

Throughout the years, people continuously rave about their fun, quality selection of wines and their delicious desserts.

Locals come here often for their relaxed afternoon meetings but regularly host larger gatherings there also. In addition to that, they can cater the food for your next special event.



3. Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ

$$-$$$ | 615-220-8508 | WEBSITE


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Here they are dedicated to celebrating the tradition of slow-cooked Bar-B-Q. They pride themselves on the generational artistry they put into their food and locals cannot get enough of their good portions, tasty food, and cheddar biscuits.

All food from this restaurant is fresh and made on-site. Locals keep coming back because the servers are friendly, the staff is helpful, and the food is a staple of community culture. In addition to that, their catering can make your next special event unforgettable.



4. Thida Thai

$$-$$$ | 615-220-7573 | WEBSITE

Smyrna, TN Best Restaurants

Locals deem this as the pinnacle of Thai Cuisine in the Smyrna, TN area. This restaurant has a modern, sleek, and really attractive vibe that is perfect for a professional meeting or a family outing.

The food itself is also unique because they have a variety of Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai dishes, each with its take on each. If you are vegan or vegetarian, this place has several versions of rice dishes and noodle dishes to accommodate your needs.



5. Kinfolks Soulfood & Bbq

$$-$$$ | 615-267-0818 | WEBSITE

Smyrna, TN Best Restaurant

Many call this locally-owned BBQ restaurant “out of this world amazing.” Their Award-winning BBQ recipes will keep you raving and returning regularly.

It’s their mission to create a heart-felt place to gather and enjoy old-fashioned soul food and BBQ, so it is a great family environment that can handle large parties with ease.

The staff here is friendly, accurate, professional, and fantastic. They also have many discounts and deals almost every day of the week.



6. Tokyo Japanese Steak House

$$-$$$ | (615) 459-6988 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Smyrna, TN

Both the staff and the phenomenal food shine forth to make this restaurant well worth your trip! The chefs and staff are not only fun but ensure your dish is cooked perfectly and deliciously.

People are always coming back because of the consistent perfection, great taste, and calm, comforting atmosphere.

This restaurant provides a mesmerizing hibachi and sushi bar experience with a vast variety of hibachi, noodle dishes, specialty/traditional rolls, and sashimi for any palette.



7. Toot’s Smyrna

$$-$$$ | (615) 223-8858 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant is unique to Tennessee, and the atmosphere is fun but still comfortable enough to relax in.

They are well-known for their daily specials and have an extensive choice of wing sauces that cater to almost any palate. Travelers regularly stop by because the prices can’t be beaten, they have a great portion size, and they offer great discounts and deals.



8. Taco Station Smyrna

$$-$$$ | (615) 462-6728 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Smyrna, TN

Many deem this the best Mexican street food in the whole city. The food is authentic Mexican style and their Asada burritos and tacos with red hot sauce consistently pull crowds because of their delicious and homemade flavor.

Many reviews rave about how the amazing flavors are and locals and travelers are consistently coming back for more. There is ample parking and they have outdoor seating which can accommodate large parties and flexible occasions also.



9. Two Brother’s Pizzaria

$$-$$$ | (615) 692-1685 | WEBSITE


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Deemed by many as the true flavor of the city, this is one of Smyrna’s local pillar restaurants. Their Grandma Pizza has been around for 7+ years and it’s a truly local taste.

The atmosphere is perfect for large parties, and families, as well as for connecting with old pals. This reliable restaurant is also a Slice partner for one year.

In addition to that, they make a point of making sure their prices make your dollars stretch as far as they can.

Their pizzas always have a crispy, flavorful crust, sauce, and cheese that’s reminiscent of NY Style pizzas. They are always fresh, tasty, and have tons of flavor too.



10. Tasting Room

$$-$$$ | (615) 975-6266 | WEBSITE


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This is your place to try something new or indulge in what you love with their tapas-style menu in various tasting sizes and full-sized portions.

Locals consider this as the kind of place where you could hang out all evening to enjoy the variety of food and wine choices.

The waiters are fantastic hosts and will guide you through your dining experience with skill and style. At this restaurant, you will be satisfied whether you stay within your budget or spend a small fortune.



11. Legends Steakhouse

$$-$$$ | (615) 220-2115 | WEBSITE

Smyrna, TN Restaurants

For high-quality, made-from-scratch dishes, and prized steaks, this Steakhouse is the best in Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama. They are passionate about your dining experience with their ongoing commitment to excellent service and exceptional quality.

Their menu is delivered and presented promptly in a professional and welcoming way. They can accommodate gluten-free and fish-allergy folks perfectly, unlike some restaurants.



12. Margarita House

$$-$$$ | (615)-220-9026 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Smyrna, TN

Celebrated for some of the best margaritas in town, this restaurant is a local staple for unique Mexican cuisine. The food and service are always great, prompt, and attentive, according to the locals.

They have ample parking for large gatherings and are known to handle the late afternoon dinner rushes flawlessly. The quality and value of this authentic dining experience shine so brightly that you will be back on the regular for drinks, fun, and Mexican comfort food.



13. Ninja Sushi

$$-$$$ | (615) 280-6378 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Smyrna, TN

If you are looking for authentic Asian cuisine in Smyrna, this is one of the most convenient and affordable options.

The centralized location, dependable service, and high-quality fresh ingredients make Ninja Sushi a top contender for the best selection of Sushi at an affordable price point.

One of the main local favorites is the sesame chicken and ginger salad, and the food always comes out super fast.



14. Curry House

$$-$$$ | 615-984-4440 | WEBSITE

Smyrna, TN Top Restaurants

This is not just any Indian restaurant, but a carnival of flavor! They have a traditional menu, but they have a lunch buffet that is always fresh and well-stocked.

Also, the staff is very polite, inviting, and attentive to your needs. They have a very acceptable heat scale that adjusts to a spiciness level you’re comfortable with.

The location is easy to find and they have ample parking, which will make your experience as easy as possible. One of the main local favorites is the chicken tikka masala and the garlic naan, and according to them, it never disappoints!




This review of the 15 Best Restaurants in Smyrna should give you the knowledge you need to craft an amazing dining experience during your trip to Smyrna, Tennessee.

At the same time, you will be able to explore the local culture and experience the loving community this city has to offer.

Best Restaurants in Smyrna

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