9 Best Restaurants in Roseville, MN [2023 Updated]

Roseville is one of the cities perfect to live in, as there are many parks, coffee shops, and restaurants to visit. If you are planning to stay in the city or already residing there, put these 9 Best Restaurants in Roseville, MN, on your bucket list.

Chianti Grill

$$ | (651) 644-2808 | Website


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Chianti Grill has two locations, Burnsville and Roseville, both in Minnesota. Both areas are ready to serve Italian dishes that can be authentic or innovative for a reasonable price. Aside from the Italian cuisines, they also serve grilled steaks that are perfect with their extensive wine selection.

Their interiors are hot and welcoming, and so are the hosts. The servers give customers’ wants careful consideration. The guests love the bar, where they can enjoy cocktails while conversing with friends or family and waiting for their main course.



Tipsy Steer

$$$ | (651) 200-3581 | Website


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This restaurant is very selective with its ingredients, such as locally sourced beef and hormone-free natural chicken. The chefs make and season the burger patties themselves to ensure the quality. They use a brick oven for cooking their pizza, enhancing the food’s flavor.

Their High Pines beer with burgers or appetizers make a perfect combination. The customers are delighted with the mouthwatering burgers with perfectly cooked fries. Even though they serve many foods and drinks, the quality of each item is the same and consistent.



China Restaurant

$ | (651) 636-8385 | Website

Best Restaurant in Roseville, MN China Restaurant

This Chinese restaurant serves inexpensive dishes with plentiful portions of food. They are well known for their stir-fry and noodle dishes. Aside from Chinese cuisines, they also have coffee, tea, desserts, and chicken wings. Customers may also opt for a gluten-free or vegetarian option.

The place is quiet and comfortable, which makes a great night out with family. Despite the low prices of the food, their dishes are satisfactory. Some of the items on the menu are well seasoned and taste incredible. Eating here is a great way to save money while still eating great food.




$$$$ | (651) 796-0040 | Website


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Baldamar may be a fancy steakhouse, but it will be worth trying once in a while. They age their steaks for 40 days, just like the old methods, to have the most flavor out of the meat. Their seafood is always freshly caught in the morning. Customers can enjoy refreshing cocktails and spirits in the bar.

Their dishes are well presented, and the place’s ambiance is exquisite. People love the happy hour specials. Other restaurants serve their foods in small portions. However, having a happy hour in Baldamar will not shy the customers with the amount and quality of food.



Maverick’s Real Roast Beef

$$ | (651) 493-9672 | Website


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Maverick’s Real Roast Beef is the excellent spot for those looking for affordable sandwiches. They have juicy and tender roast beef, brisket, and pulled pork that they also sell by the pound. Customers may taste-test the meats before ordering them. After ordering, they cut the meat in front of the visitors to demonstrate how tender the beef and pork are.

Some of their sandwiches are creative, and no other restaurants around town offer such. It includes their whiskey brisket and horseradish on roast beef sandwiches. They have one of the most fantastic condiments and sauce bars as well.



The Original Malt Shop

$$ | (651) 488-0241 | Website


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This restaurant is one of the few retro-style burger joints available around town. They have various American comfort foods that will satisfy greasy and burger cravings. Their great selection of malts has unique flavors, while some give the customer a nostalgic feeling.

The guests enjoy the ambiance and atmosphere of the place as it is fun and aesthetic. Dining in the restaurant gives out an ’80s vibe that takes the people back from the days. Many people prefer to dine in to adore the place and experience the fantastic service of the restaurant.



Axel’s Restaurant 

$$$ | (651) 367-3967 | Website

Roseville, MN Best Restaurants Axel’s Restaurant 

This steakhouse is one of the fine dinings around town that will give the guests a superb experience. Even though it is a formal restaurant, the place’s ambiance still gives the customers a relaxing and comfortable experience. The atmosphere, including the service, is warm and inviting.

They make the orders perfectly and precisely to the request. Any dish that one charge will give them satisfaction and excellent quality. Even their desserts, such as cakes, are delightful. They also have deals on different days, such as rib night Tuesday, wine-down Wednesday, and fish fry Friday.



St. Paul Bagelry & Deli

$ | (651) 488-1700 | Website

Restaurants in Roseville, MN St. Paul Bagelry & Deli

People do not need to leave town to enjoy New York-style bagels. In St. Paul Bagelry & Deli, people can want a wide variety of bagel flavors to go with the selection of fillings. All their bagels are freshly baked and made from scratch using all-natural ingredients. They also have Hawaii-grown coffee to go with the bagels.

The place may be busy sometimes, but the service is quick, and the line moves fast. Despite serving many people, the staff still smiles throughout the day and is happy to accommodate the orders.



Original Pancake House

$$ | (651) 493-1222 | Website

Restaurant in Roseville, MN Original Pancake House

The secret of Original Pancake House to making their menu irresistible is focusing on the standard quality. To ensure that they only serve the best pancakes, they use the finest ingredients and make the batter themselves, while the syrups are handmade daily, just like their fresh juices. They have their blend for coffee that goes well with the pancakes.

The restaurant also offers gluten-free pancakes and crepes. No matter what flavor of the pancakes they order, it is still amazing. Their Mediterranean omelet’s serving is enormous, making a heavy breakfast.




There is a wide variety of foods that you may try without leaving the city. You may enjoy steaks, burgers, coffee, malts, and other cuisines. Stop by any of these 13 Best Restaurants in Roseville, MN, when you are in town. They will not disappoint you.

Restaurants in Roseville, MN

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