16 Best Restaurants in Roanoke, VA 2023

Roanoke, an independent city in Virginia, is known for several attractions, such as the Mill Mountain Star and Park & the Roanoke Star. The place attained being a “city” so quickly that it was sometimes associated with the “magic city.” We should not be surprised why they have many tourists every year.

The thing is, Roanoke is a diverse place that you would enjoy exploring. As you visit this city, do not forget that they offer a variety of dishes from excellent restaurants that cater the best food in the place. You can expect them to have vast choices from most parts of the world.

Their food is not limited to American; they also have Mediterranean, Lebanese, Cuban, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Mexican, Peruvian, and other cuisines you would be glad to have. Hence, without further ado, we made this list of the 16 Best Restaurants you can find in Roanoke, VA.

1. Frankie Rowland’s Steakhouse

$$$ | 540-527-2333 | WEBSITE


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If you want something flavorful and delightful to eat, worry no more because Frankie Rowland’s Steakhouse offers scrumptious steak. When you see their restaurant from the outside, it is nothing extravagant. The place is humble, but their cooking is one you will not be disappointed with.

They offer prime beef, along with other seafood and American delicacies. Frankie Rowland’s Steakhouse, although merely started in 2001, has been slowly gaining popularity for its fantastic food, great staff, and services.



2. Athens Corner Grill

$$ | 540-206-2210 | WEBSITE


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The second on our list of Best Restaurants in Roanoke, VA, is the Athens Corner Grill. The restaurant offers Mediterranean and American food that they claim to be exclusively made by them. You will feel their vibe through their famous dishes, such as the Greek Dip and Athens Pepperjack Burger.

Hence, when you want to travel and are interested in eating Mediterranean food but cannot go to Greece, you can be in Roanoke, VA, and try this restaurant’s lovely food.



3. Cedars Lebanese Restaurant 

$$ | 540-761-3030 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Roanoke, VA

As the name suggests, Cedars Lebanese Restaurant is a restaurant serving Lebanese dishes. One notable fact about this restaurant is that they are inexpensive. Still, they offer an exhaustive list of choices, from appetizers, salads, and wraps to their main menu and side dishes.

You can try their wraps for only 9 to 10 dollars. Meanwhile, they also have kebabs for 16 to 18 dollars. It would be admirable to visit their sophisticated place at 12 Campbell Ave SE, Roanoke, VA.



4. Fortunato

$ | 540-400-7315 | WEBSITE


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Fortunato is an excellent Italian restaurant in Roanoke, VA. You can bring your friends to this place because of its relaxing ambiance. The architecture of their place is rustic and modern. After a long week, Fortunato can be a suitable restaurant for you to unwind and destress.

Located at the Blue Ridge Mountains in Roanoke, VA, Fortunato offers traditional Italian cuisine. This restaurant is famous for its pasta, pizza, and bread. They also offer wines that perfectly complement the food.



5. Texas Tavern

$ | 540-342-4825 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Roanoke, VA

Maybe you want a simple food for breakfast or snacks; then Texas Tavern restaurant got your back! They have hamburgers, sandwiches, donuts, pancakes, and other perfect combinations for your typical American breakfast.

When you visit Texas Tavern, you will be intrigued by the design of their place. The restaurant is small, vintage, and classic. Their restaurant is minimalist, but you would be surprised that they have operated from 1930 to the present, showing that people love their food.



6. Cuban Island Restaurant

$ | 540-529-7762 | WEBSITE

Roanoke, VA Best Restaurants

Roanoke, VA, shows inclusivity when it comes to restaurants, as they cater to different cultures and specialties of their people. Just like this Cuban Island Restaurant found on Williamson Rd. There is nothing lavish in their food, but the restaurant strives to make each dish special.

The Cuban Island Restaurant was hailed because of its delicious but affordable food. Also, the place is known for its hospitable and friendly staff that carefully assists customers with their wants and needs.



7.  Carrabba’s Italian Grill

$$ | 540-265-0961 | WEBSITE


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We moved on to another Restaurant in Roanoke, VA, Carraba’s Italian Grill. The restaurant offers eye-watering dishes for everybody to divulge. Their food is rich in high-quality ingredients and is exquisitely prepared, as apparent in each dish.

Carraba’s Italian Grill not only offers meals for lunch and dinner, but they also have family bundles and even catering. They have what they call “seasonal specials’ ‘wherein they offer a menu that is perfect for that season only.



8. Coach & Four 

$$ | 540-362-4220 | WEBSITE

Roanoke, VA Best Restaurant

The list will not be complete if we do not have Coach & Four. This restaurant mainly provides poultry dishes, particularly chicken. Also, this cozy spot has seafood and other dishes that one can avail of. Their food is so delicate and tasty that you would want to taste them all.

Looking from the outside, the restaurant’s ambiance resembles a house’s. Yet, when you enter inside, that is when the atmosphere changes into a classy and fine one.



9. Nawab Indian Cuisine

$$ | 540-345-5150 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Roanoke, VA

Nawab Indian Cuisine is another restaurant exhibiting Asian foods found in Roanoke, VA. They have been operating there since 1997. In fact, they represent a broad genre of menus covering various regions in India.

The restaurant presents itself as using different cooking techniques and methods to satisfy its customers. Nawab Indian Cuisine amazingly starts from scratch while they carefully select their ingredients to find a balance in their dishes, particularly their specialties.



10. Wasabi’s

$$ | 540-904-6254 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Roanoke, VA

Let’s now proceed to a Japanese Restaurant, Wasabi’s. The restaurant is small compared to some of those included in the list. Yet, they have equally tasty and impeccably prepared food.

Wasabi’s have bento boxes, sushi, seafood, and others. Their lunch entrees already include miso soup or house salad. Also, they have several flavors of rolls that you can have. The same are perfect meals for their bento boxes as they contain different food combinations for only a single amount.



11. Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse 

$$ | 540-725-1288 | WEBSITE

Roanoke, VA Restaurants

Here’s another restaurant in Roanoke, VA, Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse. This Japanese restaurant holds some of the best sushi and maki combos that you will have. You can avail of their rolls and other meals for a reasonable price, so you need not worry.

Besides the food, Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse also offers wine, beers, and sake to combine with their suggestion. Their sushi is arguably one of the best in the city.



12. Alejandro’s Mexican Grill – Downtown

$$ | 540-400-7053 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Roanoke, VA

The next one is Alexandro’s Mexican Grill, which has a casual but soulful place. The restaurant claimed they had been voted upon as the Best Mexican Food in town and the best margaritas. This achievement is because they offer some of the most delicate Mexican dishes that one can have.

You will deduce that this restaurant has been successfully operating and showing the world what they got. The truth is, in Roanoke alone, there are two locations of Alexandro’s Mexican Grill.



13. Cafe Asia 2 

$$ | 540-774-1688 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Roanoke, VA

Are you looking for a satisfying meal? Here is one restaurant suggestion you should remember. This place has mouthwatering and succulent food on its menu, and this is because the restaurant has unique Chinese cuisine.

You can quickly get hungry as you see the list of their inviting food. Cafe Asia 2’s selection of choices is worth the try as they have some of the best food you can think of. They have hotpot, meat, fish, vegetables, noodles, soups, and many more.



14. Wonju Korean Restaurant

$$ | 540-206-3453 | WEBSITE

Roanoke, VA Top Restaurants

Are you an avid fan of Korean restaurants? If yes, then great, you would surely enjoy it at Wonju Korean Restaurant! Even if you want to try their food, this place fits your curious and hungry appetite.

This family-owned business serves authentic Korean food. They have several kinds of meat with exquisite flavors. The restaurant also offers heavenly hotpots that you will enjoy. The moment you see their menu, you will be encouraged to have a taste of it.



15. Kabuki Japanese Steak House

$$ | 540-981-0222 | WEBSITE

Roanoke, VA Top Restaurant

It would be wise to visit Kabuki Japanese Steak House in Roanoke, VA, as they have more impeccable Japanese cuisine than you could ever imagine. You can also have your food cooked in front of you, and in this manner, you can quickly tell the Chef what you prefer.

As you see Kabuki Japanese Steak House, their place brings you to an ultimate Japanese experience. They designed their restaurant with a traditional Japanese restaurant that you might have already seen in the movies.



16. Inka Grill Peruvian Cuisine Roanoke VA

$$ | 540-655-9107 | WEBSITE


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The last on our list is this Inka Grill Peruvian Cuisine in Roanoke, VA. If you crave Peruvian food, this one is perfect for you. They have some delectable and ambrosial meals in the city.

Their restaurant is plain and can be one of the simplest. Still, they have satisfying and enjoyable dishes, all for an affordable price. It would also be nice to visit them and have a bite of their food.



The End

We made sure to choose and include in this list the best restaurants that will be worth your time and money. So, read this list of the 16 Best Restaurants in Roanoke, VA, to serve as your efficient guide and help you have a more fun and exciting journey.

Best Restaurants in Roanoke

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