10 Best Restaurants in Racine, WI (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

Racine, Wisconsin may not be a big city, but it’s an absolute gem of a place. In 2017, a survey from the Demographia International Housing Affordability claimed that Racine was “the most affordable place to live in the United States.”

While it’s small, a slew of big personalities came from Racine, including two-time Oscar-winning actor Fredric March, Pulitzer Prize-nominated cartoonist Chester Commodore, and three-time Emmy-winning actress Ellen Corby.

When it comes to food, Racine is known for being the birthplace of malted milk balls. If you’re not into milk balls, Racine has a slew of restaurants with some fantastic food ranging from Spanish dishes to old-fashioned pancakes. These 10 best restaurants in Racine will leave you with a happy stomach.

1. Asiana Asian Cuisine Restaurant

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Racine, WI Best Restaurant

Opened back in 2007, Asiana Asian Cuisine Restaurant has been unveiling great Korean dishes. Some fine entrees featured on the lunch menu include rib tips, yasai itame, and Indian butter chicken. The dinner menu features salty mapo tofu, spiny pork, and mixed rice.

There’s also a party lounge for those looking to have a meal with a group of friends. The lounge includes three TVs and a karaoke bar for a good time. Asiana Asian Cuisine Restaurant is open to the general public on Mondays. The lunch menu is not available on Sundays.



2. Dewey’s Restaurant and Sports Bar

$$ | (262) 898-2077 | WEBSITE

Good Restaurant in Racine, WI

Dewey’s Restaurant and Sports Bar is the perfect place to eat great food and watch your favorite sports team. For a place of this caliber, chicken wings, burgers, and sliders are obviously on the menu.

The restaurant holds two private rooms for smaller groups of people to quietly enjoy the game. Aside from food, the spot holds a slew of events for patrons. Dewey’s Restaurant and Sports Bar is closed to the general public on Mondays.



3. Olde Madrid

$$ | (262) 619-0940 | WEBSITE

Racine, WI Restaurant

Olde Madrid brings some of Spain’s finest dishes to Racine. For their lunch menu, which is offered from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., some great dishes available to devour include Chef Manny’s Iberian chicken sandwich, Spanish skirt steak sandwich, and flamenco cashew chicken salad.

The regular menu has tasty dishes, such as the Barcelona grilled chicken salad, beet and goat cheese salad, and bullfighter beef skewers. If you’re unsure of what to get, there’s always the seafood gumbo, which is their signature dish. Olde Madrid is closed to the general public on Sundays and Mondays.



4. Meli Cafe Pancake House & Restaurant

$$$ | (262) 583-1876 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Racine, WI

Meli Cafe Pancake House & Restaurant offers pancakes and more in this grand establishment. You can grab plain pancakes or you can spice things up with different types, such as chocolate chip pancakes and potato pancakes.

Aside from pancakes, the restaurant offers a great selection of sandwiches, wraps, and paninis. Unfortunately, Meli Cafe Pancake House & Restaurant closes its doors early in the afternoon, so this would be a grand spot for some breakfast.



5. Butcher & Barrel Gastropub

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Butcher & Barrel Gastropub delivers some fine food in a very comforting atmosphere. The restaurant also has catering for major events such as birthdays, corporate meetings, and reunions. Some delectible food featured on the main menu include herbed chicken breast, bacon mac and cheese, and smothered pork chop.

There’s also a handful of vegan options available, including roasted beet salad, farro and roasted carrot salad, and cauliflower tempura. Butcher & Barrel Gastropub is closed to the public on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.



6. Jose’s Blue Sombrero Restaurant & Cantina

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Jose’s Blue Sombrero Restaurant & Cantina offers some tasty Mexican dishes that keep patrons coming back for more. During happy hour, the restaurant offers a slew of cheap specials, including stuffed potato skins, chicken avocado flatbread, and cauliflower-jalapeño hummus.

The main menu delivers some fantastic dishes, including Mexican fish fry, fajita chicken, and melted butter grilled steak. The restaurant also allows private events, including birthday parties, wedding showers, and a corporate party. Jose’s Blue Sombrero Restaurant & Cantina is closed to the public on Sundays.



7. Pico’s Tacos & Cerveza

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Pico’s Tacos & Cerveza’s slogan of “Less talk, more tacos” says it all about what they’re bringing to the table. Tacos and burritos are whats in store for everyone who enters the beloved establishment.

When it comes to catering, Pico’s Tacos & Cerveza does something completely different than other restaurants. They’ll deliver their taco truck to your event for use. Eating at Pico’s Tacos & Cerveza also helps out the community; 25% of sales will go towards a local school’s fundraising event.



8. Red Onion Cafe

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Red Onion Cafe is a grand place to jumpstart your day. Opening from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., the restaurant features a massive amount of omelets ranging from a classic cheese omelet to a cajun omelet. Patrons can choose between having white, wheat, or rye toast with their omelet.

For its cafe classics selection, patrons can order fan favorites such as scrambled eggs with toast and quiche of the day. Red Onion Cafe is open to the general public on Sundays, but it’s closed on Mondays during seasonal times.



9. Reefpoint Brew House

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Reefpoint Brew House is one of the few spots where you can get some good food and check out some great live music. With a tasty selection of sandwiches, fish, and salads, this restaurant can please all kinds of food lovers.

There’s also a kids’ menu if you’re bringing the little ones. If you’re looking for specials, this spot has great specials during the weekend, including the surf and turf platter all day long on Saturday. When it comes to live music, patrons can enjoy tunes from local music acts on Fridays and Saturdays from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.



10. Corner House on the Lake

$$$$ | (262) 637-1295 | WEBSITE

Racine, WI Trendy Restaurant

Since 1945, Corner House on the Lake offers what many consider to be the best prime ribs in America. If you’re not into ribs, the spot features seafood, veal, and salads.

The restaurant offers grand specials on Saturday nights, including king filet mignon and king-cut prime rib.If you’re trying to have private events, Corner House on the Lake has a private room, and they’ll even give you a limo to bring your guests to the restaurant.

Corner House on the Lake is closed to the general public on Mondays and major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day).




With this list of the 12 best restaurants in Racine, you now know where to go for some delicious food. There’s no reason to keep this great list all to yourself, though. Be sure to invite some of your friends and family to check out some of these fantastic spots.

Best Restaurants in Racine

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