15 Best Restaurants in Placerville, CA (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

The Northern California town of Placerville is an amazing place to plan a food getaway. This quaint historical community is known for its wineries, vineyards, and plenty of patio dining when the weather allows. You will find an assortment of restaurants, bistros, food trucks, and more for your dining pleasure.

The diverse assortment of restaurants offers fare that fits any palate or budget. This area is home to several festivals throughout the year — especially in the fall and summer months. So get your fill of wine and beer during Oktoberfest and other street festivals.

1. Old Town Grill

$$ | 530-622-2631 | WEBSITE


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This is no run-of-the-mill burger joint. The Old Town Grill has served delicious burgers, specialty sandwiches, and other dishes for nearly 20 years. Owner and head chef John Sanders proudly serves only the finest grass-fed and free-range meats.

The signature bleu cheeseburger topped with gorgonzola is a customer favorite. The fresh chicken salad and pastrami Swiss burger are great selections. You can dine in or on the outside patio. If you want something sweet, grab one of the decadent milkshakes or malts.



2. The Little Italian Place

$$ | 530-621-1680 | WEBSITE


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When you walk into The Little Italian Place, the aroma is nothing short of amazing. Home-style Italian cheese bread, lasagna Alla Bolognese, and ravioli are made to order. The place is lively and the staff is very welcoming.

Diners will love the ambiance, architecture, and old-style charm. The menu has so many great choices, it’s almost too hard to choose. If you like vegetarian fare, there are many meatless options available.



3. Cascada

$$ | 530-344-7757 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants inPlacerville, CA

Located in Placerville’s downtown historic district, Cascada mixes California and Mexican cuisine to create some of the finest Latin dishes around. Guests can dine on delicious quesadillas, chicken burritos, and tortilla soup.

Pollo San Marcos and Salmon Asesino are house favorites. As far as beverages go, they have a very impressive wine list made from some of the finest area vineyards. The margaritas, made from hand-squeezed limes, are absolutely divine.



4. Heyday Cafe

$$ | 530-626-9700 | WEBSITE


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This rustic, intimate bistro serves American cuisine with flair. Located in the downtown area, Heyday Cafe is a family-owned operation where you can enjoy the best pizzas, sandwiches, and salads.

Try favorites like the sherry-infused lobster, roasted butternut squash, or the Heyday salad. The spot also has a rotating wine list with over 50 selections. This place just might be the city’s best-kept secret. The service staff is great and the atmosphere is casual.



5. Greenhouse Cafe

$ | 530-626-4081 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant inPlacerville, CA

Greenhouse Cafe specializes in great home cooking. This small family-owned restaurant has served the area for nearly 20 years. Everything you order is fresh and made from scratch.

You will love the all-day breakfast menu with fluffy pancakes, omelets, and fresh fruit bowls. The egg salad sandwiches are to die for. So, if you’re looking for a no-frills restaurant that serves great food and has a great staff, check out Greenhouse Cafe.



6. Main Street Melters

$$ | 530-303-3871 | WEBSITE


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Sandwiches and drinks are a Main Street Melters specialty. This quaint, little two-story shop serves up great sandwiches like roast beef, the classic BLT, and the house favorite Bird, topped with avocado, chicken, and pepper jack cheese.

You can also build your own sandwich and wash it down with a cold brew. You can dine in, dine out, or order online. This place was definitely voted one of Placerville’s finest for a reason. You won’t be disappointed.



7. Frank’s Diner

$$ | 530-409-1977 | WEBSITE

Placerville, FL Best Restaurants

This great little restaurant has any type of American fare you could want. It’s a bit small and out of the way, but well worth the drive. Let Frank and his wife whip up a breakfast of homemade biscuits and gravy, jalapeno eggs, or a pizza made with the freshest ingredients.

The chicken Philly with a side of loaded fries is also a great selection. The restaurant is right at Finnion Lake. You can sit outside and get a great view of the amazing wildlife in the area while you dine.



8. Spanky’s Pizza

$ | 530-622-5023 | WEBSITE

Placerville, FL Best Restaurants

This gem has served the people of Placerville for over 30 years. At Spanky’s, you can get your fill of pizza, homemade tacos, burgers, and more. Everything is made fresh with the finest ingredients.

Try the specialty New York-style pizza, hot wings, pastrami & cheese sandwiches, and more. The staff is committed to making your dining experience a memorable one. They just recently underwent a renovation that looks great. They also have delivery.



9. Hog Wild Bar-B-Que

$$ | 530-622-3883 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking for a “Texas style” barbecue, Hog Wild Bar-B-Que is the place to go. The three pitmasters smoke high-quality mouth-watering meats daily. Get any combination of briskets, sausages, ribs, hot links, and more.

You also have a choice of several side items. Get single plates or family platters. Hog Wild Bar-B-Que also offers catering services if you have a corporate event, party, or upcoming wedding.



10. The Original Mel’s Restaurant

$$ | 530-626-8072 | WEBSITE


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Established in 1947, The Original Mel’s Restaurant is truly a historical legend. The menu has a mix of all types of fare, like the Cobb salad, Reuben sandwich platter, and chicken fried steak.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner — and the lively staff is always on point. Everybody loves the jukebox blaring a variety of rock and roll selections. If you have a sweet tooth, Mel’s sundae or the Buster brownie will definitely hit the spot.



11. Boeger Winery

$$ | 800-786-1000 | WEBSITE


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This lovely little place in the Placerville foothills was founded in 1972. It has a nice, warm ambiance and is a great place to gather for wine tastings and more. Sample some of the most innovative and delicious wines in the state.

The indoor and outdoor guided tours do require a reservation. Families can come to a picnic on the winery grounds and have a great time. If you are in the area, go to one of their tours and food pairings. You won’t regret it.



12. Bene Ristorante Italiano

$$ | 530-303-3415 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants inPlacerville, CA

This restaurant not only has an amazing atmosphere, but it also serves up some amazing pizza and pasta. Seafood linguine, tortellini, and the signature spaghetti and meatballs are a house favorite.

They also have a mouthwatering selection of calzones. Bene Ristorante Italiano has a full bar with domestic and international beer choices, cocktails, and wines. They have a lot of business so it’s first, come, first serve.



13. Timmy’s Brown Bag

$$ | 530-303-3203 | WEBSITE


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This is a simple little restaurant that serves a dynamic menu of sandwiches with the most imaginative ingredients. How about an apple corn beef & pickled blueberry slaw sandwich? They have it all.

Every sandwich is made to order, and they all have a little twist by Timmy. You can also get a mix of gourmet cheeseburgers and grilled tacos. Timmy’s offers both delivery and takeout. His epic sandwich poem pretty much sums it up.



14. Independent Restaurant and Bar

$$ | 530-344-7645 | WEBSITE


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This old town, Placerville restaurant, was established in 2011. It offers a unique mix of American fusion foods you will undoubtedly enjoy. Whether you’re in the mood for steaks, chops, ribs, or even a salad, this place delivers.

Blackened salmon tacos or the molasses brined pork chop are customer favorites. The restaurant has a full bar of beers and wines and a cozy ambiance. There is plenty of room for large parties to dine in or on the outdoor patio. The Independent Restaurant and Bar also caters.



15.Danette’s Brick Oven Pub

$$ | 530-622-7420 | WEBSITE


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The owner, Danette, opened her place in 2014. She has a lot of passion for the industry. She takes a lot of pride in serving up quality food for her customers.

Enjoy greats like the pastrami burger, inferno burger, calamari, and a full array of brick oven pizzas. Everything is prepared fresh and homemade just as you like it. If you want a great quick lunch at a restaurant with a huge vibe, drop by Danette’s Brick Oven Pub.




Placerville may be a small town, but they have a lot to offer on the culinary scene. All of these amazing eateries offer a unique dining experience that you won’t soon forget. So, whether you’re looking for a quick bite, a hearty breakfast, or a special night out on the town, explore some of the best restaurants in Placerville.

Best Restaurants in Placerville

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3 thoughts on “15 Best Restaurants in Placerville, CA (Reviews, Photos, Maps)”

  1. So glad you rated Ole Town Grill #1. Not much atmosphere, but John’s food is always the best!! Can’t believe you rated Mels above The Independent!! While their indoor dining area is small (large patio though) and their menu isn’t very large, the food is outstanding. Do make a reservation, however.

    Some other Placerville restaurants for you to check out and add to your list are:
    Sweetie Pies, The Public House, Enchanted Forest with their pastie shop next door (same owners), & El Carnival for AUTHENTIC mexican food (huge menu with many dishes you won’t find in your run-of the-mill mexican places)

  2. So glad you included The Greenhouse Restaurant. The food is homemade from scratch, best Turkey, yummy omelettes and huge fluffy French toast slices. Claudia sets her standards high and the food is consistently amazing.


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