13 Best Restaurants in Natchez, MS (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

One of the South’s oldest cities, Natchez Mississippi is a historic tourist attraction. As the crown jewel near the Mississippi River, thousands of tourists head to Natchez every year to explore landmarks such as the Melrose estate, Natchez National Historical Park, and Natchez Trace Parkway.

In addition to these historic landmarks, tourists visit frequently to enjoy great food. Natchez is a great place to visit and sample both gumbo, and other quality recipes.

Perhaps you have recently moved to the city and are researching the best places to eat in town. With that being said, here’s an overview of the best restaurants in Natchez, MS. The list was complied through researching customer reviews and other important data.

Restaurant 1818

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Best Restaurants in Natchez, MS

Located inside Monmouth Historic Inn & Gardens is the landmark Restaurant 1818. The elegant setting is highlighted by crystal gasoliers and Irish reproduction chandeliers. Business casual attire is recommended while dining.

Chef Jay Yates uses fresh ingredients to help prepare each meal. Different appetizers, salads, soups, entrées, and dessert are available each day. Different types of champagne and wine are also available to help enhance the dining experience.

The salad, lamb, pork chops, filet mignon, and duck have received high marks from customers. The bread pudding and boubon pecan pie are popular dessert menu items.



Magnolia Grill

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Best Restaurant in Natchez, MS

Magnolia Grill offers American and seafood dishes in an exciting package. The customer service receives high grades, as the staff is generally polite and friendly. The welcoming environment allows customer to relax and enjoy the fried green tomatoes, catfish, and pork tenderloin stand out as featured dishes on the menu.

The classic burger and fries combo also receive high marks, as well as the shrimp po’boy and grilled Zucchini. As an added bonus, Magnolia Grill also offers stunning views of the Mississippi River.



Roux 61 Seafood & Grill

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Natchez, MS Best Restaurants

One of the most popular restaurants in the area, Roux 61 was founded by chefs Jason and Brian Lee. Roux 61 allows the brothers to express their love and passion by satisfying hungry customers. Customers note the efficient service.

Waiting times are relatively low, and the staff is friendly and attentive. The key to Roux 61’s efficient service is teamwork. Every member is in sync and this connection ensures that food is sent to customers soon after they have placed an order. Roux has distinct lunch and dinner menu.

Featured menu items include stuffed Portobello mushroom, grilled chicken breast, peacemaker shrimp po’boy, and the signature Roux burger including original Roux sauce and served on a jalapeño cheddar sourdough bun. Dinner options are highlighted by the seafood nachos, buffalo wings and char grilled oysters.



The Camp Restaurant

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The Camp Restaurant is considered a weekend go to spot in Natchez. Outdoor dining is available for people who want a spectacular view of the Mississippi River. Customers have offered rave reviews for smoked wings, fried catfish, burgers, tacos, and fries.

The Camp is generally considered a great place to eat. Tourists and first time visitors can receive recommendations from friendly staff. The camp salad and fried chicken salad are local favorites. The camp also serves several delicious melts.



Pig Out Inn Barbeque

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Natchez, MS Restaurant

Pig Out Inn is considered arguably the best barbeque restaurant in the city. Most customers love the causal, relaxed atmosphere. Patrons arrive at the counter to order and pick up their meal when it’s ready. The staff is considered friendly and hospitable.

The pulled pork and beef brisket are served with good-sized portions. Pig Out Inn BBQ owners Anne and Archie Willett opened the restaurant with the intention of bringing the tips and secrets they learned in Dallas, Texas to Natchez.

The meats are processed using a green oak smoker. Pig Out also utilized an original recipe sauce to ensure that the meat has the perfect combination of sweetness and spice.



Fat Mama’s Tamales

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Fat Mama’s Tamales have won several awards for serving the best Mexican cuisine in the city. Known for its famous tamales, the restaurant has also receive high market for its chill, taco salad, salsa, pickles, and sandwiches.

The gringo pie is another popular item on the menu. Multiple po’boy is served with chips and salsa. Fat Mama’s also serves tasty frozen margaritas. In the 1980s, Jimmy and Britton Gammill noticed a need in the community.

There was a lack of supply to meet the demand for tamales. Fat Mama’s was created to fill that void. David Gammill is taking over where his parents left off, and has helped the restaurant reach new levels. Fat Mama’s is also known for their philanthropy. They support several non-profit organizations in the community.



Slick Rick’s

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Located near downtown Natchez, Slick Rick’s is considered a must-visit for every tourist in the area. Chef Rick Simons perfected his craft by spending years working along the Gulf Coast before settling in Natchez.

The restaurant has an expansive menu, which makes it easy to find something for everybody. Slick Rick’s wraps are a customer favorite. The Monte Cristo, Reeto, Mexican Wrap, and Spicy Texas Ranch wrap are top sellers.

The avocado bacon club and double bacon cheeseburger have also earned rave reviews. Slick Rick’s also has a chef’s specials menu that includes praline chicken and waffles and southern seafood grits.



Pearl Street Pasta

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Top Restaurants in Natchez, MS

One of the most historic restaurants in downtown Natchez, Pearl Street Pasta is the place to go for high level Italian cuisine. The risotto, fettuccini Alfredo, grilled salmon, fried calamari, and blackened sea scallops have all earned high grades from customers.

The spaghetti and meatballs, ribeye and soup dujour are also considered stand out items. Due to the intimate setting, making a reservation is recommended to avoid potential wait times.



The Kitchen Bistro and Piano Bar

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The Kitchen Bistro allows diners to enjoy great food in an elegant atmosphere. The soothing sounds of classical music in the background help enhance the atmosphere.

The seasoned Cajun fish special and spaghetti and meatballs are considered standouts. Lobster, filet mignon, salmon, shrimp rolls, and soup are also highly recommended. The Piano Bar hosts over 30 different types of wine and cocktails.



Planet Thailand

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Top Restaurant in Natchez, MS

Planet Thailand is considered one of the top Asian-themed restaurants in the city. Good customer service is a foundational part of the dining experience. The staff strives to provide customers with an authentic Asian cuisine experience.

The spring rolls and crab cakes are standout appetizers. The General Tso chicken, black pepper garlic shrimp, lo Mein noodles, crawfish fried rice, and Massaman curry are popular items on the menu. Planet Thailand also offers several vegan alternative dishes on the menu.



Moo’s Barn and Grill

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Natchez, MS Top Restaurants

Customers note that Moo’s offers great value. The staff is friendly, and the restaurant is tidy at all times. While many people come to enjoy a delicious burger and seasoned curly fries, one of the most popular items is the BBQ ribs and brisket.

The pulled pork with ribs and sweet potato casserole on the side is also recommended. Moo’s has an outside back patio for an enhanced experience. The friendly staff is always quick to offer recommendations if you are unsure about what to order. Moo’s also provides catering for local events.



100 Main

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For over 100 years, 100 Main Spirits & Eatery has served the local community. The restaurant offers a mix of southern dishes and traditional American flair. A popular destination for nightlife thrill seekers, 100 main hosts live entertainment every weekend.

100 Main also has casually themed dining events every week such as taco Tuesday and steak night. 100 Main offers over 20 different types of cocktails and beers. Standout fish tacos, beef nachos, and catfish po’boys. The fries are a highly recommended side dish. 100 Main is packed most nights, so customers should R.S.V.P. if they plan to bring along some friends.



Bellemont Shake Shop

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Trendy Restaurants in Natchez, MS

If you’re looking for a classic restaurant during hot Natchez summers to simply relax with friends and family, Bellemont Shake Shop is the perfect choice. Bellemont Shake Shop has received high marks for its food, dessert, and general hospitality.

The staff makes people feel welcome. First time visitors are surprised by the large variety of options on the menu. Classic cheeseburgers, chicken strips, hot dogs, oysters, turkey club sandwiches, seafood, po’boys, salads and many other items are on the menu.

There’s literally something for everyone to enjoy. Bellemont earned its reputation by offering arguably the best sweets in town. Snow cones, shakes, floats, malts, and sundaes are all on the menu, in addition to the classic cup or cone choice. Popular flavors include strawberry, bubble gum, Oreo, grape, banana, and butterscotch.



Natchez MS has a lot of great attractions. However, food is deeply ingrained in the culture. While seafood restaurants are immersed throughout the city, you can also find high Italian, Asian, and Mexican cuisine. Even if you’re simply looking for a good burger and fries, Natchez will satisfy your cravings.

Best Restaurants in Natchez

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