16 Best Restaurants in Mesa, AZ 2023 Updated

Mesa, Arizona is a gorgeous East Valley city in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area that is known for its massive, signature mountains that resemble tabletops.

Considered one of the best cities in the state in which to take up residency, Mesa has also gained popularity as an outdoor tourist destination, with a steady flow of tourists every year for various cultural attractions.

There are multiple fascinating museums, archeological sites, and scenic hiking trails that draw in history buffs and adrenaline junkies alike, earning Mesa a spot as one of the biggest and most notable cities in the state.

And while in Mesa, there are also amazing restaurants that are top-rated by numerous foodies who know what tastes great and what does not. The following is a list of the 17 Best Restaurants in Mesa, AZ.

Price was a major factor in deciding which restaurants to include, as well as the style of cuisine, exceptions for different diets, beer and wine selection when available, online ratings, the creativity of the dishes, and the overall ambiance and decor.

1. Angry Crab Shack

$$ | (480) 730-2722 | WEBSITE


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This popular Cajun seafood restaurant is popular amongst locals and tourists alike with such dishes as the classic Jambalaya, red beans & rice, Po’ Boy sandwiches, and shrimp & grits in a rich trifecta sauce.

The shrimp boil involves purchasing the ingredients by the pound – perfect for large groups of seafood lovers.

You have the option of adding lots of seasoning to make your shrimp boil extra spicy. Guests say that every entree is delivered to their table, hot and fresh, by the courteous staff.



2. Cornish Pasty Co.

$-$$ | (480) 838-3586 | WEBSITE

Mesa, AZ Best Restaurant

This establishment is a potent mix of English/New England/Indian-inspired meals. If you are like me, you may not have heard of “pasties” until now – it is a term for hearty meat pies filled with vegetables, meats, and sauce.

Try the “Lovely Bit a Salmon” – salmon with potatoes, and asparagus marinated in a garlic white wine sauce. The bangers and mash consists of delicious sausages, pork, and sauteed onions combined with mashed potatoes in a wine gravy. Guests enjoy the friendly service and quality entrees.



3. Backyard Taco

$ | (480) 464-8226 | WEBSITE


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Backyard Taco is authentic Mexican cuisine. You have the choice between several meats for your street tacos, including birria, carne asada, and al pastor. The burritos are thick and overflowing with sauces and meats, as are the quesadillas.

The Bueno Bowls come with rice, veggies, and your choice of meat – each bite is packed with flavor.

Backyard Taco has plenty of regular customers due to the great staff and the food always being of the highest quality. The restaurant is a great place to go if you are looking to have fun and unwind.



4. Organ Stop Pizza

$$ | (480) 813-5700 | WEBSITE


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Are you near Mesa and craving pizza? Organ Stop Pizza is here for you! A popular pizza here is the Combination – cheese, black olives, peppers, mushrooms, onions, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, beef, and ham.

Or you can enjoy traditional pizzas like pepperoni and sausage. If you do not see a pizza that you like, feel free to add loads of toppings to build your own from the crust up. The atmosphere is lively and fun; customers love the music and the delicious pizzas.



5. Red White & Brew

$$ | (480) 807-9393 | WEBSITE


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Only the freshest seafood and finest ingredients are used at the Red White & Brew. From the Hawaiian mahi mahi to the Mexican flounder, you will feel as though your fish dinner was caught and cooked all in the same visit.

The pasta section lists such Italian staple dishes as fettuccine alfredo and chicken parmigiana stromboli. If you are looking for thick, juicy steaks, this eatery will serve you a ribeye that is made-to-order. Customers appreciate the superior ingredients in every entree.



6. Green Corner Restaurant

$$ | (480) 835-2313 | WEBSITE

Mesa, AZ Restaurant

The Green Corner Restaurant is a Mediterranean-inspired local pick for fabulous international cuisine.

The falafels and gyros plate are two common Mediterranean dishes that are wonderful options for lunch or dinner; as for shawarma plates, you have a choice between beef, chicken, or mixed.

Guests enjoy the extensive menu, the caring and friendly staff, and the large, inexpensive portions.



7. Worth Takeaway

$ | (480) 833-2180 | WEBSITE


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This picturesque and cozy restaurant has comfort foods for every diet – some prime examples are the buffalo mac and cheese, the chicken bacon ranch sandwich, the gluten-free chicken veggie hash, tomato soup, and the turkey bacon club.

You have the option of choosing the style of entree you receive: bowl style, on greens, veggie swap, or wrap it up.

Try a cold brew latte or an IPA for your drink and allow the setting to help you relax while you are having fun. Customers rave about the different options that Worth Takeaway provides, as well as the hospitality.



8. Bobby Q’s Restaurant

$$ | (480) 361-7470 | WEBSITE


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Now here is some good old-fashioned barbecue! Bobby Q’s serves nothing but the best barbecue, including slow-cooked brisket and ribs. For large groups or just a large appetite, try a half rack of smoked St. Louis-style ribs or the smoked jumbo Texas beef ribs.

And for even more meat, you can order the Whole Hog Heaven feast. There are also handcrafted alcoholic beverages for your enjoyment. Guests love the ribs and the staff’s patience and care in making the evening a memorable one.



9. The Original Blue Adobe Grille

$$ | (480) 962-1000 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Mesa, AZ

The menu items at the Blue Adobe are out of this world; this restaurant draws inspiration from California, Italy, and more. Start with the green chile lobster dip and move down to the pizzadilla section and the “Enchanted Garden” (salad menu).

There is the High Desert pasta made with linguine in a garlicky white wine sauce, and the shrimp quesadilla with caramelized onions and Monterrey jack cheese. Guests say that the service is swift yet thorough and attentive.



10. T.C. Eggington’s

$$ | (480) 345-9288 | WEBSITE


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Start your day bright and early at T.C. Eggington’s with hearty, award-winning breakfasts that are certain to satisfy any appetite. Try one of their many omelettes, breakfast burritos, and piping-hot cheesy frittatas.

The hot sandwiches include Cricket Club, which is a BLT with melted cheese and turkey added to it.

The Waldorf Manchester chicken salad is a popular option on the garden greens menu. Guests love that the atmosphere is so comfortable and inviting, and tourists love making several visits to T.C.’s during their trips to Mesa.



11. Republica Empanada

$$ | (480) 969-1343 | WEBSITE


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Republica Empanada knows a thing or two about Latin cuisine! The empanadas are flavorful and incredibly sweet at times, as is the case with the guava & cheese empanada and the Dizzy Fig.

The platter options include arroz con pollo, the Pura Vida rice bowl, and the gallo pinto (a vegan dish).

The cocktails and beer menu is simple yet refined – house margarita, vodka soda, whiskey sour, and IPA. When you are dining at Republica, you will feel as though you are being welcomed into a small family.



12. All Pierogi Kitchen & Euro Market

$$ | (480) 262-3349 | WEBSITE


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This establishment has incredible, classic Ukranian dishes. The smoked kielbasa dill pickle soup is perfect for pickle-lovers, and the cabbage rolls are a favorite for nearly every visitor. The salads are made-to-order and gluten-free.

The standard pierogies can be stuffed with sauerkraut, sausage, and more; however, there are sweet pierogies as well, filled with fruit and covered in sugar, whipped cream, and caramel.

Visitors love the casual ambiance, and multiple visitors have referred to All Pierogi as the best pierogies in the state.



13. Charleston’s Restaurant

$$ | (480) 635-9500 | WEBSITE


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There is nothing like the combination of comfort foods, seafood, steaks, and other entrees at Charleston’s Restaurant.

The spicy dynamite shrimp and the meatloaf are seasoned menu choices that guests are delighted to order, as is the top sirloin served with a large baked potato and side salad.

The wine selection is expansive (Merlot, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, and champagne to name a few), and each will pair quite well with your meal. The service is just as exceptional as the entrees.



14. Over Easy

$$ | 480-306-6204 | WEBSITE


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This breakfast/lunch/brunch restaurant is the closest you will find to a genuine homecooked meal without having to make it yourself.

In fact, Over Easy has had several menu items featured on the Food Network, specifically the banana nut French toast, the ham steak, and the chicken & waffle.

There are also English-inspired entrees such as the chicken Greek pasty. Customers enjoy the service and the multitude of different meals available.



15. India Oven

$$ | (480) 892-3333 | WEBSITE

Mesa, AZ Top Restaurant

India Oven combines Indian fare with a buffet option. Try one of the vegetable dishes, like the malai kofta (deep-fried veggies) or the palak paneer (spicy spinach cooked with Indian cheese and seasonings).

There are chicken, lamb, goat, and seafood dishes available as well. Make sure to sample the tandoori breads, which are baked daily.

Guests are impressed by the service that they have experienced, no matter the size of their group. They also enjoy the freshness of the buffet ingredients, which is rare to find.



16. Tucked Away Craft Kitchen & Bar

$$ | (480) 550-5577 | WEBSITE


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Known around Mesa for its fun and bright murals in the interior and eclectic menu, this restaurant offers a unique and unforgettable dining experience for its patrons.

The Korean fried chicken sandwich is incredibly popular; the tostadas compuestas (crispy taco shells) and the New Mexico enchiladas draw from Mexican/Southwestern culinary influences.

Despite the unique cuisine, the atmosphere is extremely laidback and casual. Residents of the Mesa area as well as tourists agree that Tucked Away is Mesa’s best-kept secret.




This concludes the list of the Best Restaurants in Mesa. Mesa is an intriguing city full of history, culture, and award-winning eateries against the beautiful backdrop of the stunning Goldfield Mountains.

Whether you are in the area exploring the Mesa Grande Ruins or visiting the Mesa Arts Center, stop by one or more of the restaurants listed above and experience the tastes for yourself.

Best Restaurants in Mesa

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