10 Best Restaurants in Maryville, TN [2023 Updated]

Maryville, Tennessee is a quaint little town with a lot of charm and a heck of a lot of local culture, not unlike most towns of its kind in the Volunteer State.

With that charm comes noteworthy architecture, friendly people, fascinating historical relevance, and a ton of terrific restaurants – a subject that we never get tired of. Here are 10 of the best restaurants in Maryville, Tennessee.


$$ | (865) 406-1711 | WEBSITE

Maryville, Tennessee Best Restaurants Masala

This charming, authentic Indian food restaurant is a great spot to try genuine Indian fare for lunch or dinner while visiting downtown Maryville. They offer dining in service as well as take out orders.

That being the case, Masala is a great choice for catering an Autumn picnic on the park grass, beside the river, or wherever you fancy a bite with someone special. The owner often serves guests herself, and she is exceedingly pleasant and charming.

This spot is very well reviewed on a number of local sites, picking up an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is quite an accomplishment for a casual delivery and takeout establishment.


Papa Murphy’s Take N Bake Pizza

$ | (865) 982-2525 | WEBSITE


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As the only chain establishment on our list, Papa Murphy’s it must be said, deserves its reputation for quality. They have a strict policy of using only the freshest ingredients, and they deliver on their promise of quality by having you bake it yourself at home.

Sure, some people turn their nose up at this idea. But in reality, it makes a higher quality pizza available at a lower cost. This is because fewer things need to be frozen, and fewer things need to sit under heat lamps while they wait for someone to order them.

Now, on to this local Maryville Papa Murphy location. You can take our word for it that they are as friendly and charming as the staff and management of any restaurant on our list. Or you can look at the local reviews, which are absolutely glowing.

You simply cannot beat a top-quality, family-sized pizza for just $10.99, and these guys just do it so well!


Aroma Cafe

$$ | (865) 982-4933 | WEBSITE


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Best known for its Cuban sandwiches and coffee, the Aroma Cafe is a popular niche eatery in an area that plenty to choose from in that category. It’s a small downtown spot, which means it might be tough to get a seat.

But it is definitely worth the wait if you have the time since it can be tough to find genuine Cuban food in this part of the country. Their Cuban sandwiches are locally famous, and for good reason. They are as delicious as they are authentic. It is served on tart, crusty bread, and packed with a compelling mix of meats and cheeses.




$$$ | (865) 724-1710 | WEBSITE


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If you have never been to Italy and tasted genuine, truly made from scratch Italian fare, Amici is waiting for you. It is an absolute Mecca for northern Mediterranean cuisine and its chicken alfredo is to die for.

Arguably, their chicken parmigiana is the best afternoon meal you are going to get in Tennessee, and that is really saying something. As you would expect from quality Italian food, the fare is as delicate and refined as it is filling.

Better still, the atmosphere is both elegant and relaxed, just like the culture that inspires it. This establishment is a true sure-fire hit any time of year and an excellent place to take guests from out of state.



The Walnut Kitchen

$$$ | (865) 980-8228 | WEBSITE


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The Walnut Kitchen is rustic, inviting, and it delivers the finest quality American cuisine in existence, proving those two words together are not a contradiction in terms. The Walnut Kitchen mixes in a touch of Tex-Mex feel with their side dishes, but this is no west coast fusion joint.

Skillful culinary masters combine the freshest ingredients to create a genuine farmhouse dining experience. The hanger steak might be the best in the country, matched only by an item or two at The Barn.

The Walnut Kitchen is among the best establishments in the region for a genuine farmhouse dining experience. We recommend that you try both if you have the time.



Becky’s Grocery & Grill

$ | (865) 379-6121 | WEBSITE


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Becky’s is an absolute sure thing if you are just looking for a simple bite to eat, and you can fill up your fridge in the same trip. The sandwiches are simple, down-to-earth, and totally delicious.

It’s a great spot for a quick bite or your lunch break, and their pies and desserts are unbeatable for the price. Be sure to check out their mac & cheese dish. It’s some of the best afternoon comfort food you’re going to find anywhere.



Los Amigos

$$ | (865) 983-6022 | WEBSITE

Maryville, Tennessee Best Restaurant Los Amigos

We would be remiss if we were to leave out the area’s best Mexican restaurant, and Los Amigos is it. This eatery has been in the area for more than three decades, and they are popular enough to deserve its longevity.

The fare is simple, satisfying, and delicious, and the prices are like a cool breeze through your bank account. We would recommend the chicken fajitas. They are perfectly caramelized and cooked to a beautiful golden brown. It is as zesty as it is tender and not to be missed.



Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar

$$$ | (865) 681-8785 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Maryville, Tennessee Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar

Thai Cuisine has been skyrocketing in popularity in recent years, and the Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar is part of the reason why. For a start, they are smart enough to know that Americans can be finicky when it comes to Asian food, so they offer sushi as well.

But don’t think their sushi is just an afterthought. They really know what they are doing, and their sushi is top-notch. That said, their Thai beef stir fry dishes are amazing. But if we had to recommend one dish it would be the pad Thai with shrimp. It’s the real deal.



Aubrey’s Restaurant

$$ | (865) 379-8800 | WEBSITE


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Another casual restaurant that punches above its weight, Aubrey’s is the place to go for its filling portions as well as for its authentic Southern fare. It’s a family-friendly spot tucked in neatly at the Lamar Alexander Parkway, and their daily specials always offer variety.

This is comfort food with a genuine southern flair at reasonable prices that will have you coming back again and again. You need to try the golden chicken cutlets. Southern chicken is the best there is, and Aubrey’s does it right.



Smoky Mountain Brewery

$$ | (865) 238-1900 | WEBSITE


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This pub, brewery, and grill does not miss a beat when it comes to hot wings. Wash them down with your beer of choice while enjoying the game on their multiple massive flat-screen TVs. This is the spot to bring your crew for a weekend afternoon. It is fun, and the baker’s choice pizza is a massive crowd-pleaser.




As you can see, the best restaurants in Maryville, Tennessee are as plentiful as they are high in quality. When it comes to dining out, this area has everything from fine dining to high-end diners to casual experiences and more.

And the best news is that we didn’t even have space to cover all of the great restaurants in Maryville here. If you have the time and the inclination, there are plenty more great restaurants to be discovered in this charming part of the country.

Best Restaurants in Maryville, TN

3 thoughts on “10 Best Restaurants in Maryville, TN [2023 Updated]”

  1. This is a great list. I have been to many of these restaurants and agree that they are worth the visit. One quibble: none of them are truly downtown. But Maryville is small enough that they are all “close” and they all have adequate parking.

  2. Review put on Papa Murphy chain over Foothills Milling? Wow. No way. It’s the top eatery in Maryville. And I love Becky’s but that’s Walland, really.

  3. I agree Lea. Foothills Milling is one of the best restaurants in East Tennessee. Aubreys is a local chain with mediocre food and somehow RT Lodge has not been discovered by this writer. But both Foothills and RT are fine dining restaurants.


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