15 Best Restaurants in Marathon, FL [2023 Updated]

With a scenic gulf and excellent fresh seafood, Marathon is home to many delicious foods. These 15 Best Restaurants in Marathon, FL, will give you a curated list of the spot you can try out.

1. Florida Keys Steak and Lobster

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Best Restaurants in Marathon, FL

If you crave a delicious local Marathon seafood meal, you’ll want to check out Florida Keys Steak and Lobster. The restaurant offers fresh, local seafood to please your taste buds. However, if you’re not in the mood for seafood, you can choose from a variety of steak, sushi, and pasta menu.

The Florida Keys are the ultimate spot if you want a variety on the menu. The restaurant even offers a vegetarian menu for those not fans of land or sea meat.



2. Burdines Waterfront

$$ | (305) 743-9204 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Marathon, FL

Located on Oceanview Avenue, you are in for a fantastic array of local seafood at Burdines Waterfront. Most of their seafood is freshly caught and prepared to order. As a mix of a bar and grill, you’re guaranteed a complete list of delicious wines and other alcoholic beverages at the restaurant.

If you decide to dine in Burdines, try out their famous key lime pie. It’s an excellent stop with various meat, seafood, and pasta dishes for you to enjoy.



3. Sparky’s Landing – Fish n Cocktails

$$ | (305) 363-2959 | WEBSITE


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If you want a beach life experience in Marathon, look no further than Sparky’s Landing. The restaurant is situated by the waters and has a dock for parking boats. It’s perfect for dining on the open seas for a complete experience.

Since its opening in 2006, the restaurant has been at the forefront for many tourists and locals alike. The restaurant offers a slew of delicious and fresh seafood and American favorites such as pizza, burgers, and salad. It’s a perfect spot for an intimate and



4. Butterfly Café

$$$ | (305) 289-7177 | WEBSITE

Marathon, FL Best Restaurants

Sitting inside the famous Tranquility Bay Resort, you are in for a fancy time with Butterfly Café. The restaurant offers patio seating that overlooks the beautiful beach view of Marathon. The cafe is the place to be if you want the ultimate unwind with delicious food and excellent service.

Butterfly Café offers a variety of dishes that showcase the taste of the local ingredients. You can try out some of their classics such as ‘Coconut Shrimp’ and ‘Scallop Risotto.’ Their excellent coffee and wine will elevate your meal.



5. Lighthouse Grill

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Lighthouse Grill does not just offer a slew of fresh seafood; they also showcase how breathtaking the view in Marathon could be. The restaurant sits in the lighthouse shade, elevating your meal. With their ocean-to-table seafood dishes, you can expect freshness with every bite.

The Lighthouse Grill is a must for many tourists and locals alike. They also offer a slew of local drinks to choose from, a perfect way to end a local Marathon meal.



6. Brutus Seafood Restaurant & Market

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If you love delicious and fresh seafood dishes from Marathon, look no further than Brutus Seafood Restaurant and Market. The restaurant’s seafood is caught fresh from the local waters and is brought to the restaurant daily. Brutus’ menu features a variety of seafood dishes, including shrimp, crab, and fish.

With meals such as lobster tacos and delicious fish sandwiches, you know you are in for some delightful Marathon seafood. It’s perfect casual dining with affordable prices and big servings.



7. Hideaway Cafe

$$$ | (305) 289-1554 | WEBSITE

Marathon, FL Best Restaurant

Sitting in the Rainbow Bend, The Hideaway Café offers an excellent fine dining experience. The cafe is known for its fresh seafood and scenic view of the Gulf of Mexico. The spot is perfect for more intimate dining with its artisan food and excellent service.

Their menu consists of fancy classics such as steak and lamb and local seafood. With their food and scenic restaurant, you can make any event a long-lasting memory.



8. The Stuffed Pig

$$ | (305) 743-4059 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Marathon, FL

With a cute pig mascot at the forefront, The Stuffed Pig is ready to serve you American diner favorites. The restaurant offers a slew of delicious breakfast and lunch favorites. You will surely leave the joint full of some delightful steak, bacon, or egg benedict.

The outdoor patio and garden area are excellent places to unwind and dine. If you are looking for a local Marathon diner, The Stuffed Pig is the place to be. You are sure to get the bang for your buck with low prices, good food, and ample servings.



9. Frank’s Grill Marathon

$$ | (305) 289-7772 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Marathon, FL

Frank’s Grill has served the local Marathon area for over 30 years. They feature fresh ingredients and a seasonal menu to reflect what is available locally. With many Italian and American favorites, you can ensure a hearty meal.

In addition to the great food, Frank’s Grill is also known for its homey and humble atmosphere. This is the food spot to be if you want traditional Italian cuisine with a mix of Marathon influences.



10. Marathon Grill and Alehouse

$$$ | (305) 743-5888 | WEBSITE


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Marathon Grill and Alehouse offers an all-American menu. The restaurant is known locally for its fresh seafood, steaks, and burgers. They also have a full bar with a wide selection of beers and other alcohols to seal the deal.

Sitting in the Gulfside Village, it’s the place to be if you are looking for a mix of good food and alcohol. Their large and hefty servings and a wide array of menu items make it a favorite among group and family dining.



11. Fish Tales Market & Eatery

$$ | (305) 743-9196 | WEBSITE

Marathon, FL Restaurants

Whether you love fresh or cooked seafood, Fish Tales Market and Eatery is ready to serve you. Its fresh from-the-ocean ingredients will satisfy you with every bite. Try out some of their classics, such as ‘Red Conch Chowder’ and ‘Fried Calamari.’

However, the restaurant offers many non-seafood dishes and a long list of delicious desserts. If you are looking for a Marathon spot to unwind and enjoy casual dining, then Fish Tales and Market is a good choice.



12. Sunset Grille & Raw Bar

$$ | (305) 396-7235 | WEBSITE

Marathon, FL Restaurant

When it comes to scenic view and night dining, Sunset Grille and Raw Bar is the top spot in Marathon. The restaurant features the 7 Mile Bridge and glorious Florida sunset at their outdoor dining. With a decade in the game, you can ensure that the food and service they offer are excellent.

Sunset’s menu features a wide variety of seafood, salads, and delicious entrees. The prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere is casual and very relaxing. The restaurant also offers a full bar to enjoy a refreshing cocktail with your meal.



13. The Island Fish Company

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Whether land, water, or air, you can reach The Island Fish Company without any problem. The restaurant offers a dock and scenic view of the Marina. If you want a beachside Marathon experience, this is the place to dine.

The Island Fish Co. is great for enjoying fresh, local seafood. With an affordable price, good food, and excellent service, you know you are in for a good time. It’s a perfect spot for delicious Marathon seafood and casual dining.



14. Keys Fisheries Restaurant

$$$ | (305) 743-4353 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Marathon, FL

The Keys Fisheries is known for its fresh and delicious local seafood. The restaurant gets its ingredients from local fishermen to ensure a high-quality taste. Whether you love raw or cooked seafood dishes, this restaurant is open to catering to you.

Along with their delicious dishes, the restaurant also offers a bar full of cold beer and cocktails for you to enjoy. The restaurant even provides deliveries and online orders throughout the area.



15. Porky’s Bayside Restaurant & Marina

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Mojitos, BBQ, and fried key lime pie. Porky’s Bayside Restaurant and Marina offer a slew of Marathon favorites. With their fresh grilled pork, beef, and seafood, you can enjoy whether you love meat from the sea or land. Whether you are looking for a meal, the restaurant covers you at any time of the day.

Along with their excellent food is the scenic view of the gulf. You can ensure that a beautiful sunset will accompany your night meal.



In Summary

With this list of the 15 Best Restaurants in Marathon, Fl, you can enjoy a nice meal in the local area. Whether you love seafood, Italian, or dinner food, there is a restaurant for you.

Best Restaurants in Marathon

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