15 Best Restaurants in Louisville, KY (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

If you are looking for a restaurant to visit in Louisville, below is the list of the 15 Best Restaurants in Louisville, KY! Louisville has been known in America as the “South’s Best Food Cities” by the people living in the South and one of the “America’s Favorite Cities for Food.”

Brazeiros Churrascaria – Brazilian Steakhouse

$$$$ | 502-290-8220 | WEBSITE


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The first on the list is a Brazilian Steakhouse that you can find in Louisville’s Central District. It is a restaurant with a festive and upscale service that can make guests happy.

Brazeiros is a modern, authentic gaucho heritage steakhouse from the Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil. Their famous dishes are Lamb Chops, Smoked Salmon, Bacon Wrapped Fillet, and Pork Ribs. They also have a private meal that can accommodate up to 170 people.



Yummy Pollo – Charcoal Chicken

$ | 502-618-1400 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Louisville, KY

If you are craving chicken, Yummy Pollo is a restaurant for you! They serve a Peruvian Style of rotisserie chicken paired with a southern style of side dishes. For 9.55 dollars, you can have either Quarter Dark chicken or a Quarter White chicken.

They are known for serving big flavors and servings. The Quarter White, Half Mix, and Quarter Dark are their most popular dish. If you are looking for a restaurant with a portion of good food and services at a low price, you should try Yummy Polo.



Mayan Café

$$ | 502-566-0651 | WEBSITE


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Mayan Café is known for its good services and beautiful dishes. They served essential ingredients and flavors rich with pumpkin seeds, lime, smoked chilies, roasted meats, and oil infusions.

Their famous dishes are Cochinita Pibil, Scallop Ceviche, Vegetarian Burrito, and Mayan Salad. If you are looking for a restaurant that is based in Mexico, you should try Mayan Café. They also have outdoor seating where you can enjoy the view of the surroundings.



Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar

$$ | 502-566-3205 | WEBSITE


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Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar is one of the most famous bars in Louisville, KY. The ambiance and food of this restaurant are superb! It is the first bourbon bar in Louisville. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of its surroundings, which has an upscale lounge with hand-carved wood elements.

They have excellent crew service; the bartender will always ensure you have a drink in your hand. You should try their Jockey Old Fashioned drink and American Pharaoh.



Buck’s Restaurant

$$$ | 502-637-5284 | WEBSITE


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Buck’s restaurant is one of the fine dining restaurants in this place. Established in 1992, Buck’s Restaurant gives a romantic vibe to every guest it has. If you are the type of person who loves to eat in a restaurant that has a pleasing ambiance, food, and excellent service, Buck’s Restaurant is a must-try.

The restaurant has a unique garden called “Moon Garden,” filled with white flowers and dark green walls. Their famous dishes are Crispy Fish, Pork Chop, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, and Fillet Mignon. Indeed in a romantic, fine-dining restaurant place like this, your money will be worth it.



Derby Café

$$ | (502) 637-1111 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Louisville, KY

Derby Café & Bourbon Bar is a restaurant inspired by Kentucky’s dishes. They serve and create food from “Scratch Kitchen,” which means making their food from local raw ingredients.

Their famous dishes are Derby Pie, Triple Crown Sandwich, and their very renowned own version of Hot Brown Sandwich. This restaurant is next to the historic church, Churchill Downs. So it is good to go here for breakfast, lunch, or brunch after attending church.



Bar Vetti

$$ | 502-883-3331 | WEBSITE


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Here is another Bar that you can find in Louisville. It is an Italian Restaurant and an American Bar that serves different dishes. If you want a restaurant with excellent service and great Italian food, you should try going to Bar Vetti.

Their famous dishes are Rigatoni Cacio E Pepe, Caesar Salad, Bucatini, and Burrata. This place has a good and cozy surrounding that most guests will enjoy. You can also enjoy dining outside in this restaurant if you do not like eating out.  



Proof on Main

$$$$ | 502-217-6360 | WEBSITE


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Proof on Main is one of the restaurants that have a superb ambiance and surroundings. The paintings that are displayed on the wall are unique and wonderful. If you are an art person, you should try going to this restaurant. Despite its high price, everything is worth it in this place!

What makes this restaurant unique is the rotating contemporary arts monthly. This restaurant is the best place to dine and host a special event. You should try their popular dishes like Bison Burger, Pork Chop, and Charred Octopus. Also, they give free cotton candy at the end of your bill!



Oskar’s Slider Bar

$$ | 502-395-9010 | WEBSITE


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Oskar’s Slider Bar is an American Bar that is Scandinavian influence of foods. This place has a northern-themed full bar that the guest loves. Their service is immaculate, and the employees are very accommodating and friendly.

This place is best for you if you are looking for a go-to restaurant at a low price. The popular dishes they served are Fried Chicken Slider, Pot Roast Slider, Buffalo Chicken Slider, and Venison Sausage Slider.



The Lobby Bar

$$ | 502-583-1234 | WEBSITE

Louisville, KY Best Restaurants

The Lobby Bar is one of the most beautiful lobby bars in Louisville. It is a restaurant where the Contemporary Classic meets the luxury of the Old World. It is a popular spot in Louisville with glamorous surroundings that balances the history and modern touches with sophisticated vibes.

You should try their cocktails and drinks like Mint Julep, Kentucky Derby, and Manhattan. Their famous dishes, Smoky Mac and Cheese, and Derby Pie would perfectly fit with their bourbon flight.



Guacamole Modern Mexican

$$ | (502) 212-8225 | WEBSITE


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If you are craving guacamole and want a taste of Mexican food, you should try going to Guacamole Modern Mexican. This restaurant serves authentic Mexican Cuisine. If you want a short experience of going to Mexico, Guacamole Restaurant serves you their exciting interior that will transport you to Mexico in just one snap.

Their food tastes like Mexico, which features Oaxaca, Puebla, Riviera Maya, and many more. You should try their popular dishes such as Mini Smoked Fish Taco, Spicy Chicken Enchiladas, and Guacamole.




$$$$ | 502-252-2500 | WEBSITE


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Swizzle Diner and Drinks is a supper club with a retro-style vibe and modern diner. This restaurant serves different foods, fine cocktails, and excellent service. Swizzle is an expensive restaurant, but this restaurant will never fail you because of its uniqueness.

Swizzle is a revolving restaurant where you can see the city views and rivers found in Louisville. They serve sustainable seafood, head-spinning cocktails, local produce, and prime steaks. Their famous dishes are Broccolini, Calamari, and Filet a La Swizzle.



610 Magnolia

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Located at the center of Old Louisville, 610 Magnolia offers locally sourced ingredients focused on seasonality and commitment. They serve different kinds of drinks that are focused on a perfect blend.

They serve other types of dishes as frequently as their menu does. Their excellent service and food will make you come back to this restaurant. Their famous dishes are Wagyu Beef Tongue, Duck Breast Salad, Deviled Beef Tartare, and Beef Kalbi Short Rib.



The Eagle

$$ | 502-492-8420 | WEBSITE

The Eagle

The Eagle restaurant is located in a prime spot with a great ambiance and atmosphere that’s perfect for a night out. Their drinks were outstanding, especially the bourbon punch and the blackberry lemonade with tequila.

The service is top-notch, with attentive and courteous staff who make sure you’re well taken care of. Highly recommend trying the chicken BLT and other generous portions of southern cuisine.

Note: Parking can be a challenge



8Up Elevated Drinkery & Kitchen

$$ | 502-631-4180 | WEBSITE


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Last on the list is the 8up restaurant. This restaurant has a breathtaking outdoor and indoor dining experience. They serve different kinds of foods and offer the best food in Louisville.

They provide an excellent dining experience to guests with their sophisticated palates! I suggest going to this restaurant during dinner so that you can watch the sky turning cotton candy colors or during the evening to see the night light of the city.

It would be best if you tried their popular dishes such as Bourbon Braised Short Rib, Bone-in Pork Chop, and many more.




Here are the 15 Best Restaurants in Louisville, KY. You can enjoy the Restaurant Cafés, Steakhouse, Bars, Bourbons, and other restaurants in different countries. You can always check this post for reference if you want a place to eat in Louisville, Kentucky. Do not forget to take notes and remember their popular dishes for you to try!

Best Restaurants in Louisville

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