15 Best Restaurants in Lenexa, KS (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

Lenexa, Kansas is known for various things. The Great Lenexa Barbecue Battle brings barbecue masters from all over to compete for the championship every year. Hollywood Walk of Fame inductee Paul Rudd and professional wrestler Baron Corbin grew up there. Something the town is known primarily by locals for, however, is the restaurants.

The variety of food found in Lenexa is quite astonishing. From Mexican food to Middle Eastern food, there’s something for everyone in the town. These 15 best restaurants in Lenexa will always deliver some amazing food, and even equally as important, some amazing service.

1. Mi Ranchito

$$ | (913) 599-5969 | WEBSITE


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Since 2005, Mi Ranchero has delivered great Mexican food to residents of Lenexa. Often seen as one of the best local Mexican restaurant chains in Kansas, Mi Ranchero offers daily specials and a slew of traditional Mexican food.

Its lunch menu offers some delectable food, including pork tamale & machaca beef taco, deep fried tacos, and de la torre steak enchiladas. The menu is perfect for vegans, and it offers gluten-free options.



2. Minsky’s Pizza

$$ | 913-491-5252 | WEBSITE


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Founded in 1976, Minsky’s Pizza has become heaven for those looking for a gluten-free selection of pizza. Their selection is so great, the restaurant was listed as one of the best gluten-free restaurants in America by the food publication Delight Gluten-Free.

Outside of good pizza, the restaurant also includes an arcade section for those looking to play some games after their meal. For health aficionados, Minksy’s Pizza comes equipped with an air filtration system, which reduces the amount of bacteria found in the establishment.



3. Holy Land Cafe

$ | 913-310-9911 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Lenexa, KS

Those looking for Middle Eastern food can get their fill at Holy Land Cafe. The restaurant offers a great selection of sandwiches, including a kefta sandwich, a dill chicken sandwich including dill sauce and mustard, and beef shawarma.

If you’re coming with a crew, they offer Dinner for 4 and Dinner for 8, which include pieces of different meat offerings. For kids, the kids’ menu features a handful of fan favorites such as cheese pizza and chicken tenders.



4. Zarda Bar-B-Q & Catering Company

$$ | 913-492-2330 | WEBSITE


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Built off the Zarda Drive-Ins of old, Zarda Bar-B-Q has become one of Lenexa’s most beloved restaurants. With over 45 years in service, Zarda Bar-B-Q found themselves gaining national attention from Fox News and ESPN.

The restaurant offers daily specials, including an average joe sandwich on Tuesdays and a meat platter on Saturdays.The restaurant also offers private special events & meeting rooms. Frequent diners can join their VIP rewards club for exclusive special offers and events.



5. Brewbakers Bar and Grill

$$$ | 913-322-2739 | WEBSITE

Lenexa, KS Best Restaurants

Brewbakers Bar and Grill is perfect for sports fans looking to watch the game and dine on some good food. Brewbakers Bar and Grill offers the best in burgers, sandwiches, and wings.

For those watching their diet, the restaurant includes an impressive salad menu, which includes a brew salad, a strawberry spinach salad, and an Asian chicken salad. Brewbakers Bar and Grill offers patio seating for those looking to take things outside.



6. Red Door Woodfired Grill

$$ | 913-379-1500 | WEBSITE


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Upscale restaurant Red Door Woodfired Grill has been the home to many friendly get-togethers over the years. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, the restaurant offers brunch, which features a breakfast sandwich, chicken and waffles, and the cure burrito.

Patrons can also spice up their handcrafted soup by adding some grilled chicken, grilled salmon, or grilled shrimp to the mix for a few more dollars.
Those looking to share the love of Red Door Woodfired Grill with others can purchase a gift card.



7. Pegah’s Family Restaurant

$$ | 913-258-8766 | WEBSITE


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For over 30 years, Pegah’s Family Restaurant has been one of Johnson County’s most beloved restaurants. Their slogan is “comfort is a spoonful away,” and with a vast menu, everyone walks away feeling satisfied.

The Pegah’s specialty menu features delicious dishes such as the butterfly shrimp platter, tequila lime chicken, and the surf and turf. All orders off the speciality menu comes equipped with a homemade roll and two side orders.



8. Old Shawnee Pizza

$$ | 913-254-1234 | WEBSITE


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Originally opening in Shawnee, Old Shawnee Pizza has found fans with its Lenexa location. The name of the game here is pizza, and this restaurant comes with a huge menu of pizza to devour.

The G.O.A.T. pizza comes equipped with goat cheese crumbles and garlic glaze while the famous crab rangoon pizza features house made crab rangoon filling and fried wontons. There are also banquet rooms available for those looking to have a private small gathering.



9. Silo Modern Farmhouse

$$ | 913-278-0910 | WEBSITE


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Next to a fantastic view of the Canyon Farms Golf Club, Silo Modern Farmhouse attracts people with their aformentioned scenery and remarkable food. When it comes to seafood, Silo Modern Farmhouse brings the finest seafood from Florida to the kitchen.

While Silo Modern Farmhouse features private rooms like other restaurants, they take things a step further with special menus for private occasions. Food such as smoked prime ribs, mint pesto rubbed leg of lamb, and smoked honey glazed pork. For Thanksgiving, the establishment offers a special brunch buffet with limited seating available.



10. Sushi Uni

$ | 913-322-8667 | WEBSITE

Lenexa, KS Best Restaurant

Sushi UNI is the right spot for some scrumptious sushi. The restaurant allows folks to watch the chef cook the food right in front of them. Many people flock to the restaurant just to watch the magic happen in front of them.

If you’re not into sushi, there are plenty of other meals available all day long. A slew of kitchen entrees, including general tso’s chicken and grilled sea bass, come with rice, soup, and two pieces of crab rangoon. Unlike most restaurants in the region, Sushi UNI is normally closed on Sundays.



11. Sierra Grill

$$ | 913-599-3555 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Lenexa, KS

Sierra Grill prides itself on preparing fantastic grilled food on its wood fire grill. The lunch menu features some superb sandwiches, including the signature brisket burger, smoked salmon burger, and pulled pork Cuban mojo burger.

For its dinner menu, Sierra Grill offers a great selection of house favorites, including burnt ends mac & cheese, braised short rib, and rack of lamb. There’s also a slew of wine on tap, including Wente “Riva Ranch” Chardonnay, Vina Robles Cabernet Sauvignon, and Z. Alexander Brown Cabernet.



12. Callahan’s 87th

$$ | 913-894-1717 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Lenexa, KS

For over 35 years, Callahan’s 87th has offered happy memories to everyone who stepped into its doors. A great variety of burgers are available for the choosing, including the smokehouse burger, turkey burger, and the vegan-friendly black bean burger.

All burgers arrive with a choice of hand-cut fries, pub chips, coleslaw or cottage cheese. Daily specials bring in a ton of happy people with offers such as a
large major leaguer pizza on Tuesdays and grilled shrimp skewers on Fridays.



13. Jack Stack Barbecue

$$ | 913-382-4227 | WEBSITE


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Opening in Kansas City in 1957, Jack Stack Barbecue has become one of Lenexa’s finest establishments. Available until 4 p.m., the lunch menu includes a great amount of food, including fire-kissed wings, honey-glazed baby back ribs, and pulled pork mac and cheese.

The dinner menu brings forth some great dishes, including barbecue chicken, crown prime beef rib, and lamb ribs. A private room is available for any important gatherings. Seating 20 people, the room offers great access to the patio.



14. Grinders

$$$ | 913-888-2000 | WEBSITE


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If you’re on the hunt for some East Coast food, Grinders delivers big time. The restaurant offers three versions of the Philly cheesesteak, including the veggie Philly.

The Grinders show me pie brings the traditional New York-style pizza to Lenexa. It comes in three versions, including the famous chili bomb pie. This special pizza pie features tater tots, Cheez Whiz, green onions, and chili. Grinders is always closed on Sundays.



15. Blue Moose Bar & Grill

$$ | 913-213-6950 | WEBSITE


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Blue Moose Bar & Grill has a great selection of salads, including the spicy chicken salad, house salad, and Caesar salad.

The establishment also lets you create your own mac and cheese dish with toppings such as ghost pepper jack cheese and a spinach & artichoke mix. Kids can also join the fun with special kids’ meals. Frequent visitors can sign up for the Guest Rewards service, which offers special perks and a free birthday gift.



With a vast number of restaurants listed, it won’t be hard to find out where your next dinner will take place. Don’t go at it alone, though; bring some friends along with you. When it comes to the best restaurants in Lenexa, these will go down as some of the finest around.

 Best Restaurants in Lenexa

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