9 Best Restaurants in Kettering, OH (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

It can be overwhelming to get to know a new city. There are so many things to do and places to see in any town, and you will want to figure out where your favorite spots are right away.

It is important to have go-to places to hang out wherever you live. Going out to eat is a great way to learn the ins and outs of a new town. Take a look at these 10 best restaurants in Kettering, Ohio, to figure out where your new favorite place to grab a bite to eat will be.

1. Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen 

$$ | (937) 293-9133 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Kettering, OH

If Italian food is your favorite to grab when you are out on the town, then Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen should be the first stop on your list of restaurants to visit. Bring your family in to order some garlic bread and cheese as an appetizer to share.

For your entree, be sure to try out the Chicken Piccata or the Chicken Marsala. Save room for dessert if you like sweets because their Tiramasu is not one you are going to want to miss!



2. Sea Jax Tavern

$$ | (937) 439-1664 | WEBSITE

Kettering, OH Best Restaurant

Are you looking for a place to relax and enjoy a laid-back and friendly atmosphere with your friends and family? Look no further! Sea Jax Tavern is the perfect restaurant for you.

They pride themselves on bringing locally sourced food to your table and providing you with a warm and welcoming atmosphere every time you visit. Make sure you try the Jax Grouper Sandwich the first time you visit Sea Jax Tavern.



3. Troni’s Italian Restaurant

$$ | (937) 643-9921 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Kettering, OH

Troni’s Italian Restaurant is a great place to plan to bring your friends and family for a night out to enjoy an authentic Italian meal. You are not going to want to miss out on their Cacciatore.

Make sure you order the Fried Calamari to start. You can share the appetizer with your family while you wait for your entrees. Troni’s Italian Restaurant is going to be one of your favorite places to enjoy a relaxing evening out with your family.



4. Kung Fu Noodle

$ | (937) 938-9027 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Kettering, OH

Kung Fu Noodle is a great place to get affordable Asian cuisine. You will find a variety of unique dishes that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Make sure you try the Kung Fu Dumplings and the Spicy Pig Ears the first time you visit Kung Fu Noodle.

Pair your meal with plum juice or coconut milk if you want to get out of the box with your choice of drink. Make Kung Fu Noodle one of the next places you stop when you are looking for somewhere to go out to eat.




$$ | (937) 258-7040 | WEBSITE

Kettering, OH Top Restaurant

Are you a fan of sushi? SIMA is going to be your new favorite restaurant. You are sure to find a sushi roll to satisfy your pallet. The menu features both Japanese and Korean cuisine.

You can order from their extensive list of sushi rolls. You won’t regret giving the Fire Mountain Roll a try the first time you stop by. Call to place an order for delivery or stop in to enjoy your next meal with SIMA.



6. Dayton Street Eats 

$ | (937) 522-0730 | WEBSITE


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Are you looking for something quick to grab and go? Dayton Street Eats is a take-out-only restaurant that offers unique street food you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s the perfect option for a quick meal to eat on a commute across town. This unique and fun restaurant should be a priority on your list of places to visit in Kettering.

Stop over to Dayton Street Eats to try the Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich or the Cowzone Fritter. If you are looking for something sweet, you have to order the Cinnamon Sugar Fritters.

You will love everything on this fun, unique menu. Make Dayton Street Eats the next place you grab a bit to eat when you are out on the town!



7. Troni Brothers Pizza

$$ | (937) 259-8877 | WEBSITE

Trendy Restaurant in Kettering, OH

Are you looking for the easy, sharable convenience that pizza gives you? Troni Brothers Pizza should be the restaurant you choose to take your family out to eat.

Order a classic like plain cheese or a pepperoni pizza or try something new and get one of their signature pies. Try the Spicy Lovers pizza or the Veggie Lovers pizza if you are looking to get something a little out of the ordinary.

If pizza is one of your favorite foods, then you won’t regret paying Troni Brothers a visit. Order online or stop in to place your next order!



8. Skyline Chili

$ | (937) 299-9061 | WEBSITE


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Do you love the simplicity of chili cheese fries and hot dogs? Skyline Chili has the perfect menu for you. There is nothing better than chili cheese dogs to go with your chili cheese fries.

If you are looking for something a little fresher, you can order something from their salad menu. Try out a bowl or a burrito if neither of those things tickles your fancy. There is something for everyone on skyline Chili’s menu. It is sure to be your family’s favorite spot to eat!



9. MCL Restaurant & Bakery Kettering

$$ | (937) 299-6605 | WEBSITE


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If you are wanting to get the feel of a homemade meal the next time you bring your family out to eat, MCL Restaurant and Bakery should be your next stop. From chicken to macaroni and cheese, you will find all of the stick-to-your-ribs classic American dishes at this restaurant. 

Open for dine-in or carry-out, you are sure to find something to satisfy any craving on their extensive menu. Their menu changes daily, so make sure to check out their website before you stop in to get an idea of what they have.

If it’s available when you stop in, be sure to try out the stuffed chicken breast and mashed potatoes. You are going to love the warm feeling you get after enjoying a meal at MCL Restaurant & Bakery in Kettering, Ohio.




Finding a new favorite spot to eat should be one of the first things you do when you move to a new area. It is a comfort to have favorite places to hang out with your friends and family.

Kettering, Ohio, has everything from Asian to Italian to offer you endless evenings out on the town. Whether you are looking to have a fun and relaxing night out with your friends and family or you are trying to plan a light-hearted date night, Kettering, Ohio, will have a restaurant for you.

Be sure to follow this list of 10 of the best places to eat in Kettering, Ohio, if you want to have the best dining experience possible.

Best Restaurants in Kettering

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