13 Best Restaurants in Hanover, MA

Hanover, Massachusetts is a quintessential New England town, situated less than 20 miles north of Plymouth; 33 miles east of Foxborough; and about 25 miles south of Boston. Rich in history and awash in natural beauty, it is a perfect place to visit while touring this scenic Bay State region.

Better still, the Hanover area offers a diverse selection of places to eat that can stimulate the palate without emptying the wallet. Some of the best restaurants in Hanover — based on food quality, service and atmosphere — are listed here.

1. Siam Cuisine

$$ | (781) 826-1115 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Hanover, MA

Thai food lovers choose the Siam Cuisine for their favorite mango curry or chili duck entrees. Modestly decorated, this restaurant earns its customers with its edible fare and large portions.

Most of the dishes served — e.g. shrimp, chicken, beef or vegetarian-based food — are spicy by definition but Siam Cuisine makes an effort to cater to the heat tolerance of each patron. By itself, the fried rice deserves many plaudits for flavor, portions and texture, considering the reasonableness of the prices.

Others point to its spacious dining area that is well-suited to group gatherings. Complementing the Thai creations are other Asian victuals and sushi offerings.



2. Tsang’s Village Cafe

$$$ | (781) 826-0202 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Hanover, MA

With traditional Chinese cuisine from multiple provinces, Tsang’s Village Cafe also operates a tempting sushi bar, a rarity in Hanover and vicinity per some reviews.

Preparing all the usual Chinese favorites — wanton soups, lettuce wraps, Szechuan shrimp and moo goo gai pan, Tsang’s breaks tradition with some Indonesian fare such as lamb in coconut curry. With a full sushi bar offering Alaskan Maki, seaweed salad and spicy tuna, Tsang’s is considered the “go-to” restaurant by numerous locals.



3. Alba on 53

$$$ | (781) 789-5527 | WEBSITE


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Its modern decor contrasting nicely with the other establishments on Merchant’s Row, Alba on 53 is where to go when only steak will gratify. Open for dinner only, Alba on 53 has a spread extending beyond the cravings of beef-loves, of course, including grilled swordfish, rack of lamb and a variety of pasta dishes.

Still, the filet mignon and boneless ribeye can not be ignored by carnivore or omnivore. Open late and always busy, Alba on 53 is beloved by diners who appreciate its succulent fare and consistently responsive staff.



4. Crossroads Cafe & Deli

$$ | (781) 826-9921 | WEBSITE


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It may not be Brooklyn, NY but Hanover, MA boasts some popular deli foods. Crossroads Cafe & Deli is open for breakfast and lunch.

Early birds can feast on farm-fresh eggs in the form of omelettes, quiches or a number of variations on Eggs Benedict. Later on, the midday crowd enjoys standard deli offerings and specialty sandwiches like the Plymouth County (it’s like Thanksgiving between the bread!).

Tuna melts and tasty wraps also adorn the generous menu. Options also abound for vegetarian and gluten-free customers.



5. Imperial Garden

$$$ | (781) 826-3842 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Hanover, MA

Notable for its Crab Rangoon and scallion pancake appetizers, the Imperial Garden includes all the well-loved Chinese-American victuals on its menu. Salt-baked shrimp and salt-and-pepper squid are more unique to this establishment, at least among the Asian eateries in Hanover.

Furthermore, Imperial garden is famous for its generous portions bought at affordable prices. You must appreciate the friendly service and the high grade of cleanliness as factors, in addition to the food, that motivate loyal repeat business. For a downtown business, its abundant parking is also a plus.



6. The Epicurean Kitchen

$$ | (781) 826- 2101 | WEBSITE


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The simple philosophy of The Epicurean Kitchen is to combine fresh, locally grown ingredients in a way that makes eaters happy. Prior to founding this establishment, the owner-chef worked for the Martha Stewart organization, and today maintains the approach that basic foods can also be elegant.

It provides modest sit-down facilities for lunch while serving carefully prepared meals for dinner take-out orders. In addition, this business operates a thriving catering service. Must-tries are the panninis, pulled pork, grilled cheese and popular Cobb salad, among other tastes of home.



7. Quan’s Kitchen

$$$ | (781) 781-8868 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Hanover, MA

Quan’s Kitchen is located in Hanover and three other nearby towns. Boasting one of the most exhaustive menus among Asian cuisine restaurants, this eatery merits, for the most part, high grades for the quality and presentation of its entrees, from Peking ravioli to Hong Kong steak to spicy seafood maki.

Sit-down guests will enjoy not only the tastes and textures of their food, but also the generous portions conveyed. Moreover, they applaud the pleasant and clean surroundings in which they eat. By the way, Christmas Eve is mobbed at Quan’s so eat early.



8. 3 Brothers Bar & Restaurant

$$ | (781) 924-3079 | WEBSITE


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Often, when “Bar” comes before “Restaurant,” a prospective customer assumes that a good buzz makes the food palatable. To be sure, 3 Brothers Bar & Restaurant goes far to offer a wide range of premium beers on tap and in bottles; a selection of wines of superior vintage; and a variety of cocktails that do not skimp on potency.

Still, this is an establishment where the quality of food equals — surpasses, maybe? — the excellence of the beverages. Though dominated by a mammoth, wrap-around bar, the restaurant satisfies the taste buds with unique beef, lamb, scallop and cod entrees.

In addition, a slew of burger creations and some pretty good pizza complement the beer of choice. The food, service and atmosphere are all reasons for multiple visits.



9. Hanover House of Pizza

$$ | (781) 826-4381| WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Hanover, MA

For nearly 50 years, the Hanover House of Pizza has served traditional and gourmet pizzas; calzone; a large selection of grinders; and myriad entrees from pasta to seafood. With particular fondness, regulars favor the Sicilian and Graecian pizzas on the gourmet menu, and for good reason.

The subs and salads come in for commendation as well. In fact, in spite of the abundance of pizzerias in the vicinity, it is worth the mileage to get sub sandwiches from the Hanover House of Pizza.



10. Rocco’s Italian Pizzeria

$$ | (781) 826-5637 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Hanover, MA

If a classic pizzeria experience is the goal, Rocco’s Italian Pizzeria invites all comers to try it out. The hand-tossed pizzas come with a wide variety of toppings: meats, veggies, extra sauce and even pineapple. Salads, pasta dishes as well as hot and cold sandwiches round out the menu.

Fans of Rocco’s often select the Roccotoni entree with sausage and cream sauce. Also enjoyable are the thin crust and Sicilian pizzas alike, It is striking that that such a humble location puts out a high quality of food. Rocco’s boasts of fresh ingredients and imported Italian seasonings.



11. Hanover Lobster and Seafood

$$$ | (781) 826-9622 | WEBSITE

Trendy Restaurants in Hanover, MA

Quality fresh seafood is to be expected in these parts so Hanover Lobster and Seafood seeks to meet the demand. Whether your pick is haddock, cod or halibut — on the one hand — lobster, crab and scallops on the other, the long lines reflect great contentment with this fish retailer.

Everything sold here is locally caught, and can be prepared on site or conveyed fresh for take-home orders. “Never fishy” is perhaps the best way to describe the high caliber of this fish.



12. The Old Railroad Cafe

$ | (781) 829-0666 | WEBSITE

Hanover, MA Top Restaurant

Those with a hankering for pizzas or subs consider The Old Railroad Cafe among the best restaurants in Hanover. While it does the lion’s share of business through pick-up and delivery, in-house customers should applaud the pizza sauce, the courtesy of staff and the short wait between ordering and eating.

The Zaza pizza and Mediterranean wraps also merit positive commentary. The Old Railroad Cafe will attract those on a budget.



13. Asaka Japanese & Asian Cuisine

$$ | (781) 659-1388 | WEBSITE

Asaka Japanese & Asian Cuisine

Asaka’s extensive menu boasts top-tier dishes, from gyoza and pad thai to fresh spring rolls, sushi, sashimi, and Thai iced tea. The restaurant offers sushi rolls that customers rave about. The Pork Ton Katsu ramen is also highly recommended for its delicious flavors and warm broth, perfect for lifting your spirits.

The dragon ball is a must-try, a spicy tuna and rice noodle dish artfully layered with thin avocado. If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, Asaka Japanese & Asian Cuisine restaurant is definitely worth checking out. 



The best restaurants in Hanover and vicinity are diverse in menu, venue and style. Yet each and all have a loyal following and longevity in the community. The fact that they enjoy the patronage of numerous repeat visitors testifies to the fact that they are doing something right.

Best Restaurants in Hanover

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