11 Best Restaurants in Blaine, MN

Blaine has an excellent array of restaurants, spanning various delicacies, atmospheres, and price points.

Whenever you’re craving food from any cuisine around the world, you’re sure to land on a great food spot in this city. If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Blaine, you’ve come to the right page!

Here is a list of the 11 Best Restaurants in Blaine, MN, for you to indulge in varied gastronomy from across the globe. Check them out when you’re in town!

The Tavern Grill

$$ | (763) 398-8100 | WEBSITE


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Established in 2009, The Tavern Grill is dedicated to bringing upscale dining experiences in Blaine, Minnesota. The Tavern Grill offers a fully customizable menu.

Among its delicacies are fresh salads, appetizers, pasta, flatbread pizzas, and steak. This restaurant also has a great selection of desserts.

With The Tavern Grill’s customizable menu, you can build your own food combinations!

From build-your-own pizza and salads to build-your-own burgers, you’ll definitely enjoy eating at The Tavern Grill with your friends and family. This restaurant also has chef-built burgers, pizzas, and salads.

The Tavern Way provides you with the comfort and flavors of home. Through this, diners enjoy a friendly and hospitable team to the highest standards!


Ole Piper Inn Bar & Grill

$$ | (763) 780-7100 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking for a place to savor imported beer, wine, and vodka, Ole Piper Inn Bar & Grill is the way to go. Being one of the best restaurants in Blaine, Ole Piper Inn Bar & Grill has a collection of fresh options of homemade recipes every day.

This restaurant along 93rd Lane has Happy Hour specials that guests can enjoy. Ole’s Happy Hour is open from 8 AM to 10 AM and 2 PM to 7 PM. Among the specialties available are UV Vodka Drinks, Bacardi O, Fireball, and Grape Kami’s.


Hajime Sushi Restaurant

$$ | (763) 780-7944 | WEBSITE

Hajime Sushi Restaurant

Hajime Sushi Restaurant is a modern, fashionable restaurant along Club W Parkway. This restaurant provides guests with a splendid atmosphere and appetizing Japanese food from Mondays to Sundays.

This restaurant and lounge bar offers sushi rolls, salads, appetizers, and Hibachi meals. Besides that, Hajime Sushi Restaurant also has party trays and a kids’ menu that your little ones can relish.

Hajime Sushi Restaurant also has a Happy Hour Menu. Included in this are all draft beers, house wines, and rail drinks. Indulge in Hajime Sushi Restaurant’s specialty rolls, like its No. 9 Roll, Sweet and Sassy Roll, Kiss of Fire Roll, and Fuji Roll.


The Tipsy Steer

$$ | (763) 208-3063 | WEBSITE


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Satisfy your craving with The Tipsy Steer’s exemplary chef-inspired menu that features beef, dairy, and produce from local farms. The Tipsy Steer’s menu comprises preservative-free natural chicken too!

Proudly supporting Minnesota farmers, this restaurant’s ingredients are sourced locally. The Tipsy Steer guarantees the freshest flavors with no frozen ingredients.

Truly, this restaurant takes pride in serving diners with flavorful recipes from local farmers and businesses.


Red Kitchen

$$ | (763) 400-7064 | WEBSITE

Red Kitchen

Are you craving the tasty and fun flairs of Asian cuisine? Head out to Club W Parkway and enter the Red Kitchen.

As you go inside this modern restaurant, you’ll be welcomed with a homey and cozy atmosphere. Red Kitchen’s ambiance is perfect for you and your family to have a unique Asian dining experience.

Red Kitchen offers great appetizers like egg rolls, cream cheese wonton, and lemon wings. This restaurant also has beef pho, curry chicken, chicken lo mein, and Vietnamese noodle salad.

If you’re craving Asian rice, Red Kitchen has your back. Red Kitchen has chicken fried rice, shrimp fried rice, and beef fried rice for you.


Rocky’s Asian Bistro & BBQ

$$ | (763) 432-6659 | WEBSITE

Rocky’s Asian Bistro & BBQ

Rocky’s Asian Bistro & BBQ is one of the best restaurants in Blaine, with delectable Asian food and smoked meats.

This Asian Fusion BBQ restaurant gives an exceptional take on the American BBQ featuring an Asian Twist. Think of this restaurant as the marriage of American and Asian gastronomy – totally a chef’s kiss!

This food place is a family-operated restaurant along Cloud Drive. You and your family or friends can enjoy Rocky’s promotion, offering “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” for its pho.

The good news is you can enjoy Rocky’s Pho Special every day! Besides in-house dining and deliveries, this restaurant is also open for catering.


Stone Pho

$ | (763) 432-9168 | WEBSITE

Stone Pho

Vietnam cuisine is known for being one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. If you’re looking for nutritious Vietnamese food, consider dining at Stone Pho.

Indulge in authentic traditional Vietnamese dishes in this restaurant. This restaurant situated on Baltimore St. brings amazing modernized recipes from Vietnam to Blaine.

Stone Pho proudly showcases explosive flavors that will surely please your taste buds.

You can choose from its chef’s specials, which include Stone Pho, Lobster Pho, Special Pho with Oxtail, and Oxtail Pho.

This Vietnamese restaurant also has appetizers like cream cheese puffs, fresh spring rolls, and calamari great for stimulating your appetite anytime.

If you visit this restaurant, make sure to try Stone Pho’s Combination Bun, Rare Steak and Brisket Pho, and Truffle Fries.


Misono Sushi & Asian Bistro

$$ | (763) 785-7860 | WEBSITE


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Next on the list is Misono Sushi & Asian Bistro. This distinct Asian restaurant showcases a great selection of authentic Asian foods from Japan, China, and Thailand.

Your favorite Asian delicacies like Japanese sushi rolls, Hibachi dishes, and Pad Thai are here!

This Asian Bistro features a Happy Hour Special, with draft beers, bottled beers, and a variety of sushi, sashimi, and signature rolls. Other than its delicious menu, this restaurant is regarded for its excellent service and affordability.


Clive’s Roadhouse Blaine

$$ | (763) 951-3406 | WEBSITE


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Clive’s Roadhouse Restaurant is a fresh and fun restaurant on Baltimore St. As you enter this Roadhouse restaurant, you’ll be greeted with vintage materials, hand-fired brick, acid-stained concrete, and retro wallpapers.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting, giving you a relaxed and pleasant dining experience.

This restaurant has a diverse menu of casual American cuisine. Crafted from the freshest ingredients and scratch-made items, Clive’s Roadhouse Restaurant specializes in delivering the lively flavors of tasty American food.

Clive’s Roadhouse Restaurant also serves your favorite bar snacks, including nachos, tater tots, quesadillas, and free popcorn.

With all the excellent food, this restaurant is best experienced with great company. Invite your peers and family if you plan to dine in this vibrant restaurant!


Moe’s at The Ice House

$$ | (763) 233-0699 | WEBSITE

Moe’s at The Ice House

Moe’s at the Ice House is an expansion of Moe’s American Grill in Mounds View. Moe’s at The Ice House offers quick service of quality food in a friendly environment.

Guests can enjoy a great view of the curling venue and hockey rinks down the hallway as they dine at Moe’s.

This restaurant has shareable dishes, like Mustang Nachos, Chicken Tenders, Basket Onion Rings, and French Fries.

Other than that, Moe’s at The Ice House also serves Jumbo Chicken Wings tossed in your favorite sauces, with fresh celery sticks for you to munch on.

Moe’s at The Ice House also features flatbreads and pizza, including Spicy Sausage Flatbread and “Moe-gherita” Style Pizza.


Rose Garden Chinese Restaurant

$ | (763) 755-6000 | WEBSITE

Rose Garden Chinese Restaurant

Rose Garden Chinese Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Blaine, offering authentic traditional Chinese cuisine at affordable prices. This restaurant is famous for its high-quality fresh ingredients and pleasant dining atmosphere.

Among the featured delicacies of this restaurant are Egg Foo Young, Chow Mein, Duck, Fruits De Mer, and Chop Suey Wonton Soup.

All meals in this Oriental cuisine are nutritional and well-prepared, using only the finest and top-notch ingredients since 1994.



The list of the best restaurants in Blaine is filled with delightful dishes, diverse atmospheres, and different price points. With the different cuisines you can indulge in, you can definitely enjoy a unique dining experience when you’re in town.

Most of these experiences are best spent with your friends and family, so don’t forget to invite them as you explore Blaine’s finest restaurants. We wish you a great time and a fun-filled feast!

Best Restaurants in Blaine

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