12 Best Vegan Restaurants in Minneapolis, MN [2023 Updated]

Reverie Café + Bar

$$ | (612) 987-7080 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant has a very creative menu, entirely based on healthy plants, with many of the offerings being comfort foods familiar to restaurant patrons. The establishment makes a point of featuring food locally produced, which is both organic and sustainable.

All menu items are recognized throughout the region for having great taste and being real crowd pleasers. Some of its most popular dishes include potato wedges, lemongrass tofu tacos, fried cauliflower tacos, the Berbere BBQ sandwich and chocolate beignets.


Seed Café

$$ | (612) 345-7265 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant is located in the heart of one of Minneapolis’ busiest shopping centers, so it’s easy to overlook the place. Many fans of the establishment swear it offers the most delicious vegan food in the city.

The Peanut King Bowl is one of the most popular dishes served here, with the kale being consistently cooked to perfection, and served with snap peas and soft rice.

Tofu steaks are served with peanut sauce and pickled onions to tickle your taste buds. Frequently returning customers love the chocolate chip cookies and the kale Caesar salad.


Trio Plant-Based

$$ | (612) 326-1326 | WEBSITE


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All food served to patrons is 100% plant-based (hence the restaurant name), and it was established back in 2017. By 2019, Louis Hunter had become the sole proprietor of the restaurant, which made it the very first establishment in the city to have black ownership and an entirely plant-based menu.

Some of the most popular dishes requested by regular fans include the Soul Bowl Mac, the BBQ ribs, the Mac Attack Burger, the Soul Platter Combo Feat, nachos Supreme, the Fiesta Burger, and the Soul Food Chikken Wrap.


Advellum Vegetable Eatery

$$ | (612) 433-6511 | WEBSITE


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All food dishes featured at Advellum are healthy options focusing on vegetable sources, and many have distinct global influences. All menu items are either entirely vegan or are vegan-adaptable.

Some of the most popular options are the Wild Boomer Burger, the Bowl Lotta Love, the Fatty Pork Belly, Benjamin Bacon, Mungbean Pancakes, and the Mushroom Burger. Many patrons love the place because dishes are presented in a very aesthetically appealing way, often being garnished with shredded spring onion or cilantro.


Vegan East

$$ | (612) 449-4249 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant actually has three different locations in the city, one being uptown, one in the Northeast, and one at White Bear Lake.

The outlet at 1226 NE 2nd St. is recognized throughout the city as having the best dessert offerings, while the flagship establishment on 2409 Lyndale Ave. S. has a huge selection of desserts as well as a number of other savory vegan dishes loved by citizens.

Patrons love the chocolate peanut butter bar, and when you’re in the mood for something more substantial, you’ll have a wide variety of vegan sandwiches and soups to choose from.


Hark! Café

$ | (612) 354-7098 | WEBSITE


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Here you can expect a great many menu items that are plant-based, gluten-free, and delicious to eat. It’s owned and operated by two best friends, Lisa and Katherine, and they enjoy coming up with exciting new dishes to please the palates of their regular customers.

Many of the dishes have distinct Louisiana influences or Sicilian hints that add an exotic taste to them.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and people come back again and again for the Green Goddess salad, the Jambalaya, the panelle sandwich, the Queen City, plant-based cream cheese, or the sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich.


J Selby’s

$$ | (651) 222-3263 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant specializes in serving sustainable vegan dishes and has the reputation for being one of the premier establishments in the Minneapolis area for comfort foods.

Some of the most popular items served here include the Crunchwrap, the Dirty Secret (two non-beef patties), the Bungalow Bean Burger, the Icelandic Potato Burger, and Summer Pea Soup, the Athena Salad, and the Fried Rice.

They also have a long list of specialty milkshakes they serve, as well as a number of delicious dessert items. If you really enjoy your meal here, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase some Selby’s merchandise and wear it around town.


Herbie Butcher’s Fried Chicken

$$ | (612) 224-9251 | WEBSITE


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As you might infer from the restaurant name, this establishment specializes in serving vegan fried chicken, in many different forms. They serve small, medium, and large buckets of ‘chicken’, so you can feed yourself and a friend, or the whole family.

For a change of pace, you might try the country fried steak bites, and include a crispy chicken ranch salad. You can also get a great breakfast sandwich here, made with cheesy ‘eggs’ and vegan chicken. Meals can be accompanied with a wide variety of sauces, side dishes, milkshakes, and specialty drinks.


The Herbivorous Butcher

$$ | (612) 208-0992 | WEBSITE


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After operating for years at local farmers’ markets, a brother and sister duo took a chance and bought their own establishment. Since then, the business has taken off, largely due to the delicious menu items that originally made the two chefs so popular.

Vegan butcher and deli offerings are the mainstays of this stellar Minneapolis vegan restaurant, and they offer such delicacies as Korean ribs, BBQ ribs, bratwurst and sausages, as well as their own vegan cheese.

Some of the most popular menu items include the hot chili cheese dog, the Red Miso BBQ ribs, Bada Bean Bada Boom Crunchy Beans, the tuna salad, sweet Troo Vi cookies, Sweet Hazel candy bars, and the turkey dill Havarti sandwich.


Crepe and Spoon

$$ | (763) 205-0978 | WEBSITE


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When you have a craving for some vegan ice cream, this is the place to go because that’s their primary specialty. They have a working arrangement with The Herbivorous Butcher (listed above) to supply patrons with vegan cheese and ‘meats’ for vegan crepe orders.

Some of the crepes on the menu currently include ham and cheese, butter crepe, banana and cocoa, cinnamon sugar, and the Chzsteak. The restaurant has also become a popular coffee café and many patrons make it a regular stop each day, to enjoy a specialty coffee and watch the Minneapolis traffic go by.


Hard Times Café

$ | (612) 666-0556 | WEBSITE

Best Vegan Restaurant in Minneapolis, MN Hard Times Café

This vegan restaurant has a really extensive menu, so whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll likely find it somewhere on the menu here. The establishment is owned and operated by workers, and they prefer a punk-rock atmosphere, so if this is your thing, you’ll be right at home.

You can also enjoy breakfast here, with breakfast ‘eggs’, toast, and hash browns on the menu. There’s always a soup of the day on tap, as well as Greek salads, side salads, and garden salads. If you’re looking for a full meal, you can choose from the Falafel Platter, the Hummus Platter, the Vegan Quesadilla, or the Tofu Garden Scramble.



$$ | (612) 444-1846 | WEBSITE


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Indigenous foods from all over North America are featured at this restaurant, with priority given to indigenous producers, seasonal produce, and wild-growing plants. They pride themselves on being the first restaurant in the country that focuses on de-colonized ingredients and indigenous menu items.

All colonial-introduced ingredients have been eliminated from their menu, so you won’t find any beef, pork, wheat flour, chicken, or canned sugar on the menu. Some popular menu items include the white bean spread, the ’bison’ taco, blue corn mush, native chili crisp, and the wild rice sorbet.



By consensus opinion, these are some of the best vegan restaurants in Minneapolis, and you would do well to stop in at any one of them. Some specialize in short-order fare, others offer fine dinner menus, and others specialize in serving coffee and vegan snacks to appreciative patrons.

With this list in hand, you can experiment to find which restaurants might become your personal favorites, and which you’d like to make regular stops at.

Vegan Restaurants in Minneapolis, MN

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