13 Best Restaurants in Eureka Springs, AR 2023

Food and a foodie always go hand in hand. Searching for quality restaurants and different foods is what the foodies are always in search of.

If you are one such person and are in search of the best restaurants in Eureka Springs, AR, then look out for this article, this will help you to locate the best restaurants in Eureka Springs. Let us get started.

Le Stick Nouveau

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The Le Stick Nouveau located in Eureka Springs is one of the upscale restaurants with a classic dining establishment. The restaurant serves in an artful manner which represents the modernity of the era and the classicism of the food.

The restaurant is known to be one of the superior places to serve food that stands as the epitome of the restaurants in Eureka Springs. The restaurant is quite impressive when it comes to ambience.

It has a delicate rustic ambience with carved wooden columns and the aesthetics of old statues. The wall hangings of mini-chandeliers enhance the beauty and sophistication of the place.

This place makes a perfect date spot with its gorgeous lighting, owning up to the Springs of Eureka Springs. The restaurant specializes in Duck a L’Orange. The dish gives a much royal-ish feel with the presence of caramelized skin that gets soaked in an exquisite Grand Marnier sauce.

The addition of pineapple jam will give a tangy citrus taste to the taste buds of the foodies. Visit the place and tick on this plate as one of your items, and pretty sure, it is going to make your day.


Nibbles Eatery

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One of the main downtown attractions of the city is Nibbles Eatery. The menu from this restaurant deserves an open appreciation. It has a collection of varied menu that ranges from sandwiches to salads to mouth flickering desserts.

If you are a foodie and want a perfect place where there is a perfect blend of both amazing ambiance and food, is Nibbles Eatery. It will give you a very comfortable dining place with an amazingly relaxing atmosphere.

The portraits of art hanging on the wall and the chairs with their decorative flowery look, will make you whole or give you the feeling of awesomeness within a restaurant.

According to different reviews, the Chef’s Omelet is one of the must-haves of the restaurant. This special dish of the restaurant comes with a very clear combination of flavors, goat cheese, and eggs giving the omelet a beautiful taste altogether.

If you want such more gastronomic dishes, then do visit Nibbles, they have got a great collection of gastronomic dishes.


Local Flavor Café

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Best Restaurants in Eureka Springs, AR Local Flavor Café

One of the oldest built restaurants in Eureka Springs, the Local Flavor Café, was built in 1991. If you want to try out various exquisite new dishes, then this place is the perfect fit for you.

It will give you tastes ranging from Europe to America; from pasta to pancakes. The café is very popular among the residents and the visitors who come at once to visit the place.

The amazing charm and the sophisticated decoration of the Local Flavor Café amaze everyone with its happy introspection of the cool ambiance. Marvel at the huge, tourists can enjoy their meal sitting amidst the beautiful vastness of vibrant paintings under the patio with the cool breeze as their companion.

The restaurant is known to give a treat to the visual with its gorgeous lighting, and you would utter to say that you are having the best meal in Eureka Springs. If you are confused among the several dishes, then it is a suggestion to go for the meatballs and Pomodoro.

The restaurant is famous for its homemade meatballs that go in perfect sync with the soft pasta tossed in mouth-flickering red sauce. With every bite, you ought to remind yourself of Italy.


The Stone House

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Best Restaurant in Eureka Springs, AR The Stone House

The Stone House restaurant in Eureka Springs is one of the most reputed restaurants because of its widespread collection of dishes from across the globe. It has the best rating of all the restaurants in Eureka Springs.

The Stone House offers an aesthetic, sophisticated dining space that is unique and its uniqueness lies in its collection of wine. The restaurant has stony walls, leather couches and floors made of wide, which altogether adds a rustic vibe and a classic ambience.

The restaurant owners have arranged for live music to entertain its customers who would have the pleasure of eating the best food in Eureka Springs. Whether you are out with your family or it’s your date or it’s just your perfect lone time, the foods will be a treat to your stomach when served on a plate hot.

The homemade mustard when added to the smoked magret duck makes it delicious making it enriched in flavor, and giving it a soft texture.


Grotto Wood-Fired Grill and Wine Cave

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Want to have the best of Eureka Springs, visit the Grotto Wood-Fired and Wine Cave, without any question.

They have a tempting collection of dishes that ranges from various types of steaks to soups that are being served amidst a rustic atmosphere that is sure to attract the tourist’s attention.

The place is built with a bit of goofy atmosphere that makes it cool, and unique from the rest. If you visit the Grotto Wood-Fired Grill and Wine Cave, you will be able to understand how keenly and neatly it has been built to look like a cave with an environment that gets built up with so many calm and serene powers.

The huge boulders that make up the interior of the restaurant along with the dim lighting will take you to the stone age. And not forget the smell of the smoke coming up from the wood-fired grill will make you feel nostalgic and will let you have a complete dining experience.

Most of the people in their reviews have mentioned the grilled portobello as their favorite. So, why don’t you try it too and reveal its taste? The mushrooms will bring water to your mouth on being cooked on the wood-fired grill giving the taste of enhanced flavors that you are going to love for sure.

The smell of the goat cheese on the top of this grilled portobello gives it such a taste that will make it hard to get rejected. And with the tempting balsamic glaze, it becomes even sweeter.

What are you waiting for? Go visit the restaurant if you haven’t already.


Thai House Restaurant

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Eureka Springs, AR Best Restaurants Thai House Restaurant

If you are missing that finger-licking Asian taste on your plate, then get it served hot and spicy with the Thai House Restaurant.

If you want to eat Thai foods and are fascinated by its beauty and taste, then no doubt the Thai House Restaurant is the best dining platform for you.

Built-in 2012, it already has made its name for the best Thai served dishes in the region of Eureka Springs. The restaurant has a perfect blend of Asian and Thailand dishes.

The Asian cuisine is just as perfect as you want it to be. The smell, the flavor, and the taste should not go without being appreciated.

The interior décor of the restaurant will give you the perfect vibes of being in Thailand and pays a high dominating homage to its original culture.

The restaurant is known to be the best birthday restaurant in the region of Eureka Springs. If you want a private birthday party then you are most welcome. You can invite in a people of near about fifty people and have your party.

If you have decided to visit the restaurant, then lean on the decision to have the tom yum-the best delicacy of Thailand. The perfect blend of onions, mushrooms, lemongrass, and others will bring Thailand to you.


Ermilio’s Italian Home Cooking

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Eureka Springs, AR Best Restaurant Ermilio’s Italian Home Cooking

Located in downtown Eureka Springs, the restaurant is the most authentic Italian restaurant that completely relies on the dish recipes that have been passed down through generations.

The presence of the ancient images of the country and the perfect sets of tablecloths to decorate the dining table will give you the feel of Italy. Ranging from plates of pasta to pizzas, you will get everything in an Italian fashion.

If you are planning on visiting the restaurant soon enough, then don’t forget to pick up Mom’s homemade meatballs. The perfect blend of the Italian herbs and the spicy tangy taste of the dish will give you the feel of nostalgic Italy.


The Rockin’ Pig Saloon

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Restaurant in Eureka Springs, AR The Rockin’ Pig Saloon

A meat lover? Go nowhere else, the Rockin Pig Salon is the best destination that you can go to. The restaurant offers a varied collection of barbecue dishes and a pub-like environment and that’s what makes the place super cool.

This place has a collection of local ingredients and the ambiance is just so right that will just set your mood. And there goes the saying good food, good mood. The eclectic decoration both interior and exterior will just give a treat to your eyes.

If you are planning to visit there, then do have the country fried filet mignon. Just go and visit the restaurant already.


The Filling Station Restaurant

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Eureka Springs, AR Restaurant The Filling Station Restaurant

If you want to try out the classic American dishes, then there is no other restaurant that can serve food as good as The Filling Station Restaurant. Be it pancakes or sandwiches, the restaurant covers all types of dishes.

The eclectic interior décor will surely leave you in awe. The ceiling and the walls are beautifully decorated with different wall hangings. The restaurant picks up the same vintage scenario that America portrays.

If you ever visit the restaurant, do not forget to pick on the supreme omelet. The taste of ham, bacon, sausages, and others will give you the taste of the most delicious food. The dish becomes a gastronomic treat with the cheddar jack as its toppings.


Mud Street Café

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Top Restaurants in Eureka Springs, AR Mud Street Café

The Mud Street Café is one of the most famous cafes in Eureka Springs built in the year 1888. The restaurant is popular among the customers for the diversification that it serves in its restaurant.

The place is situated downtown and will offer a unique experience that will let your eyes keep gazing at the beautiful décor. The paintings hanging on the stone walls will make you feel like a cave.

The Reuben sandwich is something you should taste to make your visit to the Mud Street Café worthwhile.

It has the combination of homecooked corn beef along with swiss cheese will give you a flavor taste that you will never forget.


Mei Li

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Eureka Springs, AR Top Restaurants Mei Li

The restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Eureka Springs. The restaurant has its uniqueness with the perfect blend of Sushi, Asian and Chinese. Be it your family outing or your date night, this place is a perfect role for you.


Chelsea’s Corner Cafe

$ | (479) 253-6723 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Eureka Springs, AR Chelsea's Corner Cafe

The restaurant is a proper fusion of Arkansas and American dishes. The restaurant has a classic ambiance that showcases the proper American culture.

The restaurant has the arrangement of live music which will just set your mood right. The reviews go up high saying that the pizzas are great.


The Grand Traverne

$$$$ | (479) 253-6756 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Eureka Springs, AR The Grand Traverne

The interior of Grand Traverne has a beautiful dining set-up serving international dishes from plates of pasta to seafood everything available across the world.

If you are going out with your family or with your friends, this place will be a perfect place for social gatherings. It has got live piano music as background entertainment. And the uniqueness of the restaurant lies in its impeccable collection of wine. Just order your favorite drinks- don’t worry it has got every of your favorite wine collection.

The Pan-Seared Crab Crake looks delicious! You should try it out. Yes, that was what the implication of the reviews pointed out.

The tangy spicy taste of the creole red pepper cream makes you feel like heaven on earth once the food goes inside your mouth. It melts like peace. Your gastronomic experience gets fulfilled with the exquisite smoked tomato remoulade.


Wrapping Up

The above mentioned 15 best restaurants in Eureka Springs, AR have been picked and written according to the taste of the people of Eureka Springs that will not only just give you a taste of the exquisite flavors from around the corner of the world but will also give you the perfect taste to not forget.

Restaurants in Eureka Springs, AR

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  1. Half of the restaurants listed are not as expensive as mentioned. Restaurant #4, Local Flavor, is NOT expensive. The paragraph saying it is extra pricy is for #3.

  2. All wonderful, Sparky’s Roadhouse Cafe should definitely be on this list. Been around a long time. For very good reasons-

  3. You totally missed Myrtis Mae’s which is the best place in Eureka for a buffet or menu order with prices that anyone can afford.

  4. Don’t forget Angler’s Restaurant – Eureka Spring’s Catfish House on the way to the lake! They have a wide array of options and outdoor seating that is pet friendly. Angler’s has been an icon of Eureka Springs dining since the 1960’s.

  5. I’m a bartender/server in Eureka Springs and this is 100% inaccurate..Top 5 are..
    1. Grotto
    2. Spring on Main
    3. Emilio’s
    4. Local Flavor
    5. Stone House


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