15 Best Restaurants in Erie, PA [2023 Updated]

Have you heard about the beautiful lakefront city of America? It is Erie in Pennsylvania. It is one of the most magnificent cities in America and is one of the best destinations for all food lovers.

From Italian to Thai food, the city has every restaurant that will serve you various types of food of your choice.

Not only the choice of food but also the area has various restaurants that will satisfy your appetite and your budget.

If you are one of the foodies who want to have a classic taste within a budget, Erie in Pennsylvania is your destination. Let us state the fifteen best restaurants in Erie, PA.

Cloud 9 Wine Bar and Restaurant

$$ | (814) 870-9007 | WEBSITE


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Have you ever been to a cool extravagant place where you get to eat tastily and enjoy beer? If not, then here is your chance to grab the opportunity with Smuggler’s Wharf.

If you want to go out for a date or even catch up with your friends, why not over a beer? On the other hand, if you want something that tastes so heavenly that you won’t be able to get it off of your mouth, then do have mahi mahi.

One of the best items of this restaurant cum bar that you will ever have.


Calamari’s Squid Row

$$ | (814) 459-4276 | WEBSITE

Calamari's Squid Row Best Restaurants in Erie, PA

Are you looking for something with a jaw-breaking aesthetic? Then yes, Calamari’s Squid Row is the one for you. The spinach and the artichoke dip will make you go “wow” with your first bite.

The chocolate caramel dip will make you want more if you finish it. Because we bet, even two people cannot finish it even after sharing. The interior decoration is carved so nicely that it will give you a calm, cozy vibe.


Colao’s Ristorante

$$ | (814) 866-9621 | WEBSITE


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Do you know what the speciality and uniqueness of this restaurant are? This restaurant is built on the basis of Italian food but keeping in mind the concept of the American dream.

The restaurant serves great food and is known to have the best Italian food. The restaurant has a review of friendly waiters who are likely to help you choose the best of the best menus.

Once you enter the restaurant you are likely to get mesmerized by the beauty of its decoration.


Molly Brannigans

$$ | (814) 453-7800 | WEBSITE


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The restaurant worships Irish cuisine to its customers. Are you bored of having similar tastes in your house? Everyday same food? Well, take a break with the Molly Brannigans.

The mouth-watering special menu of this restaurant is likely to make you “yummy” with the first bite you take. Apart from the food, it is up to you to go and take a look at the ambiance, because just one word for it- gorgeous.

Apart from the extremely good-quality food and interior décor, you will also get a good alcoholic concoction. Isn’t it amazing now?


McGarrey’s Oakwood Cafe

$$ | (814) 866-0552 | WEBSITE

McGarrey's Oakwood Cafe Best Restaurants in Erie, PA

Grab the opportunity to dine in this fabulous restaurant with varieties of Irish dishes served and the pleasure of fine quality wine.

The fascinating thing that you get to know about this restaurant is that it has a large area of dining that can accommodate many people at a time.

It is a completely different vibe with an intimate setting, and the pub set-up comes with gorgeous lighting. The reuben is the house’s favorite, and pretty sure it can be your favorite, too, once you taste it.


Oliver’s Rooftop

$$ | (814) 920-9666 | WEBSITE

Oliver’s Rooftop Best Restaurants in Erie, PA

Is your first date coming soon? Nothing is planned? Well, worry no more, call the number given above and book your reservations for your special day.

The rest of the special day will be in the hand of the Oliver’s Rooftop with their special dishes, and the mouth-watering gluten-free dishes are sure to impress your partner for the night.

It is the best romantic spot you will ever across the city and the best spot in waterfront dinning categories. The professional chefs will take care of your taste and will surely not disappoint you.

Also, a bit of suggestion, try out their scallop tostados-something new, something innovative, and you will love it.


Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

$$ | (814) 864-9249 | WEBSITE


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If you want to have a nice family dinner or have a romantic date night, or a small friends’ reunion, then this spot is perfect where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. The restaurant has a menu that can impress you at first sight.

If you take my suggestion, go for the steak and shrimp. It will surely make you crave it again when you visit the café. Count on this restaurant to have a good time with an impressive backdrop decoration and a good quality variety of food.


Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

$$ | (814) 864-1599 | WEBSITE


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Trust me; you will get blown away once you enter this amazing place and check out the menu. This steakhouse is one of the most famous places in America because of the extremely good-quality food.

And the specialty lies in providing crafted cocktails and hand-cut aged steaks. The interior is decorated with the theme of a lodge that is very welcoming and inviting.

The dishes have bold flavor, and the professional staff is engaged in faster services to the customers.

Just place an order for the roasted garlic sirloin for a delectable steak dish, and just wait for the magic to come into your mouth. Then, be ready to scream with the satisfaction of tasty food.


Like My Thai

$$ | (814) 455-1026 | WEBSITE

Like My Thai Best Restaurants in Erie, PA

If you would like me to describe this restaurant, then I would prefer to give just a one-word description of this restaurant- amazing.

The restaurant defines a casual setting with some portions in it—order the bacon grape flatbread to spice up your beer game.

The signature killer Thai wings of the Like My Thai will melt inside your mouth like peace and the smoked tangy taste. The blended cheese, grape halves, beer-braised onions, and balsamic glaze will give you the taste of the best food in the region.


The Cork 1794

$$$$ | (814) 651-0332 | WEBSITE


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Have you heard the phrase classy without being fussy? Well, that is what this restaurant is. Established in the year 2014, it has already gained the tag of one of the best restaurants in the region.

So give yourself a break from the regular boring dishes, and have some classic dishes. Take your friends out with you or someone special in this classic-built restaurant, and they are going to love it.

The interior has a unique aesthetic, and the occasional live music performances add a charm to it. Try out their best-selling crab benedict.


Jekyll & Hydes Gastropub

$$ | (814) 456-0072 | WEBSITE

Jekyll & Hydes Gastropub Best Restaurants in Erie, PA

Want to watch the super bowl? Make it special by order something special for your special Sunday with just a call in the number given above.

The restaurant’s specialty lies in the making of its amazing quick fries, barbeque, and several American tasty dishes. If you are a barbeque lover, consider this place- as if it is built just for you.

You can enjoy a good deal of smoked spiced up juicy barbeques here. Try the Jekyll and Hydes Gastropub today to get an amazing taste of the American dishes.


Sloppy Duck Saloon

$$ | (814) 452-6699 | WEBSITE

Sloppy Duck Saloon Best Restaurants in Erie, PA

Where can you get the classy dishes on the American platter? The one and the only answer is sloppy Duck Saloon. It gives you the taste of the amazing American dishes with high-quality food production at the original American rate.

The interior is a classy decoration that will make you feel comfortable on the cozy couches. This superb diner gives you the backdrop of live entertainment and laid-back space, and you get to have jumbo-sized sandwiches.

They do not forget the Saturday and Sunday nights where you can experience karaoke nights.

If you would go for their special jumbo-sized sandwich, then it is a suggestion that you go with the chicken parmesan sandwich that will not only give you the taste of the marinara sauce but will give you the spiced-up flavor of the pan-fried chicken breast.


The Brewerie

$$ | (814) 454-2200 | WEBSITE


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The Brewerie is built in downtown Erie, Pennsylvania. Are you being restricted from fancy foods? Are you allowed to have only dietary food? Then don’t worry at all. the Brewerie has got you.

They take care of their customers like their own family members and give them even the opportunity to have dietary dishes. This place not only does so but offers you high-quality food with top-notch ingredients at a very comfy price.

And the interior decoration, damn, is so beautiful. An inviting vibe and their wide beer selection will win over your heart in a few minutes.


El Canelo

$$ | (814) 835-2290 | WEBSITE

El Canelo Best Restaurants in Erie, PA

The restaurant has a beautifully decorated interior with a rustic vibe. If you are out for dinner or any family gathering or friends’ reunion, this place will be your perfect choice.

The restaurant’s authenticity and sophistication amaze whoever steps into the restaurant.

If you want an affordable restaurant for arranging an outing with your parents or friends, then the Restaurant Meridional is one of the best places you will ever come across.


La Bella

$$ | (814) 456-2244 | WEBSITE

La Bella Best Restaurants in Erie, PA

The town’s one of the best restaurants that serve food at a broader scale, ranging from Italian to American. The visit to the La Bella, according to most of the reviews by the customer, has been pleasant and praiseworthy.

If a review has to be given, then it must be told about the wonderful ambiance of the restaurant. Ragu Bolognese is something you would love, I bet.

The taste is something that is not going to leave your mouth like forever. However, the gastronomic taste that this restaurant will give you is worth investing in.



If you are a foodie who likes to explore every restaurant, this is your call. Visit them and enjoy your day!

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