18 Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL [2023 Updated]

It’s undeniably true that Chicago is home to great restaurants. When people think of dining, they immediately rush to the center. But don’t skip the suburbs! There are lots of excellent options they have to offer. As a matter of fact, we have curated an extensive list of the best restaurants in Elmhurst, IL!

100 South Chop House and Grill

$$ | (630) 782-9091 | WEBSITE

100 South Chop House and Grill Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

Picture 100 South Chop House and Grill as a supper club in the 1950s. This restaurant is a hip steakhouse offering USDA center-cut steaks aged for about 21-28 days to enhance the various flavors. Every order at 100 South Chop House and Grill is best paired with a martini.

This upscale restaurant gives off a relaxed, soothing ambiance best for gatherings with friends and family. Besides steaks, fresh seafood, chicken, and delicious pasta are available in this restaurant. Head to the heart of downtown Elmhurst to experience an upscale and unique dining experience.


Francesca’s Amici

$$ | (630) 279-7970 | WEBSITE

Francesca’s Amici Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

Located in Elmhurst’s vibrant downtown, Francesca’s Amici is ready to serve Rome’s earthy cuisine, featuring delicacies from Tuscany, Lazio, and Umbria. This restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday and accepts curbside pick-ups, dine-in, and take-out orders.

Francesca’s Amici’s Italian dishes won’t disappoint. Prepare to indulge in antipastis, like Amici’s bruschette alla romana, calamari fritti, and carpaccio con carciofi. You can also try insalata and pizzas like Amici’s pizza alla diavola and pizza con cipolle e funghi. This restaurant also has gluten-free options for different types of pasta and more.


Roberto’s Ristorante & Pizzeria

$$$ | (630) 279-8486 | WEBSITE

Roberto’s Ristorante & Pizzeria Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

If you’re looking for a fine dining restaurant around Elmhurst, head out to Spring Road and enter Roberto’s Ristorante & Pizzeria.

This award-winning Italian restaurant offers classic cuisine of the country’s finest dishes, like fresh fish, veal, steaks, and chicken. And most importantly, various plates of mouthwatering pasta are available in this food place, too.

As you enter Roberto’s Ristorante and Pizzeria, you will be welcomed with a cozy Tuscan atmosphere through its warm decor and hospitable staff. You can reserve a table at this restaurant via phone or online booking. All reservations for Roberto’s private room are made over the phone.


Stray Hen Cafe

$$ | (630) 359-5282 | WEBSITE

Stray Hen Cafe Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

Are you having a hard time finding the best breakfast spot around town? Well, the search is over! Here’s Stray Hen Cafe, which might be your new favorite breakfast place. This cafe along S York Street has vegan and gluten-free options, perfect for those who are watching their food intake.

With lots of selections available, you’ll surely want to come back again and again. Truly, Stray Hen Cafe can be everyone’s perfect choice for a breakfast spot!

You can try this restaurant’s breakfast bowls, like the cauliflower rice bowl, Southwest breakfast bowl, and grainy day breakfast bowl. Stray Hen Cafe’s signature dishes include the Smoked Salmon Board and Veggie Hash.


Mangia Napoli

$$ | (630) 834-4374 | WEBSITE

Mangia Napoli Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

Do you want to taste fancy Italian food? Try dining at Mangia Napoli, one of the best restaurants in Elmhurst, IL. This restaurant is the people’s choice for unsurpassed flavors of Italian cuisine. Mangia Napoli uses the freshest ingredients and offers dishes at reasonable prices.

What we love about Mangia Napoli is its fantastic customer service. Everyone can enter the restaurant and feel like family. Mangia Napoli has every Italian dish you crave. From lunch and dinner, to party food and wine, Mangia Napoli has your back. This restaurant also offers catering packages.


Mack’s Golden Pheasant Restaurant

$$ | (630) 279-8544 | WEBSITE

Mack’s Golden Pheasant Restaurant Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

Mack’s Golden Pheasant Restaurant is a long-standing restaurant along W North Avenue. Since 1948, this restaurant has been serving American and Czech-Austrian dishes in the city.

Among Mack’s Golden Pheasant Restaurant’s top-selling dishes are the roast duckling, hand-cut steaks, and the famous hand-pattied burgers.

You can also try its starters, like the giant Bavarian pretzel and Cajun-style buffalo wings. You probably won’t get enough of Mack’s Roast Prime Rib of Beef, one of the restaurant’s house specialties.


Victory Meat and Seafood

$$$$ | (630) 359-5599 | WEBSITE

Victory Meat and Seafood Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

Victory Meat and Seafood is a chef-inspired neighborhood restaurant offering a fine selection of meats, seafood, and Italian delicacies. This restaurant in the heart of downtown Elmhurst gives a lively and vibrant ambiance to all diners.

In front of the space are an oyster bar and cocktail lounge with an excellent array of wine, cocktails, and craft beers. Victory Meat and Seafood is the perfect place for casual dining with your date, friends, or family.


Lahi Filipino Restaurant

$$ | (929) 296-0277 | WEBSITE

Lahi Filipino Restaurant Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

If you’re looking for authentic Filipino food that does not disappoint, try Lahi Filipino Restaurant. This restaurant serves original home-cooked dishes from the Philippines.

From breakfast dishes and sizzling plates to meat skewers and soups, all of Lahi’s menu items are at an affordable price. You’ll find comfort in every Filipino at this Filipino restaurant.

Noodle fans can enjoy the pansit bihon, which has sauteed rice noodles with shrimp, pork, and veggies. Other Filipino classics you can try are Lahi’s kare-kare, adobo chicken, Bicol express, and Special BBQ Pork Ribs.


JoJu Modern Vietnamese Sandwiches

$ | (347) 808-0887 | WEBSITE

JoJu Modern Vietnamese Sandwiches Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

Are you craving Vietnamese food? Here’s JoJu Modern Vietnamese Sandwiches, one of the best restaurants in Elmhurst, IL. This restaurant showcases authentic Vietnamese snacks with a modern and fresh twist.

Among Joju’s best-selling dishes are its appetizers. Try the crunchy monster spring rolls and soy-garlic glazed chicken wings.

Joju also serves its specialty banh mi-inspired fries, as well as kimchi fries with mild spicy mayo. Don’t forget to order Joju Modern Vietnamese Sandwiches’ beef bulgogi, and caramel pork to complete your meal.


Lamoon Northern Thai Cuisine

$ | (917) 745-1168 | WEBSITE

Lamoon Northern Thai Cuisine

Thailand is known for its fantastic cuisine. If you want to try out what Thailand has to offer, you should visit Lamoon Northern Thai Cuisine. Lamoon is a Thai restaurant in Elmhurst, offering the original taste and flavors of Chiangmai, Lampang.

Lamoon specializes in bringing the freshest ingredients from Lanna cuisine right to your table. You’ll surely be in awe of the cuisine’s concepts, traditions, culture, and natural characteristics at Lamoon.


Nu Crepes

$ | (630) 577-7558 | WEBSITE

Nu Crepes Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

Do you have a sweet tooth? Crepes might be one of your favorite foods. NU Crepes serves American-inspired crepes in the mesmerizing Schiller Ct Walkway. What we love about NY Crepes is that it doesn’t only serve sweet desserts. People who love savory meals are welcome to enjoy NU Crepes’ lunch and dinner menu, too.

If you visit this restaurant, you should try NU Crepes’ Peanut Butter Kisses, Kickin’ Chicken, Campfire, and Cali. You’ll surely be craving more as you taste every bite!


Zenwich Asian Fusion Restaurant

$ | (630) 359 5234 | WEBSITE

Zenwich Asian Fusion Restaurant Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

Zenwich Asian Fusion Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Elmhurst. This unique restaurant along N York Street works in a cashless and cashierless operation. You can either order online at Zenwich’s website or the restaurant’s kiosk. Ordering online is preferred.

This straightforward and casual restaurant serves an excellent selection of dishes from different cultures, countries, and styles. The restaurant opts to create and deliver quality dishes beyond the traditional.


151 Kitchen Bar

$$ | (331) 979-7198 | WEBSITE

151 Kitchen Bar Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

In the heart of downtown Elmhurst is a Midwestern restaurant named 151 Kitchen Bar. This locally-owned restaurant has a menu founded on seasonality, paired with a beverage program that complements the menu perfectly. This place is perfect for people who want a fun, rustic, and unique place to dine in.

151 Kitchen Bar offers seasonally inspired cocktails, craft beer, and curated wine selections. Because this restaurant is versatile, guests can order an entree at 151’s bar, eat out with friends and family, or have a small plate al fresco. 151 Kitchen Bar is also open for special events and corporate meetings.


Cilantro Taco Grill

$ | (630) 359-4864 | WEBSITE

Cilantro Taco Grill Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

Cilantro and taco lovers will enjoy dining at Cilantro Taco Grill. This family-run restaurant serves casual Mexican cuisine, promoting the country’s rich historical tradition and dishes. As the name implies, this restaurant is heavily inspired by Cilantro, a herb with many benefits.

Cilantro Taco Grill believes that Cilantro is perfect for all tacos, burritos, tortas, and other food. Diners love this restaurant’s taco salad, quesadilla, and chicken tamales. To complete your meal, you can order fresh churros at Cilantro Taco Grill.


Angelo’s Ristorante

$$ | (630) 833-2400 | WEBSITE

Angelo’s Ristorante Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

Angelo’s Ristorante has been up since 1976, serving the rest of Elmhurst with top-notch Italian dining. This restaurant offers sophisticated menu selections served by the warm and hospitable staff.

This restaurant features appetizers like the Bruschetta Siciliana, Grilled Eggplant, and Artichoke Hearts. For soups and salads, you can try Angelo’s Caprese Insalata and House Salad.

If you are craving pizza, Grilled Vegetable Experience pizza and Sicilian Margherita are a must-try in this food place. Classic Italian pizzas are available too, served with soup or salad.


GIA MIA Elmhurst

$$$$ | (630) 402-6195 | WEBSITE

GIA MIA Elmhurst Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

GIA MIA serves a well-planned menu by Chef Brian Goewey. Chef Brian is not only passionate about cooking, but he believes in two key ingredients for a successful restaurant. These two key ingredients are entrepreneurial foresight and drive. With these two keys, Chef Brian is behind the opening of over 50 various food places!

This restaurant features Neapolitan style-wood-fired pizzas, hand-made mozzarella, and fresh pasta. As you can see, GIA MIA embraces a farm-to-fork food ideology. Other than good food, this restaurant also showcases an exclusive wine list and craft beers in its mixology bar.


Guac N Tacos

$ | (331) 225-2498 | WEBSITE

Guac N Tacos Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

Another taco place is Guac N Tacos. Guac N Tacos is a Mexican restaurant based on high standards. This restaurant features an innovative menu by Yerika, the founder of Guac N Tacos. Her ideas and visions are what motivated her to create a food place that would bring a pleasant surprise to all diners.

Guac N Tacos is open to private events like weddings, corporate lunches, receptions, and more. If you’re throwing a Mexican-themed event, Guac N Tacos might be your best pick for party food.


Hamburger Heaven Elmhurst

$ | (630) 832-3535 | WEBSITE

Hamburger Heaven Elmhurst Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

Calling all burger lovers! This restaurant is for you. Hamburger Heaven is a long-standing restaurant, running since May 1948. This reputable restaurant has been serving Elmhurst for over decades since its opening.

Guests love visiting Hamburger Heaven because of the unique and special memories spent in the restaurant. Its original Double-Decker Hamburger is nostalgic! You can order at Hamburger Heaven online, and pick it up from the restaurant itself. Delivery options are available, too.



The suburbs indeed have many restaurants of different cuisines, cultures, aesthetics, and concepts. We hope that our list of the best restaurants in Elmhurst has helped you choose where to dine next. If it’s your first time visiting the city, you’ll surely be in awe of what Elmhurst has to offer!

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