18 Best Restaurants in Darlington, SC

As a civilized area in Southern Carolina, Darlington is well-known for people who are picky with food due to their high standards. However, the restaurants beat these standards.

They prepare mouth-watering dishes that will not excite your taste bud but also remind you of home if you’re far from home. Filled with dishes that will blow your mind, below are the best restaurants to visit during your stay in Darlington, SC.

Fahrenheit 225

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Fahrenheit 225 in Darlington, SC

Fahrenheit 225 is located at the public square, the heart of Darlington. Their main dishes include barbeque, pork, and brisket. If you want someplace to get delectable barbeque, you should stop at Fahrenheit. Calcutta’s owner has been in BBQ tournaments for over seven years, and their foods replicate their excellence.

Try their pulled pork sandwich, and you’ll know why they are good in their game. Their service is excellent. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, which is wheelchair accessible. They also have a bar for drinks – wine and beer. You can order as much as you can eat for a low price.


Mayflower Seafood Restaurant

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Mayflower Seafood Restaurant in Darlington, SC


Mayflower is a family-owned restaurant that whips out fresh and is one of the tastiest seafood dishes in Darlington. With a lot on their menu to explore, Mayflower sells various dishes from pasta, salad, sandwiches, and freshly-caught seafood.

The shrimp, oyster stew, and salmon are all cooked differently to bring multiple flavors to your taste. They also have appetizers that will prepare your stomach for the goodness of their food. The environment is neat and beautiful. Large portions are served for a low price. There is also a lot of parking space available.



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Bojangles is a Southern-inspired restaurant located on the outskirts of Darlington, a few minutes from the beach. It’s the best place for a fun time at the beach, with their juicy and tender chicken rated the best in Darlington. Their buttermilk biscuit, their signature snack, is like no other.

The cooking,  seasoning, and frying are perfect and always made from scratch. Their biscuit sandwiches are also incredible. The restaurant was established in 1977, and its friendly and fast service is the best in town. They open very early and close late.


Sara’s Porch

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Best Restaurants in Darlington, SC Sara's Porch

A local roadside diner registered to bring traditional southern meals, Sarah’s porch is a family-owned restaurant whose food will give you a taste of home. A step into the restaurant, and you’d be amazed by the homely feeling and affability.

It is spotless, and their customer service is excellent, as the waiters are attentive to your needs. The meals are homemade Southern dishes, and their mashed potatoes and fried chicken are unparalleled. However, their menu has no plate entrees but primarily appetizers.

Their menu is also never the same, so anytime you visit the restaurant, you can be sure you are in for a tasty surprise.


Nick’s BBQ

$ | (843) 393-6684 | WEBSITE



Best Restaurant in Darlington, SC Nick's BBQ

Nick is a unique BBQ spot in Darlington. Though not big and fancy, its food is outstanding. You cannot visit  Nick and not desire to go back. Their food is delicious, affordable, and served in generous portions, with different prices for their entrees.

You can try the grilled chili cheese with fries for a quick, cheap meal. You can also try the Philly cheese steak as they serve the best ones in town. They also have seafood, chicken, and salads. The restaurant is one of the best in Darlington, with a conducive atmosphere for families and kids.


Holt Brothers BBQ

$$ | (843) 944-0158 | WEBSITE

Darlington, SC Best Restaurants Holt Brothers BBQ

Voted best of Pee See 2021, the Holt brothers have a legacy of cooking BBQ since 1979. They’ve won about three awards and have been first runner up in about 34 categories. This shows their prowess in serving the best BBQ.

Their food is always fresh, delicious, and affordable, with chicken, pork, and sandwiches as their main dishes. You can order takeout or request a takeaway. The restaurant is also wheelchair accessible and opens only on Tuesdays to Saturdays.

It’s a family-owned and operated restaurant, promoting good communication between the customers and chefs. With how tasty their meals are, it is safe to say that the restaurant is worth the hype.


South of Pearl

$$ | (843) 944-0398 | WEBSITE

Darlington, SC Best Restaurant South of Pearl

Started by J. Todd Hardee, South of Pearly is a neighborhood restaurant that serves meals from 11:30 pm to 2 pm from Monday to Friday. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or a restaurant by the building and this applies to South of Pearl.

Even though it’s in an old building in central Darlington, South of Pearl’s buffet is a blessing. The food is tasty and well-prepared. Their favorites include smoked brisket and fried chicken. The size of your plate determines the price of the food.

It’s a quiet and organized place where you can talk with friends and family. You can serve yourself as much as your stomach can contain for a low price.



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Hardee’s makes hand-made biscuits, hand-breaded chicken tenders, and burgers, one of Darlington’s best. Their biscuits – the primal biscuits, primal burrito, and primal Angus thick burger are a must-try that you can’t get anywhere else.

The view is breathtaking, and they have a parking lot. They have been in existence for over 40 years, with 1800 franchises in the US. Due to their fast service, all these can be ordered and served in less than 15 minutes. Make a quick stop at Hardee’s for a sumptuous breakfast or lunch.


Palmetto Subs

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Restaurants in Darlington, SC Palmetto Subs

For delicious sandwiches and salad, Palmetto Subs is where you should go. The waiters are friendly and accommodating. Their food is prepared in no time. Try out one of their favorites – the submarine sandwich, which is delicious, and satisfying.

The price is low compared to the quality of the food. A bite of the meat and cheese-filled sandwich is surreal, as it melts in your mouth. You could watch the cooks make your sandwich with fresh bread and other quality ingredients.



$ | (843) 393-9733 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Darlington, SC McDonald's

McDonald’s is one of the best restaurants in Darlington and worldwide. Around the world, McDonald’s has made a name for itself with the beautiful tasting burgers and memorable meals. The franchise in Darlington keeps up with this standard.

Their seating is wheelchair accessible, with a drive-through coffee order. You can also order online through the McDonald’s app or have your food delivered through Uber eats and door dash. You can access free wifi and a lot more in the restaurant. If you want a taste of the best burger or fries you’ve ever had, Mcdonald’s is the place.



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Subway has one of the largest brand chains in the US because it gives exactly what you want. Even if you’re picky, you get precisely what you want. The food is made right in front of you.

The salad and sandwiches replace fast food junk with healthy proteins for the body and vegetables, which can be left out if you want. They have the All-American club, a dish of bacon and ham topped with American cheese. You can also order online through their mobile app or webpage; this gives you a chance to win their gift cards.


Pizza Hut

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If you are searching for the best pizzas, Pizza Hut is just the best place for you. They deal with pizza, wings, pasta, drinks, etc. You can order pizza on the pizza hut app. The restaurant is for pizza lovers only.

All their types of pizza are yummy, pepperoni, cheese, meat, and even veggie pizza for vegetarians. Try once, and you’ll always see the need to order again. The seating is spectacular, and you can always enjoy your choice of pizza in a comfortable atmosphere. Their pizza and wings are always served fresh and hot.


Waffle House

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Starting in 1955 in Norcross, GA, Waffle House has served customers great food. They also found their way to Darlington, where they have managed to win the hearts of locals. Their spectacular dishes include waffles, steak, ham, pork chops, cheese, and eggs.

They sell the best homemade waffles in Darlington. Their staff is friendly and accommodating, attending to all your needs. Their food is affordable, and the atmosphere is pleasant.

They also make cold brew coffee, hot chocolate, and delicious apple tea to complement your dish. Their most-loved dish is pecan pie and raisin toast. You will ask for more of whatever you decide to order at Waffle House. They also offer catering services.


Sonic Drive-in

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The Sonic Drive-in is a unique restaurant in Darlington. You can order delicious burgers and milkshakes without leaving your car or check out their friendly outdoor seating environment. The food gets ready in less than 30 minutes, right before you.

The burgers are big and juicy with a lot of cheese and meat. You get your food fresh and hot. You can go for other drinks on their menu if you don’t want the milkshake. You can also order through their app and get a promo to pay half the price on your glasses.


Burger king

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Burger King is the king in serving burgers in Darlington. Their burgers are huge, delicious, and cheap. Though not exceptional, the food is moderate for the price. It is situated near the highway, and no restaurants around offer fast food like Burger King.

The restaurant is clean and well-maintained. They also have a drive-through. You can order online as well as order for delivery. It is easily accessible to everyone.


SC House of Wings

$ | (843) 944-0605 | WEBSITE


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If you are a meat lover, the SC House of wings is the heaven you want to be in.  The restaurant, also known as Flavor Town, sells chicken, turkey wings, and specialty rice dishes which are always available. The wings are smoked and deep-fried in over 20 different flavors.

Try out their chicken or turkey wings, each bite with mouth-watering flavors. If you aren’t up for meat, you could also try their fried corn or specialty rice. They have outdoor seating and a parking lot.

They also have vegan options on their menu. They are available for catering for birthdays or other events. All you need to do is make a reservation through their website.


Champs Chicken

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If you love chicken a lot, Champs Chicken is the place for you whether you want grilled, smoked, or fried chicken. They serve freshly fried chicken, and their chicken sandwich is the best in the area. Their entrees are mouth-watering.

You can order on their app or any delivery app of your choice: their chicken tender, chicken dippers, shrimp, and dipping sauces, to mention a few of their outstanding meals. They also offer catering services, so you can hit them up if you want some nice and tasty chicken for that party.



$$ | (843) 393-2584 | WEBSITE


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Kentucky Fried Chicken is a restaurant chain that sells one of the best chickens worldwide. They claim that their chicken is not made the easy way or the fast way. They can deliver anywhere, and if you dine in, you have access to free wifi.

The environment is beautiful, with a parking lot and only indoor seating. Their food is served fast and hot. Start by ordering a bucket of chicken wings and a bottle of Pepsi. The cost is reasonable, and their service is excellent. They have a drive-thru and also are available for delivery.



When a meal is delicious, you will almost eat your fingers with it. These restaurants in Darlington offer delicious meals you cannot get in most restaurants worldwide.

Sandwiches, pizza, burgers, BBQ, etc.,  unique restaurants are wherever you turn in Darlington, SC. These restaurants are a great place to start whenever you find yourself in Darlington as a tourist or a new member of society.


Restaurants in Darlington, SC

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