15 Best Restuarants in Birmingham, MI 2023

Trying to choose the best place to eat can be quite a challenge. You want to make sure that the food matches the atmosphere, while drinks pour endlessly.

It can take a while to figure out where you should go when you’re in Birmingham, MI if you’re not from around there.

However, there’s nothing as helpful as a well-curated guide to tell you more about which places to go to and what you should expect to spend. Read on to find out more about the 15 best restaurants in Birmingham, MI.

Luxe Bar & Grill

$$ | (248) 792-6051 | WEBSITE


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Located on the north end of downtown Birmingham is this quaint spot. It’s an intimate eatery that gives you all the privacy that you need.

With amazing service and even better food, you won’t want to miss dining here. The menu is full of firm favorites and unique items.

The drinks are also the most delicious ones that you wish to try. Not only is the location ideal, but the ambience of this place will surely get you to enjoy your date night even more.


The Morrie

$$ | (248) 940-3260 | WEBSITE


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If you’re in the mood for some good ol’ American food, then this is where you should go. What you’ll love the most about this restaurant is that it offers you a bit of everything.

Let’s say that you want to wind down with sundowners after a long day at the office. You can hang around by the bar and let your hair down.

The food hits the right spots, and you’ll love the generous servings. Moreover, the whole experience is just enjoyable.


Forest Grill

$$$ | (248) 258-9400 | WEBSITE


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The Forest Grill is where you should go when you’re looking for a flair of sophistication. This is the ideal spot for your romantic date nights.

The most noticeable thing about this restaurant is that it’s an infusion of European and American culinary experiences. This guarantees a wonderful adventure for your taste buds, and even more so for your aesthetic interests.

Other than the food and the decor, you’ll surely enjoy their selection of wines from different parts of the world. With outstanding service, you should definitely make your visit a night to remember.


Tallulah Wine Bar and Bistro

$$ | (248) 731-7066 | WEBSITE


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Located in downtown Birmingham, this place provides you with a versatile eating experience. The dishes are simple and seasonal. If you want to know what farm-to-table food tastes like, you should try out this place.

This is an innovative take on sustainable living. The combination of food selections and wines will make you want to come back for more.

If you aren’t too clued up about organic food and wine pairings, there are master sommeliers to make your dining experience one for the books.


Adachi Sushi & Japanese Cuisine

$$ | (248) 540-5900 | WEBSITE


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Sometimes you want to take your tastebuds on an adventure. If you’re looking for amazing sushi and to experience Japanese cuisine without flying out of the country, this is the most ideal place that you can visit.

Located in one of the most iconic buildings in Birmingham, this restaurant oozes a lot of historical dining, likely more than any other in the area.

With the flavorful and fresh sushi, you’ll get to enjoy this Japanese cuisine better than ever before.

There are other delicious and non-sushi items that you can try on their menu. With a special mention to the variety of drinks to accompany your meal.


Toast Birmingham

$$ | (248) 258-6278 | WEBSITE


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There are days when you want to wake up and have the most delicious breakfast. If you’re looking for a place that offers you a creative take on gourmet breakfast, brunch, and lunch, look no further.

Opened in 2008, Toast has been a go-to for many people who know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What’s even great is that they have a wide range of breakfast and lunch specials.

If you just prefer to have drinks and a light snack, their boutique wine list along with a variety of classic cocktails should pique your interest.


Bella Piatti

$$$ | (248) 494-7110 | WEBSITE


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For a whimsical experience, this is where you should go. The decor that blends antique accents, and baroque murals create a very warm environment that will transport you to the Italian Renaissance era.

The food is what will keep you wanting to come back for more. You have a wide selection of traditional Italian pasta and bread. Plus, the wine pairings make it a delightful dining experience. Be sure to check out this spot.


Market North End

$$ | (248) 712-4953 | WEBSITE


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A bit of Mediterranean tastes is always welcome. When you visit Market North End, there will be a bit of everything for you to try out. You can try out fresh salads, different takes on your pizzas, and so much more.

If you don’t feel like dining out, you can always choose their takeout options to have a taste of Mediterranean cuisine in the comfort of your home. On average, this spot is open for about 12 hours.


220 Merrill

$$ | (248) 646-2220 | WEBSITE


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This place isn’t just a landmark in Birmingham, but it’s also a great upscale lounge that you can visit. The rich history of where this restaurant is located isn’t the only thing that’s interesting.

You’ll have a wide range of American cuisine to choose from. And, you’ll also enjoy non-American dishes such as sushi.

If you want to host a group of friends and family, this spot is known for specializing in group settings. You’ll also enjoy the live music and special drinks bar whether on a date or with a bunch of friends.


Social Kitchen & Bar

$$ | (248) 594-4200 | WEBSITE


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The Social Kitchen is one of those places that’s ideal for meeting up with friends after a long week. It offers a carefree environment to enjoy food and drinks the way that you wish to.

The dishes are nothing short of amazing. Chef Zack has used his extensive culinary knowledge to create a menu that caters to your imagination and taste.

The bar also adds to the perfect social ambiance to mingle with old friends and make new ones.


Phoenicia Restaurant

$$$ | (248) 644-3122 | WEBSITE

Phoenicia Restaurant

This is one of the most popular Lebanese restaurants that you’ll find in this area. You’re in luck if you love traditional or contemporary Lebanese dishes.

Phoenicia offers exceptional quality cuisine that will keep you wanting more. The meat and produce is fresh which makes this spot a wonder for your taste buds and eyes.

There’s a great wine list that you can pair with your favorite menu item. Moreover, they have an option to order online as well as gift cards.


Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse

$$$$ |  | WEBSITE


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When you’re in the mood for steak done to perfection, there are a few places that you can go to. This place is what steakhouses are meant to be.

It provides a luxe dining experience and knows how to set the tone. You’ll enjoy the experience along with the old-fashioned decor to set the mood.

Steak isn’t the only thing that this restaurant knows how to get right. You’ll be taken to cloud nine when you see their dessert menu.


Griffin Claw Brewing Company

$$ | (248) 712-4050 | WEBSITE

Griffin Claw Brewing Company

Founded by a brewer, this restaurant offers great beer and equally amazing food. It’s an all-American eatery and bar that has scrumptious burgers and even better gourmet sandwiches.

There won’t be anything that you try out on the menu that you won’t enjoy. The wide range of beer, food, and snacks will motivate you to come back for more.


Townhouse Birmingham

$$ | (248) 792-5241 | WEBSITE


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Have you ever wanted to visit an eating spot that caters to your exact preferences? At Townhouse, you can customize the menu according to what you want.

If you’re in the mood for a salad that isn’t on the menu, you can build your own. If you want to have a burger that will change your life, this is the place that you should head to. It’s a chilled atmosphere with incredible food and a variety of beverages that you should fall in love with.

Make the most of your free time by trying out some amazing and fresh American Detroit flavors.


Madam Birmingham

$$ | (248) 283-4200 | WEBSITE


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What you should like about this spot is that it’s situated in a hotel. This means that everything is convenient for you. You can park your car and go have the most delicious dinner meal without worrying about safety.

Everyone is welcome, and the atmosphere is a perfect balance of everything that you want when you go out to dinner and more. You can enjoy a wide selection of dishes.


Restuarants in Birmingham, MI

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