14 Best Italian Restaurants in Birmingham, AL

The search for the best Italian restaurants in any city can be a challenge, as in Birmingham, AL, in any other metropolis. Italian is Italian, but is it the Italian you crave? From this list, find the best Italian restaurants in Birmingham.

Amore Ristorante Italiano

$$$$ | (205) 437-1005 | WEBSITE


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When there are no prices on the menu, you are somewhere special! Some say this is the best Italian Restaurant in Birmingham.

A perusal of their menu arguably puts it at the top of their list. Amore’s has served Italian cuisine in Birmingham since 2005 and is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Their Antipasti offerings include crab cakes, and amore meatballs are a great way to start your meal at Amore.

Then, after you are sated on fine dining, enjoy the specialità di dolce (Italian desserts) that include Italian cream cake and Amaretto Cheesecake.

The courses in between are delightful, too. So, for a special occasion, a night out that will impress, or because you want excellent Italian, Amore Ristorante Italiano delivers.


Café Bottega

$$$ | (205) 939-1000 | WEBSITE


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A marvelous menu and high ratings make Café Bottega another of Birmingham’s best Italian Restaurants.

Born from the creations of Executive Chef Frank Stitt, the menu at Bottega combines the bold flavors of Italian cuisine with the foods of the south, forming them into something special.

For a meal of excellent Italian cuisine, the menu offerings of Bottega will not disappoint. From the baked feta with spicy marinara on focaccia to the tiramisu, the flavors of Italy come through in every morsel.

Of course, to pair with the flavors of their fantastic food is an extensive wine list!


Bellini’s Ristorante & Bar

$$$ | (205) 981-5380 | WEBSITE


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Bellini’s offers Tuscan Italian cuisine and steak! Could a menu be much better? It would not be easy because Bellinis is the only Italian/Steakhouse in Birmingham.

The food here is shamelessly bold and elegant, and you can dine on Tuscan, Italian, steak, or one of the many other offerings of Bellinis’ Ristorante.

The drink menu at Bellini’s is more extensive than their dinner menu and includes many vintages of wine, by the glass or bottle, as well as crafted cocktails and beer. Dining at Bellini’s offers a memorable experience every time you visit!


Bocca Ristorante

$$$ | (205) 201-5980 | WEBSITE


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A simple menu of classic Italian cuisine and exemplary service will greet you at Bocca Ristorante.

Offerings such as spicy veal meatballs, eggplant lasagna, pan-seared wild striped bass, and linguini carbonara await you in our spacious dining room.

If dining is not your desire, order your favorite Italian dish from Bocca Ristorante. You can then enjoy the flavor of Italy in the comfort of your own home, which our talented staff has carefully prepared for your enjoyment.


Bongiorno Italian Restaurant

$$ | (205) 879-5947 | WEBSITE


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Serving Birmingham since 1988, the staff of Bongiorno Italian restaurant offers classic Italian in a traditional setting. Bongiorno is a family affair, and they have fed thousands of Birmingham residents and visitors over the years.

Some of the best Italian food you will find in Birmingham at Bongiorno. Their menu includes pizza, sandwiches, and classic Italian, such as eggplant parmigiana, lasagna, and veal Marsala.

You can dine in, order out, or cater to a party when your Italian food is from Bongiorno!


Carrabba’s Italian Grill

$$ | (205) 980-1016 | WEBSITE


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It may be a chain, but Carrabba’s dishes make up some of the finest Italian in the nation, consistently. That is the draw of branded restaurants, are their consistency, and the generous specials they offer.

Carrabba’s is at the top of the list of branded Italian food, and if you have not tried it and are in Birmingham, it is worth a stop.

Their open kitchen concept offers diners a full view of their chefs in action, adding a festive atmosphere to their dining experience.


Costa’s Mediterranean Cafe

$$ | (205) 655-9799 | WEBSITE

Costa's Mediterranean Cafe

The farthest north of all the listed Italian restaurants in Birmingham is Costa’s Mediterranean Café in Trussville.

Owned and operated by the family of the same name, Costa’s has been serving the Birmingham area for over 30 years, so they are doing something right.

Their menu today includes Italian specialties; seafood, steak, salads, sandwiches, gyros, and pizza, all done with the flair of the Mediterranean and the taste of Italy.


DeVinci’s Pizza

$ | (205)-879-1455 | WEBSITE

At DeVinci’s, pizza may be in the name, but it is far from all they serve. The menu at DeVinci’s is an Italian food lover’s dream.

They serve pizza, any way you may like it, as well as pasta dishes, salads, and other Italian fare in a casual dining atmosphere.

A kid’s menu offers specials for their tastes, and beverages are limited to soda, coffee, tea, and lemonade, making it a family-friendly place. So, whether you search for a pizza or a big plate of paste, DeVinci’s can serve it up.


Gianmarco’s Restaurant

$$$ | (205) 871-9622 | WEBSITE


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Another of Birmingham’s best Italian restaurants has provided fine dining for the residents of Homewood and beyond.

However, with dishes such as beef carpaccio, braised veal, Osso Bucco, and eggplant involtini, you will see that Italian takes a different turn when dining at Gianmarco’s restaurant.

The menu at Gianmarco’s is extensive and offers authentic Italian, aside from creations inspired by the love of food.

So, if you want to add another of Birmingham’s best Italian restaurants to your list, Gianmarco’s is worth a visit for lunch or dinner.


Le’ Fresca Ristorante Italiano

$$$ | (205) 593-4241 | WEBSITE


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At Le’ Fresca Ristorante Italiano, you will find the flavors of Northern Italy in the heart of Birmingham. The menu is brief; however, it has flavor-packed offerings for lunch and dinner.

Starters include antipasti classics and a selection of wines suitable for enjoying before, during, and after dinner.

The recipes at Le’ Fresca are on the lighter side of Italian fare. They offer unique dishes such as sweet potato ravioli, risotto, and various pizza options, some of which are healthy.

In contrast, others can be laden with sausage, ham, bacon, olives, mushrooms, and parmigiana. Dessert includes tiramisu and blueberry compote, as well as other sweets.


Little Italy’s Pizza & Pints

$ | (205) 224-5775 | WEBSITE


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Pizza, shots, wings, and beer make an excellent way to enjoy the company of family and friends. Little Italy’s Pizza & Pints will give you a night out that will not break the bank.

That is not all they serve at Little Italy’s, though. For those in your group who want an Italian meal, they have that covered, too.

Their menu includes pizza and wings; however, it includes calzones, sandwiches, salads, spaghetti, meatballs, and kids-sized meals. There are choices at Little Italy’s that will suit the entire family, and do not forget dessert.


North Italia in Birmingham

$$$ | (205) 970-4182 | WEBSITE


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Located at the Summit Birmingham, North Italia, it is a wonderful place to dine during a day of shopping or because you live nearby and have a craving for Italian food.

It is also a great place if you have a friend to cheer up or one you want to impress. Although they are a chain, their menu offerings and service are bar none.

Their menu is traditional Italian with starters that include white truffle garlic bread or prosciutto bruschetta. Salads are also included on the menu, and entrée items include spaghetti and meatballs or spicy rigatoni vodka.


Trattoria ZaZa

$$ | (205) 202-6207 | WEBSITE


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Another of Birmingham’s best Italian restaurants downtown is Trattoria ZaZa. It is as unique as the other restaurants listed here.

In 2009, the Trattoria ZaZa opened and began offering a rectangular pizza called “pizza al taglio.” This type of pizza is light, flavorful, and is sold by the slice throughout Rome.

However, pizza is not all that’s on the menu at Trattoria ZaZa. They also have pasta dishes that include specials, pasta dishes, and a fantastic brunch on Saturday and Sunday mornings.


Vino Mountain Brook

$$$ | (205)-870-8404 | WEBSITE


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In the heart of English Village, Vino Mountain Brook is an excellent destination for the best Italian or a place to stop and rest when visiting this area of Birmingham.

Vino Mountain Brook has a more Mediterranean flair than that of the northern regions of Italy. Therefore, the menu at Vino has a heavy leaning toward seafood, alongside their rosemary braised lamb shank and Penne Rigate.

The menu at Vino is extensive, and they have a great wine list to accompany the meals they prepare.

Along with lunch and dinner, they offer brunch with the prerequisite mimosas, Benedicts, potato latkes, salmon kabobs, and other breakfast and lunch items.


Find your favorite Italian Restaurant in Birmingham.

There you have it! The above list includes the best Italian restaurants in Birmingham that serve pizza and beer. In contrast, others are a dining experience extraordinaire!

Click the name of your choice to explore each restaurant and pizzeria’s location, menu, and hours of service. Buon appetito!

Best Italian Restaurants in Birmingham

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