14 Best Restaurants in Abingdon, VA

Having a meal is one of the most important things to do every day. And so, wherever you may be, it’s vital to make sure that you eat your meals and regain your energy.

Perhaps you may be new to Abingdon, and you wanted to try the restaurants around; here are the 14 Best Restaurants in Abingdon, VA.

128 Pecan

$$ | (276) 698-3159 | WEBSITE


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If you are looking for warm and hearty American cuisine with a Southern flair, you might want to visit 128 Pecan. The place is cozy to provide maximum comfort while you dine inside.

They also offer a drive-thru option if you’re going to take the goodness home.

They have helpful staff to help you with anything, their customer service is rated excellent, and they serve delicious cuisine that is sure to fill your stomach. The serving is ample and thoughtful, and the price is reasonable too!


Greeko’s Grill and & Cafe

$ | (276) 525-8107 | WEBSITE


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Perhaps you are craving Greek food, and this is where you would want to be. Greeko’s Grill & Cafe offers authentic Greek food that’s set to satisfy your cravings.

Not only do they serve excellent food and drinks, but their dishes also have reasonable prices.

If you are craving Felafel, they have one of the best ones as rated by customers around the city. There are still a lot of dishes to try, and they guarantee every one of them to be a good experience.



$$ | (276) 623-0530 | WEBSITE


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If you are into the vintage and old-school feel, this place is perfect for you. The interior looks like a house in the past, with dark woods adorning its corners and sides.

The location is ideal for a more formal, quite a bit serious but fun meal. Their staff is helpful and knows what they are doing.

There is a porch you can enjoy along with the excellent food too. The place is reminiscent of an old mansion or restaurant, so if you are up to that classy meal experience, Peppermill might just be the place for you.


The Tavern

$$$ | (276) 628-1118 | WEBSITE


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If you feel like you are up for an upscale American and German cuisine, this restaurant might be perfect. The ambiance is how you would imagine it to be; cozy and warm, filled with period decor and a shady brick terrace.

It’s totally like going out of town, to a local place in Germany, and eating their best food.

The service in The Tavern was reviewed great, and their waiters are super helpful. If you need anything, it’s always accommodated with swiftness and grace.


Mamma Mia

$$ | (276) 525-1144 | WEBSITE

Mamma Mia

There are days when you need a hearty and warm Italian meal. If you happen to crave Italian food, you might want to try Mamma Mia. They offer plenty of Italian food that will satisfy your craving.

The atmosphere matches the delicious food and welcoming staff. If you ask former customers, their pasta, pizza, and garlic knots are must-tries. It’s like bringing Italy to Abingdon whenever you take a bite and indulge in the feel-good food.


Bonefire Smokehouse BBQ

$$ | (276) 623-0037 | WEBSITE

Bonefire Smokehouse BBQ

Bonefire Smokehouse BBQ aims at serving the best food in town partnered with great service and staff. They offer quality meals at affordable prices.

If you happen to be craving a variety of appetizers, smoked meat, barbeque, sandwiches, plates, and Southern side dishes, then you might want to try eating here.

Their staff and friendly and helpful so you won’t have to worry or hesitate to ask if you have any inquiries or requests about the food and service.


Milano’s Italian Cuisine

$ | (276) 698-3331 | WEBSITE

Milano’s Italian Cuisine

Milano’s is a laid-back place that aims to serve mouthwatering pizzas, sandwiches, calzones, and other Italian dishes. Perhaps you are craving Italian food in Abingdon; then you might want to visit their restaurant and enjoy their good food.

They offer ample serving of food at affordable prices. In Milano’s Italian Cuisine, they make sure you get the best service. Their staff and servers are friendly and helpful, ensuring that your dining experience is enjoyable.


Tokyo Japanese Steak House

$$ | (276) 676-3209 | WEBSITE

Tokyo Japanese Steak House

There are days that you just want to enjoy Japanese food. If that’s the type of day for you, you can visit the Tokyo Japanese Steak House at Abingdon.

Perhaps you want to enjoy a set of sushi, ramen, Japanese steak, or anything under the category of Japanese cuisine. Their website is also open, and you can browse their menu through the site.

You can easily pick up after ordering and skip the hassle of waiting in line. On the other hand, if you prefer to dine in, the place is comfortable and perfect for any day.


Puerto Nuevo Fresh Mex & Seafood Abingdon VA

$$ | (276) 258-5139 | WEBSITE

Puerto Nuevo Fresh Mex & Seafood Abingdon VA

Puerto Nuevo Fresh Mex & Seafood Abingdon VA is there to the rescue for your Mexican food craving. If you want the hot and thrilling dishes from Mexico served in a unique and classic take, this is the place for you.

Their servings are generous, and they aim to make sure you have an enjoyable and ample meal. The staff is helpful too, making sure their customers receive good service and a pleasant dining experience.


Gilous Cafe

$ | (276) 525-8017 | WEBSITE

Gilous Cafe

A lot of people need a cup of coffee to start their day. Some just like to drink warm tea or other refreshing drinks accompanied by good pastry.

Maybe you feel like you want to have a sweet pastry dish and a hot cup of coffee. You can visit Gilous Cafe and enjoy its relaxing interior.

Sometimes all you need is a date with yourself to feel so much better. They provide good service and a lot of tasty pastries, appetizers, and snacks.


White Birch | Food + Juice

$ | (276) 608-0541 | WEBSITE


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Healthy options are always a good choice. If you are looking for a place with good food, healthy choices, and fresh ingredients, this might be a place you will like.

They also have gluten-free options in case you are following a specific food regime.

White Birch Food + Juice also offers a wide variety of healthy drinks. If you are fond of healthy fruits and vegetable juice, you can purchase and take some home with you.


Campesino Mexican Grill

$$ | (276) 477-1180 | WEBSITE


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This place offers a pleasing ambiance, great food, and clean staff. If you are up for a Mexican meal, you might want to try Campesino Mexican Grill.

Enjoy your meal with a good view and fantastic service. The place’s vibe is like taking a trip around local stalls or restaurants in Mexico.

Their goal is to serve good food and make sure you are satisfied with their food. Craving classic Mexican dishes? You can visit Campesino Mexican Grill.


JJ’s Restaurant & Sports Bar

$$ | (276) 525-4999 | WEBSITE


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If you love sports and food simultaneously, then this restaurant is for you. It’s not solely a sports bar and not just a restaurant, but it’s a place you can be comfortable and feel at home.

Their staff and service are dedicated to ensuring that their customers feel warm and cozy dining over at JJ’s. They serve good food at a reasonable price and are recommended by plenty of locals and visitors.


The Girl and The Raven

$ | (276) 698-3333 | WEBSITE


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The Girl and The Raven offer good food, whether it may be for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. Their ingredients are fresh, and they have a variety of food selections to choose from.

From sandwiches, pastries, coffee, appetizers, and other meal sets, they got you. It’s a cafe but serves more than just coffee, and all of their meals are of good quality and complimented by customers.

So if you happen to be undecided yet but at the same time want to try new things around the area, then you might as well try this place.



Discovering new restaurants and good food will never be boring. So, as much as you can, try different things and enjoy the gift of taste!

If you reside in Abingdon or are having a vacation around the area, you can visit these 14 best restaurants in Abingdon, VA, and try new and delicious dishes.

Best Restaurants in Abingdon

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