15 Best Restaurants in Bardstown, KY

Are you looking to take a quick bite in Bardstown, Kentucky? Well, we got you. Here are the fifteen best restaurants around the area for you to try.

Fresh Coffee, Pastries & More

$ | (502) 331-6345 | WEBSITE


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Want a quick bite before heading to work? Or a place you can relax and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in a warm and cozy ambiance? Bardstown’s Fresh Coffee, Pastries, and More can give it all to you.

They offer many choices of drinks and pastries at affordable prices. Their coffee is straight from a roaster in Kentucky, so you know that they serve high-quality and fresh batches every day.

If sweets and coffee aren’t what you are looking for, you can also try their salads and lunch sandwiches.


The Rickhouse

$$ | (502) 348-2832 | WEBSITE

The Rickhouse

Rustic halls, great food, what more can you ask for? Located in Spalding Hall, The Rickhouse serves high-quality and delectable food without breaking the bank. If you want an excellent fine-dining experience, they are the place to be.

Straight from its name, the restaurant serves many options for drinks such as whiskey, bourbon, and of course, wine. Their main courses and sides are a must-try, such as the Prime Sirloin and Bone-In Ribeye.


Old Talbott Tavern

$$ | (502) 348-3494 | WEBSITE


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Three minutes from Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History, you can enjoy the old-fashioned and cozy ambiance of the Old Talbott Tavern. Since 1779, the Old Talbott Tavern served as the oldest stagecoach stop in the West.

You will genuinely feel that you entered the old times as you enter the restaurant.

Testament to the establishment’s long life, they serve food that aged like fine wine. If you are looking for a place to stay, Old Talbott Tavern has six rooms open for overnight stay.


Mammy’s Kitchen and Bar

$$ | (502) 350-1097 | WEBSITE

Mammy’s Kitchen and Bar

Located in downtown Bardstown, Mammy’s Kitchen and Bar is looking forward to serving its guests with hearty food and smooth drinks. The resto-bar near Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History and My Old Kentucky Home Museum.

Mammy’s Kitchen and Bar strives to offer their customers southern hospitality through their delicious foods and drinks. Their menu for bourbons and whiskey is very extensive, so you know that you will go out of there full and satisfied.


Stephen Foster Restaurant

$$ | (502) 348-5076 | WEBSITE

Stephen Foster Restaurant

For forty years, Stephen Foster Restaurant has been serving Bardstown. They offer buffet-style lunch and dinner options. With their extensive menu, you will taste many dishes cooked with a southern touch.

If you have the unfortunate circumstance where you can’t dine in and enjoy the buffet, everything on the menu is offered in individual servings.

You can have your favorite dishes from the restaurant delivered straight to your door with just a few taps.


Umami Sushi

$$ | (502) 331-0179 | WEBSITE

Umami Sushi

If you want to take a break from southern food, try Umami Sushi to taste authentic Japanese cuisine. They offer many types of sushi and other Japanese delicacies, such as sashimi and miso soup.

As they are still located in Bardstown, the Japanese resto also offers a wide variety of delectable drinks such as beer and bourbon.

The combination of delicious food and drinks and the relaxing and warm atmosphere will surely take your mind off work. It’s a perfect place to wind down and enjoy yourself or some company.


Bottle & Bond Kitchen and Bar

$$ | (502) 252-6331 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Bardstown, KY

The Bardstown Bourbon Company’s Bottle and Bond Kitchen Bar is ready to serve good food and delicious drinks. The restaurant is connected to a distillery, so you can ensure that there is straight from the barrel to your glass.

Along with the dining area, the resto also has a bar where you can relax and sip your drink. After eating, you can even have a tour of their distillery if you have time.


Kreso’s Restaurant

$$ | (502) 348-9594 | WEBSITE

Kreso's Restaurant

Straight from Bosnia, Marima and Dzevad Kreso established their family restaurant fifteen years ago. They are restaurant owners in their hometown, but they are faced with deciding to leave their homes due to war.

Fortunately, the people of Bardstown, Kentucky, welcomed them with open arms and the food and drinks they served.

Besides the usual appetizers and entrees, the restaurant is well-known for its schnitzel and bleu chicken. If you want authentic European food without leaving Kentucky, check out Kreso’s.


BJ’s Steakhouse

$$ | (502) 348-5070 | WEBSITE


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BJ’s Steakhouse has been serving Kentucky for almost forty years. If you are looking for a place for dates or family dinner, the restaurant has it all.

They have an extensive menu for salads, appetizers, and steaks. If you have a kid with you, they also have food for them too.

The restaurant has a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. The lighting is warm, perfect for a chill and fun night out.


The Bar at Willet

$$ | (502) 507-9396 | WEBSITE


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Along with the historical and old Willet Distillery site, The Bar at Willet stands as a restaurant for visitors to take a quick bite while taking in the view.

The atmosphere is very reminiscent of the early 20th century, but you can ensure that the drinks and food are incredibly fresh.

The bar serves a slew of drinks that are straight from the distillery. If you want a cozy drink at a historic place, visit The Bar at Willet.


Wings and Rings

$$ | (502) 349-1963 | WEBSITE


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Just a few steps from historical sites, golf course, and My Old Kentucky Home, Wings and Rings is ready to serve their made-from-scratch wings.

Their buffalo wings have won the “Best Wings of Nelson County” for eight years, so you can ensure that you will enjoy their dish.

Other than their esteemed chicken wings, the resto also offers much selection of drinks to go along with it. If you are a fan of sports such as basketball or football, they also have a television set that showcases games during game nights.


China Wall

$$ | (502) 348-0388 | WEBSITE

China Wall

Heralded by the best Chinese restaurant in Bardstown by many, China Wall is the place to be if you are looking for authentic and delicious delicacies of Chinese cuisine.

You can get their famous fried or steamed dumpling or General Cho’s chicken.

The restaurant does not use msg and uses one-hundred vegetable oil so you can ensure that their food is fresh and delicious. The resto is clean, and near Kroger, so you can take a little shopping spree as you wait for food.


Milantoni Italian Restaurant

$$$ | (502) 331-6160 | WEBSITE


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If authentic, fresh, and hearty Italian food is what you are looking for, Milantoni’s might be the restaurant for you.

The restaurant serves many traditional Italian dishes other than pizza, such as calzones, pasta, cacciatore, and piccata. They also offer vegetarian options for those who do not want meat.

The restaurant is well-loved by locals. As they said, you don’t finish the trip to Bardstown without tasting their Italian Style Cheese Bread.


Bourbon Brick Oven Grill

$$$ | (502) 348-4848 | WEBSITE

Bourbon Brick Oven Grill

If you want a quick bite while staying at Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn, or Comfort Inn, you should check out the Bourbon Brick Oven Grill.

They serve many options such as salads, pizza, and Italian entrees. Many of the food on their menu is Italian or Italian-inspired.

The place is cozy, littered with warm lights and a wooden interior. Their pizza is highly reviewed as a must-try. The restaurant is excellent as a first restaurant if you ever visit Bardstown and stay at a nearby inn.


My Old Kentucky Dinner Train

$$$ | (502) 348-7300 | WEBSITE


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Come ride and dine at My Old Kentucky Dinner Train if you want a blast from the past. Aboard the train car straight from the 1940s for a dining experience like any other.

You can enjoy their food while riding across the historic depot. You don’t need to worry about the old train track. Dating back to the 1800s, all their facilities are well maintained and restored.

The resto-train offers many options for entrees, appetizers, and main courses. They even have a menu of entrees and appetizers designed for kids.



Drinking Bardstown’s bourbon and whiskey is more incredible with its local southern food. We hope that this list of best restaurants in Bardstown, Kentucky make your next dining experience much easier.

Best Restaurants in Bardstown

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