16 Best Mexican Restaurants in Des Moines, IA [2023 Updated]

The metro area of Des Moines has a fantastic selection of Mexican cuisine. You can find Mexican restaurants in almost every neighborhood in the city.

Among the traditional Mexican dishes are tacos, tostadas, and burritos. Check out the 16 best Mexican restaurants in Des Moines, IA to enjoy authentic Mexican food.

Old West Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (515) 285-2468 | WEBSITE

Old West Mexican Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Des Moines, IA

Old West Mexican opened in 2010. It’s a family-owned eatery that serves traditional Mexican dishes and gigantic margaritas.  It aims to provide the most delectable Mexican plates with genuine Mexican flavors.

The crew uses locally farmed natural products. The restaurant serves a variety of foods ranging from desserts to Mexican cuisine.

The restaurant’s specialties include chicken tostada, chimichanga, and speedy gonzales. They all come at affordable prices.

Try the fajitas seafood platter, seafood taco, or both if you’re hungry for seafood. Don’t miss their shrimp cocktail too. These are all crowd favorites. Deliveries and takeout are available for their lunch and supper menus.


Los Laureles Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (515) 265-2200 | WEBSITE


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Los Laureles has been one of the finest Mexican restaurants in Des Moines and nearby states since 1991. It serves traditional Mexican as well as Latin American in a pleasant ambiance.

This restaurant specializes in traditional Mexican dishes and beverages. The menu features delectable fajitas, enchiladas, and more. Seafood meals are also available. You can also order chips, soups, and desserts.

Los Laureles is also known for its legendary shrimp. It comes with tortillas, beans, and rice.

This dining spot also offers the tastiest drinks to whet your appetite. Complete your day with a sip of micheladas or shrimp cocktail.


Tacos Mariana’s

$ | (515) 288-1499 | WEBSITE

Tacos Mariana’s Best Mexican Restaurants in Des Moines, IA

Tacos Marianas is an undiscovered gem that serves great Mexican food. The menu includes enchiladas, soft corn tortillas, and guacamole. Tacos and tamales are also plenty. It’s a great place for quality foods at cheap prices.

The restaurant features tacos every Wednesday and Thursday. You can order tasty tamales on the weekends.  The place is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

There are no fountain drinks, so expect to pay per drink. Small and large bottles of Coke are available.

Guests can expect comfort and a welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant is tiny but gets filled up quickly. There is limited seating, so arrive early.


Viva Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (515) 255-8238 | WEBSITE


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Juvencio Ramirez opened Viva Mexican Restaurant with his dad in 2004. He gained firsthand experiences by working in his uncle’s restaurants.

If you want to try something new, it’s high time to try Mexican cuisine. The cafe will provide you with authentic Mexican dishes like nowhere else.

Viva Mexican serves spicy fajitas, chimichangas, and chile relleno. The menu also includes salads, enchiladas, and more.

The team strives to please everyone who walks through their doors. Several factors assist them in achieving their objective.

First, they prepare fresh foods of the finest quality.  They also take pride in sophisticated plating. This provides customers with a memorable experience.

Finally, they make sure everyone is respected and gets to enjoy themselves once they’re inside.

This restaurant is the perfect blend of coziness, outstanding service, and delicious Mexican food.


Fernando’s Mexican Grill

$ | (515-22255-3700 | WEBSITE

Fernando’s Mexican Grill Best Mexican Restaurants in Des Moines, IA

Fernando’s is a welcoming, bright cafe that serves traditional Mexican dishes. It also provides gluten-free and vegan options.

The restaurant serves delicious Mexican food at a reasonable price. Everything is cooked daily from scratch with fresh ingredients.

The beef in their delicious burritos, tortas, and tacos is of the greatest quality. Each meal is customizable. It is prepared while you’re watching to ensure your delight.

Come to Fernando’s if you want to make the burrito of your dreams. It’s similar to Chipotle. You pick your filling from chorizo, chicken, seasoned tofu, salsa, and guacamole.

However, the freshly prepared beef and tortillas set it apart.  Customers say it’s the best burrito they’ve ever tasted.


5 de Mayo Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (515) 287-7772 | WEBSITE

5 de Mayo Mexican Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Des Moines, IA

5 de Mayo serves authentic Mexican dishes. It has delicious grilled salads, grilled sirloin steaks, and spicy French fries.  It also offers grilled pineapple, coconut flans, and honey pastries.

This dining spot also makes delicious green tea, tomato juice, or fruit juice to complement your lunch. You will undoubtedly want to return!

Customers can unwind after a long day at work in this eatery’s pleasant ambiance. The design has been hailed as amazing.

The polite personnel can demonstrate how much they cherish their customers. Providing quick, excellent service is their top priority.

Guests believe that the costs are reasonable for what they receive. You can opt to dine in or take your order home.


QDOBA Mexican Eats

$ | (515) 619-5358 | WEBSITE


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QDOBA is a contemporary Mexican restaurant where you may unwind with friends. Here you can savor the many distinct varieties and flavors you won’t find elsewhere.

The place offers free WiFi as you indulge in a vast selection of traditional Mexican entrées. You can have burritos or burrito bowls. Also, try the tasty nachos and quesadillas. Don’t miss out on the signature flavors like the creamy 3-Cheese Queso.

At QDOBA, you can create your meal masterpiece. If you dislike it, the crew will prepare you something new for free.

You can also enjoy some free quezo and guacamole on top of your meal. The place also offers counter-service, tacos, and customized burritos. It also provides health-oriented choices.


El Guapo’s Tequila + Tacos

$ | (515) 216-2198 | WEBSITE


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El Guapo’s is another restaurant where you discover delectable Mexican cuisine. It has 9 TV sets and a gorgeous patio. You can spend some time here with your friends and share excellent meals.

You can have sausage sandwiches, sweet corn soup, and fried mushrooms. The fudge brownies, peanut butter pies, and banana pies are also delicious.

The wine list is also extensive. It allows all guests to find something to their liking. Don’t pass up the chance to sample some delectable bread drinks, juice, or lemonade.

The crew also demonstrates excellent service. Customers also say the prices are reasonable. They also like the relaxing ambiance and stunning décor.


Monterrey Mexican Restaurant

$ | (515) 224-5989 | WEBSITE

Monterrey Mexican Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Des Moines, IA

Monterrey is known for excellent food, good company, and great times. The pleasant team delivers freshly made platters to your seat with Mexican warmth and politeness.

Everything is in order in this dining spot. The nachos, salsa, and drinks are all excellent. The cuisine, particularly the fajitas, is juicy and flavorful. The place also offers margaritas.

Prices are reasonable, according to the reviewers. The exotic ambiance and exquisite decor will undoubtedly appeal to you.


Abelardo’s Mexican Restaurant

$ | (515) 265-9740 | WEBSITE

Abelardo’s Mexican Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Des Moines, IA

Abelardo’s Mexican Restaurant does not sell fast food. However, it does serve fresh and quick meals that will satisfy your Mexican food cravings right away.

The restaurant strives to provide authentic Mexican cuisine. It offers a comprehensive menu of tacos, burritos, and more.

Here you can always count on a fantastic meal in a clean restaurant with friendly service. Grilled potatoes, pepper steaks, and chili con carne are among the dishes on the menu.

You’ll also discover tasty Mexican drinks like Tamarindo and Horchata. You can also have your standard soft drinks.

Abelardo’s has been a Des Moines favorite for many years. It has a 24-hour drive-thru every day of the week. Therefore, you can enjoy handcrafted Mexican cooking any time of the day.


Marias Mexican Restaurant

$ | (515) 285-3051 | WEBSITE

Marias Mexican Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Des Moines, IA

Marias is a great restaurant in Des Moines that provides high-quality meals at low prices. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of tasting the delectable cuisine.

The secret to their success is simple. The restaurant consistently prepares high-quality food that tastes wonderful every time.

They take pride in offering authentic Mexican cuisine to their customers. They serve savory tacos, burritos, and other Mexican delicacies. The restaurant is open to serve its highly valued customers every day except Sundays.


Cabo Sol

$$ | (515) 223-6319 | WEBSITE

Cabo Sol Best Mexican Restaurants in Des Moines, IA

Look no further than Cabo Sol for a great meal with authentic Mexican tastes. The restaurant takes pride in crafting Mexican food that draws directly from its beloved history.

Cabo Sol’s goal has been to cook food with love and inspiration from their ancestry. So, when you eat our meal, you’ll notice and taste the Mexican cooking style and flavors.

It’s always their delight to prepare Mexican food that they’d be happy to give to your family. So, it’s always full of flavor and tasty ingredients.

The eatery keeps the menu at a pricing point. This helps everyone afford to share food with as many people as possible.

Cabo Sol is known in the community for being an authentic Mexican restaurant that enjoys interacting with its patrons. You’re never treated as an order number here.


On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina – Jordan Creek

$$ | (515) 528-7788 | WEBSITE

On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina - Jordan Creek Best Mexican Restaurants in Des Moines, IA

Three friends opened this restaurant to make Border-style food available to the rest of the world. Border-style implies fresh ingredients and mesquite-grilled. It also includes hand-pressed tortillas and small-batch sauces.

On the Border serves thousands of guests daily. It serves mouthwatering dishes and sweets. These include the Border Sampler, Classic Fajitas, and more.

The restaurant also offers year-round seasonal promotions at discounted rates. All dishes are available for dine-in, to-go, or home delivery.

The place opens each day with freshly made chips and salsa. Then it continues with Tex-Mex delicacies like tacos, spicy fajitas, and more. The menu also includes food for guests with dietary restrictions or food allergies.


Primos Tex Mex Bar & Grill

$ | (515) 953-0994 | WEBSITE

Primos Tex Mex Bar & Grill Best Mexican Restaurants in Des Moines, IA

Primos is well-known for its great taste, low costs, and quick lunch choices. It serves fajitas made with a secret recipe, delivered hot and fresh to your seat.

Fresh seafood is flown in daily. The homemade enchiladas and burritos are cooked using the freshest ingredients. You can also enjoy fresh salads.

Picky eaters can still enjoy dining here with their kids’ menu. This restaurant also provides a variety of vegetarian options.


Rancho Alegre Restaurant

$ | (515) 282-4004 | WEBSITE

Rancho Alegre Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Des Moines, IA

Rancho Alegre Restaurant is a casual Mexican eatery. You can come here for a quick snack. Sample their unique sweets or unwind with your friends in a comfortable setting.

Here they serve chico menudo. This is a classic Mexican soup made with cow stomach and pig’s foot. It’s served with onions, oregano, and lime.

The restaurant also makes perfectly cooked stewed steaks, fajitas, and steak tacos.


Taco Bell

$ | (515) 280-6535 | WEBSITE


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You can taste all of your favorite Mexican-inspired cuisines at Taco Bell. This includes tacos, burritos, and more. The Soft Taco and several other delectable selections are among the most popular menu items.

Customize your order with any of their add-ons. You may also try one of their popular upgrades, like Creamy Jalapeno Sauce.

The restaurant serves your favorite Mexican breakfast to dessert to ensure that your meal is as satisfying as possible.



You’ll never have difficulty finding excellent Mexican restaurants in Des Moines, Iowa. Diverse eateries serve authentic Mexican delicacies like nachos, burritos, and more.

You can find something here whether you prefer spicy food or not. Simply check out the 16 best Mexican restaurants in Des Moines, IA.

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