9 Best Cuban Restaurants in Detroit, MI [2023 Updated]

Are you in the mood for some Cuban cuisine? Well, you do not need to look far and wide anymore. Allow us to help you with that!

Today, we will show you our list of the 10 best Cuban restaurants in Detroit, MI. Hopefully, by the end of this discussion, you will be able to add one or two Cuban food places to your rotation.

We have tons of stops today, so let us not delay anymore! Let us get this started!

What is Cuban Cuisine?

Before we start, let us briefly discuss what Cuban cuisine is first. This way, we can ensure we are on the same page.

Cuban cuisine is a mix of several other cuisines. It has tons of influences, and you might be surprised by all the cultures you can find in the mix. It mainly takes after Spanish cuisine, which is why you would mostly see it in Spanish restaurants too.

However, to name a few, you can also find African, Chinese, and Italian influences in the mix. As you might already know, Cuban cuisine is not the most popular among the different ones out there. However, you can still find it in a number of places for this reason.

We now got that out of the way. Next, let us show you the restaurants where you can get your fix of Cuban food.

10 Best Cuban Restaurants in Detroit

You might already know this, but Detroit does not house many Cuban restaurants. However, that is not a reason to let your Cuban cravings go! Cuban restaurants might not dot the area, but there are a few hidden gems here and there.

Now, that is where we come in! We have found ten games that might help in satisfying your Cuban cravings. Are you thrilled to know them? Let us start this journey, and get to know our first restaurant!

Vicente’s Cuban Cuisine

$$ | (313) 962-8800 | WEBSITE


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Let us get the ball rolling with Vicente’s! Vicente’s is undoubtedly one of the most notable Cuban restaurants in Detroit. If it is not the top one, it is undoubtedly one of the favorite places for the locals to get their Cuban dishes.

It should not be surprising that Vicente’s is one of the crowd favorites to get some Cuban dishes. After all, they offer some pretty tasty treats. Additionally, they have a nice large place (even if they might look small on the outside). Also, they have some great people over there!


Frita Batidos Detroit

$$ | (313) 725-4100 | WEBSITE


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Our next stop is Frita Batidos!

Are you in the mood for some street foods? Well, Frita Batidos can serve you some tasty Cuban treats! Additionally, they have a wide selection. Whether you are a picky eater or following a particular diet, you will likely find something to suit your taste buds!

However, that is not the only thing that might lure you to this food place. As a bonus, they also have a lovely place where you can chill. Good food and a good place. What is not to love?


Green Dot Stables

$ | (313) 962-5588 | WEBSITE


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Over here, we have Green Dot Stables. Do you like Cuban sliders? You might want to give Green Dot Stables a try then! They have some pretty tasty Cuban Sliders and so much more.

That is not the only reason to visit Green Dot Stables, though. This food place offers some tasty treats at affordable prices. Good food at great prices. Now, who does not like that?

That is not all, though. Green Dot Stables also has a neat place! With their menu, prices, and interior? They make a lovely place to bring the gang.



$ | (313) 554-0666 | WEBSITE

Best Cuban Restaurants in Detroit, MI Armando's

Next, let us give Armando’s a visit!

As you might already know, there are not many Cuban food spots in Detroit. However, you do not need to worry. If you are having a hard time looking for a food place offering Cuban style on their menu, Armando’s might be a place you want to try out.

If you like your Cuban cuisine, you might want to try their Cuban sandwich out. However, they have many other tasty treats on the menu, so you might also want to try those things too!


Motor City Kitchen

$$ | (313) 963-5600 | WEBSITE


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Next up, let us talk about Motor City Kitchen.

Cannot get enough Cuban sandwiches? You do not have to worry. We have many more food places that can serve you tasty Cuban sandwiches. For one, you might want to give Motor City Kitchen a try!

While you are there, you might also want to try out their other dishes. They have a delicious Cuban sandwich, but that is not all. They have tons of other tasty treats on the menu!


Detroit Loves Tacos, LLC

$ | (313) 209-2398 | WEBSITE


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Over here, let us talk about Detroit Loves Tacos. With the name, you might think you will not be able to get any Cuban cuisine goodness in this place.

While Detroit Loves Tacos might obviously be more popular for their tacos, they also have Cuban sandwiches that you might want to try out! A budget-friendly tasty Cuban sandwich at that! Do you know what that means? More Cuban sandwiches, of course!

As you already know, they do not only have Cuban sandwiches. While you are there, you might want to give their other dishes a shot!


Jolly Pumpkin

$$ | (313) 262-6115 | WEBSITE


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Next, let us visit Jolly Pumpkin!

Jolly Pumpkin does not offer a wide variety, but they have a little bit of everything. Now, a pizzeria is not the most common place to find Cuban food, but if you are on the lookout for the best Cuban sandwich, you might want to give Jolly Pumpkin a try!

That is not all there is to this place, though. They also have a pretty good place with some pretty good people. Give them a visit if you are around the area!


MexicanTown Bakery

$ | (313) 554-0001 | WEBSITE

Best Cuban Restaurant in Detroit, MI MexicanTown Bakery

Our next stop is MexicanTown Bakery! Even if you are not hungry going in, you might find your tummy grumbling after a sniff when you set foot inside.

MexicanTown Bakery is another food place you might want to visit if you want a Cuban sandwich. However, that is not all they have, of course! You might also want to give them a shot if you want a Cuban sandwich, but you also want to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Cuban sandwiches and sweet treats. What could be sweeter than that?


Stache International

$$ | (313) 974-6895 | WEBSITE

Detroit, MI Best Cuban Restaurants Stache International

Last on our list, but not least, is Stache International!

Stache International does not have that big of a menu, but if you are looking for some Cuban sandwiches, they have the stache favorite that is like a Cuban sandwich that could satisfy!

Again, while they might not have a wide range from which you can take your pick, we have little doubt you will have any trouble finding something you like. So, if you are hungry and want to fill your tummy, give Stache International a visit if you are in the area!


Final Words

There might be a lack of Cuban restaurants in Detroit. However, that is no reason to let your Cuban cravings go. No! With our list of the 10 best Cuban restaurants in Detroit, MI, we hope we got to help you find a place to get your fix of Cuban cuisine!

Are you planning a trip to a different city soon? Well, you might want to check out our other talks. We might be able to help you find the best food places in the area! For now, happy eating!

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