20 Best and Easy Side Dishes for Potato Soup

Soups warm our hearts, especially during cold chilly winters, although they are one of the most underrated dishes. Finding the best side dish for potato soup can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to. Here is a list of recipes that will give you various options.

To develop this list, we considered two kinds of accompaniments. Those you prepare separate from your potato soup, such as bread, and those you cook along with the soup, such as steak, turkey, spinach, and beans. You just got to find the perfect one for you.

1. Potato Soup With Cheddar and Bacon

Potato Soup With Cheddar and Bacon

When you feel chilly during winter, turning down delicious potato soup is almost never an option. This quick-to-prepare potato soup with cheddar and bacon recipe is magical!

You only require melted cheddar cheese and crumbled crunchy bacon. For potatoes, choose the waxy type for soft and buttery bites that will simmer in onion and chicken broth. The resultant is a delicacy that makes you beg for more.


2. Potato soup and cornbread

In this simple recipe, you will require medium-sized potatoes, a stick of butter, sower cream, and milk. The ingredients’ quantity will depend on the number of individuals.

Bake your cornbread concurrently for 20-25 minutes, and enjoy! When feasting, you can choose to dip cornbread soup little by little or slice it in a plate into pieces, then pour the potato soup on top.


3. Leftover Mashed Potato Soup with Corn and Poblanos

Leftover Mashed Potato Soup with Corn and Poblanos

Do you have leftover mashed potatoes that are lying with no use? With this recipe, you could turn the remains into a scrumptious southwestern dish. And don’t worry, it only takes 30 minutes as the potatoes have already been cooked previously and have rich nutritious broth. The texture and taste will be heavenly when you add the poblanos and corn.


4. Beef steak and potato soup

When the air is chilly, try this perfect and heartwarming steak and potato soup. You can make it using nicely tender beef and chunks of potatoes that you will let simmer away in the beefy, savory soup and serve when hot.


5. Rustic Leek and Potato Soup with Fried herb Gremolata

Rustic Leek and Potato Soup with Fried herb Gremolata     

This unique recipe by bonappetit is perfect for a freezing winter day. You may like it if you want to go vegan or reduce your meat intake. You will require a handful of green-leek and unpureed potato soup to go with fried gremolata herb. Add lemon wedges for seasoning, which will leave you with a creamy, fresh, and flavor-rich soup.


6. Country potato soup and chives

You can never go wrong with the country’s potato soup and leek. The vegan recipe is simple and easy to follow. You can choose the consistency of your soup by adding water while consistently stirring the gravy to your liking. The chives will give you a flourish of garlic-like taste.


7. Colombian Chicken and Potato soup

Colombian Chicken and Potato soup

This particularly simple recipe that involves dumping and boiling is a must-try if you want to enjoy potato soup that is of Colombian origin. It is a combination of waxy potato soup, corn, and chicken, boiled together and popularly known as ajiaco, according to the place around Bogota. The recipe takes 75 minutes, but it is worth your time once it’s done.


8. Potato soup and Potato chips

Can you have potato soup and potato chips? Of course, you can. This recipe combines waxy and starchy potatoes, smoky sausage, frozen spinach, and peas.

However, you can do without vegetables.   What makes this recipe exceptional is that the potato soup is eaten with potato chips. It only sounds off until you try this savory dish that is cream-free.  


9. Smoky Potato soup and Bacon Croutons

Smoky Potato soup and Bacon Croutons

Bacon croutons make a great accompaniment to potato soup. Don’t worry; it doesn’t take long to prepare; within 45 minutes, you will munch on the creamy potato soap that has been slightly smoked by pounded bacon. Just remember to make the soup and pureed bacon beforehand so you can refrigerate it overnight.


10. Potato soup and peppered scallions

Try peppered scallions if you want to enjoy delicious potato soup and are wondering what to accompany it. You will thank me. This loaded potato soup that is purely vegetarian goes perfectly with scallion garnishes that are a little lemony and a little peppered to give your tongue an ultra-smooth lemon-paper savor.


11. Ham and potato soup

Ham and potato soup

Potato soup has great side dishes like pork products, which may appear similar but are not. In this recipe, you enjoy the warm, rich potato soup and ham by simply recipes.

They recommend you use ham, as it goes perfectly with Russet or Yukon gold potatoes which are starchy and hold together longer. You could even use left-over ham to save on cooking time.


12. Potato soup and green peas topped with spinach  

This is a super easy recipe that won’t take a lot of your time, but you will relish the juicy potato soup and frozen green peas topped up with spinach. Use yellow potatoes for better and faster results, as they cook faster than regular potatoes. You can either add green peas after the potatoes cook for a little crunchy taste or let them cook along with the potatoes.


13. Roasted apple, onion, and potato soup

Roasted apple, onion, and potato soup

Potato soup will taste heavenly with roasted apples and onions. Roasting an apple has a superb way of releasing all its natural sweetness. With its smokiness, it also adds more zest to your potato soup. Just the way you want it. Don’t forget to smoke your onions as they perfectly complete the delicacy.


14. Creamy zucchini and Potato soup

This recipe is for you if you only eat gluten-free foods yet still want to enjoy your warm, delicious soup on chilly days. It is a hearty, creamy potato soup and zucchini served either hot or chilled, depending on your preference. This recipe is also a sneaky but perfect way to get children to eat vegetables without little to no resistance.


15. Cheesy Croutons and Roasted Garlic Potato soup

Cheesy Croutons and Roasted Garlic Potato soup

This high-value nutritional soup is perfect for garlic lovers. One thing to be careful about in preparation is where you add 1 cup of ale. You want to add just enough so that it adds a fruity and sweet flavor without entirely dominating the soup. You can use Guinness stout in its place, which has an almost similar syrupy taste.


16. Vegan asparagus and potato soup

The vegan-friendly recipe is a quick fix on a chilled morning when you need warm, flavorful, and creamy potato soup to get your day rolling. You will require potatoes, asparagus, and the seasoning of your choice. When the soup is almost cooked, you must puree it, add almond milk, and cook it again on low heat. You can enjoy this delicious soup with croutons.


17. Turkey and potato soup

Turkey and potato soup

Are you tired of eating canned soup yet have leftover turkey in your freezer? This recipe will help you turn your turkey into a warm, tasty turkey noodle soup. Remember to leave out the noodles until your soup is almost ready. Noodles have the habit of sipping out virtually all the soup.


18. Baguette bowl with potato soup

If you have tried this recipe, you don’t know what you are missing. This special baguette bread is not made with the usual stick-line shape but is baked into a crispy bowl-like bread. When your creamy potato soup is ready, pour it into the crispy baguette bowl-like bread and enjoy the delicacy. The only difference is that you will eat your “bowl,” too.


19. Cabbage, sausage, and potato soup

Cabbage, sausage, and potato soup

With this cabbage, sausage, and potato soup recipe, you may never abandon your cabbage in the fridge again. It is warm, hearty, and full of flavor. There is more; it is easy to make and will warm you up instantly.

This dish may sound vegan-friendly due to the generous amount of cabbage you will use, but it’s not. There are sausages among the ingredients, which you could easily forget.


20. Green beans and potato soup

This recipe is delicious and easy to make. It has its origin in Eastern Europe. What makes this soup healthier is making your own celery soup instead of using a canned one. You will also use the Red potatoes and the Yukon Gold potatoes, which are not too waxy or fluffy. They combine perfectly with nicely cut green beans to make a deliciously thick creamy soup.



Finding the best side dish for potato soup should never be a problem again. Whether you want a separate side dish or one that cooks along with the soup, find what works best, as loads of amazing recipes are out here. You just have to look and try them out.

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