13 Best Restaurants in Virginia Beach, VA (Photos, Reviews, Maps)

We go on vacation so we can enjoy the sights and the activities while enjoying sleeping on a bed we don’t have to make, and eating food we don’t have to cook. People come from all over the world to sample Southern cooking. They come especially to enjoy the best restaurants in Virginia Beach, VA.

What is it about American cooking in the South that so satisfies diners of any nationality? Alongside classic Southern dishes, international cuisines like Italian, Indian, and Australian also thrive and are beloved by many.

1. Italian: Il Giardino

$$ | 757-422-6464 | WEBSITE


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Ambiance and décor offer diners a relaxing, pleasing dining experience. Il Giardino shines in this area by embracing diners with good music and lovely surroundings.

Have a drink as you wait for your dinner; the bartender is beyond amazing. As your food arrives, take a minute to feast your eyes and your nose on the incredible arrangement and aroma of your food. Rest assured, you won’t soon forget Il Giardino.



2. Southern: Doc Taylor’s

$$ | 757-425-1960 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Virginia Beach, VA

In this small breakfast and lunch restaurant set in a small cottage (the blink and you’ll miss it type,) you’ll find what people come from all over the world to sample.

Anyone can fry an egg, but how many people get Southern biscuits and sausage gravy very often? Cheese grits, fried potatoes, grilled tomatoes (yes, for breakfast!), and slabs of country ham make this breakfast and lunch restaurant THE destination.



3. Casual: The Back Deck

$$ | 757-481-7512 | WEBSITE


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Whenever you can (a) bring your dog to dine with you and (b) soak in a stunning sunset while you dine on the deck of a restaurant built on a river, then you’re on the best vacation ever. You’ll have a choice of wraps, panini, flatbread pizza, or seafood (natch, you’re on a river.) All made from scratch and made to order.



4. Asian: Orion’s Roof

$$ | 757-937-4222 | WEBSITE


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If you’ve been lucky enough to dine at the Hyatt Regency’s rooftop restaurant, then you’ll love Orion’s Roof. Situated atop the Marriott’s Virginia Beach beach-front hotel, you’ll have a room with a view, a breeze off the Atlantic Ocean, and some of the most amazing Asian food around.

If you don’t want to leave, Orion’s Roof offers lunch, dinner, and late night, as well as kids’ menus for your enjoyment.



5. Sophisticated: Becca Restaurant And Garden In The Historic Cavalier Hotel

$$ | 757-965-9899 | WEBSITE


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Staying in a historic hotel has its charm. Staying in a beachfront historic hotel is more fun. So is its renovated, modern restaurant in a garden setting.

Classified as one of the best restaurants in Virginia Beach, Becca Restaurant and Garden offers diners a sophisticated dining experience with exquisitely prepared dishes by top chefs. Farm fresh ingredients as well as seafood delivered right from the boats give Becca an extra edge that diners will enjoy.



6. Mexican: Cantina Laredo Virginia Beach

$$ | 757-648-1300 | WEBSITE


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Sometimes vacationers just have to get their Mexican food on. Cantina Laredo satisfies that wish with steak, chicken, and shrimp dishes with appetizing wine, chimichurri, and poblano sauces and with tasty dips and soups.



7. Seasonal: Steinhilber’s

$$$ | 757-340-1156 | WEBSITE


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Operating since 1939, this Virginia Beach family-owned and operated standard keeps feeding diners the best of the best. They use locally sourced foods in their dishes as well as make homemade desserts.



8. Eclectic: Cobalt Grille

$$ | 757-333-3334 | WEBSITE


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With a pretty dining room and outdoor dining as well, the Cobalt Grille gives diners an eclectic mix of food experiences. Yes, there really are fried green tomatoes in Southern restaurants! Southern fried chicken, English-style fish and chips, as well as exotic sauces, make this restaurant edgy and exciting.



9. Tavern: The Hunt Room In The Cavalier Hotel

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Virginia is all about horses. Thus, you need an English-type pub that’s all about the hunt. The Hunt Room in the Cavalier Hotel gives diners an old-fashioned pub menu with items cooked in an old-fashioned yet sophisticated, modern style.

Sit by the blazing fireplace with your drink while your dinner is being prepared. With a Happy Hour and a kids’ menu, The Hunt Room is a great place to relax and enjoy the company.



10. Bistro: Mannino’s Italian Bistro

$$ | 757-474-4446 | WEBSITE
Virginia Beach, VA Restaurants

Nothing like having fun, chattering to friends and family, and munching on exquisitely cooked food. The father and son team of chefs use only the best and freshest ingredients in their dishes, paired with just the right wine for the dish. Go for happy hour; stay for the incredible food.



11. Local Seafood: Bay Local Seafood Restaurant

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If you prefer brunch to breakfast so you can sleep in on your vacation, then this is the place for you. There’s everything here, from Cinnabon waffles to blueberry pancakes to sausage gravy and biscuits, paired with crab cake Benedict to oysters Rockefeller omelets.

Toss in a cheesesteak sandwich with real Southern potato salad, and you might not even need to eat dinner tonight!



12. Continental: Eurasia Cafe

$$ | 757-422-0184 | WEBSITE


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It’s the American Old West meets continental cuisine, with beautiful wooden tables and bar combined with shelves of wines and whiskey as far as the eye can see. Locally sourced fresh ingredients are the only things that go into the amazing variety of foods on offer. Oh, and don’t forget the hand-made pasta and sauces made fresh every day.




Virginia Beach boasts a plethora of acclaimed restaurants, offering a diverse range of options from continental to American comfort food.

Many restaurants in Virginia Beach prioritize sourcing fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood locally to ensure the highest quality and support local farmers and fishermen. The décor is comfortable, the music good, and the people charming. Welcome to Virginia Beach and have a tasty vacation!

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