15 Best Restaurants in Sunnyvale, CA 2023

The first thing you will notice on the list of the 15 best restaurants in Sunnyvale is the diversity of the cuisine available. If you are a cultural foodie, you will have a wonderful time sampling these outstanding establishments in Sunnyvale.

From Turkish BBQ at Mangal, where you can also catch bands of traditional Turkish instruments OR Turkish pop DJs, to Hanabusa Cafe where you can get an authentic Japanese souffle pancake in four delicious flavors, to Mayan Kitchen where you can get traditional Mayan dishes like poc chuc but also enjoy bubble tea because of the restaurant’s partnership, Sunnyvale, CA doesn’t disappoint.


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The Pacific Catch company was founded in 2003 and there are several locations throughout California. The menu is always changing, using both wild caught and sustainably farmed fishes!

Dishes are focused on healthy, balanced seafood. Try the Hawaiian pokes and ceviches, as well as the new sushi tacos! This location is within walking distance of Sunnyvale’s historic Murphy Ave. district.




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Food at Urban Plates is made from scratch with affordable ingredients. Dietary restrictions and avoiding allergens is made easy with clearly labeled menu item categories, such as “gluten-free,” “vegan,” “vegetarian,” “plant-based,” “paleo,” “low-calorie,” and “high-protein.”




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Fugetsu is an authentic Japanese chain from Osaka with only a couple of locations in the USA, including one in Sunnyvale. Their special is the okonomiyaki, from the Western part of Japan by way of the Kansai region.

 Okonomiyaki is something like a cross between pizza and a savory crepe, but Japan style. Fresh veggies are mixed with meat and/or fish or shellfish, mixed into batter, and poured onto a griddle. Also try Fugetsu’s yakisoba!




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DishDash specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine. The Palestinian owner immigrated from Jerusalem in 1988 and opened DishDash with his wife in 2001. Try the freekeh, wrap, cumin lentil soup, salad, hummus, lamb kabob or pita.

There is also a beer and wine list along with fresh smoothies and juices. DishDash also offers catering. They take pride in the quality of their ingredients, using only domestic lamb and cage-free chicken, as well as Angus beef and locally sourced veggies and seafood, for example.






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Have you ever had authentic Japanese pancakes? This is the place. Toppings include fresh fruit, homemade sauces, and matcha, and they even invite feedback for new flavors! Try the original, chocolate, matcha, or cookies and cream pancake!




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This Korean restaurant uses BBQ tables to serve you, and offers 10 different types of cuts of high quality wagyu beef (hence the name.) A full bar is also available.

The 10 butcher cuts available at 10 Butchers are: the outside skirt, the hanging tender, the boneless short rib, the rib finger, the rib cap, the rib eye, the chuck flap, the flat iron, the bone-in short rib, and the brisket. Try the grilled short rib patties with rice cakes, the green onion pancake with octopus, or the marinated wagyu short rib dumplings!




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Best Restaurants in Sunnyvale, CA

Burma Taste is so popular that you need reservations! They also offer catering. Try the Burmese restaurant’s tea leaf salad, their samosas, the sweet chili tofu, or the crispy pork belly!

When ordering catering, you can get an individually boxed meal with your choice of entree with jasmine rice, or you can order “family-style” in increments of five servings.




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Metro City, which boasts two locations in Sunnyvale, has large dining areas where you can watch the big game, and they have a large selection of beer, wine, and cocktails.

Private upstairs dining rooms serve for hosting your private parties or corporate events! Try the sriracha chicken stir fry, the pumpkin spice banana waffle, the Athenian skillet, or the spicy Louisiana benedict.




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Best Restaurant in Sunnyvale, CA

Thai Spoons received the “2022 Neighborhood Favorite Award” from nextdoor. Try the fried vegan mushroom dumplings, the calamari, larb, or papaya salad, the poa tak soup, the pad see ew, the basil fried rice, one of the curries, or any other number of delicious dishes!




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St. John’s has outdoor patio dining available! It has been serving for almost 40 years and in that time has earned many rave reviews, such as the “Best Burgers in Silicon Valley.”

There are several large HDTVs in order to watch your games on (see the schedule on the website,) and many microbrewery offerings. Besides the burgers, try the Philly cheesteaks, charbroiled chicken sandwiches, French fries, and entree-sized salads!




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Sunnyvale, CA Best Restaurant

Falafel Flame serves delicious Mediterranean fast foods “with a twist,” or with an American touch! All meat used is either halal or Kosher, and hand-slaughtered, carrying an HFSAA certification (Halal Food Standards Alliance of America) and nothing is frozen or pasteurized.

Try the Philly wrap, the falafel platter, the Texan Burger, or the Gyro Platter. Falafel Flame has been featured on Yelp, Grubhub, and Doordash.




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Restaurants in Sunnyvale, CA

The chef at Mayan Kitchen grew up surrounded by Indigenous groups in Hunucma, Mexico, and makes his food to advocate for Mayan culture. His partnership with a bubble tea and jianbing shop means more dishes and a wider audience.

The bay area’s Mayan population is estimated at 5,000 and Mayan Kitchen is the only fully Mayan restaurant around. Try the cochinita pibil, the poc chuc, and other menu items – most of which are naturally gluten-free and fruit- and vegetable-heavy.




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Restaurant in Sunnyvale, CA

Speedy’s tacos was established in 2015 and is a family-owned business. Try the shrimp or lengua tacos! Also, try the enjitomatadas, the enfrijoladas, the burritos, crispy taquitos, the chicken meatball soup, the tortas, the nachos, and the flan!




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Sunnyvale, CA Restaurants

You never have to worry about parking space while you’re here – there are hundreds of free parking spaces. Located inside of a Ramada Inn, Sifu Wong Kitchen has room for 20 banquet tables to host your events for 200 or more guests!

There’s also outdoor seating for 60 located next to a pool! Try the Cantonese dim sum, the Beijing sliced duck, the Hong Kong style yum cha, and the Shanghai xiao long bao!




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Top Restaurants in Sunnyvale, CA

Mangal Turkish BBQ was selected as one of the top restaurants in the Bay area by Yelp. They have special musical event nights with traditional Turkish instruments or with Turkish pop DJs.




Are you convinced yet? This list of the 15 best restaurants in Sunnyvale should have your mouth dripping as you make your plans to stay in Sunnyvale. Make sure you have this list handy when you go!

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