14 Best Restaurants in Suffolk, VA 2023 (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

Getting used to a new area can be overwhelming and daunting. If you’ve left behind everything you know and love, you are probably struggling with figuring out what to do with your free time.

Are you looking for a place to decompress after a long day at work? Or do you need somewhere to take your family for your traditional Friday night meal out?

Maybe you’re looking for your new favorite place to order takeout from so you can enjoy a stress-free evening. Whatever it is, this list of the 14 best restaurants in Suffolk, Virginia, is sure to help you find what you are looking for.

1. Harper’s Table

$$$ | (757) 539-2000 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Suffolk, VA

Harper’s Table brings the best of Southern cuisine to your table. They proudly serve food with locally sourced ingredients, ensuring that you are getting the most authentic experience. This upscale restaurant is perfect for planning your next date night or celebratory meal.

Make sure you order the Pork Belly Biscuit to start, followed by the Shrimp and Grits or the Hanger Steak. You won’t regret paying Harper’s table a visit the next time you need a nice restaurant as the setting for whatever your evening might entail.



2. River Stone Chophouse

$$$ | (757) 638-7990 | WEBSITE


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If you are looking for a place to get premium quality seafood and steak, River Stone Chophouse is the perfect spot for you. This high-class restaurant will provide you with premium-quality food every time you visit.

Call to make a reservation so you can try the Philly Cheese Steak Spring Rolls or the Stuffed Flounder. If you are looking for something fun to do for a date night, you can schedule a wine pairing and taste over a four-course meal. You are sure to have an evening to match the quality of the food at River Stone Chophouse.



3. Holland’s

$ | (757) 934-1787 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Suffolk, VA

Holland’s prides itself on using the freshest ingredients to bring you the most authentic country dishes. They are most famous for their country hams. They have a designated ham room on site to prepare their hams fresh daily.

You are not going to want to miss out on this local treasure. If you’re looking for something like deviled eggs, homemade chicken salad, or any other home-cooked favorite, you are sure to find it here. Make sure you check out their daily specials before you stop in to visit Holland’s..



4. The General Public

$$ | (757) 922-8040 | WEBSITE


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The General Public’s tagline is “good food for everyone,” and they do not disappoint on that promise. Their dishes are made with locally sourced ingredients and made with love to provide you with the highest quality experience.

When you visit the General Public for the first time, make sure you start with the loaded waffle fries before your entree of a signature sandwich or burger. There is something on this menu to satisfy the cravings of every member of your family. Don’t wait to pay The General Public a visit.



5. Amicis

$$ | (757) 923-5300 | WEBSITE


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You can stop in at Amicis for brunch, lunch, or dinner any day of the week. You will find a variety of options to choose from on their extensive menu. For brunch, order the Chicken and Waffles. For lunch, you can try the Spicy Chicken Cherry Pepper Sub.

If you plan to visit for dinner, get the Pork Belly Carbonara. If you’re looking for something simple, they also have an extensive pizza menu to order from. Order a classic pepperoni pizza, or find a signature pie that catches your eye. You will have no trouble finding something to eat at Amicis.



6. Iron Chef Japanese Restaurant

$$ | (757) 923-1588 | WEBSITE

Suffolk, VA Best Restaurants

Are you looking for a new place to get fresh Hibachi or Chinese food? Iron Chef Japanese Restaurant offers the best of Asian cuisine. Their friendly and attentive staff will provide you with the best service to enhance your experience.

Bring your friends and family in to enjoy watching a Hibachi chef prepare your chicken or shrimp teriyaki. You are sure to have a memorable experience when you dine at Iron Chef Japanese Restaurant.



7. Pho 79

$$ | (757) 483-4168 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Suffolk, VA

If you’re looking for a great spot to find Pho, look no further than Pho 79. You will find all the Vietnamese classics on their plentiful menu. Order a Pho-inspired soup or a Vermicelli dish the first time you visit Pho 79.

If you have little ones, you can help them order from the kid’s menu. You will find something for everyone on this menu. Enjoy a boba tea to go with your meal. Pho 79 is sure to make your list of favorite restaurants in Suffolk.



8. Cazadores

$ | (757) 923-9440 | WEBSITE

Suffolk, VA Restaurants

Are you looking for a spot to get the most authentic Mexican Cuisine? Cazadores is the best restaurant to experience the flavors of Mexico. They pride themselves on being the first Mexican Restaurant to open in Suffolk.

You will find all of your favorite Mexican dishes on their menu. Stop in so you can order their lunch specials any day of the week. Make sure you try their signature Burrito California the first time you visit.



10. Ninja Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

$$ | (757) 484-6888 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Suffolk, VA

If you’re a fan of sushi, you should make Ninja Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar the first stop on your list of restaurants to visit in Suffolk. Order the Pork of Vegetable Gyoza before your entree arrives.

You will find an extensive selection of sushi rolls to choose from as your main course. Or you can order a dinner plate like the Hibachi Noodle meal. Bring your friends and family in to enjoy a relaxing evening together at Ninja Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar.



11. Vintage Tavern

$$$ | (757) 238-8808 | WEBSITE


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The Vintage Tavern is a great place to plan to take your next date or have an elegant dinner to celebrate something special. You’ll need to make a reservation to get a table, but you won’t regret the decision to dine with Vintage Tavern.

You will receive premium quality service to match the high-quality food to make your dining experience one to remember. Make sure Vintage Tavern is the first place you plan to visit when you need an elegant place to eat.



12. Fin & Tonic

$$$ | (757) 800-1074 | WEBSITE


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Fin & Tonic is sure to offer you a one-of-a-kind experience. This restaurant is a small plates restaurant that focuses on a cocktail-heavy menu meant to replicate the experience of a prohibition-era speakeasy.

If you are looking for an elegant place to get live entertainment, visit Fin & Tonic on Sundays any time from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Local artists perform every week. This spot is sure to make your list of Favorites in Suffolk.



13. The Mod Olive

$$$ | (757) 935-5281 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking for a fun and quirky restaurant to spend a relaxing evening, then the Mod Olive is the spot for you. Open for brunch through dinner; you are sure to find something to satisfy your cravings on their menu.

If you are stopping in for brunch between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm, make sure you try the Chorizo Egg Bowl.

If you are planning to visit after 3:00 pm, you need to order the Grilled Chicken with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Gorgonzola Cream Sauce. You will be impressed with the unique dishes The Mod Olive has to offer.



14. Gianna’s Pizzeria & Restaurant

$$ | (757) 394-1255 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Suffolk, VA

Anyone looking for classic Italian food should prioritize Gianna’s Pizzeria & Restaurant on their list of restaurants to visit in Suffolk. Whether you love pasta dishes or pizza, Gianna’s Pizzeria has something for you.

As an appetizer, you should order the fried ravioli while you wait for your food. If you are craving a pasta dish, you can’t go wrong with the Fettuccine Alfredo or Baked Ziti.

Save room for dessert and order from their special daily dessert selection. Check out their online menu to see what Gianna’s Pizzeria & Restaurant has to offer.




It can be challenging to figure out which restaurants in your area are going to be high quality, but It shouldn’t have to be a chore to find somewhere new to eat.

Whether you are looking for sushi, Italian, or a simple burger, you are sure to find something to satisfy your cravings somewhere in Suffolk, Virginia. Stick to this list of 14 of the highest-rated restaurants in the area, and you will have no trouble experiencing high-quality dining in Suffolk.

Best Restaurants in Suffolk

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