17 Best Restaurants in Sacramento, CA 2023

If you are visiting Sacramento, you need to sample its extensive cuisine. It is one of the top “foodie cities” in the US, and for good reason, there is a variety in the restaurants, the food they serve and the unique moods and décor in each.

Sacramento also has a vibrant art and culture scene, and the décor and service of the restaurants display precisely that. The best part is, you can find several restaurants all serving different cuisines from American, Asian, Chinese, Mexican, Caribbean and even Afghan.

In this article, we’ll cover the restaurants, their locations, addresses and price estimates. Read on to find out.

1. The Waterboy

$$$$ | 916-498-9891 | WEBSITE


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The Waterboy serves American cuisine, including vegan and vegetarian-friendly options. Depending on the season, you’ll find some tasty Northern Italian and Southern French cuisine and a diverse wine list.

Their bar is quite extensive and features stiff drinks, cocktails, and aperitifs. If you love seafood, this is the best place to eat it in Sacramento.



2. Bacon and Butter

$$$$ | 916-346-4445 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Sacramento, CA

The Bacon and Butter restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their menu is full of American dishes, including vegetarian-friendly options. If the name doesn’t have you wanting to explore their dishes, the décor will draw you in.



3. Tower Café

$$-$$$ | 916-441-0222 | WEBSITE


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Tower Café serves local American cuisine and also has vegan and vegetarian options. The food, service and atmosphere are rated among the best in Sacramento, and it’s a pretty popular breakfast and lunch spot.

Their food portions are large, and they don’t sacrifice quality to deliver quantity. Its main attraction for most people is the rustic outdoor space with plenty of sitting space.



4. Zocalo

$$-$$$ | 916-441-0303 | WEBSITE


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Zocalo is one of the local favorite spots for eating Mexican and Latin cuisine. They have special diets for vegetarians and vegans for most of their Mexican and Latin meat dishes.

Their food and drink menus are extensive and fabulous, and you can’t go wrong with the pairing. The interior décor is also stunning and fits the Mexican culture.



5. Nopalitos

$$-$$$ | 916-452-8226 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Sacramento, CA

Nopalitos serves Mexican and southwestern cuisine and also has vegetarian-friendly meals. It ranks 6 out of 160 Mexican restaurants in Sacramento and 65 out of all the 1,284 restaurants, and it’s not hard to see why.

The décor gives off a warm neighborhood aura, and the food and service are top-notch



6. Tres Hermanas

$$-$$$ | 916-443-6919 | WEBSITE

Sacramento, CA Restaurants

The Tres Hermanas Mexican Restaurant serves both Mexican and Latin cuisine. They also offer vegan and vegetarian options for most of their meals.

The most popular meal on their menu is the Ensalada De Ceviche, which is Tilapia cooked in lemon, lime juice, and other mixed spices. It’s a super cute and nicely decorated restaurant, making it pretty popular with locals.



7. Centro Cocina Mexicana

$$-$$$ | 916-442-2552 | WEBSITE


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Centro Cocina Mexicana is rated the 7th-best Mexican Restaurant in Sacramento. They serve both Mexican and Latin cuisine, but without vegan options.

The menu offers some of the most popular Mexican dishes that taste like authentic passed-down Mexican recipes. Some top features of this restaurant include free off-street parking, wheelchair access and a full bar.



8. Midtown’s Cantina Alley

$ | 833-232-0639 | WEBSITE


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If you want to eat Mexican food at a restaurant with locals and a warm aura, Midtown’s Cantina Alley is one of the best restaurants in Sacramento for that.

They serve tasty yet affordable Mexican foods and have a pub with extensive beer brands. The restaurant is also vegetarian-friendly. Ensure you book in advance to avoid a long wait time.



9. Lemon Grass

$$-$$$ | 916-486-4891 | WEBSITE


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Lemon grass serves Asian, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine and has an extensive menu, including vegan and vegetarian options. Their beverage and ice cream selection is also extensive and features some Asian drinks.

The Restaurant is among the top 5 Asian restaurants in Sacramento and has a 4.5-star rating. One of the features that make this restaurant popular is the secluded sitting that faces away from the street.



10. The Coconut Midtown

$$-$$$ | 916-447-1855 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Sacramento, CA

The Coconut Midtown serves Asian and Thai cuisine and offers vegetarian-friendly options for all the dishes containing meat.

The food is delicious, portions are large, and the staff is amicable. One of their most famous dishes is red curry chicken. They also have Thai tea, a favorite of most return customers, and other Thai and Asian drinks.



11. Oz Korean BBQ Restaurant

$$-$$$ | 916-362-9292 | WEBSITE


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The Oz Korean BBQ Restaurant is one of Sacramento’s top 4 Asian restaurants. They serve barbeque made from Asian and Korean inspiration. Their most popular dish is the Fried pot stickers, made from deep-fried pork and vegetable pot stickers.

The restaurant has an all-you-can-eat option which allows you to pick various dishes. They also serve small side dishes for the barbeque, such as kimchi, rice noodles and broccoli.



12. Ming Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

$$-$$$ | 916-491-2233 | WEBSITE

Sacramento, CA Restaurant

This Restaurant is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Sacramento. It serves Chinese, Asian and Cantonese cuisine; however, they don’t offer vegan and vegetarian options. The food is outstanding and tasty, and the service is excellent.

Their menu is full of authentic Chinese seafood cuisine. If you choose to dine in this restaurant, you will have the pleasure of watching the crabs and lobsters swimming in the tank.



13. HoiCin

$$-$$$ | 916-369-8915 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Sacramento, CA

HoiCin offers an extensive menu full of Chinese, Asian and Cantonese dishes. You can order the all-you-can-eat option with a combo plate. They also offer large portions and are considerate of large parties dining in the Restaurant.

Most of their chefs are Chinese, and the restaurant has one of the best reviews of all the Chinese restaurants in Sacramento. The restaurant is also wheelchair accessible, and they also offer takeout.



14. King Palace Seafood Restaurant

$$-$$$ | 916-456-8888 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Sacramento, CA

King Palace serves Chinese, seafood and Cantonese dishes, including vegan and vegetarian meals.

Carts come around the restaurant, and you can pick anything you want and add it to your table; however, if you want something specific, you can always ask the waiter. The service is excellent, and the servers and bartenders are warm and friendly.



15. Café Connect

$$ | 916-447-8855 | WEBSITE

Sacramento, CA Top Restaurants

The Café Connect is one of the best Caribbean restaurants in Sacramento and among the top 300 restaurants in the city. Their menu includes several Caribbean dishes, soups and beverages, including their special soup of the day that changes daily.

They also serve desserts and breakfast dishes such as scones and are wheelchair accessible, which makes them a popular spot among the locals. The outdoor sitting area also offers a great view of the capital and the streets.



16. Shams Kabob

$$ | 916-484-6271 | WEBSITE

Sacramento, CA Top Restaurant

The Shams Kabob is the only Afghan Restaurant in Sacramento. They have a full menu of Afghan dishes that are prepared in the traditional Afghan way. It’s a cross between Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines, and the food is excellent.

The portions are large and tasty, and the accompanying dishes and dips are creamy with just enough spice. The staff in this restaurant are helpful and friendly, and the service is extraordinary.




Sacramento is known for its extensive cuisine and art scene that incorporates different cultures, and the restaurants in the city reflect that. You can hardly walk a few blocks without coming across a restaurant with attractive décor and tasty food.

Most restaurants also have bars and cafes where they serve breakfast in the morning and drinks during lunch and dinner. This list should help you navigate some of the best restaurants offering different cuisines.

Best Restaurants in Sacramento

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