10 Best Restaurants in Newport, RI (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

Founded in 1693, Newport is a small, seaside city in Rhode Island with a lot of history. Trade would take place from Newport to the Caribbean.

At present, Newport is well known for hosting the Newport Folk Festival and Newport Jazz Festival. Home to some of the best seafood in the nation, Newport is frequently visited for its beautiful scenery, shopping, and mansions.

Interested in what type of food you can find in Newport? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be showcasing some of the best restaurants in Newport.

Brick Alley Pub

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Brick Alley Pub has been awarded as the best restaurant in the entire state of Rhode Island. If you think that award is phenomenal, check this out. Brick Alley Pub is home to the best lobster rolls in America!

That is tough to beat. Brick Alley Pub has over 25 beers on tap. Brick Alley Pub has a diverse menu from seafood to burgers.

Brick Alley Pub is the perfect dinner location for a family meal, date night, or drinks with friends. The ambiance at this location is perfect for all occasions, with a fun and relaxed atmosphere.



The Red Parrot Restaurant

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Did you know the Red Parrot Restaurant sits in a historic building? The building was constructed in 1898. The Red Parrot Restaurant is located in historic Newport and is a site to see. The Red Parrot Restaurant is well known for keeping history alive.

The pineapple represents hospitality and the trade from Newport to the Caribbean. Why a pineapple? In the colonial era, sea captains would return home with exotic fruits from the Caribbean and be placed in front of the captain’s quarters to show they had returned safely.

Enough about history, and let’s talk about food! The Red Parrot Restaurant will satisfy any taste bud.

The Red Parrot Restaurant’s menu includes seafood, wings, Caribbean entrees, Greek entrees, pizzas, pasta dishes, and kid-friendly items. The atmosphere is perfect for relaxing and dining with friends, family, and children. The environment is relaxed and casual.



The Mooring Seafood & Kitchen Bar

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The Mooring Seafood & Kitchen is featured in the top 10 restaurants in Newport.

In business for over 35 years, Mooring Seafood & Kitchen has been ranked highly for its hospitality, crafted drinks, fresh seafood, award-winning wine list, and raw bar offerings.

Mooring Seafood & Kitchen is known to have one of the largest raw bar menu offerings in town! Mooring Seafood & Kitchen offers take-out, dine-in, large party gatherings, and catering, and is handicap accessible.

To top it off, while eating the freshest seafood in town, you get a gorgeous view of the harbor.



Mamma Luisa Ristorante Italiano

$$$ | (401) 848-5257 | WEBSITE


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In search of authentic Italian cuisine? Look no further. Originating from Bologna, Italy, Mamma Luisa started her very own restaurant in Italy! The next generation took notice.

Mamma Luisa’s family decided to recreate authentic northern Italian cuisine in Newport. Mamma Luisa’s is highly recommended for its delicious Italian cuisine, great ambiance, wine list, and phenomenal service.

Mamma Luisa’s servers do not let your glass get half full! Mamma Luisa’s caters to a wide array of eaters, with gluten-free and vegetarian options included.

Mamma Luisa’s is handicap accessible, reservations can be made online, and said to be ideal due to the high volume of requests, and food can be taken to go. Check out this gem in the harbor of Newport.




$$ | (401) 619-2640 | WEBSITE


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Who doesn’t crave good Mexican food? Diego’s is ranked in the top 10 restaurants to visit in Rhode Island. Diego’s has a fully stocked bar with an outdoor patio to which you can bring your furry friend with you!

Diego’s will even feature your furry friend on their Instagram. How cute is that? Diego’s also hosts an extensive brunch on Saturday and Sunday that’s a big hit within the community.

Diego’s food menu is large and specializes in Mexican entrees and an extensive drink menu that features mocktails for those who do not drink alcohol. This spot is perfect for a family night, a friend’s night out, or a nice brunch date.



Scales and Shells

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Scales and Shells restaurant has been around since 1987. Its owners were inspired by seafood in Italy and wanted to bring that taste and feel back home to the United States.

When they returned from their trip, they stuck to their goal and opened up Scales and Shells restaurant. Scales and Shells restaurant is well known for beautiful views and fresh seafood with a raw oyster room.

Scales and Shells restaurant handpick their seafood and get it delivered by boat directly to the restaurant. Scales and Shells restaurant has been labeled as “the place to indulge” by visitors to the area for their out-of-world seafood.

The aroma of garlic and sauces fills the air when you walk by. Scales and Shells restaurant is open nightly, so be sure to check the hours and snag your table.



22 Bowen’s Wine Bar & Grille

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Let’s talk about American Cuisine. 22 Bowen’s Wine Bar and Grille would be the perfect waterfront restaurant. 22 Bowen’s Wine Bar & Grille is ranked in the top 15 restaurants to eat at in Newport.

22 Bowen’s offers steaks, burgers, small Pickin’s, seafood, vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options. 22 Bowen’s Wine Bar and Grille also have a fully stocked bar.

Need to stop in during work and grab a bite to eat? That’s not a problem. Free WiFi is available to their customers. This location is open from lunch to late at night and takes walk-ins, reservations, and to-go orders.



Jo’s American Bistro

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Jo’s American Bistro is in the top 5 best restaurants in Newport. That is a great accomplishment. It’s no wonder they are ranked so high due to being known for the best service in town.

Jo’s American Bistro serves upscale eating in a casual setting. Menu options include delicious fresh seafood, gluten-free entrees, and organic meats which are farm-raised without antibiotics or hormones.

Jo’s famous special of a half-price bar menu is featured on Friday and Sunday evenings. Are you in search of family-friendly dinner options? Jo’s is the place for you. What about a double date night? Jo’s is top-notch. Great service and great food are delivered here. You can’t beat it.



The Black Pearl

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Where are the Pirates of the Caribbean fans at? The name of this restaurant will certainly make you smile. The Black Pearl is an award-winning restaurant for its homemade clam chowder.

The Black Pearl has a four-season patio for you to enjoy all seasons. Visitors can watch New England turn red and orange in the fall, or be full of boats on the water enjoying the summer sunshine.

This restaurant’s ambiance is great for a date, a friendly drink, a family gathering, or a large gathering. The food accommodation is varied and they offer fresh seafood of all kinds, beef, chicken, salads, and even brunch!

The Black Pearl has merchandise for sale that will include mugs, cups, shirts, and more. Visitors can purchase a souvenir to represent their favorite restaurant in Newport. Stop by and visit this hidden treasure full of history.



Clarke Cooke House

$$$ | (401) 849-2900 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Newport, RI

Clarke Cooke House is an upscale dining restaurant that features ” The SkyBar.” The SkyBar is a favorite spot for intimate cocktails and is hidden away on the top floor.

The SkyBar is open seasonally, but the bistro and shop are open year round. The setting of Clarke Cooke House is romantic and the perfect location for date nights, anniversaries, birthdays, and special moments.

There is a dress code and reservations should be made. Clarke Cooke House features exquisite seafood, sushi, and other entrees. Clarke Cooke House delivers top notch service and is considered to be Newport’s most sophisticated environment.




As you can see, Newport, Rhode Island is big on seafood and history. However, every seafood restaurant has a different flair and flavor.

Throughout the city, visitors will find a diverse list of restaurants, ranging from Italian, Greek, Jamaican, Caribbean, Mexican, and more. In Newport, restaurants cater to all palates and have gorgeous views.

Most restaurants in Newport offer outdoor seating, to which you can bring your furry friend with you.

Come visit the beautiful historical buildings and learn about the history of the Caribbean trade, experience the colonial feel, and certainly come ready to eat. Those who visit this charming city will leave with a full stomach and happiness.

Best Restaurants in Newport

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