12 Best Restaurants in Marlborough, MA (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

The New England community of Marlborough is one of the fastest-growing in the nation. Here, you can find dozens of diverse diners, restaurants, bistros, and food trucks for your convenience.

So, whether you like Brickhouse pizza, Thai, tacos, or curried lamb, you can find it in Marlborough. After a long walk on the beach or a day of sightseeing, grab some fare from one of the food trucks located in the downtown area.

Marlborough’s cultural mix means you can sample a literal melting pot of flavors. So don’t be shy. Take a seat and dig in. Whether you want domestic or international, the restaurants in Marlborough have something for everyone.

Many of the restaurants have patios where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while you dine. Plan a visit and try out the great cuisine the city has to offer. The following restaurants on the list represent Marlborough’s best of the best.

1. Alltown Fresh

$$ | 508-460-1320 | WEBSITE


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At Alltown Fresh, you get it fresh all day, every day. They have a full slate of experienced chefs who whip up delicious meals. Treat yourself to a friendly environment where people can enjoy meals to order.

Try out the delicious bacon, egg, and cheese brioche, or the breakfast burrito made with black beans, avocado, and chipotle aioli. They also have a number of gluten-free and vegan choices. You can also enjoy a number of local bands who perform.



2. Oliver’s Bistro

$$ | 508-251-2583 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Marlborough, MA

This restaurant has a little bit of everything. Bagels, salads, sandwiches, and more. The restaurant has a nice ambiance and a professional staff. The smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese is a house favorite.

Try other great sandwiches like the Croque monsieur. You can dine in, pick up, or have your food delivered. Customers give this restaurant a high rating for putting out quick, quality food. The prices are also affordable. You will love it here.



3. Miranda Bread

$$ | 508-251-2217 | WEBSITE


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This quiet, homestyle cafe offers exceptional Brazilian dishes with flair. Founded in 2003, the establishment has many returning customers for good reason. You can get burgers, sandwiches, smoothies, and shakes.

The Brazilian-style cheeseburger is well worth the price. Dine in a friendly atmosphere where you can feel comfortable. Don’t forget about delicious authentic Brazilian desserts like the Brazilian fudge that comes in both chocolate and coconut. Miranda Bread also has a catering service.



4. Marlborough House of Pizza

$ | 508-485-3033 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Marlborough, MA

Dine on some of the best, hot, delicious pizzas in a friendly atmosphere. This 50-year-old pizza mainstay in Marlborough serves hundreds of pizzas a day. The restaurant has been in the same location since it opened its doors.

Try delights like Buffalo pizza, chicken cordon bleu, or even chicken Fajita pizzas. Additionally, guests can chow down on wraps, paninis, grinders, rice bowls, and more. This family-owned business stays true to form with only authentic and original recipes.



5. The Plum Tomato

$$ | 508-460-6565 | WEBSITE


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If you love hand-tossed pizzas, The Plum Tomato is the place to go. Opened in 2014, this pizzeria makes fresh, homemade marinara sauce and pizza dough.

Some of the best sellers include smashed meatball sandwiches, California club wrap, and a whole array of burgers served on brioche rolls. The staff is friendly and quick with the food. The restaurant has a lively, family atmosphere that makes you want to come back.



6. Ginger Garden

$$ | 508-281-2066 | WEBSITE

Marlborough, MA Best Restaurant

This Asian fusion restaurant has a little bit of something for everyone. Sit at your table and watch chefs whip up hibachi-style sushi rolls, five-flavor shrimp, and chef specialties like chu chow three delight or general gau’s shrimp.

The restaurant has a friendly and welcoming ambiance. Take advantage of the full bar chocked with sake, international and domestic beer, and wines. If you like vegetarian fare, the options are plentiful.



7. Mirchi Nation

$$ | 509-357-6551 | WEBSITE


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The “Mirchi” in Mirchi Nation Indian Kitchen refers to a spice used in Indian cuisine. The chefs here make good, healthy food with ingredients straight from the farm. Enjoy delights like onion marsala dose, ghee roast pod, or a deep-fried spicy donut.

The folks at Mirich Nation don’t mind changing the menu for your particular taste. You can dine in or order out. They love feeding people and it shows on their faces. Once you get a taste, you’ll come back for more.



8. Thairiffic

$$ | 508-485-6900 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Marlborough, MA

This family-run eatery offers authentic Thai recipes for you to enjoy. It has a family-friendly environment that makes your dining pure joy. The lunch and dinner menu features Thai favorites like Saigon fresh rolls and shrimp tempura.

You can also enjoy a wide array of soups, salads, and appetizers. The menu is also kid-friendly. Check out the full bar stocked with wines, beer, and other domestic and international flavors. Thiariffic also serves vegan and gluten-free foods.



9. An Nam Vietnamese Grill

$ | 508-486-8199 | WEBSITE


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This may be a small place, but it packs a serious punch when it comes to cuisine. It’s consistently rated one of the best Asian joints around.

Try out some of their signature selections, like the super bowl, made with pork, chicken, and shrimp and served over Jasmine rice. Chow down on salads, appetizers, and other treats. They have some amazing drinks, like iced cafe, lychee juice, and a wide array of teas and smoothies.



10. Fish Restaurant Wine and Bar

$$$ | 508-460-3474 | WEBSITE


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If you want to eat your meal in a relaxing and warm environment, come to the Fish Restaurant Wine and Bar. This 25-year-old establishment is one of Metro West’s best.

Executive chef Jessica Sewell prides herself on serving up some of the freshest and most delicious seafood dishes around. The baked seafood casserole is a hit with diners. Also, try the fisherman’s platter or the clam dinner. If you want simple American fare, grab a bacon cheeseburger or BLT.



11. Linguini’s Italian Eatery

$ | 508-481-9747 | WEBSITE


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Charm, style, and casual atmosphere are the words associated with Linguini’s Italian Eatery. This family-owned restaurant serves fresh and delicious pizza, pasta, and homemade meatballs hourly. Linguini’s Italian Eatery has been around since 1998.

They have rich roots in the community and award them with some of the best spinach and ricotta calzones, pineapple pizza, and prosciutto around. They are open for lunch and dinner. Go with a big appetite.



12. La Tapatia Taqueria

$$ | 508-624-7005 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Maarlborough, MA (1)

Enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine at this lively place. Bring the kids and have a great time chowing down on fresh beef tacos, quesadillas, and more. The menu has a wide selection of so many dishes, you won’t know where to start.

Everything is good. This restaurant is conveniently located, so access is easy. Make your way over for lunch or dinner. You will definitely have a celebration when you go to La Tapatia Taqueria.




If you want to enjoy great cuisine in a great, bustling city, come to Marlborough, MA. Here you will find several diverse and eclectic restaurants for your enjoyment.

So, whether you want Asian, Mexican, or just some good old American fare, you can enjoy it here. Don’t delay, come sample some of the best restaurants in Marlborough.

Best Restaurants in Marlborough

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