12 Best Restaurants in Long Branch, NJ 2023

Moving to a new city can be overwhelming and a lot to get used to. If you have recently moved, you will want to start finding new places to make memories.

You probably had a list of favorite restaurants that made it easy for you to get out on the town and enjoy an excellent time with your family.

Finding your new favorite restaurant will make you feel at home in a new city. Whether your favorite food is sushi or Mexican cuisine, you are sure to find something you love in Long Branch.

There will be a restaurant to satisfy the needs of every member of your family if you take the time to look. Look at this list of the highest-rated restaurants in Long Branch, New Jersey, to find your new favorite spot to eat.

1. Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant

$$$ | (732) 870-1200 | WEBSITE


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Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant is excellent for planning a celebratory meal with your loved ones. If you are a fan of seafood and you are looking for an upscale dining experience, this is the restaurant you should plan to visit first.

You can stop in for brunch, lunch, or dinner to experience their high-quality seafood dishes. Try the lobster bisque or the crab cake entre the first time you visit Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant.



2. Trama’s Trattoria

$$ | (732) 222-1121 | WEBSITE


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Trama Trattoria is a favorite among food and wine aficionados. This Tuscan Italian restaurant offers unique dishes that depend on fresh, farm-to-table ingredients. You will get a delicious, high-quality meal every time you visit this warm and inviting restaurant.

Make this restaurant one of your next stops when you are craving a meal out. Bring your friends and family in to try the rigatoni or the cavatelli the next time you are looking for a place to find a bite to eat out.



3. Johnny Piancone’s

$$ | (732) 229-0300 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Long Branch, NJ

Johnny Picone’s is the place for you if you are looking for a family-friendly place to enjoy a nice meal out on the town.

You will find unique and interesting dishes on this extensive menu. You can try something different every time you stop by. This restaurant will make your list of favorites in Long Branch.



4. Mar Belo Portuguese

$$ | (732) 870-2222 | WEBSITE


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If you want to try something new, visit Mar Belo Portuguese. Their menu offers dishes that immerse you in the culture without leaving Long Branch, New Jersey.

You will want to try the chicken in garlic sauce or the bitoque the first time you stop into Mar Belo Portuguese. Bring your family out to try something new the next time you don’t want to cook in!



5. Izu Sushi Japanese Restaurant

$$ | (732) 870-0807 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Long Branch, NJ

Izu Sushi Japanese Restaurant is the perfect place for lovers of sushi. You can order your favorite sushi rolls or try one of their specialty ones.

Bring your family in for lunch or dinner any day of the week. You will want to prioritize Izu Sushi Japanese Restaurant on your list of restaurants in Long Branch, New Jersey.



6. Rockefellers Station Restaurant And Bar

$$ | (732) 962-6666 | WEBSITE

Long Branch, NJ Best Restaurants

Suppose you are looking for a great place to get a specialty pizza or enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with your friends and family. In that case, you should make Rochafellers Station Restaurant and Bar the following site you visit for a meal.

You can order the Bronx Bombers pizza for your table or a pasta dish or salad just for you. You will love sharing a meal with your loved ones at Rockefellers Station Restaurant And Bar.



7. Amy’s Omelette House

$$ | (732) 222-1206 | WEBSITE

Long Branch, NJ Best Restaurant

Amy’s Omelet House is the best place to grab a bite if you love breakfast food. Stop in for breakfast or lunch to order a family breakfast to share with your family or find a specialty omelet to try.

You are going to want to visit time and time again so you can enjoy the friendly diner atmosphere and bond with your loved ones over a classic breakfast.



8. Sides Diner and Grill

$ | (848) 303-8290 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Long Branch, NJ

Side’s Diner and Grill is the perfect place for people who want to enjoy that classic diner environment while they share a meal with their friends and family. You are going to love their classic menu items.

Order a burger or build a panini for lunch or dinner. They also have an extensive breakfast menu to choose from. Order online or sit down with your loved ones for a meal at Sides Diner and Grill.



9. Matiz Shore House

$$$ | (848) 888-3813 | WEBSITE


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Matiz Shore House is a restaurant that offers an extensive selection of dishes inspired by Mexican cuisine.

Try their empanadas and pair them with one of their signature drinks on your next evening out. You should make this restaurant one of your next stops if you want an upscale environment to get Mexican food with a loved one.



10. The Hummus Republic

$ | (732) 204-7177 | WEBSITE


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The Hummus Republic is a unique restaurant that will give you the experience to remember. Their menu features Mediterranean dishes, making this spot one of your favorites.

You can order one of their signature dishes or build your meal with a mix of the ingredients you want to try the most. Stop in for lunch or dinner any day.



11. Charley’s Ocean Grill

$$$ | (732) 222-4499 | WEBSITE


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Charley’s Ocean Grill pride’s itself on providing customers with a laid-back and friendly environment. Their menu is diverse. You will find something to satisfy the cravings of everyone at your dining party.

You will want to try their blackened steak bites as a starter. Follow it up with an entree of lobster and Mahi Mahi tacos. Pair your meal with a cocktail to get the full experience that Charley’s Ocean Grill has to offer.



12. Sirena Ristorante

$$$ | (732) 222-1119 | WEBSITE


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Sirena Ristorante is a great place to plan an elegant evening out with a loved one. You will find no shortage of high-quality meals to choose from for lunch or dinner.

Call to make a reservation to ensure you get a table to enjoy your meal. Order a signature pasta dish like their Tortellini Nero or Sachetti the first time you dine with Sirena Ristorante. You will not regret making this one of the restaurants you visit in Long Branch, New Jersey.




Finding new places to eat in an area can be a great way to get to know the culture and environment.

If you are new to Long Branch, New Jersey, you should make an effort to try all the different restaurants this town has to offer. It will be a great way to enjoy unique evenings out on the town with your friends and family.

Whether you like sushi, Italian, or Mexican food, you will surely find your next favorite restaurant if you follow this list of the highest-rated restaurants in Long Branch, New Jersey.

Plan an evening to celebrate an event or just go out for lunch when you are already in town. You will love all of these unique restaurants, and you are sure to want to visit them time and time again.

Best Restaurants in Long Branch

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