14 Best Restaurants in Lake Charles, LA (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

Most of the best restaurants in Lake Charles are located in the downtown area. Each has its variety of cuisine and settings to attract all locals and guests. The people in the city of Lake Charles take votes on the best restaurants, and these are the top picks in no particular order.

A list is given to the public and noted on many websites. We have found that they are the perfect setting, and the citizens of Lake Charles have chosen the top picks with prestige as it shows they have great taste.

121 Artisan Bistro

$$ | 337-310-7499 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in San Luis Obispo, CA

This restaurant is the place to visit if you are looking for excellent Italian, pizza, and steakhouse cuisine. They even have delivery available if you want a night at home with take-out food.

The restaurant has been serving Lake Charles for over 20 years, and the environment has a rich and peaceful setting with affordable prices on the menu. Quality and consistency is the primary goal of excellent service.




$$ | 337-602-6949 | WEBSITE

San Luis Obispo, CABest Restaurants

Gourmet poboys are served at their finest within the walls of this restaurant. Salads, soups, and desserts are also well-noted at this location. They serve Lake Charles and surrounding areas daily from 11 am to 8 pm.

All poboys are New Orleans style, and the scenery is that of a deli with checkered tables. There are more than poboys available, and there is a kid’s menu that the children will love. Catering is also available upon request.



Restaurant Calla

$$$ | 337-419-1980 | WEBSITE

San Luis Obispo, CABest Restaurant

This location is another rich but peaceful setting for the extravagant and luxurious dishes served at this restaurant. The environment is that of a phenomenal upper-class restaurant where the food is served like artwork.

Each dish shows the chefs putting all the care and effort into every meal. American cuisines are served here with a unique style. Everyone can experience the best of the Southwest Louisiana culture at this place.



Lagunas Mexican Grill and Cantina

$$ | 337-429-5755 | WEBSITE

Lake Charles, LA Best Restaurant

This Mexican restaurant serves all the favorites, from tacos and burritos to Mexican Pizza. The bar area serves up the best Margaritas and alcoholic beverages.

There is a meal for everyone, including kids, at any time of the day for lunch and dinner. The restaurant is open daily and has an outdoor seating area with a Mexican-style dine-in area. Take-out is also available for in-store pickup.



Luna Bar and Grill

$$ | 337-494-5862 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Lake Charles, LA

This place is one of the best bar and grills in Lake Charles, among the many others in the area. The scenery is that of a fancy bar and restaurant with famous pictures, concert posters, jerseys, and artwork all over the walls.

The Southwestern culture of Louisiana musically influences everything in this American food restaurant. It is located in Downtown Lake Charles and has some of the best dishes that look professional from a true chef and are served with the best flavors. The bar also has all the favorite alcoholic beverages to refresh everyone.



MacFarlane’s Celtic Pub

$$ | 337-433-5992 | WEBSITE

_Lake Charles, LA Best Restaurants

This place features an Irish pub scenery with live Celtic and Cajun music, burgers, salads, appetizers, and desserts. The bar is an excellent area to relax and enjoy a good meal and favorite drinks, and there is a happy hour with incredible specials Monday thru Saturday from 2-6.



Panorama Music House

$$ | 337-990-5361 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Lake Charles, LA

Are you interested in live music and excellent food? This is the place to visit when in Lake Charles, LA. This place serves up live music, cocktails, beer, and fantastic American food in both looks and flavor, and the scenery is like a music bar with some of the best and friendliest people.

The restaurant and music house are open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 am – 2 am. It is pet friendly and has games and a patio to sit outside.



Pujo Street Cafe

$$ | 337-439-2054 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Lake Charles, LA

The restaurant opened over 25 years ago and is still a local favorite with comfort food and cocktails. Like tradition had it, this restaurant is closed on Sundays, but Monday thru Saturday from 7 am – 9:30 pm, breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served. Brunch is also a favorite time of day for the locals.

Everything is served, from steak to seafood and everything in between. Every day has different specials from the food and drinks menus, and special events cover the calendar for those interested in what’s happening.



Steamboat Bill’s on the Lake

$$ | 337-494-1070 | WEBSITE


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This place specializes in seafood and boils. It is an excellent place to find souvenirs and seasoning for travelers and for locals to share the advertising for an outstanding local business. Delivery is covered through Eats-2-Go, and the restaurant is open daily with extended hours on the weekend.

This restaurant has won awards from the state concerning tourism because it is a much-talked-about place among visitors. Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser offered the highest honorable mentions for the well-noted business.



Stellar Beans Coffee House Cafe

$ | 337-602-8441 | WEBSITE

Lake Charles, LA Restaurants

This cafe/ restaurant is highly acclaimed for having the best beignets in the city of Lake Charles. It is also a coffee house where different flavors of coffee are purchased. Options are available for dining inside, pickup, or delivery.

The setting is like a typical coffee house where everyone can enjoy quiet time and have a good old-fashioned brew with beignets that everyone loves. People who buy here have the excitement of winning InterStellar Rewards for free stuff or discounted. Gift cards are also available for family or friends.



Tia Juanita’s Fish Camp

$$ | 337-429-5565 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Lake Charles, LA

This restaurant is where Mexican and Cajun cuisine clash into some of the most delicate seafood dishes in Southwest Louisiana. Consider the atmosphere where the older building settings and pictures of famous music artists and movie actors are all around.

Smooth jazz music lightly fills the background, and families and friends can enjoy a good meal. Ribeye steaks are also sold, making the place feel like a steak and seafood house. They are open every day except Mondays and Sunday’s have a brunch menu.



The Villa Harlequin

$$$ | 337-436-6251 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Lake Charles, LA

The rustic scenery and excellent dining area bring to life the meaning of eating fancy with modern innovation. People enjoy the fancy dishes, full bar, and top-of-the-line wine selections. This is where high-class American food is served and made special on the plate.

Many voted this place number one on several occasions, and the scenery and food speak for themselves if you want a romantic night out for dinner. Lunch, dinner, and wine are served daily, and brunch is served on Sundays.

The restaurant is located inside the Noble Building, where the company of Noble built the first oil well in Louisiana. The building is also a historical landmark, being over 100 years old.



Lit Pizza

$$ | 337-270-2220 | WEBSITE


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Lake Charles has a popular corner pizza spot inside one of its plazas where locals and visitors regularly eat. Open daily; Lit Pizza serves up the best signature pizzas and everyone’s favorites. They also have other Italian foods on the menu that makes mouths water.

The place has a friendly and welcoming environment, and its way of doing pizza separates it from every other Italian or pizza restaurant. The toppings are made like a buffet of choice, with every sauce, vegetable, and meat known.




$ | 337-474-3651 | WEBSITE

Lake Charles, LA Top Restaurants

These poboys are designed after the famous New Orleans-style poboys, and the locals and tourists love them. Darrell’s specializes in poboy sandwiches and barbeque. They also have a bar and a great dining area with rustic scenery.

Darrell’s is open every day except for Sunday. Most people in the area abide by the old-school rules of closing on Sundays so that they can rest. The bar is also full service with everyone’s favorite alcoholic beverages.




So, there are the best restaurants in Lake Charles, LA. Many may not make it in the top 15 or 20, but that does not mean they are not worth visiting. Some restaurants that do not make the top list are famous hole-in-the-wall restaurants that only the locals know about in Lake Charles. Cities like these hold great secrets and gems.

Best Restaurants in Lake Charles

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