15 Best Restaurants in Jackson, WY (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

Getting to know a new city can be a daunting task. There are a lot of things to get accustomed to. You will have to find new hobbies, friends, and places to spend your free time.

If your family is big on eating out then get to know the restaurants in your new area. Take a look at this list of the best restaurants in Jackson, Wyoming, to help you find your new favorite spots to eat out.

Best Restaurants in Jackson At Glance

  1. Coelette (Unique cuisine, historical flavors)
  2. Wyoming Inn – Warm and cozy atmosphere
  3. Kampai – Contemporary Japanese cuisine
  4. Persephone – Bakery Relaxed cafe-style atmosphere
  5. Soluna Cafe – Vegetarian and vegan options
  6. Million Dollar – Cowboy Bar Cowboy-themed steakhouse atmosphere
  7. Snake River Roasting Co. – Unique beverages and lunch options
  8. Local Restaurant & Bar – Upscale steakhouse atmosphere
  9. Koi Sushi and Poke – Fresh sushi rolls and poke
  10. FIGS – Lebanese cuisine and elegant atmosphere
  11. Gun Barrel Steak & Game House – American-style cuisine and rustic decor
  12. Miazga’s Restaurant and Bar – Outdoor seating and bar staples menu
  13. The Kitchen – Upscale dining with fresh twist
  14. Gather – Cozy atmosphere and extensive wine menu
  15. Bin22 – Winery with Italian-NYC fusion

1. Coelette

$$$$ | (307) 201-5026 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Jackson, WY

If you are looking for an upscale restaurant to plan a celebratory meal or a date night, then Coelette is the restaurant you should plan to visit. This restaurant offers unique cuisine to make any evening feel elegant and significant.

The dishes are created with specialized techniques and are meant to highlight the flavors rooted in the history of the area. They work with local farmers to bring fresh ingredients to the table. Call to make a reservation for your next night out.



2. Wyoming Inn

$$ | 307-734-0035 | WEBSITE


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There is no better place than an inn to enjoy a warm and cozy atmosphere. The Wyoming Inn has a restaurant called the Whistling Grizzly that offers a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu.

You can either plan a visit to stay in one of their rooms to enjoy the full experience of the inn or make a reservation for a meal in the restaurant. If you are staying at the inn, order room service and enjoy the Rocky Mountain Elk Tenderloin for a hearty dinner.



3. Kampai

$$$ | 307-201-5329 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Jackson, WY

If you are looking for a place to grab a sushi roll, consider making Kampai your next stop. Kampai offers contemporary Japanese cuisine.

Start off with an order of gyoza before you order the sushi roll of your choice. You can also pair your meal with sake or a glass of wine. Whether you’re planning an evening to enjoy an elegant atmosphere Kampi is the next restaurant you should visit.



4. Persephone Bakery

$$ | 307-200-6708 | WEBSITE


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Persephone Bakery is a cafe that offers a wide array of pastries, beverages, breakfast food, and lunch items. You can spend a quiet morning with a hot latte and a bakery pastry or visit for lunch to order an iced tea paired with a fresh salad.

Order ahead online or stop in to spend some much-needed time resting and relaxing with yourself in this quaint cafe-style bakery.



5. Soluna Cafe

$$ | (307) 733-7323 | WEBSITE


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Soluna Cafe is the perfect place for people who adhere to a vegan or vegetarian diet. The menu is full of items that focus on vegetable-based ingredients. You will find a variety of different options to choose from that other restaurants lack.

You can order a protein bowl, salad, soup, or sandwich to satisfy your cravings. Be sure to grab one of their unique beverages to go with your fresh meal. Take a look at their online menu to figure out what meal you plan to check out first at Soluna Cafe.



6. Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

$$$ | (307)-733-2207 | WEBSITE


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Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is a cowboy-themed steakhouse that offers you a taste of the south in the heart of Jackson Hole. Order a cast iron rib eye or a wagyu beef burger on your first visit. You will love this restaurant’s southern atmosphere.

It’s perfect for family outings or even a night out with friends. Be sure to visit Million Dollar Cowboy Bar for your next special event, and grab a signature cocktail while you enjoy your celebratory meal.



7. Snake River Roasting Company

$ | 307-312-2382 | WEBSITE


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Snake River Roasting Company has a wide variety of unique beverages to offer anyone looking for a new spot to find unique new drinks. You can pair your huckleberry pomegranate lemonade with huckleberry pancakes or a ham and cheese Monte Cristo.

This cafe-style restaurant is perfect for your next lunch outing. If you are a regular consumer of caffeine, you won’t want to forget to order a latte or hot tea for your daily pick-me-up. Be sure to stop by Snake River Roasting Company the next time you have a day out on the town.



8. Local Restaurant & Bar

$$$$ | (307) 201-1717 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking for a modern restaurant where you can enjoy a steak dinner, Local is the place to go. This unique take on a steakhouse is upscale and makes the perfect date night destination.

You’ll fall in love with the atmosphere while you dine on a delicious array of steaks cooked to perfection. Don’t forget to pair your dinner with the perfect wine.



9. Koi Sushi and Poke

$$$ | (307) 201-5033 | WEBSITE

Jackson, WY Best Restaurants

If you’re looking for a great spot to find your favorite sushi roll, then Koi Sushi and Poke is the place for you. Start off with an appetizer of pork buns before you find the sushi roll or poke that best suits your cravings.

If you are a fan of seafood and sushi, this menu is sure to have something that will satisfy you. Don’t forget to pair your meal with a Japanese soda to get the full experience while you visit Koi Sushi and Poke.



10. FIGS

$$ | 307-733-2200 | WEBSITE

Jackson, WY Best Restaurant

Figs at Hotel Jackson is a great place to plan to take your date or make a reservation for an elegant meal out with your friends and family. If you have been wanting to give Lebanese cuisine a try, this is the place for you.

Whether you are planning to make a reservation to stay in one of the rooms of the hotel or just make a reservation for Figs to eat, you will not regret visiting this establishment. Make sure you order the chicken shawarma if you want to get a taste of this rich cuisine.



11. Gun Barrel Steak & Game House

$$$ | 307-733-3287 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Jackson, WY

Gun Barrel Steak & Game house is the perfect restaurant to experience American-style cuisine in a classic country atmosphere. The rustic decorations will lend themselves to your experience throughout your visit.

Order the Big Sky Rib Eye or the Steakhouse Burger paired with a signature cocktail to round out your experience. This family-friendly restaurant is perfect for the next time you want to gather everyone for a meal out on the town.



12. Miazga’s Restaurant and Bar

$$$ | (307) 733-2784 | WEBSITE


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If outdoor seating and a menu full of your favorite bar staples are what you’re craving, then head to Miazga’s Restaurant and Bar!

This incredible spot is the perfect place for date nights, and offers live music every Tuesday night! Try out the German-inspired kielbasa sandwich or enjoy the signature fettuccine alfredo as you listen to some local jams.



13. The Kitchen

$$$ | (307) 734-1633 | WEBSITE


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If upscale dining with a fresh twist is the vibe you’re looking for for your next date night, book a reservation at The Kitchen in Jackson, WY. This incredible place features entrees that will make your mouth water.

Try the swordfish and enjoy an amazing, bright tang of red curry with a side of marinated jicama or order the short rib ramen. Whatever you order, don’t forget to pair your dinner with one of the specialty cocktails like the honey saz or a mellow heat.



14. Gather

$$$ | 307-264-1820 | WEBSITE


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Start your dinner off with a wild mushroom toast with melted brie before you move on to the entree of bison teres major or a Korean marinated ribeye when you dine at Gather.

You’ll love the homey feel of this restaurant where you can enjoy up-scale dinners in a cozy atmosphere. The extensive wine menu ensures you can find the perfect pairing for your dinner or enjoy one of many beers on tap!



15. Bin22

$$ | 307-739-9463 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking for a fusion of New York City with the rustic Italian countryside, then Bin22 is the restaurant and winery you’ll want to put on your bucket list.

This amazing winery offers a vast selection of vintages so that you can find the perfect pairing every time. Book a reservation at the restaurant and enjoy a gorgeous pairing of meats, cheeses, and entrees to go with your wine selection.




Learning the ins and outs of a new city can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. One of the best ways to get to know an area is by trying out local bars and restaurants with your friends and family.

This list of the best-rated restaurants in Jackson, Wyoming is sure to help you compile your own list of favorite restaurants in the area. Don’t hesitate to get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

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