15 Best Restaurants in Ipswich, MA (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

The idyllic coastal town of Ipswich is located in Essex County, Massachusetts. One of the many things that Ipswich is known for is great food.

For a somewhat smaller town, the restaurant scene here is quite diverse. Whether you are looking to start your day with a scrumptious breakfast, go for dessert after visiting the beach, or grab a hearty lunch or a delicious dinner, you will be spoiled for choice.

Pizza, pub food, Greek, Italian, and Asian cuisine are just a few of the diverse options available in Ipswich, not to mention the thing that they are most famous for; clams!

This historic town has a very neighborly feel to it when having a sit-down meal. The large variety of local restaurants and breweries makes Ipswich a perfect experience for dining out, as it has something for everyone.

To narrow down your hunt for great cuisine, I scouted out the most popular restaurants in this famous town as reviewed by both tourists and locals alike. Here is a list of the 15 best restaurants in Ipswich.

1. Choate Bridge Pub

$$$ | (978) 356-2931 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Ipswich, MA

Choate Bridge Pub offers delectable meals in a pleasant, welcoming setting in downtown Ipswich. Grilled steaks, seafood, burgers, salads, and pizza are among the choices on the menu.

The portions are huge and the food is fresh. In addition, there are a variety of draft beers. The pub is cash only, so bring along some money. At the bar, you can always find a lively crowd of locals, tourists, and regulars.



2. Riverview Pizza

$ | (978) 356-0500 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Ipswich, MA

The Riverview is a pizza bar near downtown Ipswich. The room is backlit with lights hidden behind wall moldings, adding to the retro feel of the place. There are video games in the annex to keep the kids busy until the pizza arrives.

There is also a CD jukebox in the dining room. The pizzas are 12-inch thin-crust pies that will make any adult with a big appetite eat the whole pie and want another.



3. Ipswich Clambake

$$$ | (978) 356-7201 | WEBSITE


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A family-friendly and dog-friendly seafood restaurant. There is outdoor seating and the overall atmosphere is very casual.

Ipswich Clambake has an extensive restaurant menu that includes fried, baked and grilled starters, seafood platters, homemade soups, a variety of sandwiches and salads, steamed mussels, fish, lobster, and more to suit every palate.

They also offer catering and take-out menus. The restaurant’s claim to fame is that its clam chowder won an Ipswich Chowder Fest award two years in a row.



4. Jules’ Kitchen

$ | (978) 356-4000 | WEBSITE


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Jules’ Kitchen is a family-friendly and cozy diner in Ipswich, a real hidden gem. They seem truly passionate about food and create interesting and delicious dishes.

Fresh and local ingredients are used and the meals and baked goods are prepared from scratch. Sandwiches and salads are the most popular, with vegetarian options available. At Jules’ Kitchen, the customer service is outstanding and the prices are very reasonable.



5. Good Taste Asian Cuisine

$$ | (978) 356-8881 | WEBSITE

Ipswich, MA Best Restaurant

This restaurant serves delicious Thai and Chinese food. The restaurant is also child-friendly and has an extensive children’s menu. Food is prepared relatively quickly for eat-in or take-out.

This small corner restaurant has a large window through which you can see the kitchen. Everything is very clean and tidy, the ingredients are always fresh and no MSG is used. One of the perks is that they deliver the food to your door.



6. Clam Box

$$$ | (978) 356-9707 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Ipswich, MA

This iconic roadside restaurant is a tall trapezoidal eatery that looks like a giant cardboard take-out container with a flap at the top. They serve the most delicious fried clams and a wide variety of seafood.

You can choose to eat in the dining room or at the picnic table behind the outdoor patio. Both are wheelchair accessible. Enjoy some of the finest fried seafood in very hearty portions.



7. 1640 Hart House

$$$ | (978) 356-1640 | WEBSITE


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What a privilege to dine in such a historic building, a prime example of early American architecture. It features five different levels and staircases, a 363-year-old fireplace, and wall panels with hand-painted colonial tea chests.

With plenty of seating to choose from, you can sit outside in the tent, on the deck, or in one of eight rooms. 1640 Hart House is an upscale and unique dining experience in the Ipswich area.

The extensive menu has everything from seafood, burgers, soups, and salads. The wine list is also substantial, making it ideal for date night.



8. Zabaglione Ristorante

$$ | (978) 356-9222 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Ipswich, MA

This stylish, Italian gem is a winner if you are looking for truly authentic, Italian food. The atmosphere is cozy and chic, perfect for taking your significant other on a date.

Zabaglione has a fully stocked bar with bar seating. The rest of the restaurant has a combination of tables and booths.

The menu is seasonal, extensive, and diverse, with something for everyone to enjoy, including vegan options. There are daily specials, but most people come for the grilled octopus, a rare-to-find delicacy.



9. Ipswich Ale Brewery

$$ | (978) 356-3182 | WEBSITE


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Within the brewery itself, is The Brewer’s Table Restaurant. It offers 15 Ipswich beers on tap as well as an eclectic dinner and lunch menu featuring brewpub and New American cuisine.

Weekends include free live music. Visitors may view the production process from grain to glass through windows the size of an industrial building while they are there.

You may purchase your much-loved Ipswich Ale beers to take home, as well as brewery clothing and other items.



10. Zeno’s Roast Beef & Seafood

$ | (978) 312-1497 | WEBSITE

Trendy Restaurants in Ipswich, MA

Zeno’s is a downtown, family-owned restaurant, with the best roast beef in town, according to the locals. It is mostly a sandwich shop, with dine-in and take-out options.

There are gluten-free rolls available and the service is fast and friendly. Their website has a booking option, as well as gift cards. The parking available is in the street and it is wheelchair friendly.



11. The Brown Dog

$$ | (978) 312-6362 | WEBSITE


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The Brown Dog is cozy and intimate, with plenty of seating and a unique pub atmosphere. Natural colors and tones create an inviting environment.

A full bar serves local spirits and a wide selection of wines and beers. A casual lunch spot with hearty pub fare such as pizza, burgers, and sandwiches.

You can also stop by for dinner. The bar and dining room are very comfortable and cozy. It’s a dog lover’s paradise with lots of pictures and drawings of dogs. Bring your four-legged best friend along.



12. Burrito Spice

$ | (978) 312-3345 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Ipswich, MA

Due to its downtown location on the main street, Burrito Spice offers excellent Mexican cuisine and an even greater atmosphere. During rush hour, you might have to wait a little longer, but it will be worthwhile.

They offer freshly produced salads, tacos, and burritos. The eatery offers vegetarian options and makes use of fresh ingredients in its cuisine. There is a wide range of meats to choose from, and the amounts are pretty substantial.



13. Heart & Soul Cafe

$$ | (978) 356-7685 | WEBSITE

Ipswich, MA Top Restaurants

Heart & Soul Cafe is located in the “heart” of Ipswich, in the downtown area. It’s a cute breakfast or lunch cafe, with outdoor seating. They provide a friendly, welcoming, and service-oriented café experience for their patrons.

The menu is large and diverse, there are choices for everyone, including those on a vegetarian or gluten-free diet. This dog-friendly restaurant provides water bowls for your pooches, and they close at 3 pm daily.



14. Fox Creek Tavern

$$ | (978) 312-1088 | WEBSITE

Ipswich, MA Top Restaurant

Fox Creek Tavern serves interesting artisan comfort food in a pub-type atmosphere. The environment is upscale, with comfortable chairs, romantic lighting, and an overall wonderful place for a date night.

The wait staff are warm and welcoming upon arrival. There is a lovely little patio with outside seating and sensational views.

The service is exceptional and the food is great. They have themed drinks for every holiday, and their signature dish is Irish nachos.




Now that you are better acquainted with some of the best restaurants in Ipswich, why not pop in for a treat the next time that you are in town?

Bring along your family, friends, and beloved pets to create some delicious moments and memories. Your taste buds will surely thank you.

Best Restaurants in Ipswich

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