19 Best Restaurants in Emeryville, CA [2023 Updated]

Located between Oakland and Berkeley on the shore of the San Francisco Bay, Emeryville is reputed for sweet homemade meals that will leave your taste buds longing for more.

Asides the tastiness of the foods, the restaurants are committed to using healthy ingredients and treating their customers like family.  Below are the best restaurants in Emeryville.

Trader Vic’s

$$ | (510) 653-3400 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Emeryville, CA Trader Vic's

An international restaurant that has been around for over 80 years, Trader Vic’s still stands charming and magnificent. Like a tropical paradise within a city, it has a private dining area and a full bar with both indoor and outdoor seats.

There’s also a provision for kids in this second-best Polynesian and Hawaiian restaurant. As the only restaurant that serves Polynesian cuisine in Emeryville, the food is unique, and the staff offers great customer service. Try to get a table by the window to see San Francisco and the marina.


Black Bear Diner

$$ | (510) 947-7933 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Emeryville, CA Black Bear Diner

This vegetarian-friendly diner serves home-style cooking at its best in an old-fashioned, comfortable building. It also provides services such as takeout, breakfast, and brunch.

The indoor seating arrangement draws you in. You can take your kids along as it is kid-friendly. With the tasty meals in a bubbly environment, you won’t regret visiting the restaurant.



$$ | (510) 652-6151 | WEBSITE

Emeryville, CA Best Restaurants Townhouse

Townhouse is a kid-friendly restaurant with free Wifi. If you plan to go to the East Bay, try dropping by at Townhouse. It’s a local restaurant with a bubbly crowd, great food, and drinks.

The customer service is great, although only indoor seats are available. According to Tripadvisor, Townhouse is rated as the first restaurant in Emeryville. The dinner is delightful, and the place is comfortable and calming. There are vegan and gluten-free options.


Rudy Can’t Fail Cafe

$$ | (510) 594-1221 | WEBSITE

Emeryville, CA Best Restaurant Rudy Can't Fail Cafe

This cute dog-friendly restaurant is across from Emeryville Town Hall. It’s a great dining place with a pleasing ambiance and vegan-friendly meals. Rudy’s serves breakfast and takeout. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seats.

The staff is very accommodating. If you are looking for where you can get fantastic customer service, delicious food, and a bustling place, then Rudy Can’t Fail is for you. Swing by on your way to work in the morning for a great meal.


Doyle Street Cafe

$$ | (510) 547-3552 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Emeryville, CA Doyle Street Cafe

Doyle Street Cafe is a little gem restaurant with only an indoor seating arrangement. It serves great food accompanied by excellent customer service in a homey atmosphere.

It is the second-best restaurant that serves American cuisine with gluten-free options. You can enjoy the spring sunshine. There is a parking lot across the street where you can park your cars. Of a surety, food at Doyle is always worth it.


Arizmendi Bakery and Pizzeria

$ | (510) 547-0550 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Emeryville, CA Arizmendi Bakery and Pizzeria

The restaurant is a local bakery that serves thin-crust vegetarian pizza, sweet treats, pastries, coffee, and homemade bread for breakfast. This vegan-friendly restaurant only has seats outside with WiFi and takeout services.

Since every meal is baked in-house, be assured that you will get fresh food. Arizmendi is rated the second-best pizza place in Emeryville as its pizza has unique flavors.


Summer Summer Thai  Eatery

$$ | (510) 658-3234 | WEBSITE

Emeryville, CA Restaurants Summer Summer Thai  Eatery

An original modern Thai restaurant, Summer’s serves healthy and filling food in a stylish but casual setting. The aesthetics will amaze you to no end. You could dine in the restaurant, ask for takeout, or order online for delivery.

If you would like to dine in the restaurant with your family, it is recommended that you book a table before coming in. Outdoor seating is also available.

If you are a vegetarian, you can still eat at Summer Summer Thai as there are vegan-friendly foods. The customer service is excellent, and the food presentation will take your breath away.


Ruby’s Cafe

$ | (510) 601-0622 | WEBSITE

Emeryville, CA Restaurant Ruby's Cafe

Ruby’s Cafe is a restaurant for breakfast and lunch and a local hangout place to enjoy sweets, cookies, etc. . The staff is super friendly and warm, and the atmosphere is comfortable.

You can also enjoy free WiFi and watch the view from their outdoor seats. Ruby’s is the place to go if you want  American comfort fare, breakfast, lunch, shakes, sandwiches, coffee, and salads.


California Pizza Kitchen

$$ | (510) 654-0750 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Emeryville, CA California Pizza Kitchen

This pizza restaurant is an awesome place; you don’t want to miss its spicy but tasty pizza. You enjoy good customer service with a variety of drinks to choose from. There’s a full bar and an outdoor seating arrangement.

California Pizza Kitchen is also a place for both kids and vegetarians. The meals are served in a modern setting. If you love hand-shaken cocktails, craft beers, and hand-tossed pizza,  CPK is where you should go.


P. F. Chang’s

$$ | (510) 879-0990 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Emeryville, CA P. F. Chang's

F. Chang’s is an Asian-themed American casual dining restaurant that serves creative Asian meals in Emeryville, CA. Different cultural recipes influence its menu. It is a pleasant place and also open to kids and vegans.

It has great customer service with consistency in its food quality.  Whether you want takeouts, delivery, or reservations, make your choice through their website.


Wally’s cafe

$ | (510) 597-1303 | WEBSITE

Emeryville, CA Top Restaurants Wally's cafe

This Lebanese, cash-only restaurant serves traditional Mediterranean meals, which you can eat in the seats outdoors if you want to enjoy the scenery outside. You can either dine-in, take out or order for deliveries.

Wally’s cafe is the best Mediterranean restaurant in Emeryville with different cuisines such as Lebanese, Middle East, Mediterranean, and Greek. Also, special diets like vegan options and halal are available.

Although the restaurant’s exterior doesn’t look so appealing,  walk in to embrace the graciousness of the cafe. In need of a place where you can get Mediterranean food? Then, Wally’s cafe is where you are looking for.


The Bureau 510

$$ | (510) 595-1000 | WEBSITE

Emeryville, CA Top Restaurant The Bureau 510

The Bureau 510 is an American restaurant, pub, and bar with a great atmosphere. The food is super delicious, and it’s dog-friendly. Burgers? Yes. The Bureau serves sumptuous burgers, among other fresh sandwiches and salads.

It is highly recommended to all and sundry. There are lovely seats on the patio. The place has both indoor and outdoor seats. The appetizers, soups, main courses, and mixed drinks are fantastic. You will get excellent and fresh food worth the money spent.


Hong Kong East Ocean Restaurant

$$ | (510) 655-3388 | WEBSITE

Trendy Restaurants in Emeryville, CA Hong Kong East Ocean Restaurant

The restaurant is a Chinese-Asian restaurant that serves seafood specialties and a flavorful dim sum in a big space. It overlooks the bay, allowing customers to enjoy pleasant views. It has good customer service with an indoor seating arrangement.

Rated the best Chinese restaurant in Emeryville, the menu is extensive. You get to enjoy a variety of sumptuous dishes, and the meals never disappoint. The spectacular view and great customer service will keep you going back.



$$ | (510) 653-8210 | WEBSITE

Emeryville, CA Trendy Restaurants Chevys

A bustling informal Mexican restaurant in Emeryville with an appealing, family-friendly setting, Chevys’ menu is elaborate. You can enjoy the day while listening to rock music with tequilas and margaritas.

Their services include both delivery and takeout, or you can choose to enjoy fresh food in a bubbly place with an indoor seating arrangement. A visit to Chevys promises an exciting time and a great view of the San Francisco Bay.

The inner decorations are breathtaking, and the lighting is fabulous. The place is clean and located in a perfect spot. Aside from the great view, you also enjoy excellent customer service. If you plan to hang out with your friends, then Chevys is for you!


IKEA Restaurant

$ | (888) 888-4532 | WEBSITE

Emeryville, CA Trendy Restaurant IKEA Restaurant

The cuisines available at IKEA are Swedish, European, and Scandinavian. With ample space for dining, it is a great lunch spot for meals at affordable prices. IKEA is a taste of Sweden in the East Bay. While shopping at the IKEA store, you can drop by the restaurant to get filled up.

The meals are filling, delicious, and inexpensive. You also taste Sweden’s traditional meals and enjoy its staff’s generosity and warmth.  The quality of the meals is standard, so you can rest assured you are in for a great time. If you are eager to get an affordable restaurant in Bayview, then IKEA is your go-to.



$ | (510) 658-7950 | WEBSITE

Good Restaurants in Emeryville, CA Denny's

It is a casual dining restaurant that dishes classic American meals that are all-day favorites. The fantastic fact about Denny’s is that it is always open for all kinds of meals, be it breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Takeout, table service, seating, and reservations are available. You also get to enjoy free WiFi. It’s wheelchair accessible. For over 65 years, Denny’s has been in the business of bringing people together through delicious meals.

You get to relax and enjoy yourself amidst other people and the classic American comfort meals. If you choose not to dine in, you can order from the comfort of your residence. The prices are moderate, and the staff is nice.


Branch Line Pub

$$ | (510) 547-1100 | WEBSITE

Good Restaurant in Emeryville, CA Branch Line Pub

Branch Line Pub is a phenomenal local pub with great staff and fulfilling customer service. Not only is the food great but also the drinks served. The staff is friendly and accommodating; it’s a restaurant you will want to return to.

It has a cocktail bar and serves Spanish and Vietnamese dishes. The meals taste perfect.  The atmosphere is calming, special thanks to the background music. It is a great place for chilling out with family and friends.


Honor Kitchen And Cocktails

$$ | (510) 653-8667 | WEBSITE

Emeryville, CA Good Restaurants Honor Kitchen And Cocktails

Honor Kitchen And Cocktails is the place for you if you are a fan of cocktails and adventurous dishes. The tavern is darkly lit, but there’s food for everyone at Honor Kitchen. The food and liquor are good, the prices are affordable, and the ambiance is superb.

The staff at Honor Kitchen are true mixologists. The classic and adventurous meals and unique drinks, great vibes, and energy make it a place suitable for socializing. If you’re looking to be a social fly, go to Honor.


Best Coast Burritos

$ | (510) 654-4699 | WEBSITE

Emeryville, CA Good Restaurant Best Coast Burritos

Best Coast Burritos is a restaurant that lives up to its name. It is called best for a reason. If you go there to dine, you sure won’t be disappointed. They serve the best burritos, even for vegetarians.

It is an industrial-chic restaurant in Emeryville where you will get the best breakfast and classics, including Mexican meals.

If you appreciate Mexican cuisine, whenever you visit Christie Avenue Park, make a trip to Best Coast Burritos. It is located in a good spot with professional customer service. It’s wheelchair accessible, but there is no outdoor seating.



If you want delicious food that will leave your taste buds yearning for more, the restaurants above are the places to visit in Emeryville. Their meals are worth both your money and time. Before visiting, you can check them out online to know what they offer and what you are up for.

Restaurants in Emeryville, CA

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