20 Best Restaurants in Durant, Ok (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

Even though Durant is a small city located in Oklahoma, it is known for its great outdoor adventures. These events draw people from all over the world to visit for endless fun.

However, your fun is not complete without visiting some of Durant’s best traditional and modern restaurants, which seek to satisfy customers by diversifying their meal options. Below are some of the best restaurants you shouldn’t miss when visiting Durant.

Applebee’s Grill + Bar

$$ | (580) 931-9306 | WEBSITE


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This neighborhood restaurant specializes in various dining options – a bar where you can order wine or beer to complement your food and outdoor catering for big events. They also offer large-scale dishes for over 150 people at a discounted price.

Their appetizers are delicious and frequently come with the dish. For convenience, a curbside pick-up is made available. If you’re out till midnight and you find yourself hungry, Applebee is there for you as they close by 1. a.m.


Roadhouse Bar & Grill

$$$ | (580) 745-8025 | WEBSITE

Durant, Ok Best Restaurants Roadhouse Bar & Grill

Roadhouse is located in the heart of Durant, making it accessible to nearby establishments. You can easily get to this classic and modern restaurant anywhere in Durant. They serve steak, drinks, and different food options on their menu.

Their meals are always freshly cooked. They have a VIP room with a capacity to seat 70 people and a room with a 50-person capacity for your private meal. You can also enjoy their signature drinks and beers with friends and family while watching games. The aesthetic environment is also suitable for your pictures.



$$ | (580) 931-9961 | WEBSITE

Durant, Ok Best Restaurant Roma

A family-owned traditional Italian restaurant in  Downtown Durant, Roma opened in 2005 and has since drawn in customers with its impeccable food and service even after remodeling and expanding in 2008.

Due to its nomination for the Great American Main Street Award in 2008, it has been recognized as one of the best restaurants in Durant. Their style of family recipes is exciting, and their food is outstanding.

The traditional pasta dishes, New York-style pizza, sandwiches, and much more are great. You don’t want to miss them! They are closed on Monday but open every other day.


Rib crib

$$ | (580) 745-5700 | WEBSITE


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The slow-smoked barbeque in Rib Crib will make you happy. The taste of the smoky pork, chicken, and ribs, among many more, is tantalizing.  The ribs are tender, the BBQ sauce is outstanding, and the taste will take you to another level.

You can choose from the various rib flavors to compliment your dish. A combo meal can also be ordered if you want to taste mixtures. You can dine in to enjoy a bottle of wine. Drop in and enjoy great meals you’ll never forget on your way to the casino.


Main Street Barbecue

$$ | (580) 745-9120 | WEBSITE


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Main Street Barbeque is a kid-friendly restaurant with various lunch and dinner options. The restaurant is popular among the locals. It’s suitable for vegetarians, closely-knit families, and friends. The food is spicy, and they only offer beer and wine.

The noise is moderate, and the staff is accommodating. Main Street will do if you’re looking for a calm restaurant where you and your family can have a good time. You can also work in a calm environment as there’s free Wi-Fi.


Asian Gourmet

$$ | (580) 924-6688 | WEBSITE

Durant, Ok Best Restaurant Asian Gourmet
Durant, Ok Best Restaurant Asian Gourmet

Asian gourmet is a Chinese-Asian restaurant that serves fresh food. It is rated the best Asian restaurant in Durant. If you’re in the mood to enjoy Asian delicacies at any time, this is the place for you. The freshly cooked traditional meals are made with modern ideas to excite your taste buds.

It’s the go-to for your date nights and family get-togethers. Their menu contains a variety of foods, from appetizers to different entrees. Their food is art. Their fried tofu, Mongolian beef, and chicken can’t be gotten anywhere else in Durant. You can’t visit Asian Gourmet and not get hooked.


Wright’s Drive-in

$ | (580) 924-4793 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Durant, Ok Wright’s Drive-in

Looking for a typical classic drive-in restaurant? Wright’s Drive-in is the best for you. The service is great, and the customer service will blow your mind. They attend to each of your needs just in time. One quality that stands out as you step inside the restaurant is the sense of community.

It is great for groups, and its outdoor seating is spacious enough. They have the best sweet tea and milkshakes in town; ensure you try that. Their prices are reasonable and it is just about anything you want. Also, try attending the car show every month outside the restaurant.


Chili’s Grills and Bar

$$ | (580) 920-0945 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Durant, Ok Chili’s Grills and Bar

A modern full-service bar and grill established in Southwest style and steeped in Tex-Mex cuisine, Chili’s prepares healthy meals for lunch and dinner in a formal but casual setting. You can order the happy hour specials or lunch combination platters while you dine in or order take-out.

They also have varieties of drinks in their bar where you can sit and chill out with your friends. However, if you want to dine in, note that parking lots are unavailable.


Salita’s Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (580) 924-2945 | WEBSITE

Durant, Ok Restaurants Salita’s Mexican Restaurant

If you appreciate Mexican cuisine, Salita’s is the best place for you. Their traditional Mexican dishes will leave your taste buds craving more. They have an elaborate menu containing nacho appetizers, fajita quesadilla, queso dip, and salsa, among many more.

Their chicken wings can be ordered in jumbo and are served spicy. The atmosphere is calming and kid-friendly, and their customer service is excellent. Dine in to enjoy a classical Mexican meal at an affordable price and have a great time.


Dining Around Cafe and Catering

$$ | (580) 931-3171 | WEBSITE

Durant, Ok Restaurant Dining Around Cafe and Catering

Dining Around is a restaurant that makes dishes with natural ingredients from scratch. As such, they primarily use veggies to prepare their meals. Their salad is of high quality and is one of the best in town. They are also involved in catering services and large-scale meals.

You can make reservations through their website to enjoy their salads and pies, especially their boom boom sandwich. Their cuisine style cuts across American cafeterias and delicatessens.

Whether you want to enjoy light meals, drinks, brunch, or breakfast, there are various options on their menu, including chicken and dressing, The classic, Mock champagne, and so on.


Tokyo Hibachi and Sushi

$$ | (580) 924-7776 | WEBSITE

Tokyo Hibachi and Sushi

There aren’t very many sushi restaurants in Durant, but this restaurant is a rare gem that nourishes your taste buds with amazing sushi, crabs, and California rolls. They are rated to have one of the best local beers with quality customer service and only an indoor arrangement.

The seafood is cooked in different methods to bring out multiple flavors.  The environment is clean, and the meal preparation is fast.


Craft Pies Pizza Company Durant

$ | (580) 380-4290 | WEBSITE


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This pizza restaurant is an awesome place with over 30 toppings options. The pizza is cheap for its quality and quantity. They charge no extra amount for any topping of your choice. You can also get them to create the kind of pizza you want.

They aim to prepare your dream pizza and ensure the taste is unforgettable. Their traditional dough, gluten-free cauliflower, crust, and vegetarian options make them the zenith of pizza companies in Durant.



$$ | (888) 652-4628 | WEBSITE


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Smashburger specializes in burgers that will leave you wanting more. The burgers are good for those with dietary requirements as they are keto-friendly, gluten-free, and vegetarian and made from innovative recipes.

The burger is smashed and seasoned to make it juicy and perfect. It can also be made to your preference, and you can rest assured that the flavor will be tasted in every bite. They serve ice cream too, which goes well with burgers.


Taco Bell

$ | (580) 920-0242 | WEBSITE


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Taco Bell has existed since 1962 in Downey, California. Their Mexican-inspired dishes are served in various countries, which led to the franchise in Durant. The goals and achievements aren’t limited to the restaurant in California, as the restaurant in Durant seeks to achieve more.

The food is artistic, preserving Mexican culture. Tacos, burritos, nachos, fountain drinks, and desserts, among many others, are contained in their outstanding Cravings Value Menu. Asides their business, they impact society through a nonprofit organization known as Taco Bell Foundation.


Chicken Express

$ | (580) 924-4300 | WEBSITE


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Chicken Express was established as a home base restaurant in 1988. As one of the first restaurants to start chicken delivery, chicken express has been operating for almost a decade. The restaurant is a family-owned establishment.

The chicken is spectacularly made by soaking it in seasoning liquid first, with a secret recipe to give a crispy taste that’s unique and heavenly. Hot Cherry pie is served at every seating before food is ordered.You can dine in and drive-thru or request delivery through their website.


Villegas Panadera and Mexican Restaurant

$ | (580) 920-0915 | WEBSITE


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They offer Mexican, Southwestern, Latin, and Spanish cuisines. Their fajitas are some of the best in town. Their foods are tasty and come in generous portions. The service is fast and great.

The restaurant oozes a culture of authenticity, and its bakery is one of the best in Durant. Though not too attractive on the outside, it’s a perfect example of not judging a book by its cover because the food will blow your mind. Enjoy traditional meals in the restaurant.


Godfather’s pizza

$$ | (580) 924-9287 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Durant, Ok Godfather's pizza


Godfather’s Pizza is located all over America with a long chain of franchises. While having a good time in Durant, you should check it out and enjoy delicious pizza with sumptuous toppings. You don’t want to miss it!

With over 30 years of experience, their pizza is still worth every cent of your money. They also engage in community service, delivering pizza to the needy and bringing smiles to the face of older people with their food.



$ | (580) 380-4915 | WEBSITE


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IHOP is an American-style family restaurant ready to serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant has existed for over 60 years, offering American dishes at an affordable price. They are known for their delicious pancakes for breakfast.

They also provide exceptional services, while their daily breakfast ideas will thrill your taste buds and fill your tummy. They have a separate menu for kids and older people. Beverages and milkshakes are available too.


Jimmy’s Egg

$ | (888) 652-4628 | WEBSITE

Durant, Ok Top Restaurants Jimmy's Egg

This restaurant will bring smiles to your face as you dine in for breakfast. They have been operating for over 35 years, and their service is top-notch. While on your way to work, you don’t have to worry about hunger.

Drop-in on Jimmys, and you will be welcomed with a smile. The food is fast, affordable, and satisfying, so you don’t have to worry about time. They serve breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Their coffee is excellent and is brewed in the restaurant. The quality is more than the price. The Cracked-To-Order omelets are a must-try.



$ | (580) 924-3181 | WEBSITE

Durant, Ok Top Restaurant Sushiboi

A new restaurant established in 2017, sushi boi is one of the best restaurants in Durant. Their progress and growth are exceptional. They are open from 8 am to 10 pm daily. Their meals are made from the freshest seafood in an enchanting place where you can enjoy sushi made with new innovative methods.

The atmosphere is friendly and relaxing. The environment is clean and attractive, from the front door to the restroom. Everywhere is made suitable for the customers, and the sushi flavor is excellent. You can order a takeaway to enjoy their meal with your family at home.




If you’re in Durant on vacation, on a business trip, to visit the resorts, have a good time at the casino, or for a sports match, your fun isn’t complete without visiting the restaurants listed above. Enjoy traditional cuisines from different cultures on a date night with your spouse or a family get-together.

Some restaurants also have special catering for big events like birthdays and weddings; you can take advantage of that too. Don’t forget to comply with the rules and regulations of social distancing.

Best Restaurants in Durant

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