15 Best Restaurants in Folsom, CA [2023 Updated]

I heard that you are a foodie and are in search of some good food, well then don’t you worry. Because I have brought you the most amazing list of the 15 best restaurants in Folsom, CA.

To know the better stories of the restaurant, go grab a bite at these restaurants and let your appetite fall get settled for the best and with the best. Let us get started.

Sutter Street Steakhouse

$$$$ | (916) 351-9100 | WEBSITE


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Want to try out the happy hour? Well, then try out the best of happy hour food at the Sutter Street Steakhouse with a happy hour burger. The restaurant is very looking with cute little decorations. The customers have reviewed the filet with mustard and blue cheese mostly.

It seems it is their favorite. So, do try it out and let us know what do you think? Apart from the food and the ambiance, let us talk about the wholesomeness of the restaurant.

The atmosphere, the vibe, and the servers are all friendly to the customers that show up at the doorstep of the restaurant. So, what are you waiting for? Visit them now.


Chicago Fire

$$ | (916) 353-0140 | WEBSITE


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Heard that you want to have a gastronomic experience? Well, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and book your seats at the Chicago Fire. This is one of the best restaurants in Folsom, CA that has a classic dining establishment.

The serving is done in a proper artful manner to hold up to the modernity and classicism of the era. If you want to certify any place for its excellence in food and environment, then I bet, Chicago Fire is it.

This is because it won my heart with its food and surely will win yours too once you try them out. Oh! Not to forget the specialty of this restaurant- Mediterranean and Italian.


Fat’s Asia Bistro

$$ | (916) 983-1133 | WEBSITE


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One of the main downtown attractions of the city is Fat’s Asia Bistro. The menu from this restaurant deserves a sincere appreciation. It has a varied menu that ranges from the different countries of Asia.

If you are a foodie and want a perfect place with an ideal blend of fantastic ambiance and food, the Fat’s Asia Bistro is.

If you want a more gastronomic experience of wholesome Asian items, then visit Fat’s Asia Bistro; they have a great collection of gastronomic dishes. The Mongolian beef is the favorite of the people and I suggest you try out the same.


Visconte Ristorante

$$ | (916) 983-5181 | WEBSITE


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Have you ever visited Italy? The vibes of traditional Italy are left somewhere amidst the walls and corners of Italy. Similarly, once you would enter the Visconte Ristorante, you will be amazed to see the same nostalgic vibes of Italy.

The walls filled with the portraits of the scenic beauty of Italy and the dimly lit lights will bring out the entire vibes of the restaurant and you are bound to get the homely feel of Italy.

The restaurant prepares food in the homestyle of Italy itself and the platter that serves spaghetti with the marinara sauce I just too delicious to not speak of.


Folsom Palace Asian Cuisine

$$ | (916) 983-8880 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Folsom, CA Folsom Palace Asian Cuisine

Are you bored with your everyday food items? Then don’t be. Because I have searched for one of the best restaurants for you to have the best food. Folsom Palace Asian Cuisine is a restaurant where you will find varieties of foods.

Who won’t enjoy a portion of good food in a casual setting? Well, I suppose everyone does that and if you are a die-hard admirer of Asian dishes, then just go ahead with it. I’m pretty sure you won’t have a question about this restaurant.

They will readily provide you with the gastronomic experience that you have been in search of. The beautiful scenario is likely to drive you gaga once you step inside the restaurant.

Alright, coming to the special and most liked dish of the Folsom Palace Asian Cuisine- the Mongolian beef. A mouth-watering dish probably soon will be your favourite too.


Peter’s Restaurant & brewhouse

$$ | (916) 988-8812 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Best Restaurants Peter’s Restaurant & brewhouse

The restaurant is one of the famous food places in Folsom, CA. From the Moroccan to the Mediterranean every type of food is available here. The rustic vibe of the restaurant will likely make you go awe at first sight.

If you are going out for dinner with your friends or planning to be a part of a family gathering then, this place will fit your choice perfectly. The Peter’s Restaurant and Brewhouse is the best one in town if you want to go somewhere affordable and have a nice time with your family.



$$ | (916) 985-3500 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Best Restaurant Mylapore

Are you a tourist? And still in search of a restaurant to have the perfect combination of food? Listen to me and visit Mylapore. One of the best restaurants has certainly some good reviews and ratings in Folsom, CA.

The sophisticated rustic designs of the restaurant will earn your heart just within a moment. the rustic vibe with the addition of some soft music will not go unnoticed. Suppose you plan to visit Mylapore, then don’t miss out on the Beef Tip and Barley with bourbon-spiked broth.

It did taste superb. It will let you enjoy the beauty of American food and will make your journey bright and happy. Try it out, it won’t disappoint you for sure.


Karen’s Bakery

$$ | (916) 985-2665 | WEBSITE


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The Karen’s Bakery is one of the most famous restaurants in Folsom, CA. The most popular restaurant among the customers for the diverse dishes that it offers. The place is being located downtown offers a special experience that will behold your eyes at the amazing décor.

The Reuben sandwich is something you should taste to make your visit to the Karen’s Bakery worthwhile. It has the combination of the homecooked corn beef along with the swiss cheese will give you a flavor taste that you will never forget.


In-N-Out Burger

$ | (800) 786-1000 | WEBSITE


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You may call the In-N-Out Burger the burger king of the town. With the variety of burgers that it serves, it has become one of the reputed burger stations in the town. From chicken to hamburgers, the customers are satisfied with everything.

Along with it comes the affordable and high-quality beverages that it serves. It is just too good to taste. If you are a huge admirer of burgers and if it is your go-to meal then do visit the In-N-Out Burger place.


Bacchus House Wine Bar & Bistro

$$ | (916) 984-7500 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Best Restaurant Mylapore Bacchus House Wine Bar & Bistro

Want to visit Folsom, CA, and have the best of it when it comes to food? Then without any doubts in heart and questions in mind, visit the Bacchus House Wine Bar and Bistro.

How beautiful it will be to visit a restaurant that has the perfect combination of food and impeccable quality wine just for you to feel special. Because why not? Every customer is a special gift to the restaurant.

They do have a tempting collection of several dishes that you will only have to love as there is no other choice. The sophisticated atmosphere with the perfect representation of the American culture will not let you down.



$$ | (916) 986-9655 | WEBSITE


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The restaurant is a proper fusion of American dishes. The restaurant has the proper American culture with the representation of a classic aura filled with calmness.

The restaurant has a set-up of live music which will make you feel good and have positive vibes about it. The reviews go up high saying that the food of this place can go beyond praise because they are of such great qualities.


Land Ocean New American Grill

$$ | (916) 983-7000 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Folsom, CA Land Ocean New American Grill

The Land Ocean New American Grill is one of the famous restaurants in Folsom, CA. the beautiful scenario of the restaurant will make you crave this place. And not only this but it has an awesome surroundings filled with calmness and the uniqueness will make you go crazy for the restaurant.

The food is of impeccable taste, and so good that in a moment it can make you feel gleeful and gay about it. Every people who work at the restaurant will make you feel comfortable about it and will give you a warm welcome.


Hop Sing Palace

$$ | (916) 985-7309 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Folsom, CA Hop Sing Palace

Who would want to miss this heartwarming menu of Hop Sing Palace? Try them out, and I believe you will be blown away by the beauty of the food that they serve and the way it is being served. It is literally a getaway for your everyday taste buds.

Apart from the regular dishes of the restaurant, you may rely on the beauty of its European and French dishes. The casual spacious sitting that you get to find in the restaurant is praiseworthy.

It will soon catch the eyes of the beholder- the customers. The brick walls that are beautifully decorated will not let you take your eyes off of them to enjoy the food in this beauty. Do visit it.


The Paradise

$$ | (916) 984-8988 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Restaurants The Paradise

The restaurant is likely to go up to the standard of the name of the restaurant- The Paradise. The food will really make you feel heavenly and the standards have grown to give a tough competition to the nearby restaurants.

If you want to go there, I bet it won’t be a loss of yours. Visit the restaurant to feel good. Do leave a review behind us to show me that I am not wrong.


Iron Horse Tavern Folsom

$$ | (916) 618-4322 | WEBSITE


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Be it for lunch, breakfast, or dinner, this exotica is the perfect one for you. The spacious dining and the mouth flickering dishes will just set your mood right. The calmness of the place is likely to make you feel the serenity of the environment.

Be it for tourists or residents, they have a global range of collections of food items. Be it Canadian or Italian the Iron Horse Tavern Folsom is the best.



That’s it! That’s all about our discussion about some of the best restaurants in Folsom. Hopefully, you now have more options than you ever had! So, go out, explore them all, and experience how your daily eating habits can be substituted with something phenomenal!

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