15 Best Restaurants in Fargo, ND [2023 Updated]

Fargo, North Dakota, is a powerhouse of excellent food chains and upscale restaurants. There is an extensive list of choices when it comes to food.

Whether you want a hearty breakfast meal, bustling pizzas, tasty snack bites, grills and bar, and impressive main course menus, Fargo, ND, indeed has a lot to offer.

To help you not get lost and have the most pleasing dining experience, we collected and made a list of food places that will surely satisfy your cravings.

Whether you’re a local living down the neighborhood or a new visitor in town, you should never miss these 15 best restaurants in Fargo, ND.

The Shack on Broadway

$ | (701) 356-2211 | WEBSITE

The Shack on Broadway Best Restaurants in Fargo, ND

Do you want to start and boost your day with great, hearty breakfast meals? The Shack on Broadway is an ultimate go-to place that offers homemade dishes in a cozy, family-friendly ambiance.

Their menu has a rich palette of breakfast meals such as buttermilk pancakes, mashed potatoes, and burgers.

If you happen to swing by at The Shack, you can check their Early Morning Risers meals, Breakfast Classics, and Delights. In addition, there are diverse options for omelets that you can pick from whatever you like.

They have Western Omelet, Veggie Omelet, or Hooligan Omelet. The fantastic news is all their omelets come with hashbrowns and pancakes.

With their delightful breakfast meals available for kids and adults alike, The Shack can surely spice up your day.


Spicy Pie

$ | (701) 356-0206 | WEBSITE

Spicy Pie Best Restaurants in Fargo, ND

Located on Boulevard Square, Spicy Pie is an all-in-one home of delectable pizzas, flatbreads, grinders, Mexican snacks, and wings.

The place also has gluten-friendly options on top of a wide selection of beers on their full bar for those who prefer healthier meals.

Proud of its local culture and vast patio seating options, Spicy Pie is an excellent place to gobble a quick snack bite or a casual get-together with friends. For just $5.25, you can have Taco Slice, Spicy Hawaiian, Chicken Bacon Ranch, or Buffalo Chicken.

Do you want to upgrade your pizza experience? They have extraordinary topping combinations like Shredded Smoked Chicken, Green Olives, and Fresh Tomatoes. Honestly, this place is worth the visit.



$ | (701) 306-4131 | WEBSITE

BernBaum’s Best Restaurants in Fargo, ND

Whether you like brunch or lunch, BernBaum’s got your back. The place is a fantastic, casual stop for quick but hearty meals such as sandwiches, small plates, bagels, vegetable salads, and soups.

If you want something sumptuous and delightful to boost your mood, check out their all-day breakfast combos like bacon, egg, and cheese bagel. You can round it up with their seasonal Daily Greens and Cabbage Slaw salads or go warm with their hot vegetable soup.

Plus, what is impressive with this place is they give their guests a unique taste of cold sandwiches like the Cold Brisket and Hummus.

Or try their usual hot sandwiches like Vegan Reuben and Nordic Lamb. With their wide array of meals offered at an affordable price, you can never go wrong with this place.


Kroll’s Diner

$ | (701) 492-2319 | WEBSITE

Kroll’s Diner Best Restaurants in Fargo, ND

For over 50 years of existence, Kroll’s Diner has taken pride in serving its guest luscious American and German dishes since 1969.

If you are fortunate enough to swing by this place, you should never miss out on their award-winning meals: Hand-scooped malts, shakes, and Knoephla Soup.

This Diner has meals convenient for kids and seniors alike. On top of that, they are proud to serve breakfast to their guests. Plus, they offer take-out for those who opt for a quick stop-over.

For a low price of $5.99, you can have their starter snacks like Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Chili Fries, Gourmet Crumb Onion Rings, and Fried Pickles.

Kroll’s Diner is also perfect for cozy brunch dates with your buddies. They have extensive, palatable chicken meals like Chicken Club Melt, Mushroom Chicken Melt, Grilled Chicken, and Chicken Cordon Bleu.



$$ | (701) 364-9479 | WEBSITE

Mezzaluna Best Restaurants in Fargo, ND

Found in Downtown Fargo, Mezzaluna is an upscale American eatery. Its dining room features a sophisticated but relaxed atmosphere that offers private, comfortable seats for its guests.

With this, Mezzaluna is an excellent place for fancy, intimate dinners.

The place has diverse main course menus for dinners that offer plates of pasta like Fettucine and Duck Confit Carbonara.

On top of that, they have flavorful meals like Seared Salmon, Filet Mignon, and Citrus Braised Short Rib. You could spice up the experience with the cold beverages available on their bar menus, like martinis, vodkas, and tequilas.

If you are curious about visiting the place, it would be best to book an early reservation. They also offer events and dining services perfect for casual parties or grand celebrations.


The Gallery Restaurant

$ | (701) 277-7328 | WEBSITE

The Gallery Restaurant Best Restaurants in Fargo, ND

Located at Holiday Inn Hotel, The Gallery Restaurant is an all-in-one stop place offering tasty foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You could check out their breakfast meals in a chill and cozy space like The Butcher, Biscuits N’ Gravy, and Hangover Helper. Plus, the place has highlights on its menu for serving great coffees and desserts.

You could start with their appetizers for lunch meals: Chips & Salsa, Cheese Curds, and Traditional Wings. They also have diverse meal selections from seasonal salads, sandwiches, soups, and meats to burgers, portions of pasta, and pizzas.

These are all served according to your liking and style. Also, they have different lunch buffets available from Monday to Friday.

Suppose you happen to stop by at the Holiday Inn for relaxation and a staycation. In that case, you could enhance your experience by trying the eclectic American fare in The Gallery.


Rhombus Guys

$$ | (701) 540-4534 | WEBSITE

Rhombus Guys Best Restaurants in Fargo, ND

Are you looking for a place perfect for lounging and hanging out with friends on a chill Saturday night? If you are up for some cozy vibe, you might want to visit Rhombus Guys.

Their menu will leave you in awe by having impressive selections from Rhombus Originals, Unbelievable, Detroit Style, to Gourmet Sandwiches and Fresh Salads.

Even if you’re a vegan, the place can surely accommodate you. Rhombus Guys offer their guests healthier but delicious options in their meat-free pizzas like Roasted Garlic, Drunken Vegetarian, The Backpacker, and Gorgonzola Pear.

If you desire to drink the night away, the place also offers cold and refreshing drinks like beer, wine, and cocktails.

You could try their famous House Wine by the Glass and Reserve Wine by the Bottle. But if you want something to cool you up, they also have non-alcoholic options.


46 North Pints & Provisions

$$ | (701) 532-0986 | WEBSITE

46 North Pints & Provisions Best Restaurants in Fargo, ND

Located near Robert Commons, 46 North Pints and Provisions are one of the crowd’s favorite restaurants in Fargo, ND. Just a glimpse of their menu will make you crave.

They have an all-day menu for lunch, dinner, and late-night meals. If you are with your family, the place has unique offerings for your kids.

Their lunch menu has sumptuous appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, and burgers. You can round it up with their side dishes such as French fries, onion strings, mashed potatoes, and a cup of soup, all available for just $4.

Plus, they have extensive cocktail selections that you would love: Sparkling Pear, Paper Airplane, and Lucid Lover.

Are you up for something sweet and delightful? Then try out their desserts like Flourless Chocolate Cake and Crème Brulé. Also, suppose you have an upcoming event where you can invite your family and close friends to come over.

In that case, 46 North Pints and Provisions promise to make the experience memorable for you.


Würst Bier Hall

$$ | (701) 478-2437 | WEBSITE

Würst Bier Hall Best Restaurants in Fargo, ND

What makes Würst Bier Hall apart from all restaurants in Fargo, ND, is the promise to offer its guests a taste of Germany. In Cityscapes Plaza, Würst Bier Hall, a pub grub has the usual sandwiches, soups, and salads but a German-style twist.

It also has a European-style bar that features classic European dishes and sausages.

If you like to have a quick but crisp snack bite, you could try their Giant Bavarian Pretzels and Sweet Potato Fries.

For just $10.75, Würst Bier Hall served their sandwiches that all come with fries. They also have famous, assorted side dishes such as Spaetzle Dumplings and Spaetzle Mac & Cheese.

Locally imported from Germany, it has a European-style bar that features classic European dishes and sausages.

They also have craft beers such as Franziskaner, Munich Dark, Salvator, and Draught. These are perfect for late-night drinks with your best friends.


Paradiso Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (701) 282-5747| WEBSITE

Paradiso Mexican Restaurant Best Restaurant in Fargo, ND

Paradiso Mexican Restaurant is a traditional but casual place, a local chain offering Mexican cuisine. For four decades, the place has been the ultimate hot spot and events place for birthdays and parties.

Suppose you want to treat yourself to an authentic Mexican experience. In that case, you could try the house’s fabulous fajitas: Veggie Fajitas, Mesquite Grilled Chicken Breast, Savory Seasoned Shrimp, and Tender Marinated Steak.

But suppose you are craving something fresh and salty. In that case, you could go and check out Paradiso’s fantastic seafood meals: Acapulco Seafood Salad, Cancun Combo, and Grilled Seafood Veggie Salad.

Suppose you are lucky to visit the place. In that case, you should never miss out on the Paradiso Specialty for just $14.99: the Seafood Enchilada Grande.


The Boiler Room

$$ | (701) 478-1990 | WEBSITE

The Boiler Room Best Restaurants in Fargo, ND

Located at Loretta Building, Boiler Room is one of the most popular hot spots in Fargo. The restaurant serves food throughout the day, whether it be brunch, lunch, dinner, or late-night meals.

At first glance, you will love the sophisticated but comfortable look of the place.

When you swing by the place, you could try out the customer’s favorites: Smoked Tomato Soup, Scotch Eggs, Crab Cake Sandwich, and Rumchata French Toast.

Also, The Boiler Room has private dining entrée rooms for rental, ready for your upcoming party.

On top of that, The Boiler Room has a relaxed, casual spot, whether on the patio or at the bar, for having boutique wines, draft beers, and craft cocktails. Indeed, The Boiler Room is not your average bar and grill.


Space Aliens Grill and Bar

$$ | (701) 281-2033 | WEBSITE

Space Aliens Grill and Bar Best Restaurants in Fargo, ND

Space Aliens Grills and Bar promise to take their guests on an extraordinary but worthwhile experience with an outer-space theme and intergalactic atmosphere. Its menu features an award-winning rib, burger, fries, and pizzas.

If you love barbeque, you need to visit this place and try out their Bar-B-Que Platter and Beef Brisket Platter. You can try doing your barbeque through their Build Your Own Bar-B-Que Sampler.

Also, suppose you want to give your kid the most beautiful children’s party. In that case, Space Aliens Grills and Bar is open for party reservations.

Indeed, the celebration will be a blast of fun-filled games, luscious meals, and lasting memories.


Spitfire Bar & Grill

$$ | (701) 478-8667 | WEBSITE

Spitfire Bar & Grill Best Restaurants in Fargo, ND

Do you want to have the most satisfactory dining experience? Spitfire Bar & Grill promises its customers a welcoming environment, courteous service, incredible menu, award-winning food, and top-notch catering.

If you share a love for American premium meals, you could try out their wood-fired and seasoned steaks with two side dishes according to your liking and choice.

There are also wood-fired fish and burgers, fresh-cut salads, plates of pasta, wraps, sandwiches, and desserts.

The restaurant also has its bar, featuring craft beers sourced from local breweries. You may try out their house wine, the Avalon Brand, or their favorite cocktail, Spitfire Sangria. Indeed, the place can surely satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst.


Vinyl Taco

$$ | (701) 365-8226 | WEBSITE

Vinyl Taco Best Restaurants in Fargo, ND

Are you up for something Mexican? Vinyl Taco is an upscale bar that offers authentic Mexican street foods with signature cocktails and margaritas in a chill and music-themed ambiance.

Vinyl Taco is famous for its traditional snacks like the Carne Asada and the Chicken Fajita. The house’s burrito specialties are also in assorted flavors: shredded beef, smoked chicken, and seasoned ground beef.

Or you could try out their specialty tacos such as the Cilantro Lime Chicken, Shrimp A La Parilla, Crispy Fish, and Buffalo Chicken.

Plus, Vinyl Taco takes pride in providing its guests with the finest cervezas, margaritas, and tequilas. You are welcome to come and grab mouthwatering snacks combined with cold beers at this place.


Lucky’s 13 Pub

$$ | (701) 551-0013 | WEBSITE

Lucky’s 13 Pub Best Restaurants in Fargo, ND

Lucky’s 13 is a fantastic neighborhood bar and the ultimate go-to for upscale dining. They are famous for serving handcrafted burgers like California Turkey, Hickory, Brie & Bacon, and Mushroom Swiss.

You could pair up these with their starts, such as Bull Bites and Big Pretzel.

On top of everything, Lucky’s 13 also offers its customers catering services, whether for intimate occasions or big celebrations. They have a wide array of selections from small bites, plated entrees, and buffets.

Whether formal meetups or grand celebrations like weddings, this restaurant can customize the menu based on your style, preference, and liking.

But if you prefer to stay and chill out at home but still want to have their food, Lucky’13 gladly accepts online orders.


The Bottom Line

If you’re adventurous and a real food lover, you will have fun trying out new and unique meals in Fargo, ND. Indeed, a fantastic experience with food plus spectacular and lasting memories are guaranteed.

You will surely never miss out on anything, whether it be luxurious and fancy dinners, precious memories with loved ones, or chill hanging out with friends at these best restaurants in Fargo, ND.

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