15 Best Restaurants in Dublin, CA [2023 Updated]

Have you ever visited Dublin? Isn’t it a beautiful city? Well, just like its scenic beauty, the food of Dublin, CA, is pretty amazing too. Let us see some of the best restaurants in Dublin where you get such amazing platters.


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Do you love Japanese items? Then I think, we have something mouthwatering and at the same time, really appetizing for you! The tempting restaurant of Amkara provides the best Japanese in town.

This fantastic eatery has been built to give you extreme delicacy or Japanese food items. From sushi to the other decorative stylish platters will just make Japanese your favorite, I swear.

If you have a hard-core appetite for Japanese food items, it ends here in Amkara. The signature sushi rolls of this restaurant will let you have cravings for it. and what to say about the atmosphere.

It is blatantly beautiful. Do visit the restaurant for a wholesome experience. If you have been a fan of Sushi over the years, you should definitely give your hunger a treat with The Albacore Escolar Medley.


Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar

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This beautiful restaurant with wholesome foods will make you a die-hard foodie for sure. Don’t you love the lavish spread of wine with food and the beautiful spread out of the same?

Well, dear readers, you have got it. The exotic and lavishness of the interior decorations and the tasty food items at this wholesome restaurant will make you go crazy for this restaurant.

This amazing eatery offers an ample amount of space that comes along with the gorgeous lightning spreading over the entire dining space. The bacon candy and the pepper jelly goat cheese are the house’s favorite. Visit them to choose yours


Burma! Burma!

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Well as the name suggests and from that, we can understand the specialty of the restaurant lie in Burmese food items along with the special platters that it serves in the name of Asian items. Hello there, vegans, don’t you worry about it.

The restaurant provides plenty of veg options. And the vegetarian food section is as tasty as the non-veg section. The uniqueness of the amazing food platters starts from coconut rice to Burma eggplant curry.

The Asians love this place. Pretty sure you will fall in love with it too once you come and have food at this exotic arrangement. You are undoubtedly going to have an extraordinary feasting experience at Burma! Burma!


Pacific Catch

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The Pacific Catch, located in Dublin, is one of the upscale restaurants with a classic dining establishment. The artful serving by the servers of the restaurant will give you such a friendly vibe.

Wait, not only this, but this restaurant stands as the epitome of fantastic food. The classicism of the restaurant is at its peak too with its beautiful decoration and gorgeous lighting.

Pretty much, the restaurant is very impressive. It can also be a perfect place for your date. The romantic setting will just make your mood perfect for the perfect romance that you are going to experience on your date.



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The Fuddruckers restaurant is one of the most reputed restaurants because of its widespread collection of dishes from across the globe. One of the most remanding restaurants in Dublin that has good ratings and reviews.

The menu collection is very much vibrant from where you can choose numerous items that will make you feel the taste and utter the name of the restaurant with satisfaction.

The aesthetic view and the sophisticated dining space of this restaurant are likely to give you your perfect day. The perfect lone time of yours, if you want to be alone, will be brought upon by this restaurant solely.

Apart from it, whether you are out with your friends or with your family, this restaurant will cover you up.


Red Tractor Café

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Red Tractor Café Best Restaurants in Dublin, CA

Hey! Why don’t you follow your heart if it says the Red Tractor Café is the one for you? The patio of this restaurant is spacious enough to accommodate a lot of people at once.

It has a neat and clean atmosphere for the benefit and satisfaction of its customers. The goofy, cool ambience of the restaurant is what makes it different from the rest of the other restaurants in Dublin.

The tourists are likely to be tempted by such a cool ambience of the place. It serves one of the best American platters in the town. So, if you are free, maybe come by and have the delicacies of the restaurant at once?


Mountain’s Mike Pizza, Dublin

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Just heard that pizza is your go-to meal. Well, sorry for overhearing it but I’m sure you will jump up with joy once when you hear the news of Mountain’s Mike Pizza in Dublin.

The taste of the soft thin crust of the oven-made pizza along with the taste of the olives will make you fall in love with pizza all over again. The exquisite decorations go on par with the exquisite collection of several food platters.

Visit the restaurant to try out the several range collection of pizzas ranging from mozerella to cheese burst. The cheese will melt so good that you will experience a gastronomic quality of food.


Amici’s Eat Coast Pizzeria

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If pizza is your go-to dish, why wait for something else when you have a fantastic place like Amici’s Eat Coast Pizzeria.

Let me suggest a plate when you once visit the restaurant- Kale & Sausage, hot Italian sausage, slow-roasted garlic, parmesan, pine nuts, Meyer lemon olive oil. If you will taste this, pretty sure you won’t want to taste anything else.

The interior decoration is fantastic, and the comfy sitting area won’t let you leave the place. If you once enter the place, much to your astonishment, you won’t want to leave it because of its pretty environment and the food.


Market Tavern

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Want to visit Dublin and have the best of it when it comes to food? Then without any questions in mind, visit the Market Tavern. They do have a tempting collection of several dishes that you will only have to love as there is no other choice.

The sophisticated ambiance with the perfect representation of the American culture will not let you down and that is what the Market Tavern promises its customers.

The reviews have come up for the salmon-fried crunchy dish would love a glass of wine with my food platter, if you want to try it too, you are welcome to do so.

Try it out and let us know. Also, the place serves Mediterranean and Canadian alongside the American platters.


Urban Plates

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Urban Plates is one of the main attractions of the city. Why aren’t you yet applauding the menu? Well, go, check it out yourself, what are you waiting for.

Dear tourists, if you are worried about your healthy food, then the Urban plates has got you covered for it. Their exotic collection of salad platters is quite praiseworthy and that is why you should try it if you are a huge fan of salad.

The flowery decoration will let you believe you are in a wonderland amidst the many collections of food.


Berevino Cucina and Wine Bar

$$ | (925) 361-0862 | WEBSITE

Berevino Cucina and Wine Bar Best Restaurants in Dublin, CA

Oh, how I will not love the collection of exotic collections of wine besides. There you go, you too will love wine with your food platter? Then visit the Berevino Cucina and Wine Bar.

It has the most amazing collection of wine and the food platters will give you a heartwarming appetite fulfillment. The Berevino Cucina and Wine Bar is one of the restaurants that has a classic dining establishment.

This restaurant gives you nothing but peace of mind, and stomach, and will not let you regret your investments.



$$ | (925) 875-1500 | WEBSITE

Rigatoni's Best Restaurants in Dublin, CA

The Rigatoni’s restaurant in Dublin, CA, is one of the most reputed restaurants because of its widespread dish collection globally.

The Rigatoni’s has one of the best collections of dishes that will let you look out for the restaurant time and over again. Have a little bit of trust in me- because I believe I’m suggesting to you the best of the restaurants.

The various collection of American delicacies will make you come more often here and speak of it to your friends.


Denica’s Real Food Kitchen

$$ | (925) 829-6200 | WEBSITE


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Want to take out your family for a nice dinner or want to go on a date? Then, don’t you worry because I have the best idea for you? Take your family out to Denica’s Real Food Kitchen.

It has got an amazing collection of food items and you will love having it sitting at the spacious diner with a piece of soft music combined with your surrounding atmosphere. Who would want to lose such a vibe?

The calming and screen powers that this restaurant has will make you come here more often. So, go for it if you want it. Why delay when you have the best quick bites at your doorstep here in Dublin- Denica’s Real Food Kitchen.


Copper Sillet Restaurant

$$ | (925) 828-4731 | WEBSITE

Copper Sillet Restaurant

Do you want to have your meal at a lavish place with an international collection of food items? This is one of the reputed places of Dublin, where you are bound to find exotic collections of good food and probably will set your mood right.

The Chicken & Waffle at Copper Skillet looks so fresh, creamy, and yummy! Yes, that’s what the reviews pointed out. It melts like peace. And if you don’t believe click on the restaurant yourself to see the magic of the restaurant.

Your gastronomic experience gets fulfilled with the exquisite Chicken & Waffle at Copper Skillet.


Casa Orozco – Dublin

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Try out the rusticity of the classic American dishes with the positivity of taste and classic blend of the flavors from ingredients all over the world.

If you want to try out American dishes solely, then there is no other café as perfect as the Queen’s Café. The restaurant is very picky about its vintage and has preferred to keep it solely American. To get a gastronomic experience visit them.



That’s all about some of the best restaurants in Dublin. I am sure you have got so many options to satisfy your taste buds.

From a wide range of American dishes to some of the most delicious Japanese cuisines, you can easily find literally everything at these extraordinary restaurants.

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