19 Best Restaurants in Danville, CA [2023 Updated]

There’s nothing quite like eating delicious food. If you want to treat yourself from time to time, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you are anywhere near the “Heart of the San Ramon Valley”, check out the 19  best restaurants in Danville, CA!

Hit These Danville Eating Spots

It might get overwhelming If there’s an endless list of restaurants to choose from. However, don’t fret! Since you deserve only the best, here are some restaurants in the Danville area for you to consider the next time you crave some good food!


$$ | (925) 820-7200 | WEBSITE


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Bridges has been around for ages. Since 1989, this restaurant has been serving amazing food and drinks.

If you drop by Bridges, expect great ambiance with great food influenced by Asian and European cuisines. Apart from their incredible menu, they also have an extensive selection of wines.

Whether you come in for lunch or dinner, there’s something for everyone at Bridges. If you are a big fan of the movie “Mrs. Doubtfire”, you will love this place even more. One of the most talked-about scenes from the movie was filmed here!


Faz Danville

$$ | (925) 838-1320 | WEBSITE


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If you want something Mediterranean inspired, then you can never go wrong with Faz! Its Danville location offers both indoor and outdoor dining. If you prefer dining outdoors, you will be surrounded by some redwood trees and a waterfall.

If you visit this restaurant, you get 5-star service unlike any other! They have a lovely selection of dishes – from starters to desserts. They even have a wine list that you can check out! Choose a beverage that goes best with your food.


Aozora Japanese Restaurant

$$ | (925) 272-7818 | WEBSITE


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If you are on the lookout for one of the best Japanese restaurants in Danville, check out Aozora Japanese Restaurant.

This family-owned place serves traditional Japanese food. However, they have infused some modern twists to make their dishes even better!

Check out their lunch or dinner a la carte menus to get your fill of tasty Japanese food. Also, it wouldn’t be a Japanese lunch without sushi and sashimi.

Aozora has a great selection, so you can order as much as you can. If you are with some friends, you can order several dishes and share!


Ristorante Piatti

$$ | (925) 838-2082 | WEBSITE


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Since 1987, Piatti has been serving delectable traditional Italian food. They might have been around for quite some time. However, their commitment to dishing out authentic Italian dishes remains.

Piatti has an expansive menu – from the antipasti to the wine selections. They have homemade pasta dishes and wood-baked pizzas for you to enjoy.

If you want to taste all these delicious foods, it’s better to call in advance and make a reservation.


Cocina Hermanas

$$ | (925) 725-4161 | WEBSITE


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If you dine at Cocina Hermanas, expect appetizing Mexican dishes made of locally sourced, sustainable, and fresh ingredients. The restaurant’s menu combines Mexican Street food faves and homemade family recipes.

Apart from their great food offering, Cocina Hermanas also has a selection of 80 Tequilas and Mezcals.

These drinks would go perfectly well with brunch, lunch, or dinner! The restaurant would be happy to host your party if you are celebrating something.


The Peasant & The Pear

$$ | (925) 820-6611 | WEBSITE


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The Peasant & The Pear is one of many restaurants operated by Chef Rodney Worth. This restaurant serves a very interesting menu. It’s described as a “ rustic California wine country with Mediterranean influences”.

You can get your fill of their delicious entrees as well as salads and sandwiches. The Peasant & The Pear is committed to serving the best and freshest dishes made from locally sourced sustainable ingredients.

Every season, the restaurant tries to change its menu and features seasonal faves.


Locanda Ravello

$$ | (925) 984-2101 | WEBSITE


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If you want to be transported to Southern Italy without flying out of the country, then going to Locando Ravello is your best bet!

You won’t have problems figuring out what to order. Their menu is pretty straightforward. You can choose your antipasti, insalata, zuppa, pizza, pasta, and secondi.

Apart from the delectable Italian dishes, you will have a wonderful time eating at this place because of its setting. They have a cozy courtyard where you can enjoy their mouthwatering food.


Forbes Mill Steakhouse

$$$ | (925) 552-0505 | WEBSITE


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Are you in the mood for quality steak? If you are, then consider Forbes Mill Steakhouse! Once you have tasted their steak selection, you won’t have any regrets!

The restaurant guarantees that their steaks are Certified Angus Beef Prime standards!

If you want to make your meal even more delicious, order some appetizers and entrees to go with the steak! They also have an excellent list of add-ons that you can try, like their Premium Maine Lobster Tail or Shrimp Scampi.


Norm’s Place

$$ | (925) 552-6676 | WEBSITE


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When you first step fooh! You can get some food and drinks at the same time! It’s a place where even families can go and dine together!

Norm’s Place has a simple menu that everyone can get into. Consider ordering their Chicken wings every time you are here!

If you are in the mood to watch some sporting events, then there are several screens available. They also have a great bar, offering various beers on tap!


Santorini Mediterranean Restaurant

$$ | (925) 743-1035 | WEBSITE

Santorini Mediterranean Restaurant Best Restaurants in Danville, CA

The Mediterranean certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to food. And you can find some of the best culinary offerings at the Santorini Mediterranean Restaurant.

They have curated some of the region’s favorite dishes and brought them to Danville!

Apart from their pizzas and pastas, they also have lamb and fish selection. If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, you should try what they have on their menu. Their sandwiches are wrapped in their Homemade Pita Bread.


Crumbs Breakfast, Lunch & Bar

$$ | (925) 838-8824 | WEBSITE


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Crumbs has a compelling beginning! It started when two couples, who also happened to be long-time neighbors, decided they wanted to share their fondness of food with many people.

Since 2008, Crumbs has been serving tasty meals to the community!

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch & brunch all day. You can order classic American faves like Chicken and Waffles.

If you have dietary restrictions, that’s no problem at all! They also have some amazing things on the menu for you! You can ask their waitstaff for assistance as well.


11th Tiger – Thai Street Café

$ | (925) 791 5241 | WEBSITE

11th Tiger - Thai Street Café Best Restaurants in Danville, CA

The 11th Tiger has some accolades under its belt. The restaurant is included in the list of “Top Thai Restaurants in Bay Area of 2022” and “Top Restaurants in the Tri-Valley” by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Given these distinctions, there’s no better way to check if they are truly deserving of these titles than trying the food out yourself!

The restaurant offers street food favorites from the different regions of Thailand. Their menu has a variety of options. Whatever dishes you end up with, you will surely taste the unique, authentic flavors of Thailand!


Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria

$$ | (925) 837-9800 | WEBSITE


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If you find yourself at the Rose Garden Shopping Center or the nearby area, then something good is within your midst!

You are only a few steps away from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria. If you are craving some New York Style pizza, then luck is on your side. That is Amici’s specialty!

Apart from enjoying your pizza, you can also indulge in their other dishes. They have various Italian dishes that you can order. They also have a wonderful selection of Californian and Italian wines.


Basque Boulangerie Café

$$ | (925) 208-1631 | WEBSITE

Basque Boulangerie Café Best Restaurants in Danville, CA

The family who runs Basque Boulangerie Café first opened a branch in Sonoma back in 1994. However, they also expanded and opened a second location in Danville.

For several years now, this café has been dishing out the most amazing pastries, desserts, and baked goods. Apart from these, they have breakfast and lunch dishes made from the best ingredients.

If you are here, don’t forget to order their signature Beehive Cake. You will enjoy munching on this cake at this cute dining spot!


Melo’s Pizza & Pasta

$$ | (925) 820-6000 | WEBSITE

Melo's Pizza & Pasta Best Restaurants in Danville, CA

Family is at the core of Melo’s Pizza & Pasta. The founder of Melo’s, Carmelo and Gaetano Piccolo, brought the love and knowledge of Italian favorites when they moved to California in the 1950s.

For over 50 years, Melo’s has been consistent with its menu and service. You can feast on different New York-style pizza flavors at their Danville location.

You can also try the various Italian regional pasta they have on the menu. Enjoy Melo’s hearty meals with your loved ones today!



$$ | (925) 718-5353 | WEBSITE


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Are you on the lookout for a good burger? BurgerIM’s Danville location has the answer! If you opt to eat at BurgerIM, you can’t help but spoil yourself!

They have an amazing array of burgers. Apart from that, they also have chicken wings and sides that you can add to your order.

If you are ordering for a group, try to order the Family Box, It has 8 burgers, chicken wings, fries, and onion rings. You get a lot of food for a very reasonable price!


Ascona Pizza Company

$$ | (925) 736-4949 | WEBSITE

Ascona Pizza Company Best Restaurants in Danville, CA

The founders of Ascona Pizza Company have always had a passion for building and supporting local businesses. So it was no surprise when they decided to open their restaurant back in 1993.

For 29 years, Ascona Pizza Company has been serving freshly made pizza for the people of Danville. For the pizza, you can build your own. You can choose the size and the toppings that go on the pizza.

If that’s not your thing, order a Signature Pizza. They also have sandwiches, salads, and a whole lot more. They even have more than 28 beers on tap!


Nanking Bistro

$$ | (925) 820-6088 | WEBSITE

Nanking Bistro Best Restaurants in Danville, CA

If you want a quaint dining experience, then check out Nanking Bistro. This Chinese restaurant might be small, but the dishes pack a lot of flavors. They have an outdoor area if you prefer dining outside.

Nanking Bistro serves classic Chinese dishes interpreted in their modern ways. If you drop by for lunch, they have a Lunch Special that you can try.

However, if you want to order a variety of dishes, their ala carte menu has so much to offer. Don’t miss the homemade dumplings and other specials.


Esin Restaurant & Bar

$$$ | (925) 314-0974 | WEBSITE

Esin Restaurant & Bar Best Restaurants in Danville, CA

In 1998, Esin and Curtis deCarion, opened a restaurant where they served American food but with a Mediterranean twist.

Since then, the couple has made sure that meals served to their guests are cooked with care. Most of the ingredients in their dishes come from sustainable sources.

If you are looking for something charming and cozy, Esin Restaurant & Bar is an ideal place  . It’s perfect for date nights. You can feast on their dinner and lunch menus. And if there’s some room, check their sample dessert menu.


Endless Restaurant Choices in Danville

It can get disappointing if you are somewhere with limited food options. However, that is not the case with the suburban wonderland of Danville.

When it comes to restaurants, the list is endless. However, if you want the finest ones, don’t miss the 19 Best Restaurants in Danville, CA!

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