15 Best Restaurants in Crestline, CA [2023 Updated]

Are you planning to visit Crestline? Allow us to help you find some great eats in the area then! On the other hand, even if you are a local, you might want to sneak a peek at our list. We have some hidden gems here that you might have never visited before.

Well, let us not delay this. Without further ado, let us get on with the list of what we deem to be the 15 best restaurants in Crestline, CA!

The 15 Best Restaurants in Crestline

There is an abundance of lovely views in Crestline. However, you might be finding it hard to find a place to get a good meal. Well, you need not worry! We do not only have one, not even two, but fifteen food places for you to check out.

1. The Bear House Family Restaurant

$ | (909) 338-8100 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Crestline, CA The Bear House Family Restaurant

Let us get the ball rolling with, possibly, one of the most adorably named restaurants ever – The Bear House Family Restaurant! Does not the name remind you of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?

The Bear House Family Restaurant is a place you want to visit if your stomach is growling like Goldilock’s was. You will find they have tons of tasty things!

They can serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, we suggest starting the day here. Also, do not forget to try out the breakfast burrito and French toast when you visit!


2. Crestline Café

$$ | (909) 338-4128 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Crestline, CA Crestline Café

Next up, we have Crestline Café.

Crestline Café is undoubtedly one of the coziest places to dine at at Crestline. If you are looking for a homey place to eat with the family, this place is one you want to consider. However, you do not have to worry. They do not only offer you a lovely interior, but they also have some tasty treats!

One thing to note is that they do not have the roomiest place. If you want to dine here, you might want to come a little earlier to make sure you beat the crowd.


3. Hortencia’s at the Cliffhanger

$$ | (909) 338-4466 | WEBSITE

Crestline, CABest Restaurants Hortencia's at the Cliffhanger

It is no secret that the astounding views are one of the reasons many visit Crestline. Now, do you want to take in the lovely scenery this place offers while savoring some good food? Hortencia’s at the Cliffhanger is undoubtedly a place to consider!

The view they can give might be one of the things this place boasts, but the food they can offer is also something. Do you want to fill your eyes and your tummies? Many will attest that Hortencia’s at the Cliffhanger can deliver.

Do not forget to try out the fajita plate while you are there!


4. Stockade

$$ | (909) 338-2465 | WEBSITE

Crestline, CABest Restaurant Stockade

Over here, we have something a little out of the ordinary but still a fun place to dine at. Let us talk about Stockade.

Lovely views and breathtaking sights are not the main selling point of this place. However, do not count them out yet! They have a fun place, friendly folks, and some flavorsome food. Try the ribs if you are really hungry and looking for something tasty.

Stockade is not for everyone, but many attest that this place is a gem. Give them a visit if you are near to see if they are your thing!


5. La Casita Crestline

$$ | (909) 338-9196 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Crestline, CA La Casita Crestline

Next up, let us go and give La Casita Crestline a visit!

Mexican food is pretty easy to get. Wherever you go, you will most probably find a food place or two that offers this cuisine. With that, some have opted to skip Mexican restaurants on their trip.

After all, they can most probably get it at a local place. However, that might be a challenging feat if you are a lover of Mexican cuisine. In that case, you might want to give La Casita Crestline a shot. We believe they can wow you with their Mexican cuisine!


6. Mandarin Garden

$$ | (909) 338-6482 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Crestline, CA Mandarin Garden

Do you know what is another type of cuisine that can be hard to resist? Chinese cuisine!

If you are craving some Chinese cuisine on your trip, you might want to give our next food place a try. Let us talk about Mandarin Garden.

The Mandarin Garden is a hidden gem. We mean that literally and figuratively. They are not easy to spot, but if you want to have a good idea of the day-to-day of the locals, we would say this is a place to visit.


7. Toni’s Kitchen

$$ | (909) 338-9377 | WEBSITE

Crestline, CARestaurants Toni's Kitchen

As you might already know, Mexican food could be hard to let go of – even if it is only for the weekend. So, you do not need to worry if you are on the lookout for Mexican restaurants. We have another one here. Let us talk about Toni’s Kitchen next.

Toni’s Kitchen can offer its dinners plenty of good food in more ways than one. For one, they have tons of tasty things on the menu. For another, they give out generous portions. To top it off? They also have a lovely view for you to enjoy!


8. Road House Pizza

$$ | (909) 338-5040 | WEBSITE

Crestline, CARestaurant Road House Pizza

Are you in the mood for some pizza? Well, our next stop might be able to help you enjoy the lovely views of Crestline with some pizza! Let us talk about Road House Pizza next.

Some might say that pizza might not be the best thing to munch on while at a scenic place. However, if we are to ask the real question, when is it a bad time to have pizza?

Road House Pizza can offer you some flavorsome food. If you happen to spot them, we suggest you stop by for a quick bite!


9. Mountain Cravings

$$ | (909) 589-0101 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Crestline, CA Mountain Cravings

Over here, we have another fun place you might want to visit to satisfy your cravings – Mounting Cravings.

They have tons of tasty treats on the menu. However, if you stop by, you might want to make sure you try their fish and chips! This one seems to steal the hearts of their diners.

That is not all, though. This fun place also has some friendly folks! As you can see, they can offer you some good food, a great place, and some lovely people. What is not to like?


10. Carnaval Restaurant

$$ | (909) 698-1025 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Crestline, CA Carnaval Restaurant

As you can tell from the name alone, we have another fun food place here. Let us talk about Carnaval Restaurant next.

Carnaval Restaurant is another food place that offers some Mexican food. They may not be the roomiest food place in the area, but they are undoubtedly one with the best interiors.

However, it is not only their place that can offer you some fun. They also have tons of tasty things on the menu that can bring the party to your tummy! If you are still looking for some Mexican cuisine, give this place a try!


11. Subway

$ | (909) 338-5551 | WEBSITE

Crestline, CATop Restaurants Subway

Are you looking for something pretty familiar? Well, look no further! Let us talk about Subway Crestline next.

If you are missing your sandwiches, they could help you with that. However, you might want to note that they do not have all the usual things you would see in other Subways. However, they do have some lovely views to make up for the lack.

Do you want some familiar flavorful food while looking at some still and serene scenery? Well, stop right up over at Subway!


12. Bear Claw Saloon

$ | (909) 338-6521 | WEBSITE

Crestline, CATop Restaurant Bear Claw Saloon

Do you want to visit a local saloon? Well, worry not. We got you! Let us take you to Bear Claw Saloon next. They are not mainly known for their food. Probably because they can offer visitors many things.

For one, they can give you a fun time and some good tunes. For another, they also have some lovely folks and a good vibe. Despite that, even if they are not known for their food, they can still offer you some tasty things to fill your tummies when you get tired from all the fun.


13. Paradise Mountain Coffee

$$ | (909) 338-6467 | WEBSITE

Trendy Restaurants in Crestline, CA Paradise Mountain Coffee

Are you looking for a different kind of drink? Well, Paradise Mountain Coffee might be able to help you with that then!

As you can get from the name, this place is mainly known for its coffee. However, that is not all they offer. They also have some tasty treats that can fill up hungry tummies! It is their sandwiches that seem to be the biggest hit, though!

Something to note is that they do not have that big of a place. They might not be the best place to dine if you are up for a feast.


14. Higher Grounds Coffee House

$ | (909) 589-2772 | WEBSITE

Trendy Restaurant in Crestline, CA Higher Grounds Coffee House

Are you a big coffee lover? You might also want to give our next food place a try then. Let us talk about Higher Grounds Coffee House!

Higher Grounds Coffee House has tons of tasty treats. However, that is not all. They have many other goodies to offer. For one, they have a lovely place with some friendly folks. For another, they have some artwork from local artists if you want to take a part of your trip home!


15. Three Marm Brewing Co

$$ | (909) 589-0655 | WEBSITE

Crestline, CATrendy Restaurants Three Marm Brewing Co

Now, we come to our last stop – Three Marm Brewing Co!

As you can tell from the name, this place is better known for its drinks. However, they do have some good food too. That is not all, though. They also have a fun place with a friendly vibe! Still, it does not end there.

They also have some lovely people that can give you some good customer service. Tell us, what is not to like at Three Marm Brewing Co?


Finding the Best Food Place in Crestline

As you might already know, these places each cater to different preferences. Here are some things you might want to keep in mind to find the best place for you and the gang.

Do a Head Count

You will likely have no trouble picking a food place if you are on your own. However, you might want to do a head count before heading to these food places if you are with a group.

Some of these food places will not be able to accommodate a big group without any hassle. For a stress-free dining experience, do not forget to consider the space of these places along with the season.

Season Specials

Since we are already talking about seasons, do not forget to try and ask for season specials! Some of these places have some seasonal specials that are not to be missed! However, do not forget to try some regulars too. This way, you would best know what to order next time you come around!

Final Words

That is a wrap! That is our list of the 15 best restaurants in Crestline, CA!

Whether you are planning to visit or a local looking for something new, we hope this list was able to help you find some great eats. If we did, you might want to give us another visit before your next big trip. We might be able to help you find the great eats in the area.

Restaurants in Crestline, CA

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