15 Best Restaurants in Blythewood, SC [2023 Updated]

Finding good restaurants can be challenging when the food market has been booming and starting all over different places. You can try trial and error, but still, it would be a waste of money. This is when recommendations and research is worth the effort. Here are the 16 Best restaurants in Blythewood, SC.

Doko Station Pub & Eatery

$$ | (803) 661-6977 | WEBSITE

Blythewood, SC Best Restaurants Doko Station Pub & Eatery

Doko Station Pub & Eatery is your resident favorite when ordering your draft, canned, and domestic beers. They also have great food choices like pizza, charcuterie, salads, and many more. Sometimes, all you need is food and a good glass of beer.

The place also offers a variety of games you can play with friends and perhaps meet some new people as you enjoy your time at Doko Station Pub & Eatery. The price is reasonable, along with the generous portions of food.

The staff is helpful, and it’s fun to be in a place where you feel comfortable. Having fun is part of a good meal experience.


Doko Smoke BBQ

$$ | (803) 730-6016 | WEBSITE

Blythewood, SC Best Restaurant Doko Smoke BBQ

Doko Smoke BBQ offers what every smoke barbeque fans dream of. Their ribs are smoked to the bone, meaning the smoke is deep, and you can feel it in your every bite. The meat’s crust is made perfectly, with the perfect texture and flavor.

Doko Smoke BBQ makes sure that the flavors are all present but at the same time not overwhelming. In other words, the ingredients are cooked best, not taking away flavors and not overdoing anything. Despite the restaurant’s name, they have different dishes available on their menus, like mac n cheese and banana pudding.


San Jose Mexican Restaurant

$ | (803) 735-9787 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Blythewood, SC San Jose Mexican Restaurant

San Jose Mexican Restaurant is up for the challenge of serving you the best of classic Mexican dishes like burritos, tacos, enchiladas, and many more. This place offers a great deal with their reasonable prices. This is a place worth visiting if you want authentic Mexican dishes.

It might be hard to find a good Mexican restaurant, but this place offers delicious food worth your time and money. Their margaritas are reviewed excellent and are a great way to complement your warm meal.

The service is also excellent, and the staff knows what they are doing. Their servers make sure that you feel comfortable and that you are welcomed.


Lizard’s Thicket Restaurant

$ | (803) 451-8400 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Blythewood, SC Lizard's Thicket Restaurant

Lizard’s Thicket Restaurant is a warm and friendly family-owned chain that aims to serve the best Southern favorites. Lizard’s Thicket is here to the rescue if you want to try some good fried chicken. They have a variety of dishes on their menu, so you have a lot of choices; from burgers, and shrimp, to pasta, they have a good list for you.

Their patties are not just one kind. And they also have salmon patties you can enjoy if you are not feeling like a beef patty. Lizard’s Thicket restaurant is dedicated to serving homemade dishes for customers to enjoy. Who doesn’t want an excellent homemade dish?


Carolina Wings & Ribhouse

$$ | (803) 714-0181 | WEBSITE


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There are days when you just feel like eating a meaty meal with booze and friends. You could also enjoy this type of meal alone. It depends on the person whether they prefer wings and steaks on a stressful day or during a chill day or day off.

Nevertheless, wings and beer are always a comforting duo. Carolina Wings & Ribhouse serves one of the best ribs, chicken wings, sandwiches, and many more. Their ribs fall off the bone type of tender, a vital characteristic of a good rib menu.

You would also feel very welcomed as the staff is friendly. The overall service is rated excellent, a bonus of their good food.



Groucho’s Deli

$ | (803) 754-4509 | WEBSITE


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Groucho’s Deli is a chain restaurant that’s actively involved in serving good food and protecting the environment. They do an excellent lineup of deli sandwiches that is a great way to start your day or satisfy your craving.

Their menu is not limited to sandwiches but also a variety of side dishes. Groucho’s sandwiches are sure to be just suitable for your taste, ensuring that the ingredients are fresh and not too overwhelming.

You can also enjoy a good sandwich in a lovely location, as they are set up in a beautiful space. They are consistent in terms of their excellent service and good food.


Scottie’s Cafe & Grill

$ | (803) 708-1007 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Blythewood, SC Scottie's Cafe & Grill

Scottie’s Cafe & Grill is a chill place that offers a variety of dishes from all other the world. The atmosphere is relaxed, with a hint of an old-school vibe that exudes a nostalgic feel. This place serves dishes from different parts of the world.

Perhaps you are craving American, Italian, or Greek fare; Scottie’s Cafe & Grill have them. They serve not only good food, but they have a variety of choices for your drinks too. They serve up beer and wine!

Knowing what you want before going into a restaurant with this many choices is best. The service is rated excellent, and the food portions are hearty and warm, just pure joy.


Waffle House

$ | (803) 735-1732 | WEBSITE


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Waffle House is a simple and humble place where you can enjoy breakfast meals anytime. They serve American fare, breakfast meals, and their signature waffles. Perhaps you feel like it’s a waffle kind of day, then you should try out this restaurant.

The place is clean, and it’s one of the restaurants that serve the best waffles. Their staff knows what they are doing and are friendly towards customers and each other, maintaining a peaceful and bright environment.

You won’t have to worry about waiting too long as service time is quick and organized. Waffle House aims to serve the best food and be consistently good at it.


Chubby’s Burgers & Brewhouse

$$ | (803) 445-1409 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Blythewood, SC Chubby's Burgers & Brewhouse

Chubby’s Burger & Brewhouse offers you the best burger accompanied by your desired drink. Their burger patties are nothing short of perfectly cooked and seasoned. They also have a bar that’s filled with options you might like.

One thing about burgers is that they are flexible, and you can add up many things to make them even better and accommodate your taste. Chubby’s Burgers & Brewhouse explores the many options and flavors possible to give their customers good options.

The serving time is also relatively quick without compromising the quality of your meal. Order at Chubby’s Burgers & Brewhouse is always a fun time.


Scott Benny’s American & International Cuisine

$ | (803) 724-2808 | WEBSITE


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Scott Benny’s American & International Cuisine is an excellent place to enjoy your meal and satisfy your craving for American or International cuisine. You can enjoy your meal with friends, or you can enjoy your time alone.

This is also a great place to meet new friends! In addition, they offer live music, their daily specials, and happy hour events that you can enjoy.

Scott Benny’s American & International Cuisine is where you can feel comfortable, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the area is just overall filled with good vibes. There are just a lot of reasons to stop by and enjoy.


Cobblestone Park Restaurant and Bar

$$ | (803) 333-8243 | WEBSITE


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If you are looking for a place to hold your meetings or want a fancy place to enjoy your meal, you can visit Cobblestone Park Restaurant and Bar. They have a clubhouse, restaurant, bar, and a gold course if you are into that hobby.

Perhaps you feel like today’s not the day for fast food; you can always try their classy and formal space. The atmosphere is both elegant and casual at the same time. Cobblestone Park Restaurant and Bar has a refined and comfortable tone. They ensure that their food is consistently good, along with excellent service.


Prince House of Pizza

$$ | (803) 542-7226 | WEBSITE

Blythewood, SC Restaurant Prince House of Pizza

Some days are just pizza types of days. Pizzas are usually the one-call-away comfort food everybody loves. Pizza is always a great way to enjoy company, whether at home watching your favorite movie or outside with friends. Prince House of Pizza is an excellent place to go and get pizza.

This pizza house offers a lot more than pizza, too, so you would have options and creative meal combinations! They have different appetizers and pasta, so you have plenty of choices to mix and match. If you are following a strict diet or are vegetarian, they have plenty of options for you.


Casey’s Big Dawgs

$ | (803) 261-1109 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Blythewood, SC Casey's Big Dawgs

If you want a quick snack, Casey’s Big Dawgs might be the perfect place for you, especially if you are craving hotdogs. Perhaps you are out for a walk and want to replenish, and you can always count on a good hotdog bite.

This place has an excellent, award-winning chili that you might be up for. Hotdogs might be some of the most accessible food to cook, but you need technique and practice to perfect them!

Casey’s Big Dawgs have a plethora of choices you can choose from; buns, sauces, hotdogs, and toppings. You can customize and mix and match them if you want.




$ | (803) 691-4546 | WEBSITE


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If you are in a hurry but still want some good food, you can always try and visit Hardee’s. Hardee’s menu is always made to order, so you can rest assured that your orders are cooked as you ordered them.

Their staff are well-trained and knows what they are doing. They ensure their ingredients are fresh and the food is cooked correctly. Hardee’s tries their best to be consistent in the excellent quality of their service and food, making sure to make their customers feel comfortable and satisfy their cravings.



$ | (803) 691-0305 | WEBSITE


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Bojangles has been serving good food since 1977. They have been consistent in their goal of serving good food throughout the years and until now. Bojangles offers excellent seasoned chicken, a biscuit made from scratch, their legendary iced tea, and other classic Southern fares.

You can never go wrong with chicken and iced tea when in doubt! They serve all day long from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you can always visit for dine-in and drive-through. Their menu prices are reasonable, and the portions are just enough too.



Whatever the occasion is or whether it’s just a typical day, food always makes everything better and bearable. So, if you happen to be in Blythewood and are craving something, here are the 16 Best restaurants in Blythewood, SC. You can continually assess your type of restaurant through research, whether a place is your type or not.

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