17 Best Restaurants in Anchorage, AK

Anchorage, Alaska, is known for its beautiful scenery, friendly people, and delicious food. Are you looking for a list of the 17 Best Restaurants in Anchorage?

If so, look no further! We give you the best of the best with budgets ranging from “I can’t spend too much” to “I don’t even have a budget!”

Moose’s Tooth

$$ | (907) 258-2537 | WEBSITE

The name may be a little strange, but the pizza is legit! Moose’s Tooth lunch specials include pizza by the slice.

Choose from daily specials like the Carnivore (featuring all the meats!), Avalanche (pepperoni, bacon, chicken, and red onions), Chicken Ranch (with Roma tomatoes and bacon), Call of the Wild (reindeer sausage, mushrooms, steak, and bacon), and Santa’s Little Helper (bacon, pepperoni, steak, and chicken).

If you aren’t feeling in the mood for a pie, try a tasty salad or oven-baked sandwich.


Turkish Delight

$$ | (907) 258-3434 | WEBSITE

Turkish Delight Best Restaurants in Anchorage, AK

Turkish Delight serves the best homemade Mediterranean food!

Featured menu items include Doner kebab (beef and lamb rotisserie), Muratti’s Kofte (seasoned meatballs), Adana Shish Kebab (spicy beef on skewers), Lamb Pirzola (grilled lamb chops).

Each dinner is served with rice and a salad. You won’t want to leave without trying the Turkish coffee or Elma tea with a slice of baklava.


Simon & Seafort’s Saloon & Grill

$$$ | (907) 274-3502 | WEBSITE

Simon & Seafort's Saloon & Grill Best Restaurants in Anchorage, AK

If you are looking for dinner with a view, Simon & Seafort’s Saloon & Grill is your place! Enjoy a sharable like the Warm Bri with Macadamia Nut Crust while overlooking Mount Susitna, Cook Inlet, or the Alaska Range.

They have the best seafood as well! Choose from the crab stuffed halibut, almond-crusted sea scallops, or the crab and shrimp fettuccine.

Meat lovers will really enjoy the slow-roasted prime rib with an herb crust. Or dive into the chargrilled chophouse burger. Please don’t miss the creme brulee, chocolate indulgence cake, or the key lime pie for dessert.


Snow City Cafe

$$ | (907) 272-2489 | WEBSITE


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Snow City is open for breakfast and lunch only, but it should still be on your “must visit” list.

They have the standard “two eggs any style,” but branch out and try the omelets: Uber (with black forest ham and five different veggies), Cluck Norris (with chicken apple sausage!), Farmer’s Market (all veggies), and they even have a vegan scramble.

Try the fried egg sandwich, biscuits and gravy, Brekkie burger, or stuffed French toast for more hearty fare. They even have green eggs and ham.


Tent City Taphouse

$$ | (907) 644-8368 | WEBSITE

Did you know Anchorage was referred to as Tent City because, in the early 20th Century, the railroad caused the city to grow so much that there were no rooms for rent? Tent City Taphouse pays homage to that legacy through its name.

It serves up yummy dishes such as burgers (Anchorage style with jalapeno bacon, fried onions, and barbeque sauce or Downtown style with mushrooms, truffle aioli, and roasted garlic), fish and chips, sandwiches (halibut, meatloaf, French dip, and Philly cheesesteak).

You can pair them all with Yukon duck fat fries, Kase Spätzle (mac and cheese), or the vegetable of the day.


Spenard Roadhouse

$$ | (907) 770-7623 | WEBSITE


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If it is delicious comfort food you seek, it is delicious comfort food you will find at Spenard Roadhouse.

Their AM Eats menu features such delights as a bacon breakfast burrito, Spenard stack (eggs, tots, bacon, tomato, spinach, and Havarti), veggie benedict, and a bowl of Lucky Charms (yes, those Lucky Charms).

There are also soups and salads for lunch or grab a bacon jam burger or Cubano sandwich. PM Eats includes hot pizza (even one with reindeer and chevre cheese), carnitas tacos, NY steal, halibut and chips, and a Korean rice bowl.


Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop

$ | (907) 569-0001 | WEBSITE

If you want to grab a quick goodie while on the go, Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop has some extraordinary items from which to choose!

Scones and muffins are made with organic flour, adding to the taste of such items as the ham cheddar chive scone or the uber blueberry bran muffin.

You can get a breakfast sandwich (vegetarian option available), a seasonal lunch sandwich, or seasonal soup. Croissants, breads, cookies, and bars are all baked fresh daily.


Jimmy’s Asian Food

$$ | (907) 646-7777 | WEBSITE

Jimmy's Asian Food Best Restaurants in Anchorage, AK

Jimmy’s Asian Food offers you cold and hot appetizers to start your dining experience. Try the seaweed salad or crispy pancake. There are eight different types of Dim Sum, too.

The yellowtail jalapeno is not only delicious but also visually beautiful. The sashimi dinner includes fresh fish (15 pieces), or you can get a sushi dinner with a California roll and eight pieces of fresh sushi, such as the Alaska roll, Angry Dragon roll, or Casanova roll.

You can get a bento box for lunch or dinner, a hibachi dinner, or noodles with fried rice.


Namaste Shangri-La

$$ | (907) 569-3000 | WEBSITE

Namaste Shangri-La Best Restaurants in Anchorage, AK

Namaste Shangri-La offers the best dishes from the Himalayan region, including Tibet, Burma, and India.

Have you ever tried appetizers such as papadum crispy, roasted lentil wafers), meat samosas (with seasoned ground beef and pea filling), or Paneer Shashlik (soft cheese in Shasklik gravy)?

If you like spinach, try the Palak Soup, that has spinach blended with Himalayan herbs and spices. You can get Naan (puffy, leavened bread) five ways and enjoy it with Tandoori chicken or lamb boti kabob.

Momo is Nepali dumplings filled with vegetables, chicken, beef, or lamb. Or have a mixed rice dish (Biryani) with beef, chicken, lamb, goat, shrimp, or vegetables.


The Writer’s Block Bookstore & Cafe

$$ | (907) 929-2665 | WEBSITE

Want to enjoy some tasty food while you get a little work done?

Check out The Writer’s Block Bookstore & Cafe. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there are fantastic dishes like the three-egg omelet, beans and rice burrito (with sour cream and salsa), pastrami Panini and the roasted pepper soup with tomato and basil.

There are cocktails, coffee, teas, and sodas to help you power through the work after a good meal. You can also browse the bookstore or art venue when you are done.


Bear Paw Bar & Grill

$$ | (907) 563-8443 | WEBSITE

Bear Paw Bar & Grill Best Restaurants in Anchorage, AK

The Bear Paw Bar & Grill advertises that they offer the best of what Alaska has and they don’t lie! Nibblers include buffalo wings, Denali sticks ( mozzarella breadsticks), reindeer sausage stuff jalapenos, and maple bacon brussel sprouts.

There is hand foods (which will take both hands!) like the barbecue meatloaf sandwich, bison burger, meatball sub, pulled pork sandwich, and a sriracha jalapeno burger, each served with fries.

If you are in the mood for a hot dish, try the country fried steak, IPA fried shrimp, or chicken and waffles.


Spinz Pollo A La Brasa

$$ | (907) 277-7469 | WEBSITE

Spinz Pollo A La Brasa Best Restaurants in Anchorage, AK

Spinz Pollo A La Brass is the place to go if you are looking for wood charcoal-grilled chicken rotisserie. These chickens are brined for 12 hours, then placed over charcoal and cooked slowly at 185 degrees.

This Peruvian-inspired restaurant lets you choose from a whole, half, or quarter chicken (with white or dark meat available).

Each dinner comes with two heavenly sides: green salad, steak fries, green beans, white rice, agave lime coleslaw, and white beans. There are also premium Peruvian sides (which cost 75 cents extra).



$$ | (907) 277-7332 | WEBSITE


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What could be better than a biscuit with stuff on it? Biscuitclub has taken breakfast and brunch to a whole new level!

There’s the Straight Up (good old biscuit and sausage gravy), Sammy (biscuit sandwich with eggs and cheese), and the La Bamba (the Straight Up with chorion scrambled eggs, jalapenos, green chilies, and cheddar cheese).

Pick the Hot Blooded (the Straight Up with diced Louisiana hot link, cheddar cheese, and jalapenos) if you want to spice things up.

Then there are the sweets – Jammin (biscuit with seasonal house jam, Nutella, or honey) or the Nuttin Compares (biscuit with bananas, Nutella, and topped with whipped cream).


Sushi On The Fly

$$ | (907) 337-8744 | WEBSITE

Sushi On The Fly Best Restaurants in Anchorage, AK

If you find yourself at the Ted Stevens International Airport, be sure to check out Sushi on the Fly.

Quick bites include the tempura shrimp, dumplings, and spicy ahi poki, and there are tasty entrees, such as Mongolian beef, pilot beef, sweet and sour chicken, and salmon teriyaki.

You can also get a bento box with spicy pork, chicken or beef teriyaki, or salmon. But, let’s face it – if you are going to Sushi on the Fly, you are probably there for the sushi!

Choose from traditional roll offerings like spicy tuna crab or California. Or try something a little more adventurous, like the Mexico City roll (spicy IM crab with shrimp tempura and avocado), OMG roll (crab meat, asparagus, shrimp tempura, and cucumber), or Flying Dragon roll (spicy crab, cucumber, and avocado).


International House Of Hotdogs

$$ | (907) 227-3081 | WEBSITE

International House Of Hotdogs Best Restaurants in Anchorage, AK

Hotdog lovers unite – at the International House of Hotdogs! This restaurant offers gourmet hotdogs at their finest. Choose from beef polish, reindeer polish, buffalo sausage, chicken sausage, or vegetarian sausage.

Try the Hawaiian (ham, bacon, pineapple, and sauteed onions), Chicago (tomatoes, pickles, jalapeno relish, onions, and a dill pickle), the American (mac & cheese, bacon, and bell pepper), or the Mexican (queso fresco, chipotle sauce, onions, sour cream, and chorizo).

Add French fries and a drink, and you have the perfect meal on a bun!


Fiori D’Italia

$$ | (907) 243-9990 | WEBSITE

Fiori D'Italia Best Restaurants in Anchorage, AK

Fiori D’Italia is a perfect spot for a romantic Italian dinner. Dazzle your partner with an appetizer of sauteed mushrooms, escargots alula parmesan, or mozzarella loaf.

Satisfying entrees include halibut parmigiana, gameberi alula fiorin, spaghetti with marinara (add fresh mushrooms, Italian sausage, or meatballs), fettuccini Alfredo, manicotti, lasagna, or Scott’s veal special.

There are also gourmet pizzas, such as the pizza Bianca, pizza alula siciliana, and pizza con funghi prosciutto.


El Dorado

$$ | (907) 770-2888 | WEBSITE

El Dorado Best Restaurants in Anchorage, AK

El Dorado offers you an authentic Mexican meal over 3,000 miles from the Mexican border.

They have all your favorites: cheese dip and chips, guacamole dip, quesadillas, tostados, huevos rancheros, burritos, flautas, fajitas (with chicken, beef, or shrimp), enchiladas, tortas, and tacos.

For a special treat, try the El Jefe (three carne masada enchiladas with beans and rice), Mojarra (seasons Tilapia in a Mexican sauce with a side salad), or the Carnitas Tacos (pork tacos served with beans and rice).

Save room for sopapillas, cheesecake, flan, or fried ice cream.



This list of the 17 best restaurants in Anchorage offers a wide variety of choices and includes some of the best places to try when you are just visiting Anchorage or are a local looking for a new dining experience.

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