17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Amarillo, TX [2023 Updated]

If you’re looking for a cuisine that beautifully blends many cultural dishes with tasty and exciting flavors, Mexican food is what you want. Just a bite and you’re hooked forever.  If you live in or are passing by Amarillo, Texas, and want to eat proper Mexican dishes, check out these prominent Mexican restaurants.

Chipotle Mex Grill

$$ | (806) 576-0764 | WEBSITE


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Chipotle Mexican Grill brims with all the fantastic Mexican dishes you can never get enough of, from quesadillas to burritos and tacos. The kitchen claims no artificial preservatives or flavors are added to their foods; only organically grown and fresh ingredients are used.

You can’t compare its authenticity with other Mexican restaurants. Vegetarian options are also available. The indoor seating provides excellent comfort, making the idea of stopping by to have either breakfast, lunch, or dinner a good one.

Also, your kids and aged ones are safe if you take them along with you. The facility is also wheelchair-compliant.


Plaza Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (806) 358-4897 | WEBSITE

Plaza Mexican Restaurant Restaurants in Amarillo, TX

Established in 1982 by the Ramos family, the Plaza Mexican Restaurant and bar is family-owned and operated and one of the oldest Mexican restaurants in the district. It provides both southwestern and Tex-Mex dishes to give you the pleasant feel of a home away from home.

What’s more? It also has both vegan-friendly and gluten-free dishes.  Their menu includes fried mushrooms, spicy chili sticks, jalapeno peppers, guacamole dip, chile con queso dip, etc.

They have grilled smothered chickens and hamburgers, and diced potatoes, black beans, charro beans, and french fries as their sides. There’s a wide range of drinks such as Mexican coke, margaritas, beverages, and soft drinks to accompany your meal.


El Tejavan

$$ | (806) 372-5250 | WEBSITE

El Tejavan Best Mexican Restaurants in Amarillo, TX

From selling tacos in a small store on their street, Jose and Patricia Murguia moved to Texas to own a large restaurant that provides exciting and authentic Mexican cuisine. The restaurant is classy, thanks to its local but outstanding articulations.

It has a no-smoking regulation, which it wants all its customers to abide by. The menu includes different food categories like salads, soups, tortas, fajitas, tacos, enchiladas, favorites, specialties, and drinks like mojitos, margaritas, chiltons, etc.

Everywhere leads to El-Tejavan whenever you’re looking for classy tasty, and nutritional foods. It also offers catering services for outdoor events, but you have to book in advance.



$$ | (806) 354-8294 | WEBSITE


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Founded by James Young, Chuck Anderson, and Dirk Rambo in 1989 and continuously voted as the #1 Mexican restaurant in America for over a decade, Abuelo’s crafts original Mexican dishes with the best ingredients.

It claims to make all its dishes from scratch and in-house using standard recipes. It has options for everyone irrespective of their age bracket, and the dining atmosphere is modeled after the traditional Mexican courtyard, exhilarating its customers to no end.

The decor is top-notch, and the customer service is impeccable. Abuelo’s is what you need to inspire evergreen memories or get into a romantic mood.


El Charro Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (806) 373-4555 | WEBSITE

El Charro Mexican Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Amarillo, TX

Rooted in the business of creating lasting memories with food, El-Charro Mexican Restaurant is committed to providing delicious Mexican food that will warm your insides. The staff is always helpful and inviting; the atmosphere is thick with the aromas of different dishes.

It’s an excellent place to take the family or anyone you want to connect with over a sumptuous meal. The environment is laid-back and serene, making it suitable to rest your head for a while after the meal.

The portions are generous, and the drinks are primarily Mexican. You can order takeout or have the food delivered to your doorstep.


El Manatial

$$ | (806) 383-1852 | WEBSITE

El Manatial Best Mexican Restaurants in Amarillo, TX

El Manatial is one of the hole-in-the-wall restaurants capable of beyond their facilities. This restaurant doesn’t strike one as a fancy restaurant, but the food will make you come back for more. Sometimes, there is a live band to play on some evenings alongside salsa dishes.

You can try out some of their favorite delicacies like tripa tacos, La Beria taco, bean dip, flan, etc. The prices are affordable, and you won’t believe the generous food portions.

The staff also suggests food combinations to try out. This restaurant is a perfect example of the popular maxim, “Never judge a book by its cover.”


Tacos Garcia

$$ | (806) 371-0411 | WEBSITE

Tacos Garcia Best Mexican Restaurants in Amarillo, TX

Even though the name suggests that tacos are a main part of the menu, Tacos Garcia provides more than tacos. It is a family-owned restaurant founded in 1988 and managed by George and Mitsy Veloz.

The restaurant has grown to one of the best in Amarillo, Texas, from a struggling food business. Its secret to success lies in successfully blending Mexican, Texas, and New Mexico flavors to create mind-blowing dishes.

Besides, it has a full bar and a patio where you can catch fun with other people and reminisce evergreen memories. All you have to do is stop by the restaurant to enjoy its magic.


Dona Juanita’s

$$ | (806) 220-2610 | WEBSITE

Dona Juanita's Best Mexican Restaurants in Amarillo, TX

If you’re looking for a chef with magic fingers, simply go to Dona Juanita’s. Their tortillas are very delicious, and if you’re not careful, you might eat more than you bargained for.

Each food flavor is unique from the rest yet seamlessly blends with others to make unique combinations. Everything adds up to make this restaurant highly preferred. It is neat and well-arranged, making you feel at home immediately you step in.

The staff offers impeccable customer service, and the environment is great for relaxing. The building is wheelchair accessible. You can decide to dine in or order.


La Fiesta Grande

$$ | (806) 352-1330 | WEBSITE

La Fiesta Grande Best Mexican Restaurants in Amarillo, TX

Surely, it’s no mean feat for a restaurant to be recognized as the top Hispanic business and the top small business of the year.

La Grande Fiesta hasn’t only bagged these recognitions and given back to the Amarillo community in many ways, from awarding high school students scholarships to the founders serving on non-profit boards.

Besides the rich menu at La Grande, it is fully committed to furthering the interests of families and its community. Currently managed by Jennifer and Ashley, the daughters of the founders – Roy and Betty Bara, the restaurant has a friendly staff and enough parking space. There’s no obstruction anywhere.


Taqueria Rivera

$$ | (806) 803-9485 | WEBSITE

Taqueria Rivera Best Mexican Restaurants in Amarillo, TX

Close to attractions such as Route 66 Historic District, Globe News Center for the Performing Arts, and Harrington House, Taqueria  Rivera isn’t only a high-quality but also has some sightseeing opportunities.

It is well-known for serving generous portions of healthy and tasty food at reasonable prices. Like most of its customers say, its Mexican dishes are original and unique. It reminds you of home if you are Mexican and draws you to the culture if you’re a non-Mexican.

Its dishes include Menudo, huevos rancheros, horchata, hotdogs, hamburgers, coffee, and more. You’re in for a memorable experience if you stop by this restaurant.



$$ | (806) 310-0900 | WEBSITE

Chuy's Best Mexican Restaurants in Amarillo, TX

Chuy’s perfectly blends Mexican flavors with Texas dishes to curate Tex-Mex delicacies you won’t likely find anywhere else. It also borrows recipes from other rich food cultures in Austin, Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico, etc.

Owned by Mike Young and John Capp, this restaurant is your down-to-earth restaurant that gives “a large as your face” burritos and other Tex-Mex dishes in a laidback atmosphere.

The decor is heavily stunning and of different varieties; for example, some dining rooms are palm tree-themed, while some are car-themed.  The staff is very welcoming and always sticks to health guidelines to protect themselves and their customers.


El Patron Tex-Mex Restaurant

$$ | (806) 418-6934 | WEBSITE

El Patron Tex-Mex Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Amarillo, TX

Besides the traditional Mexican foods El Patron offers, it also provides dishes from other food cultures prepared with Mexican flavors. The atmosphere is fantastic, and the staff is very attentive.

This restaurant is so excellent in its service that customers rarely have complaints. The kitchen claims to use only the best ingredients in preparing its dishes, so you are assured of safe meals.

El Patron curates Tex-Mex dishes for outdoor events, whether big or small. You can dine in, eat on the curbside, order takeout or get the food delivered. Orders over $50 come at no delivery cost. If you visit this restaurant, try the salsa verde first!


Rosa’s Cafe

$$ | (806) 803-9145 | WEBSITE


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First established in 1983 before it became a chain of restaurants across the United States, Rosa’s Cafe is a Mexican restaurant known for the signature dishes it provides.

Some of them include grilled chicken fajitas, tacos, tortillas, sopapillas, burritos, tostadas, tamale, taco salads, chicken enchiladas, etc. There are complimentary salsa dishes of different varieties for your enjoyment.

The atmosphere is inviting, and the drive-thru window adds more beauty to the facility. You don’t have to wait for long for your food to get to you if you are dining in. The staff is quick and helpful, and the food is always well-presented.


Jorge’s Mexican Bar and Grill

$$ | (806) 354-2241 | WEBSITE

Jorge’s Mexican Bar and Grill Best Mexican Restaurants in Amarillo, TX

Voted Best Salsa, Best Tex-Mex, and Best Margarita in 2019, Jorge’s has every reason to pride itself in nourishing Amarillo with healthy Mexican dishes. Owned by Jorge Albarro, this restaurant treats every customer like family.

It has a culture of bonding with people over good food and giving them a reason always to celebrate. It caters for both indoor and outdoor events. News has it that the foods taste great, but you need to experience it yourself.

The most popular dishes include Chiquito burrito, lunch enchiladas, taco special, chicken fajita pita, papa asada, chile relleno, Nathan’s chimichanga, chicken parilla, etc.


Joe Taco

$$ | (806) 331-8226 | WEBSITE

Joe Taco Best Mexican Restaurants in Amarillo, TX

If you want a taste of well-prepared and delicious cheese enchiladas immersed in queso and chips and salads, Joe Taco’s doors are open to you. It has other dishes asides enchiladas and salads, so you have many options to choose from.

The service is timely and impeccable; you can quickly stop by, have some bites and continue your journey. If you want to sleep over, there are hotels close by to the restaurant, such as the Best Western Plus and Empress Suites.

There are meal options for children, so you can take your young ones along. If you’re adventurous, you can try ordering a bit of each menu item for a superb culinary experience.


Chili’s Grill and Bar

$$ | (806) 359-5000 | WEBSITE

Chili’s Grill and Bar Best Mexican Restaurants in Amarillo, TX

From classic nachos, skillet queso, fresh guacamole, crispy cheddar bites, bottomless tostada chips to white spinach queso, Chili’s Grill and Bar has a varied menu with options for everyone. The foods are filling but of low calories and moderately priced.

Two people can eat sumptuous dishes to their fill for less than $30 at Chili’s. The servers are detail-oriented,  swift, and always cheerful to work; they make you feel at home.

The restaurant operates a culture of making each customer feel special, whether coming in for a drink or a full-course meal. The staff is made of diverse people regarding culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, etc., in a bid to bring more diversity to their menu.


Torchy’s Tacos

$ | (806) 398-1111 | WEBSITE


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As the name suggests, Torchy’s Tacos is the place to go if you want to try out different flavor-themed tacos. The tacos include green chile pork taco, fried avocado taco, beef fajita taco, crossroads taco, Mr orange taco, queso and chips, Migas taco, Baja shrimp taco, grande burrito, etc.

The restaurant claims that it uses the finest ingredients and that all foods are cooked in-house. The service is fast and high quality, and the atmosphere is serene. Asides filling your stomach, the foods provide emotional comfort.



Mexican cuisine is magical, but you’ll never know until you taste as many delicacies as possible. The Mexican restaurants listed above are the best places to know what kind of magic it is in Amarillo, Texas. Whether dining alone or with a company, you’re in for a one-of-a-kind experience. All you have to do is relax and enjoy!

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