17 Best Indian Restaurants in Houston, Texas [2023 Updated]

Most tourists in Houston, Texas, are surprised by how the place is ethnically diverse. You can experience the diversity in Houston through their museums, art, local music, and restaurants.

The place is totally packed with several restaurants serving South Asian cuisines. If you are searching for Indian restaurants, Houston has a lot of excellent ones. Houston is filled with excellent Indian restaurants. If you have been to India, having meals in these restaurants will makes you reminisce about the past.

Not to mention, these restaurants do not only showcase their menu selection. The interiors of these restaurants also embrace the atmospheric vibe of Indian art and a touch of modernity. Here are 17 of the best Indian restaurants Houston has to offer.

Aga’s Restaurant & Catering

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Aga’s offer traditional Pakistani and Indian selection on their menu. Locals suggest having their BBQ sizzling platter, goat karahi keema, karahi gosht, and bullet naan. You do not have to worry about eating here. All of their menus are made with 100% halal meat.

It is best to visit Aga’s Restaurant during off-hours! The place is jam-packed during the hours because it is popular among locals and tourists.

If you are looking for a decent place for an Indian wedding, its exquisite gold, red, and white interior design best fits. Inquire them for any catering and event services!


Tarka Indian Kitchen

$$ | (346) 802-2096 | WEBSITE

Houston, Texas Indian Restaurant Tarka Indian Kitchen

Authentic Indian dishes are what you will find on the menu of Tarka Indian Kitchen. It is a fast-casual restaurant making it the best choice for first-timers to Indian cuisine. What’s best with craving from Tarka Indian Kitchen is it has two locations you can visit; this means you do not have to huddle with other goers during peak hours.

If you are having a curry at Tarka allows you to mix and match your curry dish. You can choose the protein, spice level, and type of curry. It is perfect for those who have preferences for their curry.



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Kiran’s restaurant is synonymous with a fine dining restaurant in Houston. Chef Kiran Verma introduced sensational menus by incorporating fragrance and spices with fresh meat or seafood.

If you want some menu recommendations, try out their seafood curry spiked with tamarind and coconut or the tandoori quail stuffed with chicken keema.

But, the most tried dish of Kiran’s is the Simon Biles-approved Chicken Tikka Masala. Beyond their food, Kiran’s have a signature chai blend. It is worth trying with some scones pied with clotted cream and jam.



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Have a hearty feast off their six-course menu on Sundays. The restaurant has a unique space, with a more museum vibe than a restaurant. Every corner of the restaurant is decorated with 18th-century grandeur.

Frequent goers at Musaafer recommend trying their panipuri, filet mignon vindaloo, and tandoori octopus. Apart from its variety of flavors, its ingredients pop in bright colors making it more delicious to look at.

Musaafeer wants you to have a full feast for your senses. The choices in their menu are endless. You can safely choose the recommended ones or try out the menu you want to taste.



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Pondicheri has a modern exterior for an Indian restaurant. It is a great choice for lovely dinner dates; it has an overlooking balcony where you can have a lovely talk over your Italian dish.

If you have been to Mumbai, the flavors of their dishes will remind you of Mumbai street food. Moreover, there is a snack and pastry bar upstairs where you can enjoy.

Not to mention, Pondicheri is owned by a James Beard-nominated chef, Anita Jaisinghani. The restaurant takes pride in its popular menu selections, such as masala chicken and dosa. Moreover, if you want to learn the classics of Indian cooking, Pondicheri offers virtual cooking classes.


Sangam Chettinad Indian Cuisine

$$ | (281) 741-2726. | WEBSITE

Indian Restaurants in Houston, Texas Sangam Chettinad Indian Cuisine

Sangam is a casual restaurant that locals and tourists love to visit. It has several vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections for its appetizers. But their fragrant curries, butter masala, and curd rice are intriguing enough. Do not miss out on their Chicken 65, a South Indian Chennai style. You will definitely have a second serving!


Maharaja Bhog

$$ | (713) 771-2464 | WEBSITE

Indian Restaurant in Houston, Texas Maharaja Bhog

If you want to eat like royalty, Maharaja Bhog is the best place to experience an eat-all-you-can dining experience. No, it is not a buffet-type. The staff brings various Gujarati and Rajasthani dishes to your table, allowing you to eat up to your heart’s content.

You have to note that the Indian cuisine Maharaja Bhog serves mostly vegan and vegetarian, and these dishes are the bestseller at this restaurant.


India’s Restaurant

$$ | (713) 266-0131 | WEBSITE

Houston, Texas Top Indian Restaurants India’s Restaurant

This Indian restaurant has always been the go-to in Houston, not to mention the place is vegan-friendly. They have an extensive menu that may be overwhelming for first-time goers. Well, if you want to try, dive in for their garlic naan, mushroom Mattar, and chicken tikka masala.

Besides its extensive menu, India’s Restaurant aims to offer its customers an intimate and cozy experience. You can enjoy the lunch buffet or have the table service during dinner.


Narin’s Bombay Brasserie

$$ | (713) 622-2005 | WEBSITE

Houston, Texas Top Indian Restaurant Narin’s Bombay Brasserie

A decade-long family-managed Indian restaurant in Houston and a distinguished reputation because of its event catering. The family who owns the restaurant is passionate about improving their recipe, and it shows as each dish is ensuring to provide the best experience possible.

You can choose through their extensive menu, from their starters to tandoori specials. Most locals recommend their lamb sheek kabab, but do not overlook their pastries.


Neeta’s Indian Cuisine

$$ | (832) 251-7200 | WEBSITE

Trendy Indian Restaurants in Houston, Texas Neeta’s Indian Cuisine

One bite and you might want to have the second serving already— it is that good. Indulge their wide selection menu with a stunning atmospheric vibe.

The menu at Neeta’s is approachable and recognizable, with options such as chicken tikka masala, palak paneer, and paneer makhani masala. Moreover, their saucy and spicy curry is a must-try. All their food is not oily and full of flavor. Goat chops will not also disappoint you!


Surya India

$$ | (713) 864-6667 | WEBSITE

Best Indian Restaurant in Houston, Texas Surya India

Surya India is a perfect choice if you are looking for an Indian restaurant for a hearty lunch or date night. Moreover, it is ideal to go when the owner is there, and he will suggest Indian dishes that fit your preference.

The Indo-European upbringing has made Surya India one of the best Indian restaurants in Houston. The extensive menu will not confuse you; familiar options like mint chicken or tadoori Chilean seabass are available.


Udipi Cafe

$$ | (713) 334-5555 | WEBSITE

Houston, Texas Best Indian Restaurants Udipi Cafe

A little background: The name of this restaurant is a coastal town in Southern India. That’s why you can tell all of its menus reflect the traditions and culture of the town.

Udipi is popular for its star-studded vegetarian Indian cuisine. Try out their signature vegetarian starters that are best paired with rice and roti. Udipi wants you to enjoy it; that’s why their recipe is served on the menu. Moreover, you can complete your dining experience if you try on cakes and ice creams.


Biryani Pot

$$ | (713) 278-8085 | WEBSITE

Houston, Texas Best Indian Restaurant Biryani Pot

Biryani is a fast-casual Hyderabi eatery. Most of the recipes in Biryani Pot are inspired by Hyderabad, India.

People love Biryani Pot because you can pair your rice with other dishes on the menu. Locals suggest trying Biryani’s house-made goat soup; it does not matter if you have the soup for a starter or not.


Himalaya Restaurant & Catering

$$ | (713) 532-2837 | WEBSITE

Houston, Texas Indian Restaurants Himalaya Restaurant & Catering

Since 2004, Himalaya Restaurant has become one of the go-to Indian restaurants of Houston locals. The restaurant serves traditional Indian and Pakistani cuisine. You can choose seafood, vegetarian, and chicken selections on their menu.

Locals suggest trying their Himalaya fried chicken. It is best to pair it with your favorite wine; if you plan to try this food-drink combination, you must bring your own bottle. Yep, Himalaya Restaurant is BYOB.


Madhuram Mirch Masala

$ | 281-955-9878 | WEBSITE

Best Indian Restaurants in Houston, Texas Madhuram Mirch Masala

This restaurant serves affordable, authentic vegetarian Indian dishes. Their samosa chaat, bhaigan bhartha, and thaali are the recommended dish on their menu by locals. Other than that, you do not have to miss out on their menu; they have an Indian-Chinese fusion on their menu. Spring rolls are the best choice!

Although their dishes are vegetarian, the time comes when you will have your favorite Indian dish. Try new things.


Bombay Sweets

$ | (713) 780-4453 | WEBSITE

Top Indian Restaurants in Houston, Texas Bombay Sweets

Some thought the restaurant would close because of its deceptive name or small packaging size. But seeing how these meals and desserts are presented will surely entice you. The Dahi Vada bowls, fried Puris, vegetarian curries, and desserts are the highly recommended meals in this restaurant.

Even though Bombay Sweets have a lunch buffet and made-to-order food, do not overlook their sweets and pastries. It is where they started; best to try the chocolate burfi and coconut ladoo for your desserts.


Masala Wok Houston

$ | (713) 784-8811 | WEBSITE

Top Indian Restaurant in Houston, Texas Masala Wok Houston

Another swoon-worthy Indian restaurant in Houston. Not only because of its stylish interior but also its traditional and classic menu selection. You can enjoy both Chinese and Indian cuisine in this restaurant. Kick a meal up with their tikka masala and Hakka noodles.

Not to mention, Masala Wok has a budget-friendly menu. You can cruise through their selection without worrying about the costs.



Indeed, Houston is a unique melting pot of cultures. Most people assume that Houston does not have any delicious Indian restaurants; these are only a few of the Indian restaurants. They have guessed wrong. There are more where you can have a toast with naan, curries, and all things made with love and tandoori.

If you want to enjoy their food at home, try calling their contact numbers if they are available for deliveries or curbside pick-up. Every dish has an intriguing story. Let us know if you have a newly discovered Indian restaurant in Houston worth adding to this list.

Indian Restaurants in Houston, Texas

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