17 Best Chinese Restaurants in Dallas, TX

Nothing beats the comfort of going to your local Chinese restaurant and ordering a hot pot, freshly fried spring rolls, and some dumplings.

Chinese food always offers your palate a burst of flavor and a touch of culture. This article lists down 17 Most Visited Chinese Restaurants in Dallas, Texas.

Goji Cafe

$$ | (972) 243-1888 | WEBSITE

Dallas, TX Best Chinese Restaurants Goji Cafe1

Goji Cafe is a Chinese restaurant that offers dishes that are all vegan. So, for those who are vegetarian, watching their food intake, and those who want to try vegan food with a traditional Chinese take, this restaurant is for you.

Despite the lack of meats, Goji Cafe’s food options are bursting with Chinese flavors. Their management takes pride in providing these healthy dishes without missing out on the taste.

A remarkable feat for Goji Cafe is how considerate they are for those with food allergies, as they will always ask you if you have any before taking your orders.


Szechuan Chinese Restaurant

$$ | (214) 521-6981 | WEBSITE

Top Chinese Restaurant in Dallas, TX Szechuan Chinese Restaurant

This restaurant has received one of the highest customer ratings among the Chinese restaurants in Dallas. The authenticity and taste of the food they serve in Szechuan Chinese Restaurant have allowed it to become one of Dallas’ most sought-after Chinese food.

They serve savory proteins like sesame chicken, Szechuan beef, and pork, with signature Chinese flavors that will make your mouth water. Their Hunan shrimp is a crowd favorite. What’s even better is that their delivery services are top-notch. Food is packaged well without any spillage and the delivery time is quick.


Asia Wok Restaurant

$ | (214) 752-5888 | WEBSITE

Dallas, TX Chinese Restaurant Asia Wok Restaurant

Asia Wok Restaurant is one of the dining spots in Dallas that offers the cheapest menu items without missing out on any of the Chinese flavors. Despite its relatively small space, this restaurant is sought-after by locals because of its decent pricing and delicious food.

A great advantage is its proximity to the Bank of America. People could quickly drop by the Asia Wok Restaurant and get a great-tasting meal. A bonus is that the restaurant is willing to adjust its dishes for diners who are vegetarian or are on a gluten-free diet.


Riyen Chinese Restaurant

$ | (972) 270-9900 | WEBSITE

Riyen Chinese Restaurant

Riyen Chinese Restaurant is excellent for those who want some Chinese take-out without risking their food being bland or hastily prepared. Despite being a somewhat specific restaurant for takeout food, they have a dine-in option for those who would prefer.

It boasts a menu with traditional Chinese cuisines such as wontons and noodle soups. Each menu item is worth ordering as they are all equally delicious and worth the budget-friendly price. A bonus to your experience would be the excellent and efficient customer service they provide.


Royal China

$$ | (214) 361-1771 | WEBSITE


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This well-loved restaurant offers a wide range of homemade Chinese food that locals have already integrated into their usual food trips.

Their website also showcases a mouth-watering menu for those planning a trip. From delicious wontons, and spring rolls, to soup dumplings, Royal China deserves the hype from its regular diners. What makes it even better is that the restaurant is in an accessible spot, just inside a large, bustling shopping mall.

So, if you’re on a trip to this mall and you find your stomach growling for some flavorful dishes, then you can head over to Royal China.


Sum Dang Good Chinese

$$ | (469) 638-8930 | WEBSITE


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You can already conclude from the restaurant’s name that it offers a modern and millennial twist to Dallas’s beloved Chinese cuisine. It also lives up to its claim to serve some good Chinese food.

Depending on your preference, you can enjoy their hand-pulled noodles, crab rangoon, and sesame chicken indoors or outdoors, as they offer both types of seating.

The staff also offers quick service despite being almost packed with customers during dining schedules. A bonus for this restaurant is its calming ambiance that goes with the equally comforting Chinese food they offer their regular diners.


Hello Dumpling

$ | (469) 799-1551 | WEBSITE


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Hello Dumpling takes pride in its savory, flavourful handmade noodles and its famous namesake dumplings.

The restaurant’s reviews mainly consist of praises for its selection of handmade dumplings that are rich in flavor and have textures to die for. Locals return to the restaurant almost weekly just to savor the delicate little flour packs of deliciousness.

You can tell that their chefs make each dumpling with love and attention. Aside from the food, the restaurant receives praise for the building’s design which allows a lot of natural light, giving you a comforting feel while eating your dumplings.


Howard Wang’s Uptown China Brasserie

$$ | (214) 954-9558 | WEBSITE


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Howard Wang’s Uptown China Brasserie is for those who want to experience Chinese food fused with various cultural dishes and cuisines. They serve dishes primarily Chinese but with a mixture of flavors from other Asian countries or simply “Americanized” versions of them.

However, if you still want to reinvigorate your palate with traditional Chinese delectables, this restaurant still has your back. Their food choices are highly commended, but their dishes’ portions make Howard Wang’s Uptown China Brasserie stand out from the rest.

You can enjoy the substantial meal portions with a nice, cold cup of beer by your side.


Bo Bo China Restaurant

$ | (214) 349-2600 | WEBSITE

Best Chinese Restaurant in Dallas, TX Bo Bo China Restaurant

Beneath Bo Bo China’s unassuming exterior is a beautiful restaurant that serves authentic Chinese food for a reasonable price. The food is always made from fresh ingredients, and the flavors blend well in every dish they make.

Their signature starter of delicious Crab Rangoon will enhance your appetite and have you ordering plate after plate from their vast menu of authentic Chinese cuisine. Moreover, Bo Bo China’s service is top-notch, and diners won’t find themselves neglected by their enthusiastic and friendly staff.

This Chinese restaurant is excellent for bringing your family and friends for a quiet Chinese dinner.


Monkey King Noodle Company

$$ | (972) 268-7605 | WEBSITE


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The Monkey King Noodle Company is the perfect fit if you’re looking for a restaurant built and operated by passionate people. The Monkey King himself, Andrew Chen, is the one who makes their namesake noodles all from scratch.

Their dishes draw inspiration from the street food you’ll find in Northern China. Every noodle dish is packed with flavor, and you’re sure to order seconds after wolfing down your first bowl.

The noodle company has expanded quite a lot from its humble beginnings, and they now serve their delectable, hand-pulled noodles in three locations in Texas.


Jia Modern Chinese & Asian Lounge

$$$ | (214) 888-0155 | WEBSITE


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This Chinese restaurant is for those who aren’t in a hurry and just want to lie low and relax with good food and drinks. The atmosphere of the lounge provides a level of comfort that is different from other Chinese restaurants. Even better, the food they serve in Jia’s is guaranteed authentic Chinese/Szechwan cuisine.

Their bar offers a wide selection of wine and a sushi lounge for sushi lovers. Jia’s is open every day of the week. So, if you are in a stressful time, you can head to Jia’s Bistro and relax.


P.F. Chang’s

$$ | (214) 265-8669 | WEBSITE


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Dallas locals have incorporated P.F. Chang’s into their list of good restaurants to eat Chinese food. The restaurant’s interior has a homey and comforting feel. Amidst the comfort, you also get a fine dining experience.

What makes it even better is the food that they serve. Their portions are significant, the flavors are great, and they offer gluten-free and vegetarian options. Isn’t that great?

Locals highly recommend the Mongolian Beef and the Lettuce Wraps from their menu. Both are very different items but are similarly packed with flavor. PF Chang’s also offers outstanding catering services.


China King Super Buffet II

$ | (972) 572-6188 | WEBSITE

Chinese Restaurants in Dallas, TX China King Super Buffet II

This right here is known as Dallas’ king of Chinese buffets. The restaurant’s ambiance is magnificent. They take dining comfort to another level. But the extensive menu remains the star of the show.

The buffet has several options such as sushi rolls, teriyaki chicken, dumplings, jalapeno chicken, and other Chinese and Asian fusion cuisine. You’ll find yourself picking up every food option because of how mouth-watering they look on their serving dishes.

The taste of every dish will also live up to your expectations. It’s a great place to bring your family with you.


Pei Wei Asian Diner

$$ | (214) 765-0030 | WEBSITE


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Pei Wei Asian Diner is a go-to for locals who want a quick munch of delicious Chinese food. Locals highly praise this restaurant’s take-out options. It has the usual, take-out exterior, but once you get in, you’ll be surprised by the Chinese food they serve.

The restaurant has a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Their forte lies in traditional Chinese chicken dishes. What’s even better is that Pei Wei Asian Diner always serves their food fresh and warm. This is a surprising bonus since it’s close to being Asian fast food.


Flaming Buffet Chinese Restaurant

$$ | (214) 352-2800 | WEBSITE

Chinese Restaurant in Dallas, TX Flaming Buffet Chinese Restaurant

Everyone loves buffets, right? Especially if it’s a buffet of Chinese cuisine. Flaming Buffet Chinese Restaurant is one of the buffets locals frequent for a filling meal of Chinese food for a price that won’t break the bank. They offer a wide variety of dishes to choose from.

The stars of their menu are their seafood and soups. They also have a sushi bar and a Mongolian grill. The restaurant’s waiting services are also great, with friendly and accommodating staff. All in all, it’s a great place to take your family for a big, hearty meal.


Hong Kong Restaurant

$$ | (214) 328-2320 | WEBSITE

Dallas, TX Chinese Restaurants Hong Kong Restaurant

The amount of comfort this restaurant’s interior design brings to the table is on another level. The restaurant’s menu stays true to its Chinese roots and offers authentic food options. Their eccentric staff serves these Cantonese dishes and genuinely cares about your dining experience.

Some highly recommended menu items from Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant include their famous wontons and substantially-sized egg rolls. Options from their menu that diners should try out are their Lo Mein and Cantonese Chow Mein. Of course, we can’t forget their house special Garlic Shrimp with a spiciness to die for.


Rice Garden Chinese Restaurant

$ | (972) 709-1397 | WEBSITE

Top Chinese Restaurants in Dallas, TX Rice Garden Chinese Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the few that offers Chinese buffet options in Dallas. Locals consider it a go-to not just because of its delicious food but also because of how well-maintained the restaurant is. They have a vast menu, and their buffet is overflowing with vegetables, seafood, and meats.

You can serve yourself without much of a fuss. The salad bar is a plus for those trying to eat healthily. Plus, their staff serves you with a smile on their face and genuinely cares about your dining experience.



Almost nothing can compare to the comfort that Chinese food gives. Hearty dishes like soup dumplings, hot pots, and spring rolls are a go-to if you want a filling but flavor-packed meal and these 17 of the Most Visited Chinese Restaurants in Dallas, Texas are definitely worth a try.

Chinese Restaurants in Dallas, TX

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