14 Best Chinese Restaurants Near Denville, NJ [2023 Updated]

Many people enjoy the sweet, savory, and spicy flavors of Chinese cuisine. Dimsum, noodle soups, and stir-fried noodles are comforting Chinese food that has become an all-time favorite.

If you’re a local or just visiting, try out the 6 best Chinese Restaurants in Denville, NJ, for a satisfying Oriental gourmet adventure.

Hunan Taste

$$$ | (973) 625-2782 | WEBSITE


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Hunan Taste is a family-owned restaurant serving Cantonese, Mandarin, and Szechuan cuisine since the 1970s. This famous downtown Denville landmark offers an ultimate fine dining experience within an opulent and ornate setting.

Reader’s Choice has recognized this multi-awarded venture for nine consecutive years as the “Best Chinese Food” in New Jersey.

It offers traditional and unique Chinese dishes made from fresh, natural, and high-quality ingredients. House favorites include General Tso’s Shrimp, Peking Duck, Sesame Beef, and Seafood Delight in Bird’s Nest.


Oriental Express

$$ | (973) 627-9188 | WEBSITE

Oriental Express Best Chinese Restaurants Near Denville, NJ

If you’re looking for an exceptional quality yet affordable Chinese takeout restaurant, then Oriental Express is your best bet. It’s famous for its appetizers, including egg rolls, spring rolls, crab rangoon, and dumplings.

It also serves lo mein, soups, chow fun, chow mein, and egg foo young. The food is always served fresh and not oily, unlike other fast food joints. Loyal customers rave about its fast delivery, dine-in, and takeout service.


King’s Palace

$$ | 973-625-8000 | WEBSITE

King’s Palace Best Chinese Restaurants Near Denville, NJ

This restaurant may be small, but it makes up for its wide array of flavorful dishes. If you’re craving affordable Chinese food, drop by Denville’s best takeout place.

Its customers recommend ordering shrimp rolls, dumplings, beef sticks, General Tso’s Chicken, and Chicken with Brocolli. It also serves perfectly cooked prawns, ribs, and beef.

The in-house service and delivery are fast and efficient, making it a perfect choice for a busy day at work or at home.


China One

$ | (973) 983-0909 | WEBSITE

China One Best Chinese Restaurants Near Denville, NJ

China One is a small neighborhood takeout restaurant that serves many delectable Chinese dishes. Regular customers recommend steamed dumplings, scallion pancakes, and beef and broccoli.

It also whips up many Cantonese, Hunan, and Szechuan dishes.

You can order steamed dishes made with no oil, MSG, and salt for those who have special dietary restrictions. These healthy meals are served with steamed rice and diet brown sauce.


China Pavillion

$$ | (973) 983-0707 | WEBSITE

China Pavillion Best Chinese Restaurants Near Denville, NJ

Located in downtown Denville, China Pavillon serves a wide array of traditional Chinese dishes such as fried wontons, General Tso’s chicken, and scallion pancakes.

It has lunch specials that come with your choice of soup, rice, and canned soda- indeed, a bang for your buck.

For people looking for healthy fare, the restaurant offers diet dishes that come with steamed brown rice. You may end your meal with a classic fortune cookie or almond cookie.


Veggie Haven

$$ | (973) 586-7800 | WEBSITE

Veggie Haven Best Chinese Restaurants Near Denville, NJ

Both vegetarian and non-vegetarians will enjoy the healthy fare that Veggie Haven offers. The restaurant serves up Chinese and other Asian cuisines that have no meat.

It specializes in using vegetables, wheat gluten, soy, and mushrooms in all of its dishes. The starters include spring rolls, spinach dumplings, and cold noodles with sesame sauce.

Veggie fans also enjoy the Chinese hors-d’oeuvres consisting of homemade soy duck and roast pork, crispy sesame seaweed, and autumn roll.

The cafe also has a wide selection of hot teas, bubble teas, and fruit smoothies for a complete and satisfying meal.


Restaurants in Denville that Have Chinese Dishes on their Menu

If you and your dining companions can’t decide what to eat, you may want to try other Denville restaurants with Chinese appetizers and entrees on their menu.

Bubble in Paradise

$ | (973) 9570263 | WEBSITE


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This hip and chill hangout serves Bubble Teas, Chinese snacks, and other Asian dishes. It serves chicken, shrimp, pork shumai, and an assortment of dumplings.

It also has various bao or steamed bun flavors and spring rolls that perfectly align with its refreshing drinks.

You can also try other beverages like fruit smoothies, iced tea, and warm teas. It’s a great place to have a light snack or a healthy dessert.


Sogo Hibachi

$$ | (973) 784-4981 | WEBSITE

Sogo Hibachi Best Chinese Restaurants Near Denville, NJ

Fans of this Japanese restaurant rave about the entertaining fired-up hibachi grills. There’s an assortment of meat and vegetables that their cooks can perfectly grill on this traditional cooking device.

Aside from Japanese food, you can also enjoy a wide array of Chinese appetizers such as shumai, spring rolls, and potstickers.

It also offers mushroom bok choy soup to warm your tummy and a grilled Mandarin chicken salad to start your meal right. The staff is friendly and attentive. You won’t have difficulty parking since they have an efficient valet service.


Cafe Metro

$$ | (973) 625-1055 | WEBSITE

Cafe Metro Best Chinese Restaurants Near Denville, NJ

This cozy restaurant serves an eclectic menu, including Chinese favorites such as vegetable stir fry and vegetable lo mein. You can enjoy these vegan or vegetarian options, but you may also opt to add chicken to them.

If you’re a fan of dumplings, their chefs can whip up some edamame dumplings. The cafe has an inviting patio for those who want to dine outside to enjoy the Denville weather.


Miga Sushi

$$ | (973) 625-3828 | WEBSITE

Miga Sushi Best Chinese Restaurants Near Denville, NJ

If you’re a fan of sushi but still want a place to get classic Chinese appetizers, then Miga Sushi is for you. You may order the shrimp shumai or the filling bao aside from its wide array of sushi and rolls.

The casual Japanese diner has bento boxes for when you want to enjoy a complete meal. Customers rate the service as excellent, and the ambiance is warm and cozy.

Since the sushi is impressive, expect it to be packed, especially during weekends.


Chinese Restaurants Near Denville, NJ

Here are other Chinese restaurants around Denville that you may want to try out.

New Horizon Chinese Restaurant

$ |  | WEBSITE

New Horizon Chinese Restaurant Best Chinese Restaurants Near Denville, NJ

Family-owned New Horizon Chinese Restaurant has been serving traditional Chinese dishes since the 1970s. Appetizers include classic wontons, spring rolls, and dumplings.

If you can’t decide which starters to pick, you may order the Pu Pu platter, consisting of an assortment of appetizers. It also serves hot and sour, egg drop, and wonton soup that’s delicious and comforting.

The restaurant’s chef can whip up Cantonese dishes, including Char Haw Kew, a hearty dish of deep-fried shrimp with vegetables. You can also enjoy Hunan and Szechuan dishes such as General Tso’s chicken and Moo Shu vegetables.


Szechuan Delite

$ | (973) 538-0797 | WEBSITE

Szechuan Delite Best Chinese Restaurants Near Denville, NJ

Morris Plains is about 12 minutes away from Denville, so it’s fast and easy to visit one of its Chinese restaurants, Szechuan Delite. It’s a well-loved cornerstone in the community for its modern take on the traditional Szechuan cuisine.

It believes in serving fresh and high-quality ingredients for every order.

The restaurant’s appetizers include classic favorites such as dumplings, egg rolls, spring rolls, shrimp toast, and spare ribs. It also serves hearty and satisfying lo mein and chow mein fun noodles.


China Garden of Rockaway

$ | (973) 983-9788 | WEBSITE

China Garden of Rockaway Best Chinese Restaurants Near Denville, NJ

Denville and Rockaway are just two miles away from each other, so reaching China Garden will be a fun and easy trip. It’s an affordable restaurant that serves traditional Chinese cuisine.

You can start your meal with scallion pancakes, shrimp egg roll, vegetable spring roll, or fried wontons. If you’re craving something warm on your tummy, a hot and sour soup or chicken noodle soup bowl might do the trick.

It also offers a wide variety of classic Oriental pork, chicken, and beef entrees that you can have with rice or noodles. End your meal with their famous almond cookies.


Golden Unicorn Restaurant

$ |  | WEBSITE

Golden Unicorn Restaurant Best Chinese Restaurants Near Denville, NJ

In about ten minutes, you’ll be able to reach Dover, New Jersey, from Denville. You’ll find the Golden Unicorn Restaurant, which serves traditional Chinese cuisine.

Its menu consists of many favorites such as soups, noodles, dim sum, and fried rice. Mei fun or thick rice noodles made more delicious with vegetables, roast pork, chicken, shrimp, and vegetables.

It also has the classic Chinse omelet or the Egg Foo Young that can be a protein-rich and hearty meal on its own.



Chinese food is a delectable symphony of flavors and textures that many people worldwide enjoy. New Jersey has its fair share of exceptional restaurants.

If you’re in the area and craving some Oriental flavors, try out the 6 Best Chinese Restaurants in Denville, NJ. Try to visit the restaurants with Chinese dishes on their menus or drive to nearby counties to satisfy your cravings.

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